A FanFiction Ending to Josephine Darcy's The Marriage Stone

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Chapter 78: Calling Him Back

Severus strode briskly down the infirmary ward towards Poppy. When he reached her side he spoke in an undertone. "Poppy, would you come with me? I need to speak with you and Albus, I have an idea about how to help Harry."

Madam Pomfrey gave Severus a startled glance, looking at him intently. Severus could almost feel the unspoken questions rolling off of her but she surprised him by turning down the ward to lead him into her office, following him without a word into the floo. When they landed in the headmaster's office, Severus was mildly nonplussed and saddenedto find the Headmaster sitting dejectedly at his desk, his shoulders slumped and the usual twinkle missing from his eyes. The unexpected despair in Albus's posture reminded Severus of the sheer enormity of the situation, that it affected not only Harry and himself but the entire world.

Severus strode towards the headmaster, Harry's Heart Stone held up into the air. "Albus, I believe I know how we can reach Harry."

Severus' watched while Albus took in his words and the Heart Stone in his hand. The Headmasters' eyes began to show just a touch of their usual energy. "Of course, his Heart Stone! Brilliant! May I assume from the chain that you have been wearing the stone?" Albus inquired, Severus' small nod causing the Headmaster to explode, "Wonderful! Then the stone is attuned to your magical signature. You want to attempt to use it as a conduit to reach Harry, correct?"

Severus gave a grim smile, his hand holding out Harry's stone to the mediwitch, completely unsurprised at the shock that crossed her face as she felt the sheer power of it. Madam Pomfrey sucked in a startled breath of air, her gaze moving slowly from the stone to Severus. Her voice was unsteady while she answered the unspoken question that hung in the air, "Severus, with this stone we have a decent chance to help Harry find his way home."

The mediwitch's eyes took on a abstracted expression while she continued in a thoughtful tone, "Obviously Severus, you will have to be the one to use the Heart Stone to try and reach him. Your repeated contact with it will have partially attuned the magical signature to yourself. I would recommend that you allow Sirius, Remus, Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley to be present, along with the Headmaster and myself. It is unlikely that any of them would be able to use the stone to call him but given what Mr. Potter has just done and the fact that we having no idea what he maybe currently experiencing or feeling, their presence may help him sense that he is home and reassure him that he is safe."

Madam Pomfrey paused for a moment to gauge both of their reactions and when they nodded she continued, "If this works, Severus, Harry will be very weak, possibly dangerously so and likely disorientated, perhaps agitated and frightened. This incident has been very hard on his body; he really is too young to be channeling so much power. You need to be prepared to accept that he may possibly have an extended recovery, or the possibility that there may be a long term side effect. In fact I am not entirely certain that given where Mr. Potter has gone with his mind and how much energy he has expended what he will remember of the last day or so."

"Of course, Poppy," Severus replied, surprised at how much he appreciated her concern for his bondmate, "You have my word that the foolish Gryffindor will follow your treatment plan to the letter. I think that considering your recommendations about Harry's friends we should also consider including the house elf Dobby. He seems to be bonded to Harry, and helpful at the oddest times. I don't know if his presence will be useful this time, but I can't see how it could hurt."

The Headmaster clapped his hands, rising from the desk and announcing in a voice full of its usual vigor, "Excellent suggestion, Severus. Now since we are in accord, shall we get moving? The longer Harry is lost in the ley lines the harder it will be to reach him. I will collect Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley for you, Severus, if you and Poppy want to head back to Harry's room to prepare."


The Ravens had quieted a while ago, just following Harry while he wandered lost in the depths of the earth's ley lines. Harry wasn't sure if he was glad that they were finally silent, or if he missed the distraction of their chatter. He did know that he was rapidly approaching the limits of his energy and would soon not even be able to wander aimlessly, having no idea how to return to his home. He had tried until he had no more power, but no matter what he had done the shadows wouldn't wake. He could not touch them. Harry's misery had deepened as he had slowly and unwillingly realized what this meant for the shadows that represented all the Muggles who had no magical core for him to quicken. All those lives lost because he wasn't powerful enough, or intelligent enough, or experienced enough to do his job and stop Voldemort.

