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Chapter 80: Making Plans

Harry sighed and snuggled deeper into the warm blanket around him. Ignoring the soft murmuring in the distance, he allowed himself to float in that relaxing land between waking and dreaming. His sleepy brain reported that the murmuring had stopped and that a warm weight had now settled on the bed by his hip. As he floated in his hazy dream world he imagined that he felt fingers stroking lightly, repeatedly down the side of his face. It was a new sensation but one he found strangely comforting, even if it was a product of his imagination. The motion was so gentle, and so few had touched him in such a manner, that he wanted to stay here floating in the wonderful fantasy, until the sensation on his face stopped and a warm hand landed on his shoulder.

"Come on, Harry, time to wake up," he heard in his ear, the hand shaking his shoulder gently, causing Harry to groan in protest, burrowing deeper into the pillow. "None of that, now. I realize you are tired but Professor Dumbledore is on his way and I expect you would prefer to have a few minutes to prepare." Harry found himself following the directions of that warm teasing voice without thought, yawning deeply and opening his eyes. He promptly froze, discovering Severus perched on the edge of the bed, very close, almost leaning into Harry's hip. The position was so unexpected that he wasn't sure how to react.

After a moment Harry, pulled himself upright in to a sitting position, Severus's hand sliding downward off his shoulder to rest on the bed next to him. Since the beginning of their crazy marriage they had shared a bed nightly but they very rarely touched or even sat in such a familiar position. He could count on one hand the number of times it had happened. The first two nights when Severus had woken him from nightmares, the night in the winter lands before the battle, the night of the calling when Severus had been injured, and Harry had the vague impression that the following night Severus had held him when he had still been having trouble focusing from the damage from the elder demon. Severus had always been awake and out of bed before him in the mornings, and had never woken him in such a manner before. It felt oddly disorienting and comforting at the same time.

Staring at his bondmate, trying to organize his thoughts, Harry suddenly remembered Hermione's brief explanation several hours ago. The words that followed were more a question than a statement, unable to bring himself to voice his concerns. "Hermione said that Voldemort used the Death Eater's magic to power the spell…? Were you…? Are you…?"

Severus shook his head, thankfully for Harry's peace of mind taking pity on his fumbling attempts to ask. "Apparently Albus's wards are effective at protecting me from more than the Dark Lord's wrath. He was unable to drain me to the degree he did the others. I was tired and my magic levels moderately depleted, but it was nothing that food and sleep couldn't resolve." Severus raised a hand to prevent Harry from interrupting, apparently anticipating his next question, "Like everyone else, I was hit by the Voldemort's curse, but you woke me, in fact from what I can determine you woke everyone at Hogwarts almost immediately."

Harry absorbed this information, looking at Severus closely, trying to determine if he was hiding any injuries and in a safe private corner of his mind enjoying just being close to him after the horrible fear that he might never return from the ley lines and see his bondmate again. Eventually the words he had heard in his sleep registered in his waking mind and he furrowed his brow. "Dumbledore's coming? Did they figure out a way to save the Muggles? What do they have planned?"

Severus's eyebrows raised at the sudden onslaught of questions. "Calm yourself, Harry. Poppy sent Dobby in a few moments ago to tell me that Albus would be coming shortly to inform us of the results of their research. Your elf didn't have any other information so I sent him for another meal. That insane woman is fanatical about her patients' care and I'd prefer to avoid a lecture about either of our eating habits." Harry's bondmate paused for a moment looking searchingly at him, and then asked, "You seem stronger and significantly more alert. How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine."

Severus snorted, "Harry, you were lost for more than half a day in ley lines, prior to which you had saved the entire wizarding world by yourself. Now, how are you?"

Harry moved to get out of the bed, avoiding Severus's penetrating gaze. "I'm a little tired, but feeling a lot stronger than I was before. I can get up," Harry answered him cautiously, wondering if Severus would be irritated with him for being weak, for recovering slowly. That didn't feel right to Harry though, Severus seemed more concerned than angry.

Severus startled Harry by reaching out with a gentle hand and turning Harry to face him. Harry couldn't believe it, first the gentle wake up call, now Severus touching his face, and expressing open concern for him. "Are you entirely sure you are ready to meet with Albus, Harry? Once he comes, events are likely to start moving quickly again. I could hold him off for an additional couple of hours if you need to rest longer before facing the world."

