Here's the characters, I hope you enjoy the story :)

[EDIT] - I've added George and Mamoru's profiles here so that people have info on them, and you'll notice that a certain someone has the same fear as a certain Herondale boy *maniacal laugh*


NAME: Lizabeth Evergreen


AGE: 17

GENDER: Female


PERSONALITY: Kind of like a cheeky older sister, being the one to put humour in dark situations or hard times. She is a little stubborn, and tends to stand her ground when people challenge her over even the simplest things. She tends to take after her father, being the girl that looks forward to killing demons and sparring with her friends, and even finds the time to relax and cool down. Her anger can get the best of her, especially when people make fun of her family and friends. Mock her all you want, just don't mock those close to her... She has been known to get violent (ranging from "Uh-oh" to "Holy crap run!" in just minutes) and sometimes has to be held back when she gets this way. Her tutor often says that it will be her undoing, as there will be a day where no will be able to hold her back. But she is an all around great person to have on your side.

NATIONALITY: Italian/British

FAMILY: Lucinda Evergreen, mother, blonde hair and brown eyes; Amato Evergreen, father, brown hair, blue eyes

BACKGROUND: Liz was raised in Idris for half her life, and then was taken to America when her father found out that he was to tend to the New York Institute. There, she was raised alongside a few other Shadowhunters her age (most of which left for Idris when they were old enough). She spent most of her time training and getting better with her skills when using a scythe, and even spent most of her free time in the library in the Institute. It wasn't until new Shadowhunter children moved into the Institute that she started acting cheeky and big-sisterly.


HAIR COLOUR: Light brown

HAIR STYLE: At least waist length and straight, although cuts it to be much shorter later on

EYE COLOUR: Cobalt blue

HEIGHT: Average (I suck at height...)

EVERYDAY CLOTHING: Brown leather jacket that cuts off above the stomach, black turtleneck, dark skinny jeans, black boots

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY): Leather trousers, black shirt, combat boots

FORMAL CLOTHES: Light blue dress that reaches her knees and has a dark blue ribbon-belt. Strappless. Also had blue slip-on shoes.

SLEEPING CLOTHES: A long button down shirt and her underwear


MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT): A scythe that is about chin-length compared to her. Was made by the Iron Sisters and can be thrown like a boomarang. She is never seen demon-killing without it.

WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE): Swords - she just can't get the hang of fighting with them, but has those bursts of genius that allow to her use them...and then she just loses it the next time she tries -.-'


WEAKNESSES: Leaving people behind, her anger, her will to keep fighting, her stubborness, her claustrophobia

STRENGTHS: Her memory, her upper arm and lower body strength, quick reflexes, good with riddles

LIKES: Sleeping, cooking, training with her scythe, reading

DISLIKES: Work, demons, being told what to do, people who nag, people that think they're better than everyone, math


LOVE INTEREST: A guy that can rival her and start off as a good friend, retaining that friendly air even when they get into a relationship

MISC: Liz hates it when people call her "Lizzie" or natually assume her full name is "Elizabeth"

NAME: Blake Feuer

NICKNAME: He's known as Blake.

AGE: 16.



PERSONALITY: He's always smiling and never seems to be unhappy unless he's angry. He is polite and friendly with most people, but can be uncomfortable around certain boys. He has a very good way with words and a definite charm about him, but he never seems to pick up girls. He has an open sense of humour. Although he doesn't like to kill people, even if they are demons, he won't hesitate to kill something that is attacking any friends of his. Sometimes he can give short answers to questions, which makes people think he is hiding something. He is the perfect person for a negotiation situation and can seemingly get himself out of any situation through talking, unless it's combat.

NATIONALITY: French but he has lived in America since he was 10.

FAMILY: Gabriella Feuer – she has aged by formerly flawless skin, which has a slight tan to it and a thick French accent. She has baby blonde hair and Sapphire blue eyes (like Blake), basically, Blake couldn't look anything more like her unless he was a girl. Father – Unknown, Feuer is Gabriella's maiden name and she has never told Blake who his father is.

BACKGROUND: Blake lived in France for most of his life, with Gabriella as a very successful lawyer, using her looks, charm and way with words to make everyone pick her side over others. Although Blake doesn't know it, when they moved to America when he was 10, it was to escape his mother's past. Although she was open about the shadow hunter world and taught him everything she knew, she never let Blake go to Idris, in fear that he would be caught up in some trouble and never come back. She, herself, couldn't go back there without reliving bad memories. When he was 12, after constant hours of bugging his mother to tell him about Idris, she ended up buying him blade-studded Nunchuks, which are still his favourite weapon.

