This is set after 3x5 assume the rest hasn't happened or maybe bits and pieces, no maybe...this is sometime in October.

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"Hey Mrs. Rizz!" Giovanni shouts as he walks in the make shift headquarters for Elect Angela Rizzoli for City Council District 7. After the disappointment of Tom McGregger Jr., Giovanni and Angela had talked a lot about making a difference. After finding out that the local City Councilmen was running unopposed, they figured why not and what could they lose? Giovanni had actually went to Boston University with the idea that he'd pick up a political science major using his charms but as luck would have it a certain young woman was too eager to lend a hand. Stephanie Ward was working on her masters and saw an opportunity to be Angela's campaign manager as a way to pad her resume and gain experience. She was more than willing to help, without Giovanni's wooing. Stephanie actually put Angela in the running, she was nothing less than brilliant. It was Mid-October and Angela was only a few points behind the leader.

"Over here sweetie" Angela motions Giovanni over and gave him a quick hug. "Did you get the rest of the posters up?"

"Sure did! Told everyone I saw to vote for you!" Giovanni boasted.

"Thanks Sweetie!" Angela smiles and notices Stephanie approaching fast.

"Angela, our latest poll shows you are just 2 points behind. We know we have the local policemen and fireman backing you for the most part and you have the senior vote and you're very strong among women. You're doing fantastic! We just need one more demographic to push us over the edge!" Stephanie blurts out.

"Ahhhh demo-what" asks Giovanni.

"'s like a certain group of people. Like seniors, women, or young voters." explains Stephanie.

"OH...Well...What about the fairies and the lesleyans?" Giovanni pipes up.

"The what?!" Stephanie asked surprised at Giovanni's uncouthness. "Oh MY GOD! Do you mean Gays and Lesbians!"

"Yea, That's what I said."

Giovanni wasn't the brightest bulb on the strand but sometimes his light did shine, Stephanie thought to herself.

"Gay vote, good idea but how can Angela relate to them or them to her?" Stephanie pondered.

"Well because of Jane and all. You know, her and Maura." Giovanni explains.

"What! Giovanni honey, I think you're confused." Angela reassured Giovanni.

"Nah, Mrs. Rizz, they are like a couple and junk." Giovanni points out.

"Oh sweetie, Jane has been dating Casey for months now, Jane and Maura are just friends." Angela states as she stares at Giovanni wondering where he was coming from.

"What? Jane dumped Maura for Casey! Damn, poor Maura...I gotta go Mrs. Rizz!" Giovanni blurts as he rushes over gives her a quick kiss on the cheek and runs out the door.

"Wait Giovanni, that's not what I meant...I...I...Rats! That boy is impossible sometimes but his heart is in the right place!" Angela says to a very confused Stephanie.

Giovanni headed home to get all spruced up for Maura. He stopped by the florist on the way to the police station and picked up some flowers. It was 4:30 on a Friday if he hurried he could catch her before she left. Giovanni knew enough cops so he easily gained a visitor badge and headed down to the morgue. He saw her through the window sitting at her desk furiously typing away on her laptop. Damn she's HOT! He thought to himself and knocked on her door. Maura looked up expecting to see Jane, it was nearly time to head to the Robber and she was almost done with her report.

"Jane I'm almost done I. Oh Giovanni...Wh-What are you doing here?" Maura asked surprised to see the tall Italian inside her doorway.

Giovanni steps forward and pushes the flowers in Maura's face.

"Here I got these for you, you look HOT!"

Maura smiles somewhat confused, Jane where are you! Help !she thinks to herself.

"Umm thank you for the flowers Giovanni but I thought you understood that, well that Jane and I..."

Giovanni cut her off "She dumped you for Casey, Mrs Rizz told me. So you wanna go out tonight?"

Maura almost fell out of her chair. She didn't know what had happened or what Angela had said or didn't say or what the hell was really going on. Maura's head was spinning with every scenario she could possibly come up with and how to make a smooth exit from the predicament she now found herself in. That silent panic button Jane suggested installing down here doesn't seem like that stupid of an idea now. Giovanni stood staring at her breasts so she had time to think before she spoke, lucky she could use the truth to escape for now.

