Her touch is electricity on his skin, simultaneously soothing and stimulating. Their lips meet in a slow, tender kiss.

"That was amazing," he breathes against her neck, nuzzling into the tempting curve.

"Mhmm," she hums noncommittally.

"You disagree?" he asks, peppering her skin with light kisses.

"I never said that," she says airily, gliding her hand up the strong curve of his arm and down his back.

He can feel it. He is starting to lose himself in her. "Dani, I-"

"Shhh," she hushes him quickly, pressing a finger to his lips. She is afraid to hear it. She can feel it, burning hotly beneath his skin like a raging wildfire. It's too soon, all too soon. She has to know for sure - has to be absolutely certain - that it's not just the touch of her hand this time. She, too, is falling... hard. There is too much at stake. She is too involved.

If he can see the storm in her eyes, if he can feel it or sense it, he doesn't say. He kisses her nose gently, caresses her cheek as his eyes gaze intently into hers. "You're amazing, Dani," he whispers.

The intensity she sees burning in his eyes is unsettling, but she can't look away. Mercifully, he releases her, crushing her mouth with his and softly, sweetly exploring with his tongue. Her arms fall into place around his neck as she allows him in. Her head spins wildly, but she doesn't mind at all. It's a new feeling for her, not being the one in total control. She doubts she would allow this with anyone else. The thought is terrifying and thrilling all at once.

This is a wholly new experience for him, as well. When Nina pushed him... well, he didn't like to think back to his days with Nina. Dani used her powers on him, true, but he knew what he was feeling deep within his bones had little to do with some Alpha super powers. She captivated him, heart, body, and soul. And he was loving every minute of it.

"You have to get to work soon," she groans rather begrudgingly, though she does not release her hold on him.

"Work can wait. Your dad will understand," he teases, capturing her mouth once more, nibbling gently on her lower lip.

This ellicits a light laugh from the woman beneath him. "My dad, huh? Somehow I doubt that."

Cameron gives a half-hearted shrug. "He didn't seem terribly disturbed at the thought of..."

"Of one of his Alphas defiling his precious baby girl?" she rejoins with a deliciously flirty smile.

He kisses her once more, relishing the sweet taste. "Okay, well when you put it that way..."

She laughs again, pulling him back down to her. "But maybe you're right," she whispers against his lips. "Work can wait."

I love the Dani/Hicks dynamic. Super hot and, let's be honest, more believable than the Nina/Hicks thing. (Honestly didn't see that lasting, steamy as it was.) Reviews are love and cookies and candy. First Alphas piece, and I just *had* to touch this subject. It was too hot (too tempting) not to do it. Muaahahaha.