Harry continued to wander the ley lines for hours, or maybe days, he didn't know. There didn't seem to be any way to track the passage of time in this strange place. Things from nightmares, dark figures that lacked form with red eyes, occasionally ran at him from the dark, tried to grab him but the Ravens would caw, their voices filled with power, and the shadows would be driven back. Harry couldn't identify these figures, had no idea what they represented, or even if they were real or a product of his own mind. Between the attacks when the Ravens were quiet, he was lost with only his own thoughts and despair for company. The longer he traveled Harry's exhaustion and despondency increased, bringing with them his memories of the dead to the surface. Memories and nightmares that in the past months he had been able to bury and control taunted him. So many people had died defending him, others because he hadn't reacted fast enough, and now the new voices of the muggle souls that he couldn't wake. As he moved aimlessly through the ley lines, he began to believe that perhaps Riddle was right, that he may have given his life for the world, that he was forever dammed and lost in this place.

With his energy failing, he moved slower and slower along the ley lines. Harry couldn't even tell if he was moving in one direction or wandering in circles. Only thoughts of Severus, and his family and friends kept him moving, forcing him onward, hoping that he might chance upon the way home. He knew that Sirius, Remus, Ron, and Hermione would miss him. And Severus, Severus had asked him for a date. Harry still didn't know what that meant but he desperately wanted to find out. Lately Severus' behavior had made Harry wonder if his husband might actually care a little for him, as Harry, not just the bondmate that he had been forced to support due to wizarding tradition. Harry thought, although perhaps hoped was a better word, that Severus might be upset if he didn't return, might even miss him. Although Harry still wasn't sure how he felt about their relationship, the idea that Severus might care for him, helped warm him in this lonely place.

The Ravens would whisper occasionally, encouraging Harry to keep moving, and oddly in this empty silent place to listen. They occasionally laughed at his muddled thoughts, which seemed almost against his will to linger on his bondmate, on the thoughts of the date, on the kiss, on the kindness Severus had shown in the last months. After a while Harry felt unable to move any farther, his energy gone, and then when he thought he would fall where stood, the Ravens whispered to him, explained in cackling voices how to draw power from the ley lines. It took some practice but he eventually managed to draw from the lines and replace some of the magic he had spent, at least enough to keep moving. After an age of walking and listening a voice became apparent in the silent gloom, so soft that it was more a feeling than a sound. The voice seemed familiar, although Harry wasn't sure why. He began turning in a circle, trying to find the direction of the voice, not even sure it was safe to follow.

Eventually Harry chose a direction and started moving toward the voice, deciding to risk following it. The Ravens made small approving caws. He moved towards the voice cautiously, slowly, trying to bring the words it was saying into focus. Occasionally while as he followed the voice made of feelings, he would move in the wrong direction and the voice would fade, and he would be forced to back track. After a while the voice became clearer and he realized with amazement (and relief) that the voice belonged to Severus.

Severus was calling for him, seemed to be begging him to come back. Harry couldn't believe it; he had thought he would never find his way on the ley lines to home. Harry moved more quickly as Severus' voice became clearer and his bondmate's magical signature became noticeable. He reached out cautiously with his magic to touch Severus' magic, confirm that he was real, and found that this made it even easier to follow his voice. Harry felt like he could even understand some of the words. They felt comforting like a small balm to his unvoiced fears. Finally after traveling for what seemed to be hours, it seemed like Severus was right beside him. To Harry's shock he discovered not only could he feel Severus' magical signature, but Ron and Hermione, Sirius and Remus, Dumbledore, and finally someone who he thought was Madam Pomfrey. There was even an odd signature he thought might be Dobby's. Harry now eagerly followed Severus' magical signature and then with a sudden rush he found himself back into his body, back home.


Severus and Poppy had returned quickly to Harry's room where Madame Pomfrey took position at the head of the bed, immediately running a wand scan over Harry. Severus settled back in the chair at Harry's side across from Sirius, the two of them watching Poppy closely. The mediwitch shook her head sadly, "Nothing's changed, Severus."

Severus noticed that Sirius was looking at the both of them expectantly. Surprisingly it appeared that Black was for once attempting to be patient and wait for them to fill him in. When neither of them offered up any information, he asked in an irritated tone, "Well, do you think the Heart Stone will allow you to reach him?"

Severus replied softly, reachingout to place his hand on Harry's wrist, allowing his fingers to wrap around and feel the reassuring pulse. "Yes, Black. It will be difficult but Albus and Poppy believe that it might be possible." Severus raised his head from looking at Harry to meet Sirius's gaze,adding, "We believe that the presence of his friends and family will be important to convince him that he is indeed home. Perhaps you could find Lupin and arrange matters so that both of you could be present during the endeavor?"