Harry just stared at Severus. He was offering to ask the Headmaster to wait, for Harry. He couldn't wrap his head around the concept, answering slowly, "I really am much better, Severus. I am not injured, just tired but not nearly as exhausted as I felt when I first awoke. Anyway, I don't think we can wait any longer. The longer we wait, the more Muggles will die." He covered his confusion at the offer Severus had made and the slightly addicting feeling of his bondmate's hand on his face by climbing out of the bed, and slowly getting ready to meet the headmaster.


Fifteen minutes later Severus was sitting across from Harry at a small table eating the food provided by an annoyingly enthusiastic Dobby when the Headmaster entered the room. Severus grimaced when Albus promptly proceeded to transfigure himself a cushy, pink paisley and aquamarine chair and join them. "I'm glad to see you up and around, young Harry. We really must find a way to stop you from landing in the hospital wing." The Headmaster's eyes swiveled to meet Severus's gaze and he noticed that they twinkling, which instantly made Severus nervous as the man continued speaking. "If nothing else, keeping you healthy and out the hospital wing would be good for Severus's back. I can't imagine that the chairs here are very comfortable to sleep in, are they, Severus?"

Severus for once thanked the control years of spying had given him over his facial expressions. He raised an eyebrow at the slightly demented headmaster, and took a calm sip of his tea, before utterly ignoring the comment, instead changing the subject by asking, "I presume you have discovered a way to save the Muggles?"

The headmaster smiled briefly, but then proceeded to fill in the two of them on the stasis and propagation spells Miss Granger and Madam Pomfrey had rediscovered. Although Severus saw several problems with the solution, he could see why the headmaster was using it to buy time. Severus covertly watched Harry's reactions while the plan was presented to them. His bondmate didn't interrupt but he became progressively quieter and more introspective, the weight of the burden he took onto his shoulders almost visible when Albus explained, without prompting, that this was a temporary solution and what might happen if they weren't able to wake the Muggles soon or come up with some other options to save their world. Severus was saddened by the knowledge of the burden the Headmaster and the Magical World was once again placing on Harry and angrily frustrated that he was apparently helpless to prevent it. What kind of a bondmate was he that he couldn't protect Harry, even for a few minutes from the knowledge of how bad things were?

Once Albus moved onto Lucius Malfoy's situation and their concerns and possible plans to help the rest of the Death Eaters, Severus found that he could no longer keep quiet. "You're bringing Death Eaters onto the Hogwarts grounds?" Severus demanded, voice low and deadly, pitching his tone to indicate that he thought the Headmaster had lost whatever small piece of sanity he might have previously retained. "How can you condone such a dangerous maneuver? Think of all the damage they could cause once they are inside the wards? What about the risk to Harry? To the other students? I'm certain many of his devoted Death Eater would love a chance to improve their standing with Voldemort by capturing or killing Harry for him."

"Severus, you can't think they consented to be drained by Voldemort," Harry jumped in, astounding Severus once again at the defense of even those who reviled and would happily destroy him. "If our actions define who we are, their actions have condemned them but we have to help them or we aren't any better than the Death Eaters"

Severus considered Harry's words momentarily, attempting to calm down, forcing himself to remember how personally the young man took every death in this war, even ones that could never have been his fault. "I'll concede that perhaps we should help them, but not here in Hogwarts, it's too dangerous." Turning back the headmaster, "Albus, you can't allow them inside the wards."

"I happen to agree with you, Severus," Albus interrupted, effectively ending his tirade, "in fact, I've several Order members creating a temporary infirmary outside of Hogsmeade. We'll be able to provide them with any medical attention they might require. It's outside the wards so they aren't a risk to Hogwarts and the students. By not placing it directly in Hogsmeade, the Death Eaters are provided a small measure of anonymity which may encourage them to accept the help they need."

Severus was sitting silently in his chair, attempting to absorb the Headmaster's new information, wondering how this man who wandered through life acting demented could make so many things happen so quickly, when Harry asked into the prolonged silence, "Professor, do we know if Voldemort has discovered that I managed to wake the Wizarding World?"