"I'm sorry Giovanni but I have plans with Jane tonight." Whew she thought thank God I said yes to going to the Robber tonight. Maura was able to brush past Giovanni without him paying attention.

"Fighting for her huh? Well maybe I can fight too." With that Giovanni turned and headed out the door determined to figure out how to win Maura over.

Whew, that was close. Maura grabbed the flowers and headed straight for Jane's desk.

Jane sat at her desk packing up for the weekend. She was ready for a cold beer at the Robber. It had been a boring week filled with paperwork, meetings, and working cold cases. She hated weeks like this and was glad it was over. She glanced up to see Frost and Korsak were ready to go.

"You two go on and catch us a table, I'll go get Maura and we'll see you there!"

"Sounds good Jane, see you there." Korsak and Frost headed to the elevator just as their door closed, the other opened and Maura marched towards Jane's desk. Jane heard the familiar click of the heels and knew by their firm hard clicks, that something was up. Jane turned to watch Maura stride up to her and present her with flowers. Jane looked at the flowers and back at Maura and she just could resist.

"Why Maura you shouldn't have, if I had known tonight was a date, I would have dressed up!" she threw Maura her best Rizzoli smile.

Maura rolled her eyes "Those are from Giovanni. Apparently, according to YOUR mother, you dumped me for Casey!"

Jane couldn't help but laugh but Maura was not amused. "JANE!"

"Oh come on Maur, its kinda funny." Jane chuckled.

"Im going to kill her!"

Jane smiled "Well you'll have to get in line, most days I wanna kill her too. Come on, the guys are already headed to the Robber. We'll figure this out later, I NEED a beer and a cheeseburger and you need a cabernet savon-blah blah or a pin-not grecio."

"Cabernet sauvignon and pinot grigio, you know that. Sometimes Jane I think you just..." Maura trails off as she sees a big grin form across Jane's face. Jane offers her arm to Maura. Maura looked into those deep chocolate eyes and her anger disappeared.

She took a step forward and took Jane's arm, never breaking eye contact "Like you'd ever dump me!"

"OH NEVER!" Jane over exaggerated.

The two friends laughed and bumped together walking out side by side, arm in arm.

Jane and Maura walk into the Robber and spotted Frost and Korsak at their usual booth and they headed over. They all said their hellos and settled into their seats. Drinks were ordered, food was eaten, a typical Friday for the four friends. The bar starts to fill up the later it gets. The door opens and Giovanni struts in. He knows they are there and he spies them at their usual table and heads over.

Frost nods his head in Giovanni's direction. "Your boyfriend is here Jane and he's headed this way."

Jane head snaps around argh…really? Tonight! Maybe I can just cuff him to the bar. Jane reaches her arm around Maura and pulls her close. Maura knows what it means, they've done this before but he had been leaving them alone up till now. They just never played it up before in front of Korsak or Frost, who currently seemed quite perplexed all the while enjoying what was playing out in front of him.

Jane leaned forward and said quickly in a soft tone. "Look, Maura and I act like we are together to keep G away."

Frost chuckles, Jane kicks him underneath the table "OUCH!"

"Shhhh. Somehow he has it in his head I dumped Maura for Casey"

Frost once again rolls his eyes "like you'd dump her...Ouch...hey quit kicking me!"

"So just play along!" Jane finished as Giovanni finally made his way through the crowd and stood at the end of their table.

"Hi Maura, you look HOT! You too Jane but Maura is way HOTTER." Giovanni stated.

"Move on G, she's with me!" Jane defended.

"That's not what I hear. Come to think of it, I've never even seen you two kiss, only this holding stuff. So I'm not buying it, you're with Casey now." Giovanni retaliated while staring at Maura's breasts.

Jane slowly stood and Giovanni backed off. "We don't tend to put our personal business out for everyone to see unlike you, if I'm not mistaken, who was playing tonsil hockey with some blonde bimbo this past Tuesday night?"