It was obvious to Severus that Sirius was startled, even after their recent conversation, that Severus was willing, however obliquely, to admit that he knew how Harry thought of Sirius and Remus. Sirius nodded his willingness and quickly strode from the room to gather his mate.

Poppy turned back to Severus as Black left the room. "I am sure you realize this is going to be extremely hard on you. Your magic and body have already been pushed close to your limits by the Dark Lord." She put up a hand which stopped Severus from voicing his objection, adding in a firm tone, "I know that you are going to do this, exhausted or not, but while we are gathering everyone, eat and drink something. The calories and hydration will help protect you, and it's still too soon for you to safely take another Pepper-Up Potion. If you collapse before you can reach him, you are of no use to your bondmate or anyone else."

Severus glared at the mediwitch, eventually nodding a reluctant acceptance of her order when she didn't back down. With a flick of his wand he summoned Dobby, unsurprised when the house elf appeared almost before he had completed the motion. Severus sometimes wondered if the elf lurked in Harry's vicinity in the hope that he could be of even minor service to the wizard Dobby so obviously adored.

The house elf began gushing immediately preventing Severus from uttering a syllable. "Oh Professor Snape, sir, you is going to bring back Good Master Harry. He is needing you to find his way back from the life ways of the earth."

Once again Severus found himself thrown by the elf's effusive manner, but gathering his scattered thoughts, he addressed the small excited creature. "Yes, yes, Dobby, we are going to attempt to reach Harry. Prior to attempting this undertaking it is necessary that I eat. If you could quickly arrange a light meal from the kitchens?" Severus continued hurriedly to prevent the now quivering house elf from interrupting him. "And Dobby, after that you will be required here, so arrange for any work assignments you have already received to be transferred to another elf. The presence of Harry's friends may be imperative in calling him back."

Dobby's eyes grew larger at Severus' request that he stay and the slight quiver became outright tremors, much to the Potion Master's concern. "Oh Professor Snape sir, I is honored that you think I can help Good Master Harry." The elf was vibrating with emotion. "I will be getting your dinner, sir. Thank you so much sir, it is such an honor to serve Good Master Harry and yourself, Sir." With a loud crack the elf left, leaving a troubled Severus in his wake, alone with only his doubts and an unresponsive bondmate.

After Severus had eaten the meal that Dobby provided, the potion master quickly found himself surrounded by his bondmate's friends and family that gathered into Harry's room. Much to Severus' relief Albus explained what they were going to attempt, saving Severus from answering all the questions raised. Finally Albus indicated with a small nod that he should begin.

Severus laid the Heart Stone on Harry's chest directly over his heart and once again took one of Harry's slightly cold hands. Sirius settled into the chair across from Severus, with Remus standing behind him, a comforting hand on his mate's shoulder. Ron and Hermione took position at the foot of the bed, with Albus behind them. Dobby, vibrating with emotion, sat at Harry's feet muttering softly to himself, "Poor Master Harry, he is so lost fighting the great sleep. The life ways can be so long and lonely."

Severus took several calming breaths, trying to clear his mind and attempting to have faith that this would work. Severus reminded himself that with Harry, the impossible happened constantly. He slowly tuned out the rest of the people in the room and focused on the magic in Harry's Heart Stone. Severus gently pushed his magic and his mind through the stone and into his still bondmate, reaching, searching for some sign of Harry.

"Harry," Severus called with his mind and magic. The silent words called out in a desperate attempt to reach his bondmate. "Harry, can you hear me? Can you feel your magic and mine? I need you to follow it back to me. It's time for you to come back now. You've done your Gryffindorish part and saved us all. The entire wizarding world is awake. It's safe to come back now. You don't need to fight by yourself anymore. Come back and allow all of us to help you save the Muggles."

After a while Severus' words became more personal, his desperation to save his young bondmate began overriding his usual mental filters. "Harry, you know that you're important to a lot of people and they all need you… I need you. You haven't forgotten we have a date scheduled for Friday night. You know if you don't come back it'll be hard for us to plan it out in detail. So why don't you come back now so we can discuss the options? I thought we could walk by the lake in the moonlight, a very Gryffindor romantic sentiment I realize, but I find myself looking forward to it."

"You should know I'm not the only one waiting for you to return. Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley are here and highly worried about you. I suspect that you would be inordinately proud of how much both of them have helped in this emergency. Your dogfather and Remus are also here and waiting for you. Black and I have been getting along unexpectedly well, I'm certain you would approve. It won't last, but I promise when you return to keep it up as long as possible. Your house elf Dobby is practically shaking himself apart with worry for you. So much so I would fear for his health if you don't come home shortly."