"I'm sorry, Harry, we don't," Dumbledore replied, shaking his head sadly at Severus's bondmate. "Unfortunately, I haven't even been able to determine where he cast the curse, or where he might currently be located. Although everyone you woke knew that you had saved them, since you didn't directly touch Voldemort's magical core, it may not yet be apparent to him that you have already partially thwarted his plans. Voldemort has been progressively isolating himself the last several months, and any Death Eaters near him are likely to be weak and ill to the point of coma. There may be no one around to bring his attention to the fact that the curse has already been removed."

The Headmaster paused before continuing, "Even if Voldemort hasn't yet comprehended what you have done, there is no way to hide the effects of the propagation spell. When you use it to spread the stasis spell Poppy found, the entire Wizarding world is going to notice. Your magical signature, as Severus once pointed out, is very recognizable, and it'll be all over the spell. Once the spell moves through the ley lines, any one with even a trace of magic, including the squibs, are going to feel it pass and it will be covered with your magical signature. Anyone who has been around you when you have cast a spell over the last several years will be able to identify who cast it. You've dueled with him, Voldemort will have no trouble pinpointing your signature. Even as insane as the Dark Lord has become he is a powerful, intelligent, and highly trained wizard. It won't take him long to discover what you cast."

"So it's possible that he might interfere in our attempt to save the Muggles."

"Yes, Harry," Dumbledore answered calmly. "I think at this point the risk of interference with the spell casting at Stonehenge is exceedingly small. Given how drained the Death Eaters we have seen appear to be, I suspect that he must also be drained, although I doubt that he would have exhausted himself to the extent of his followers. To do so would have left him vulnerable to attack which doesn't fit his personality. Likely Voldemort's weakness means that a direct confrontation would be very risky for him right now, unless he excluded a few Death Eaters from the power draw, to protect him in the event of an attack, which also doesn't seem to fit his personality."

Severus had begun to open his mouth to object loudly that no matter how injured the Dark Lord was the casting was going to be dangerous, when Dumbledore raised his hand to prevent the interruption, "Madam Bones has already agreed to and arranged for Aurors to accompany us to protect all the participants and Harry in case I am wrong. Several members of the order, including Mad-Eye will also be meeting us there for everyone's safety. I think the bigger risk is after the stasis spell has been cast. There is a significant possibility that he will try to interfere with the protection we will have provided the Muggles. That is a worry for the future however, for now we just need to get the Muggles into stasis and buy them and us time to recover."

Harry nodded. Still subdued Severus noted, deciding that the young man was processing the information. "You said that I wouldn't be casting the stasis spell myself, so will you be casting the spell Professor?"

"Actually, we have managed to arrange for a large number of the witches and wizards who were at The Calling to meet us at Stonehenge. They will cast the stasis spell. I've reviewed Ms. Granger's notes on the propagation spell and they would suggest that the more powerful the spell to be sent, the easier it is to get the ley lines to accept and transmit it. If you hadn't just had to save the entire wizarding world alone, you would certainly have been strong enough to cast both spells. Since you cannot, and at this point should not, the more powerful witches and wizards who assist, the stronger the stasis spell. Once they have cast it on the Rune Jar Ms. Ganger is creating, I will use the Ictum incantation to join the spells. And before either of you asks, if the first attempt doesn't reach the entire world, we can cast both spells repeatedly to protect everyone. Failing that we can spread information about the stasis spell to every hospital and Mediwitch and government in the world, and get every witch and wizard possible out there casting the spell over as many Muggles as possible."

Harry nodded again. Severus noted with a vague relief the lessening tension in his young bondmate's shoulders. Apparently knowing that there were options and alternative plans helped Harry relax. Out of genuine curiosity, Severus inquired, "Who has agreed to come?"

"Lord Aventine, Nicholas Flamel, Mr. Ollivander, Merik Volpine, Augusta Longbottom, Pharaoh Nitrocris and several other strong witches and wizards in the Wizengamout whom I trust. I've arranged with Madam Bones to have them apparate along with the Aurors from the Ministry to Stonehenge. Of course, Remus and Sirius will be coming along."