"Still not buying it Janie." Giovanni said as he walked off.

"Don't call me Janie!" Jane growled as she sat back down and looked at Maura defeated, "I think the jig is up, your just gonna have to sleep with me now." Jane joked and an evil smirk crept across her face.

"Jane Clemin...umph." Maura's words were cut off by Jane's hand over her mouth.

"Don't you dare!" Maura smiled underneath Jane's hand and stuck her tongue out and licked Jane's palm.

"GROSS!" Jane cried pulling her hand away.

"JaneClementineRizzoli" Maura spout off as fast as she could. Jane put out her best shocked in horror gasp and grabbed at her heart. The two laughed at themselves and then remember that they weren't alone.

Frost turned and looked at Korsak. "And they say they're not dating." Korsak laughs and Jane kicks frost under the table. "OUCH! Hey stop that." Frost grumbles

Jane looks at Maura "Well, short of putting you up on the table and doing you right here, I don't think he is buying it."

Both Frost and Korsak's eyes grow wide. "OH MY GOD" Korsak starts.

"That would totally be HOT!" Frost finishes. Jane goes to kick him again but he's ready and moves quickly and Jane kicks the booth.

"OUCH!" Jane frowned, Frost grins in victory and she reaches across the table and punches him.

" fair." Frost cries.

"You know, that's not a bad idea" Maura chimes in. Jane's head snaps to Maura. "EXCUSE ME?! Ok, you do know I was joking right?" Jane gasps.

"Of course Jane, I meant maybe a harmless kiss would do the trick." Maura explains.

"OK...STILL...HOT!" Frost boasts, Jane glares at Frost and feints a punch in his direction he moves to get out of the way and she kicks him under the table "PERV!"

"Damn it quit kicking me, I can't help it. I AM a guy after all." Frost pleads

"Maur, I'm not kissing you in the middle of the Robber. Were just gonna have to come up with something else." Jane reaches over and takes Maura's hand. "Don't worry I'll think of something, now, I don't know about you but I'm ready to get outta here. I'm kinda tired of Giovanni staring at us, plus frick and frack across the table are now picturing us...well you know and its creeping me out."

Maura laughed. "I think I've had enough fun for the evening, let's go home."

They say their goodbyes to the guys and head to the parking lot. Jane zips up her leather jacket it's getting chilly out and Maura fishes for her keys in her purse as they walk to her car. They reach the car and Maura is still digging. Jane leans back against the passenger door and looks at Maura digging through her purse.

"Where are those keys?" Maura says out loud to herself.

"Maybe we can just find a new hang out." Jane offers. Maura stops riffling through her purse and looks at Jane in disbelief.

"No. This is our place I mean your favorite place." She takes a deep breath "it's our place to all of us. It's our hangout, somewhere else would just feel odd." Maura defends.

"Yea you're right." Jane responds putting her hands in her pockets. Her eyes light up and she removes her left hand from her pocket and dangles Maura's keys in front of her "Sorry, I drove here, remember?!" Jane wiggled her eyebrows in an effort to tease the flustered woman in front of her.

Maura steps closer to Jane and reaches for the keys and Jane pulls them backwards out of her reach. "How bout I drive home?" She asks with an evil smile.

"No you've had too much to drink, I stopped drinking over an hour ago" she says leaning into Jane grabbing the keys Jane had tried to keep out of her reach. Just then the door to the Robber opened and both women looked towards the entrance and out strode Giovanni. Instantly spotting them Giovanni headed in their direction. Maura saw a unique opportunity given how she was already leaning on Jane she decided to test her kiss theory.

"Jane! Kiss me?" Maura asked though it really wasn't a question.

"What!? No...I wwww mmmmm". Jane's protest was quickly silenced.

Maura pressed her lips on Jane's not letting her finish her sentence. Jane instantly stiffened up and, given her leaning back position, Maura had the upper hand. Jane hap-hazardly slapped her hands to Maura's waist not knowing what else to do with them. Maura heard Giovanni stop dead in his tracks.

