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Jethro watched as Tony painstakingly sanded the boat and smiled at the look of concentration on his face. He was glad that they were working on this together despite the misgivings that Tony had about his own abilities. Someday they would sail this boat.

The younger man definitely needed the rote action of sanding tonight; he was full of nervous energy and it needed an outlet. If this didn't work, Jethro had another idea of how to use the excess energy and smiled inwardly. Whom was he kidding? It would happen anyway.

He sat back against his work bench and watched the younger man work, enthralled with watching the play of muscles through the younger man's t-shirt. He was a lucky bastard. Deciding he'd rather see his husband naked, his muscles used for an entirely different purpose, he pushed off the bench and silently made his way over.

Tony was lost in the peace and repetition of sanding, unaware of Jethro's presence until he felt his lips on his neck. Groaning at the touch Tony tried to continue sanding as Jethro's lips blazed a trail up the back of his neck and under his ear.

"Jet, thought you wanted to work on the boat for a while."

"Changed my mind. Rather use my hands on you. You can still work on the boat if you want." Jethro whispered in his ear.

The sander fell from Tony's hands as Jethro's lips became more insistent. He grasped the boat for purchase as Jethro began torturing him by working over one of his hot spots making his knees weak. Damn the man.

Wanting more, Jethro ran his hands along the younger man's outer thighs caressing him as he wrapped them around his body to touch and stroke his firm chest feeling the erratic breathing beneath his fingertips. Needing to feel his skin, he ran his hands under his t-shirt and through the hair covering his chest, his fingers playing with their prize.

Tony unconsciously thrust back against him wanting more contact. "I want more Jet; want to feel all of you."

Unable to deny a direct request from his husband, he quickly removed his shirt and pulled the man tightly against him. The heat from Tony's body seeped through his own clothes only intensifying his need for more contact.

Thankful that Tony had decided to wear sweats he quickly pushed them down the younger man's hips and let them fall to his ankles. Flipping the man around in his arms his lips attached themselves to the younger man's on their own accord.

Wasting no time, his tongue demanded and received entrance and ran along the younger man's in a caress born of love, desire, and need. The heat between them was quickly rising and Tony's hands found their own way, beginning removing Jethro's clothes. The two men soon found themselves naked and blissfully pressed together.

This was where they were most content; pressed together tightly, feeling one another's hearts beat, nearing the moment when they would join becoming one and in that complete, and whole. For the two of them, this culminated everything they had ever wanted and they held on tightly.

Moaning together in unison, their bodies moved in the natural motion that was as much a part of them as breathing. Every touch ignited more desire between them. Despite the years together, each caress took them higher every time they made love.

Jethro ghosted his fingers over Tony's skin feeling the tremors in the muscles beneath his fingertips and heard the quick intake of his breath.

Pulling his lips away from Jethro's Tony tried to convey his need. "Jet…please…so close."

Trailing his lips along the younger man's ear, he spoke. "Tell me what you need Tony."

"You…just you. Now. Don't want to wait. Still loose from last night…please…"

Jethro captured the man's lips once more before turning him around in his arms placing his hands on the ribs of the boat. He squeezed his wrists in silent command to remain there. Taking his own cock in hand, he lined himself up and lunged with one smooth thrust into the waiting entrance of his husband.

Tony thrust back into Jethro wanting more, loving the feeling of fullness and the sounds his lover made as he squeezed his muscles around the shaft that was pistoning in and out of his body. Neither man was going to last long tonight, their need was too great.

Tony felt the head of Jethro's cock graze his prostate with every stroke wrenching gasps from him each time. Every thrust caused an intense sensation that was quickly making it more difficult to hold back his need for release. He wanted to hang on as long as possible, not ready to end the overwhelming feeling that Jethro was eliciting from his body.

Feeling Tony's tenuous grasp on his control the older man smirked, loving the fact that he could bring the man to the edge. Tonight he was unable to bask in that feeling as his own ability to reign in the desire was quickly ending.

Wanting them both to reach their climax together, Jethro took Tony's cock in his hand and stroked it in time with the frenzied pace in which he was thrusting in and out of the younger man's body. Sensing the subtle changes in his husband's body and feeling the sudden swelling of Tony's cock in his hand, the older man heard his name cried out as his husband released ribbons of cum that flowed through his fingers. The second he felt Tony's release his own followed and he sank his teeth into the younger man's shoulder silencing his scream.

Unwilling to part as their breathing returned to normal, Jethro leaned against Tony who in turn leaned against the boat simply enjoying being intertwined.


Tim stared up at the ceiling in his cell. He had done it every night since arriving there. It was the quiet time when he reviewed his life. It didn't take too long for his thoughts to become dark after he was locked down and he certainly did his fair share of focusing the blame on everyone else, taking none for himself.

But then he forced himself to look at everything realistically and he hadn't like what he had seen. After finally accepting his actions and realizing that he was the one who facilitated own his downfall, he began looking for cause and effect.

Took a while before he could stop the self-flagellation, though he knew that he deserved it, and even longer before he could look at himself in the mirror without cringing. Tony's visit broke through his fog and gave him the clarity to see why he was there.

Tony may have viewed it as a failure but he did not. That was when everything clicked in his head. He already saw his early actions and behavior for what they were and was working towards understanding why he allowed himself to make the choices that he had. But at that moment the one thing he hadn't fully allowed himself to feel crashed down on him. The consequences of his actions.

Rationally he knew what they were, but until Tony and Gibbs left that day he never realized how far down he had buried them. Once it was out in the open however, it became a part of everything that he had to deal with.

He knew that he would never make the same mistakes again. The cost was too high and he had been very lucky that no one had died because of what he had done.

He had assessed his weaknesses and now knew what he needed to look out for and how to avoid those same missteps. That was not saying that he would be perfect but that he would be more vigilant in his actions.

Tim was grateful that Abby had given him a second chance as had Ducky and Gibbs. Their letters were something that he treasured. But honestly, he was going to be forever thankful that Tony had not given up on him. They had come a long way from that prison visit. The healing between them wasn't complete but it was so much more than he ever imagined that they would have.

Strange to think that he would ever say that he was thankful for a prison sentence, but he was. It brought him back to who he was and most certainly saved his life.


Tony walked to the front door keys in hand and looked at Jethro. "Sure you don't want to go with me?" His green eyes almost pleading.

Jethro smiled and shook his head. "You'll be fine and I'll have steaks ready to grill 'Cowboy' style when you get back." Stepping closer, he took his face in his hands, "I've have faith in you Tone."

Sighing Tony nodded. "Thanks Jet. I love you, you know."

"I love you too." Placing a gentle kiss on his lips, he turned Tony around and patted his ass gently pushing him out the front door. "Hurry home dear", he teased.

Tony threw him a brilliant smile over his shoulder.

Jethro watched as Tony drove off and sent a small prayer up to the heavens for everything to work out.


Tony pulled in and parked. Sitting in the car, he leaned back against the seat and took a deep breath. Gathering his strength, he opened the car door and looked up at the clear blue sky, smiling. Tony knew Abby would see that as a sign that everything would work out. Chuckling, he decided that she was right.

Tony had been standing by his car door basking in the sun when he heard the gates open. Looking towards the gates, he watched the man walk out and stop for a moment to bask in the same sun and smiled.

Noticing the man starting to look a bit lost, Tony waved his hand. The stunned look on his face was enough to reinforce the notion that he was where he should be.

Tony started walking towards him and the moment they were standing in front of one another, he did the one thing that surprised them both. He wrapped his arms around him and hugged him so tightly it would have made Abby proud.

"You're here." He whispered into Tony's neck.

"Time to bring you home Tim."