"Are you sure that I can't just cast the stasis spell myself, so we don't have to put so many lives at risk if we are wrong and Voldemort does attack?" Harry asked.

"Harry," Severus ground out in a frustrated voice. "Haven't you been listening to myself and the Headmaster? You almost killed yourself to save the entire Wizarding world. I am certainly not going to allow you to try and destroy yourself again less than 24 hours later. You do not need to fight alone this time. For once we've had the time to prepare and plan a way to help you. The wizards who are coming are powerful. I'm confident that Albus has informed them of the dangers involved, yet they are choosing to come. They're coming to help you, let us support you this time." Severus kept his gaze fixed on Harry during this speech, trying to determine if he was going to have to shake some common sense into his young bondmate to get him to allow them to help.

Harry's gazed never shifted from Severus's eyes while the Headmaster added, "Severus is right Harry, you're pushing yourself dangerously hard. In fact, if we had any other option that would allow us to save the Muggles without a threat to you I would take it. As it is Madam Pomfrey has already indicated that once the spell casting is done and you are back at Hogwarts she is going to insist on at least a week long recovery period."

Harry had not yet looked away from Severus. What he was searching for Severus didn't know, but eventually he nodded and turned back to the Headmaster, who cleared his throat before continuing, "Well, if we have settled this issue, I should go allow your family and friends in. They're waiting outside, and becoming highly anxious to see you."

"Headmaster, before you let them in, I was wondering…" Harry closed his eyes as if he didn't want to ask but also desperately needed to know, "Do we know how many have died?" The halting question and the look on Harry's face stole Severus's breath. He could feel the pain radiating off Harry who hadn't even heard the answer yet.

"No, Harry, no one knows but it'll likely be in the tens, if not hundreds of thousands. We believe that in this short time that very few of the Muggles have died of dehydration or exposure yet, but when the initial curse hit there was no warning. We know there have been a lot of car crashes, airplanes, injuries from falls. We were very lucky at Hogwarts that all those who were injured had no fatal injuries and Madam Pomfrey was able to treat them promptly," Dumbledore continued softly while Harry took in a shuddering breath. "There is nothing anyone could have done to prevent those deaths, all we can do is work together to try and protect the billions who survived the initial moments."

Harry didn't respond to the Headmaster's words, looking down at the floor for a long moment before standing up to walk over and stare out the windows. Severus exchanged a glance with Albus who nodded and left the room. Severus joined Harry at the window, not saying a word, just letting Harry catch his breath and process.

"He must be beyond insane, Severus. He really does want to become what the house elves call him. He-Who-Walks-Alone. So many deaths, all for a madman's dreams. So much damage even to those who claim to believe in him."

Severus turned Harry to face him, worried about how Harry was taking the overwhelming news of the sheer magnitude of the disaster. He felt his chest constrict at the tight closed off expression on Harry's face. "Harry, you must understand that those deaths are not your responsibility, the only one that could have prevented them is Voldemort, by not casting the curse. You have saved more lives; you will save more lives than that monster will ever destroy. You just argued that our actions define us, so you must see that your actions make you the exact opposite of the Dark Lord. You did not cause these deaths," Severus repeated, trying to make him understand.

Harry nodded but did not verbally respond to Severus's statement, he just seemed to absorb it into himself. Severus thought he could see a small decrease in the tightness around Harry's eyes. He would have to be satisfied with that for now. Harry would not be Harry if he did not feel the grief and loss of this tragedy. Severus would just have to watch closely and make sure that he helped Harry come out the other side of this disaster with his soul intact. He was still frustrated that he couldn't seem to stop Harry from constantly being hurt. Harry turned back to look out to the window, and Severus was not sure what he was contemplating. Without looking at him, Harry slowly reached out and wrapped a hand around Severus's left forearm.

"When this is done, when we have recovered and have figured out how to save them, we are going to find a way to remove this mark. He will not use you for his evil again. He will not hurt you anymore. I will not allow it," Harry stated in firm voice.

Severus nodded in response, allowing the words to warm his damaged soul.