"Damn, they really are together, Oh well, that blonde inside was smokin' HOT!"

Maura heard Giovanni turn and walk away. She broke off the kiss and patted Jane on the shoulder and smiled "See, it worked. I told you it would." Pleased with herself Maura walked around the car and got in leaving a very stunned Detective standing there wondering what had just happened.

Maura rolled down the window breaking Jane from her trance. "Are you coming or are you just going sit there like a lump on a log!"

Jane slid into the passenger seat. "Bump, Maur, Bump on a log." Jane said as she rolled her eyes. Maybe one day she'll get one right.

The ride back to Maura's was quiet but that was usual. Although this time Jane's mind was moving at a hundred miles per hour. Maura had kissed her. It wasn't really a kiss kiss she thought but it was still a kiss. Maura had been right, it made Giovanni leave them alone, that simple little kiss. Her lips just touching Maura's and poof he was gone. Jane could still feel Maura's hands on her shoulders pressing her back into the car, the length of her body against her own. She glanced over at Maura who was still smiling from ear to ear, so proud that her idea had worked.

Maura pulled into the driveway and exited the car and headed to the front door breaking Jane from her mini freak out. Jane was not far behind, by the time Maura opened the door and entered Jane was right on her heels. They stood in the foyer and took off their coats and shoes.

"Brrrr its cold out." Maura said rubbing her hands up and down her arms getting the blood flowing. "It's a little chilly in here." she finished. Maura made her way over to the fire place and without turning any lights on she clicked the gas logs on and the room was quickly illuminated with the flickering fire light. She stood in front of the fireplace warming herself as Jane made her way to the kitchen.

Jane pulled out a bottle of whatever ungodly expensive wine Maura had chilling, opened it and poured Maura a glass and grabbed herself a beer from the fridge. She watched Maura turn to warm her other side, she made her way over to the ME and handed her the glass.

Maura took sip "Mmmmm thank you." Maura made her way to the couch as Jane watched her. She took one more sip before she set her glass down on a coaster on the coffee table. She neatly tucked her dress under her as she sat down in the middle of the couch and swung her feet up and laid down straightening out her dress to prevent any wrinkles from forming.

Jane carefully analyzed her friend peacefully lying on the couch. Jane walked over to the couch where her feet were and gently tapped them. Maura scooted them up allowing Jane room to sit. Once Jane sat Maura placed her feet on Jane lap and wiggled her toes, hoping for a foot rub that she so often got when the two lounged like this. Jane took a long drawl from her beer and tapped in down on the end table next to her and took one of Maura's feet in her hand and unconsciously started to rub. Maura let out a satisfying hum. Jane rubbed away contemplating how to address the kiss, it was eating her up. She glanced over at her contented friend and began.

"Ummmm Maur, about that kiss..." Jane started.

Maura never opened her eyes and answered calmly without thought. "It was Okay"

"Well I just wanted to...wait WHAT!?...What do you mean it was O...K..!?"Jane exclaimed now completely offended.

Maura drew herself up on her elbows and took in the site of Jane all aghast. She knew how that sounded but didn't expect Jane to react the way she did. She reached over grabbed her wine and took a long sip contemplating her response. Jane always took every opportunity to harass Maura when she could and Maura just couldn't let this golden opportunity pass her by. Knowing Jane as she did, her constant need for always being the best at whatever she did, Maura decided to have a little fun with the detective. Give her a taste of her own medicine so to speak. She set her glass aside and began her assault.

"Well Jane, you were quite stiff. I merely was pointing out that I've experienced better first kisses." She said as a devilish smirk spread across her lips.

"You totally caught me off guard!" Jane proclaimed.

"I ASKED you to kiss me, how pre-tell is that catching you off guard?" Maura questioned.

" just did okay. I wasn't expecting you to actually kiss me. Had I known I would have done a lot better." Jane said confidently.

Interesting Maura thought, let's just see how far I can push her." Well Detective, I'm right here, why don't you do better?" Maura challenged knowing full well that Jane would back down defeated.