Severus continued to silently call, keeping up this monologue to a Harry he wasn't sure could even hear him. Repeating himself to his unconscious bondmate, trying to make sure that Harry knew how much he needed him, that it was safe to come back now, that he had help, that he was cared for. Severus kept calling even as his energy failed. After almost an hour he felt a faint stirring and a tiny draw on his magic through the stone. Severus had to fight down the surge of hope this raised, the draw was so subtle that Severus initially wasn't sure it was real. The draw was also slightly inconsistent, and would sometimes fade away. Severus was just about to mention it to Poppy to see if she could tell if something had changed when the draw suddenly went from a tiny trickle to a short rush of power and then was gone.

Severus was starting to panic when he heard everyone in the room gasp. Startled, his gaze snapped up to Harry's face, watching with baited breath, watching Harry take several deep breaths. His all too young bondmate slowly opened his eyes, blinking several times before he suddenly seemed to focus on Severus. There was a short moment where Severus feared that something was wrong with Harry's mind as he didn't seem to recognize him, but then an exhausted smile overtook Harry's mouth. The smile soothed Severus' rattled nerves, even while it answered an old wish he barely remembered having, comforting him in a way he didn't want to think about too deeply right now.

"Severus…," Harry's voice was exhausted, almost inaudible. "Heard you calling, tried to reach you, was so lost, so tired, missed you."

"I'm here, Harry, you're safe," Severus replied, "you're back with us."

Harry smiled at Severus again and his eyelids drifting slowly closed. Severus thought he might be falling asleep, when he opened them again and started looking around the room. Harry's smile stayed, taking in his family and friends grouped around the bed. Severus was unsurprised to see tears both shed and unshed; they had all known what a long shot this attempt had been. Severus was also impressed and relieved that no one was overwhelming his bondmate with questions or information.

Madam Pomfrey moved forward after a moment, beginning to scan Harry with her wand, unconsciously murmuring her results aloud to an audience hanging on her every word. "Hmm… brain scans read normal, magical fluctuations have stopped, adrenal levels dropping back into the normal range, heart and respiratory rate improved and magic energy levels improving steadily. In fact much faster than expected." The mediwitch shook her head, amazement in every word. "Once again, Mr. Potter, you seem to be defying expectations. It will still be several days before you are back to normal, but I see no reason you should not have a full recovery. In fact, you don't need this any longer, your own body should be able to finish the job quite easily." She finished removing the bright red blood cleaning device from Harry's left hand.

Harry nodded tiredly in reply to her words, turning back to Severus, asking softly, "What happened?"

Severus paused for a moment and then questioned, unsure where to begin, "What do you remember?"

"Saw Voldemort casting the spell through the sigils," Harry replied, his voice radiating fatigue. "Saw everyone falling, could feel the change in their magical cores. Knew I needed to wake them, quicken the magic like Slytherin described. Didn't have enough energy, so the ravens helped me find the ley lines, woke as many as I could. Sorry… my fault…I couldn't reach them, so many voices silent, dark. I can't reach them. They didn't respond no matter how much energy I fed into them." Harry's voice was breaking with pain and exhaustion, his face contorting in grief.

Severus tightened his grip on Harry's hand and he reach forward with the other to run a soothing hand across his forehead. "Harry, no, it's not your fault, you have saved so many. Voldemort is to blame, not you."

Hermione startled Severus by suddenly bolting forward to the bedside next to Sirius, where she gripped Harry's forearm. As his young bondmate turned to her she told him in a forceful voice, "Harry, Professor Snape is telling you the truth. It's not your fault. We couldn't wake the Muggles either. Voldemort cast a sleeping spell but you woke all of us, wizards and squibs alike." Hermione took a deep breath, her voice becoming more emotional, tear filled, "Harry you even woke my parents, thank you."

She paused a moment, appearing to Severus to be trying to pull herself back together before she continued. "The spell he used was originally meant to keep one person asleep and in stasis for around a hundred years. By draining power from the Death Eaters…"

At this Harry paled even more and he turned suddenly away from Hermione to look worriedly at Severus who answered his unspoken question and tightened his grip on Harry's hand. "I'm alright, the wards on my mark protected me from the worst of the power drain." Harry visibly relaxed and turned back to Hermione.