When Professor Dumbledore waved them into the room, Hermione entered quickly, wanting to see for herself that her friend was doing as well as she had been told. She stopped in surprise at the threshold of Harry's room, grabbing the wall to stay upright when Ron stumbled into her, the sight in front of her freezing her feet. Harry was standing in front of a window, perfectly still, apparently staring at the horizon, fingers wrapped around Snape's wrist. And Snape was very close to Harry's side, almost leaning into her friend. Harry must have heard them enter and turned to look at them, hand releasing Snape, the visible strain on his face encouraging Hermione to shake off her shock and move over to the two men, listening to Ron's cheerful greeting, "Hey mate, it's good to see you up and around. You really had us freaked out for a while there."

Hermione came right up to Harry and pulled him into a tight hug, scolding, "Don't ever do that to us again. You're our best friend and you're not allowed to leave us behind. We can't cover your back if you don't take us with you."

Hermione noticed out of the corner of her eye Professor Snape reach up to quickly squeeze Harry's shoulder before moving over to speak with Dumbledore, leaving Harry standing with them. When Hermione let Harry go she noticed a slight blush on his cheeks and she wondered if he was embarrassed by the hug or by having been seen holding Snape's arm. Either way he nonetheless seemed happy to see them. "Hermione," he asked slowly, "did you tell me this morning that your parents are awake?"

"Oh, Harry, it's so wonderful. We had no idea. Neville's grandmother found them in London. I… I…," Hermione stuttered, the remembered fear that her parents would die overwhelming her for a moment, before she took a calming breath and forced herself to continue. "I thought they might be dead or injured. It was such a relief to have them here. They're going to want to see you again when you are ready, to thank you. Right now they are helping Madam Pompfrey organize some students and other squibs to take care of the sleeping Muggles and help with potions and in the greenhouses. Where ever anyone can be useful."

"Yeah, Harry, you wouldn't believe how much everyone is pitching in, even the Slytherins. Most of the Muggle born and Halfblood's families and friends have already been moved here," Ron added, talking at break neck speed. "Lots of the older students are helping make potions for Madam Pomfrey and St. Mungo's. Neville's got some of the younger students organized to help Madam Sprout harvest potion ingredients from the greenhouse, and leading a few of the older students into the Dark Forrest to gather rarer ingredients. And has anyone told you about Draco?"

Harry shook his head, and Hermione watched him closely while Ron continued, "I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes. After you woke us up, two of the Slytherin students were still collapsed on the ground. When they were examined Draco found the Dark Mark on their arms. He got the all of the Slytherins, and in fact the whole rest of the school to bare their arms to prove they weren't marked, without saying a word. It was amazing, maybe the git might actually be worthy of Charlie," Ron finished proudly, and Hermione saw a small smile break onto Harry's face.

Harry looked like he was about to reply when they were joined by Sirius and Remus. Hermione was relieved to see the smile growing larger on Harry's face at their arrival. Even though he had relaxed a lot during Ron's description of last night's events, obviously cheered by it, Harry still looked far too tense for her piece of mind. He was going to have to perform some frighteningly difficult magic soon and any distraction that helped relax him was good. Sirius threw an arm over Harry's shoulder and ruffled his hair with his other hand. Remus smiled fondly at them both. "How are you feeling Harry?'

"I'm alright, Sirius. Thanks again for getting the Durselys. I hope Aunt Petunia wasn't..." Harry apparently didn't know how to finish the sentence, Hermione imagined that he was still unwilling to insult his aunt even if she deserved it. And for the first time ever Hermione felt like she more fully understood why thanks to their conversation last night. She was sure that some part of it was a conditioned response from their abuse of him, but another part, perhaps even the larger, more important part was that no matter what, Harry hoped that his relatives would become better than he knew them to be. She shuddered silently to herself, shocked at the realization that it really was only last night that they had had that discussion.

"It's fine, Harry. It was just surprising and I have to admit a little amusing to discover that Lily's sister is a squib," Remus jumped in, saving Harry from having to finish the sentence to Hermione's immense relief.