Jane glared at Maura in disbelief. Did she just ask me to kiss her again Jane thought. Jane was now contemplating her next move.

Maura patiently waited for a response and when a minute or two had passed and Jane remained silent, she confidently laid back and proclaimed victory with "Yeah, that's what I thought."

Jane's mouth dropped open as her head snapped towards her friend. She took in Maura in all her glory smiling contently in her victory. There it was, the gauntlet thrown at her feet. She was challenging her, no daring her, to prove me wrong Jane thought. For a split second Jane thought about leaving it at that and admitting defeat but Maura had a snide smirk on her face that Jane was determined to wash away. Jane stood setting Maura's feet gently back down on the couch and grabbed her beer and quickly downed it before replacing back on the end table. She looked down at Maura who was still smiling quite happily in her victory. That did it Jane had made up her mind be prepared Maura for the kiss of a lifetime Jane boldly thought.

Maura had figured Jane was going to the kitchen to grab another beer to put over when she felt a knee slide next to hers in between herself and the back of the couch and a hand pressing next to her shoulder. Maura eyes snapped open to see Jane lowering herself on top of her. Maura hands instantly shot to Jane's waist and grabbed hold.

"Jane what are you doi..." Maura was cut off by Jane's lips grazing her own and sliding past down her cheek coming to a stop at her ear.

"I'm doing better." Jane said in the sultriest voice she could muster, which wasn't difficult for the Detective. Her voice was one of her most unique qualities and she knew it and used it to her advantage whenever she could.

Maura gasped as Jane nudged Maura's head to one side and took her pulse point on her neck in her mouth and began to slowly move to kiss her way back to Maura's lips. Maura clenched her fists in Jane's belt, trying her best to keep herself composed. Maura had begun to realize a few weeks ago that she had a growing attraction to the Detective that went past mere friendship. Until now she had been able to keep it locked away in that safe place that, where only she could enjoy it, in the privacy of her own thoughts. Now she was face to face with having to fight her growing arousal, knowing full well if Jane kissed her, really kissed her, it would be too much to contain.

Jane stopped at the edge of her lips and pushed back to take in the beautiful woman beneath her. Maura opened her eyes to smoldering dark eyes locked with her own. Jane slowly lowered her lips to Maura's and gently kissed her. Maura melted into the kiss and relaxed her hands and let them slowly creep around Jane's back.

Got ya Jane thought as she lowered herself more fully into Maura who was now pulling her closer, deeper into the kiss. Maura opened her mouth giving Jane whatever access she wanted.

What the hell Jane thought this will teach her to dare Detective Mcbadass! Jane slowly slid her tongue in which was instantly met with Maura's in a slow languid kiss. As their tongues intertwined, the kiss became more heated. Jane thought she had more than proved her point, her mind began to wander, full of thought of the ME beneath her. Jane thought about how she had never kissed anyone quite like this. No one was struggling for dominance, she wasn't having a tongue shoved down her throat, which was common with most men, even Casey. She quickly cast those thoughts aside when she felt Maura slowly rock her hips upward and Jane unconsciously rocked back starting a slow rhythm between the two.

God she thought she's so soft and warm and damn her perfume smells so…so intoxicating. The kiss now had turned feverish. Both women lost in the moment, the unknown passion that was being set free with every passing moment. Maura slowly tugged Jane's shirt out of the back of her slacks and ran her hands up Jane's bare back sending shockwaves throughout Jane's body and causing her to shudder to her very core. Jane was becoming more aware of the ache between her legs while thoughts of Maura continued to fill her mind.

God, I just want...want...more...more. "Maura!" She exclaimed out loud as she broke the kiss and leapt off Maura as if she were on fire. Suddenly she was aware of where she had wanted to take this and how far she was willing, no, wanting to go. She wanted Maura, she had always wanted her. She had but was just never willing to admit it to anyone let alone herself. She was in full panic mode looking around the room as if someone was going to burst and rescue her.

"I just need...I need...I" Jane rambled.