Severus watched the young Gryffindor gather her thoughts and then continue, "Voldemort used the power he stole from those with the dark mark to push the spell out through the sigils you saw the elder demon draw. This allowed him to spread it worldwide but it also diluted the spell. Saint Mungo's and Madam Pomfrey say it should only last three or four months." Hermione looking questioningly at Severus, who nodded reluctantly giving her permission to tell his bondmate everything. "Harry, Voldemort removed the stasis component from the spell. The Muggles are just asleep, not protected in stasis like Professor Lupin was when he took the Draught of Living Death."

Severus was easily able to discern the moment when Harry understood what Hermione's words meant. He saw the guilt at what Harry evidently felt was his failure start to overwhelm his bondmate. Severus was just about to open his mouth to try and stop those thoughts, when from his peripheral vision he saw Ron Weasley rush forward to stand next to Hermione, an urgent tone in his voice as he addressed Harry. "Mate, we're working together to save as many Muggles as possible. People from all the houses are bringing Muggles and squibs here to Hogwarts. Madam Bones said that our ministry and others around the world are bringing are bringing hundreds and thousands of them to places like Saint Mungo's to healthy while they sleep."

Ron's speech seemed to remove some of the sadness from Harry's eyes. They fluttered closed for a moment, but then he forced them open again and turned to his bondmate franticly. "Please Severus, the Dursleys, I know…"

"Harry it's alright, relax. Sirius and Remus have already brought them here for you. Ms. Granger remembered your conversation. We did discover something rather interesting when your dogfather went to retrieve them. It turns out that your aunt is a squib, she is currently resting in the dormitories. Both your uncle and cousin are asleep, but Madam Pomfrey has them set up safely in the infirmary." Severus still couldn't understand why his bondmate cared so much for those appalling people, but at least he could take this worry off the boy's mind.

Harry visibly relaxed and appeared to drift off for a moment, his exhaustion starting to take its toll. When he opened his eyes again, he smiled at Sirius and Remus and the gratitude on his face would have been apparent to anyone. "Thank you for fetching them. I am sorry if Aunt Petunia was… She was probably very upset by what happened. I think magic frightens her."

Sirius leaned forward to reassure him. "Harry, it doesn't matter what your Aunt thinks. She is a small minded woman who couldn't possibly understand how important you are to me, to all of us. We went after them for you, because that is what we knew that is what you wanted."

At this point the little elf on the bed couldn't seem to contain himself any longer and squealed, practically falling off the bed as he unsteadily bolted forward, startling everyone but Harry. "Oh Master Harry, sir, I is so glad you is back sir. You was so good to be waking us up from the great silence, sir. And walking the life ways, sir. Us elves is so being ever so grateful to you Master Harry, sir." The elf was crying and smiling at the same time.

"Thanks, Dobby," Harry said, smiling gently at him. "I'm glad you're all okay."

Harry seemed to sink into himself and then turned to stare at Severus, and asked, "So we need to either break the spell, or put them all in stasis?" Harry paused for a long moment. He seemed to be steeling him to ask something. "Would killing Voldemort break the spell?"

Severus could tell he wasn't the only in the room astonished by his young bondmate's words and they all exchanged puzzled glances. They all knew how Harry felt about killing. Severus finally answered him. "Even if we could destroy him before the Muggles died, it wouldn't lift the spell. Once it is set, it doesn't require any power or control from Voldemort to continue."

While Harry was visibly relaxed at his bondmate's statement, Severus unexpectedly became thoughtful and turned to look at Madam Pomfrey, who was once again scanning Harry's vitals. "Poppy, have those dunderheads at St. Mungo's looked into that line of inquiry? Aren't there medical stasis spells you use for people who are ill, to keep them relaxed while you heal them? Obviously we can't brew enough of the draught of living death to treat all the Muggles, or even have enough time to distribute it if by some miracle we had a significant volume. But a spell could allow us to protect a large portion of the population quickly depending, of course, on its complexity and the number of witches and wizards with the ability to perform the spell."

Poppy and Dumbledore exchanged thoughtful glances at the concept and then the Headmaster smiled brightly declaring, "Harry, my boy, why don't you rest for a few hours, while Madam Pomfrey and I do some research. Poppy, my dear, could you check your reference materials, and contact St. Mungo's and see if anyone there has any thoughts on this idea." Dumbledore paused for a moment, a deep sadness visible in his eyes. "We must be quick. The Muggles have already been unconscious for close to eighteen hours and I fear that time is working against us."