Hermione saw the Headmaster and Professor Snape moving to rejoin them over Professor Lupin's shoulder. The headmaster gathered everyone's attention effortlessly and began explaining. "Before we head to Stonehenge, I wanted to make sure everyone understands the plans. We will be apparating to Stonehenge just outside the wards. Sirius and Remus will be bringing along Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley by Side-Along Apparition. Severus, you will of course be taking Harry. Once we arrive, Harry, I expect that the witches and wizards will want to spend a few moments talking to you. Make certain to stay with Severus. Ms. Granger and Mr. Weasley, I expect that you will stay with Harry and Severus. Severus will need to help Harry deal with the dignitaries so the pair of you will need to stay alert and aware of the environment."

"Wait, Ron and Hermione are coming along?" Harry interrupted, obviously startled.

"Of course we are mate, didn't you hear Hermione? We can't cover your back if you don't bring us along. Too late to start trying to leave us out of your adventures now, if you wanted to do that you shouldn't have let us help find the Philosopher's Stone. Anyway, Hermione knows more than anyone about that spell you're going to cast. If you have troubles with it you might need her help." Ron stopped him before Harry could even object, Hermione nodding at her boyfriend's every word.

Dumbledore smiled at their interaction, managing to make Hermione feel slightly young and foolish, before he added, "Well if that's settled, I will continue. Once we get set up, I will ask everyone, excluding you, Harry, to cast the stasis spell at the Alica orca which Professor Babbling has so kindly provided."

"What's an Ali… Alic…, whatever you just said, Professor?" Harry asked, looking confused.

"Oh, it's a clay jar marked with specific runes that allow it to temporarily retain spells, so that a different witch or wizard can use them at a later time," Hermione interrupted excitedly, answering his question before Dumbledore could. "Professor Babbling taught us about them in Ancient Runes. Like all rune jars they are used to hold and retain spells, what's different about them is that they can be made much quicker than other types of retention jars, hours instead of days. However Alica orcas are considered to be extremely unreliable since they are not able to hold powerful spells for very long."

"Fortunately we won't need more than a few moments," Professor Dumbledore spoke into the silence that followed Hermione's explanation. "Now, after everyone has cast their spell, I will cast the Iunctum charm on the Rune Jar to join them. Then it'll be up to you Harry." Everyone turned to look at Harry who nodded his understanding.

"You said earlier you'll be able to tell that the spell went through the ley lines, how long will it be before we know if it works?" Harry asked, Hermione's heart breaking at the burden her best friend was under.

"Several hours," Professor Lupin answered him, the answer surprising Hermione; shouldn't they be able to tell immediately if the spell worked?

"We will apparate back to Hogwarts immediately after you cast the spell, Harry. We can all wait here until we learn if our plan worked," Dumbledore added, Hermione noticing that he kindly didn't mention that Harry was likely to be exhausted and in need of rest, if not Madam Pomfrey, again. "Although the spell should work quickly, learning how far it spread will take time. Madam Bones has agreed to contact the rest of the world governments to explain what you have done after we return and allow them to check on their Muggles to make sure they are protected. The Minister has requested, and I agree, that as a safety precaution, we shouldn't inform them ahead of time to keep our plans at least somewhat private."

Dumbledore began handing out socks to everyone in the room. "These are portkeys that will bring you directly to the Infirmary. I created these, keyed to allow you past Hogwarts wards in case something goes wrong and we don't have time to get outside of Stonehenge's wards to apparate back here."

Madam Pomfrey bustled in at the end of Dumbledore's speech and started handing out small potion bottles. "These are small amounts of Pepper-up Potion. If you're feeling drained after the spell casting, take it, it will help keep you moving for a short time baring additional over-exertion. I expect the seven of you, including you, Headmaster, to report here after the spell casting so I can examine everyone to ensure no one is dangerously over extended. Neither of these spells have been cast routinely in centuries, the Terra Propagandum Incantamentum may not have been cast in a millennium. There could be power draws or complications we haven't yet discovered. Severus, this bag has extra potions in case some of the others need them, and a standard emergency potion kit, just as a precaution."

Hermione's heart rate picked up at Madam Pomfrey's words, the fear at all the things that could go wrong rising again in her mind even while she watched Professor Snape take the satchel and sling it over his shoulder.

Dumbledore looked around, checking on everyone. "Any questions? Anything we might have overlooked?" They all stared at each other and shook their heads, saying nothing. "In that case it is time to get started." And the Headmaster turned and headed out of the infirmary, the rest following along behind.


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