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Inside an abandoned dance studio, a young girl of eighteen was doing ballet. She moved with grace, like a swan. Each step was perfect, each hand gesture, each move... Oh, fuck it. She suddenly stopped dancing as someone started clapping and saying, "Perfect!"

This was Bree Gale, a high school graduate with a few issues. She had a love for music and dancing, and would come to the abandoned dance studio to either sing, dance, or even both. She was a gifted dancer, but she hated being called 'perfect' everytime someone watched her dance.

She sighed and glared at whoever was watching her, and, sure enough, it was her old teacher, Mrs. Salvador.

"What now, Mrs. Salvador?" Bree asked sourly. "Can't you ever stop saying 'perfect? I hate being 'perfect'."

"Now, now, Bree," Mrs. Salavdor said. "You shouldn't say that. if you want to be a professional dancer, you have to be perfect for the audience."

"Whatever," Bree snapped, grabbing her bag and walking to the door. "See ya."

Bree walked back to her apartment, which she shared with her high school friend, Nia Curtis. As she angrily walked through the door, Nia looked up at her from her magazine.

"What's wrong, girl?" Nia asked.

"Mrs. Slavador showed up in the middle of my dance again," Bree answered sourly.

"Let me guess, she said you were 'perfect'?" Nia made the hand gesture as she said the word 'perfect'.

"Yes," Bree growled.

"Girl, I know you don't like the word, but you need to stop lettin' that get to ya."

Bree sighed. Nia was right, she needed to stop letting the word 'perfect' get to her everytime someone watched her dance.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Nia said. "A package came in the mail for you." Nia reached the other side of the couch and grabbed a box.

"From who?" Bree asked.

"You're grandpa," Nia answered, handing the box to her friend. "Said it was somethin' special for you."

Bree opened the box and took out a smaller box that was a little flatter than the box it came in. Attached to it was a letter that had her name on it, which she took off and read.

Dear Bree,

I know how much it bothers you to have to hear someone say how perfect your dancing and singing is, so I thought I could give you this. If you ever have an issue with anything in particuliar, just put this on and imagine being in a world without complications for yourself. Use it well, for it has a special power like none other.


Bree opened the small box once she finished the letter and found, right inside, a pink crystal necklace. She took it out and her eyes began to glitter as the crystal sparkled.

"Oh, my god," Nia said in shock.

The glitter in Brees eyes turned out to be tears as they rolled down her face. This was one of the most beautiful gifts her grandfather had ever given her.

"Girl, are you cryin'?" Nia asked.

Bree wiped her tears. "I'm fine."

"You sure?"


Nia smiled. She knew Bree was lying when she got emotional, but Nia wouldn't bother her about it any further.

Nias little brother, Micah, walked in on the emotional time Bree was having.

"What's going on?" he asked.

Bree swiftly wiped her eyes and Nia glared at him.

"Micah!" Nia said through gritted teeth.


"Nothing, Micah," Bree said. "I just got a present from my grandpa."

"What is it?"

"A necklace," Bree answered, holding up her special gift. "He said if I'm having trouble with something in particuliar, that I put it on and think about a world with no complications."

"Wow. Can we try it!"

Nia rolled her eyes, but Bree only smiled.


They gathered around the couch, Micah bringing his Bobba Fett and the walnut head guy action figures.

"Seriously, Micah?" Nia asked in annoyance.

"What?" he responded.

"Come on, guys," Bree warned.

The two siblings turned their attention back to Bree as she put the necklace around her neck. She grabbed both their hands and closed her eyes.

"Whatcha thinkin' about?" Micah asked. Nia was about to smack him, but held still when Bree spoke.

"A world where it would better suit my forte. Like adventure. That's all I've ever wanted to do, is to go on an adventure."

Then, all of a sudden, her necklace began to glow. Nia and Micah began to grow nervous.

"Uh, Bree...?"

Bree opened her eyes and becomes shocked. The necklace began to glow brighter, until the three of them were engulfed into it. Then it began move around like crazy, the two teens and the eleven year-old screaming in the process.

"What's happening?!" Nia screamed.

"I don't know!?" Bree screamed back.

Like a comet, the light shot out of the window and soared into deep space. once it was deep enough, the began to fall down back to earth. then it crashed landed into a desert and the three of them were unconcious.