"Professor Dumbledore, even if Madam Pomfrey can find a spell… how could we possible manage to cast it over a fraction of the Muggles before we run out of time?" Hermione asked, the dejection in her voice almost tangible.

"Ley lines…" Harry murmured. They all turned to look at him again. His eyes were unfocused as he gazed at the window ledge.

"Harry?" Severus asked softly. "What are you looking at. Are the ravens back?"

"Hmm… yes… they're saying the ley lines could be used like the sigils…but I don't understand how…I can't understand them…"

Hermione gasped, "Oh my goodness… that's brilliant! Professor Dumbledore, maybe we can use or modify one of the spells I found for Harry last year to use the ley lines to spread a stasis spell! I wonder if we could even do what Voldemort did and modify a sleeping spell to protect the Muggles. I need to get to the library. May I have access to the restricted section if I need to?"

"Yes, of course Ms. Granger. Come with me and I will give you a note for Madam Pince, so we can all begin our research." Dumbledore smiled briefly at Harry as he led Hermione from the room. Madam Pomfrey started shooing everyone from the room in the wake of the Headmaster's sudden departure, forcing out everyone but Severus, seemingly intent on settling her patient in and forcing him to rest.

Harry gaze wandered back to his bondmate and just looked at him, enjoying his presence, much to the continued amusement of the Ravens who whispered quietly in the background. Severus had leaned back in his chair and to Harry's bewilderment, and secret pleasure, his hand was still holding Harry's as he listened to Madam Pomfrey's instructions that both of them needed to eat some of the huge piles of food and drink Dobby was already providing at her request, and then they both needed to rest.

"Harry, can you sit up yourself or do you need a hand?"

Harry looked at Severus vaguely, considering his request and then answering in a sleepy manner. "I think I can sit up myself." He slowly pushed himself upright. As he did so, Severus piled some pillows behind him for him to lean on. Severus placed some food on a breakfast tray for him and then settled back into the chair next to the bed.

Harry glanced at him quickly again, remarking quietly, "Madam Pomfrey said you were supposed to eat something Severus."

Severus sighed grumpily, but he took a sandwich and a cup of tea. After a few minutes of silence and eating Harry softly said, "I heard you calling when I was lost in the ley lines. The ravens had been telling me to listen, although I couldn't tell why at first because there was no one in that place other than those nightmares. They were right though, eventually I heard you. I wouldn't have found my way home without you."

Severus looked embarrassed and asked, "Do you….were you able to understand what I was saying, Harry?"

"Not really, I could tell that it was your voice, but I wasn't able to understand the words. They were almost more feelings than actual words." Harry paused for a moment and then looked down and away. "I was…I…was glad to hear your voice. Thank you for helping me back."

Severus set his teacup down, and reached out with his hand, his fingers softly grasping Harry's chin. Severus' lightly but insistently turned Harry to face him. "Of course, Harry. If you didn't come back how would we have our date on Friday?" Harry blushed when Severus gently stroked the side of his face with long fingers. "Now I believe Madam Pomfrey suggested that you get some rest. I have a small amount of your Dreamless sleep potion. A little bit should allow you to sleep for a few hours, but would still permit us to wake you if necessary."

Harry nodded tiredly and took the potion and then slid back down into the bed and rolled onto his side facing Severus' chair. "She said you should get some rest as well." Harry paused for a moment and took a deep breath and asked, carefully not looking directly at Severus, "Would you stay?"

Severus looked at his bondmate narrowly and then nodded his acceptance of this request. The potion master waved his wand briefly and the bed widened to have enough space for the both of them. Severus pushed himself up out of his chair as he pulled the Heart Stone back on over his head and then climbed in facing Harry.

Harry blinked sleepily at Severus, the potion started to take over. "Do you think we can save them, Severus? I tried so hard to wake them and nothing worked, and the ravens weren't able to help."

Severus reached out a hand again and stroked gentle fingers down his face. "Harry, you should know better than anyone that when the Headmaster and Ms. Granger are determined to do something, nothing stands in their way. Rest now and gather your strength. Let us help you this time."

Harry nodded and smiled tiredly at Severus, who added, "Sleep, Harry, I'll be here to help you when you wake."

When Madam Pomfrey came by several minutes later to check on her two patients, she found both of them soundly asleep. Severus' hand resting lightly on Harry's shoulder and Dobby guarding them, standing with a finger over his lips near the end of the bed.


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