Maura knew Jane was about to bolt, she had to react quickly. After a kiss like that, Maura was not going to let her run. She was now certain Jane harbored the same unspoken feelings she had. Maura shot up from the couch her hands hitting Jane's shoulders catching her off guard and pushing her back into the comfy chair behind her. Maura stood in front of her blocking her escape.

"What you need Detective, is to sit down and SHUTup!" Maura commanded.

Jane locked eyes with Maura and saw the want and determination in her eyes and she knew she was done for. She could never say no to Maura.

Maura seductively reached behind her back and slowly pulled down the zipper to her dress. Jane swallowed hard, her mouth now salivating at the very thought at what was about to happen. Maura let the dress drop painfully slow off her shoulders to the top of her breasts. Jane's eyes followed the dresses descent. The dress slipped over her now pounding chest revealing her black lace bra completely over filled with her voluptuous breasts. Jane felt a calm set over her as she accepted at that point that she wanted nothing more than to take Maura's nipple in her mouth and feel it harden. This was happening, really happening and she wanted it.

The dress continued to fall over Maura's nicely toned stomach to her hips stopping for a slight second revealing the matching panties then floating to the floor along with Jane's eyes still fixated on the dress. Jane saw Maura's foot step forward breaking her from the daze she was in and brought her eyes back up to look at Maura who was now leaning down toward her.

Jane raised a little to catch her lips but mimicking Jane's moves from earlier Maura grazed past her lips and moved directly to her ear. Jane placed her hands on Maura's legs and slowly ran them up before Maura caught them with her own stopping just short of her waist.

"All in good time Detective." Maura husked "First I want you to move the coffee table out from in front of the fire and perpendicular to the couch. I want you to go the kitchen and grab us some bottles of water and I'll be right back." Maura finished kissing Jane just as she did earlier but not pausing at her lips, she took Jane in a heated kiss before she broke "Oh and I expect you to be wearing a lot less clothing when I return." Maura padded down the hallway to complete her task. Jane's head whipped around to enjoy the departing view. "Damn she has a great ass." Jane whispered to herself.

"Thank you." Maura sang from the other room.

Jane eyes grew wide and she slapped her hands to her mouth Damn she heard that?! Jane smiled to herself

Ok now...oh yeah coffee table. Jane set out to complete her tasks. She moved the coffee table as Maura had instructed. Damn I'm so whipped...but who cares? Jane continued her thought.

Jane pranced to the kitchen almost floating with joy. She opened the fridge to grab the water, when she spied the Champagne in the back of the fridge. Perfect. Jane grabbed the wine bucket and two glasses from the cabinet and opened the bottle, filling both glasses and putting the bottle in the bucket and filling it with ice. She grabbed a towel and collected her surprise and arranged it on the coffee table. She proudly viewed her arrangement when the water jumped back into her mind. Crap she dashed back into the kitchen grabbed two bottles of water and remembered the most important part, less cloths.

Jane began to undress in the kitchen, her heart pounding in anticipation. Thank God she actually had on her best matching set of underwear. Not by chance but for lack of doing laundry. The thought crossed her mind that maybe she needed to purchase more nice girly stuff for Maura to take off of her. She grinned wildly and made her way back to the living room where she stopped dead at the sight before her eyes.

Maura had gone and got her fluffy comforter and laid it out in front of the fireplace and had what seemed like every pillow in house placed behind her stacked to the level of the top of the coffee table. She was laid out on the comforter sipping the Champagne holding a glass towards Jane. Jane was in awe of her beauty, she's gorgeous and she was now all Jane's.

"Nice touch Jane, come join me." Maura invited

Jane looked Maura over and down to the two bottles of water and back to Maura.

"Jane, are you alright?" She asked worriedly.

"Yes" she answered quickly

"Then what's wrong?"

"We're gonna need more water!" Jane said with evil smirk stepping towards Maura and the night she'd never forget.

I thought the rest was better left to the imagination. Please forgive me this is my first fanfic. Hope you enjoyed it.