One day, when he was out practicing he caught sight of another Shadow Hunter, and since has been involved in their world with this other person/group of people (other OC's?).


HAIR COLOUR: Baby Blonde.

HAIR STYLE: Fauxhawk.

EYE COLOUR: Sapphire blue.

HEIGHT: 5'6" – He's like tall but slim.

EVERYDAY CLOTHING: Grey thin-wool cardigan, plain black V-neck, black skinny jeans.

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY): Armoured shirt and trousers, with thick, padded hoodie – which has many pockets for knives, stele's and any other weapons/devices.

FORMAL CLOTHES: Creaseless white blazer with black lining and six buttons, white suit pants and some grey or black smart shoes. Also a pink tie with black stripes.

SLEEPING CLOTHES: I was thinking underwear, but maybe a graphic t-shirt if it's cold.


MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT): Red and Gold, seemingly Oriental-patterned Nunchuks, one for each hand. They are extremely hard to break and made of solid gold, which will hurt when they connect.

WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE): Anything too heavy that requires some sort of heavy lifting and less agility, the Nunchuks are all about agility and he is very agile himself, so they fit him perfectly.


WEAKNESSES: He can be too sensitive, being taken advantage of because he's too nice. His constant worrying about his mother.

STRENGTHS: His agility, his speed and reactions (I guess that is part agility). He is good at memorizing small things because he thinks they can be helpful.

LIKES: Reading, listening to music (LOVE a bit of Frank Ocean ;)) writing to express himself, keeping in shape.

DISLIKES: Killing things, stuck up people, people who don't have faith in anything, egotists, anything to do with chemicals.

SEXUALITY: Gay (I thought it was obvious LOL)

LOVE INTEREST: A guy that can put up with him at his worst, is bigger than him in both height and muscle, and can make him feel better when he is down.

MISC: People that think reading is a waste of time. Also when people think he's younger than he is because he has such baby-ish facial features.

NAME:Desmira Thornleaf

NICKNAME:Dez. No one calls her Desmira, ever. Ev-er. Ever. Sometimes people call her Dezzy, but mainly they just stick to Dez.




PERSONALITY:she's mischievous, cheeky, playful and devious. She hates rules, talks back to people, and if you make her angry or upset her she stays perfect cool, calm, cold and collected, but knows just what to do to hurt you. She's witty and can be snarky, and is a great liar. If she likes you then she's usually always the first sentence, unless you piss her off, but if she temporarily or just straight-out doesn't like you, she's the ice queen. She's sort of a wild one since she never really had her parents there to tame her, and is usually partying on weekends (though she snaps straight into SH mode when she needs to).



Mother, Avalon Elsie, 46 – dark brown hair, matching dark eyes, and olive skin. She's stick-thin and very worn, always having the look of someone who's gone a week without sleep. She spends most of her time in bed and has been like this since Dex was 6. Dez refuses to believe there's something wrong with her mom because she doesn't want to be sent into foster care or for her mom to leave.

Her dad abandoned her and her mother as soon as her mother descended into this weird depression/coma-like state. He didn't look back. His name was Fabian, and that's where Dez's features come from. Avalon was a former Shadowhunter. Fabian was a mundane.

BACKGROUND:since she was only six years old she's been forced to fend for herself. Before that, her mother and her father were loving towards her and she was constantly happy. Then, gradually, Avalon's health and well-being sunk, and eventually Fabian left. His departure was abrupt, and he didn't even leave a note.

Dez has no explanation for what happened to Avalon, and it's not like she can just ask. She'd never get an answer. Maybe Avalon could be cursed, and Fabian left for good reason or something, and Dez could find this out and be determined to find out the truth and it could effect her behavior and storyline in, you know, the story. I don't know, whatever floats your boat right?

Her old next door neighbor, Loka, was also an ex-SH and helped Dez manage until she was twelve, but then Loka mysteriously disappeared and Dez was on her own once more.


HAIR COLOUR:dark blonde/dark gold

HAIR STYLE:it goes to the bottoms of her shoulder blades, and is center-parted. It's usually a little bit fluffed/teased, and tangles easily.

EYE COLOUR:greeny hazel.

SKIN:tanned and clear


BUILD:she's slender, lithe and agile. Nimble and fast, lightweight weapons are her forte, along with impeccable aim, but heavy weapons are the opposite and she isn't the best with harsh brawn and combat (though she knows how to defend herself when she is weapon-less). She has a light layer of muscle and great endurance.

OTHER APPEARANCE NOTES:she has a white scar on her left cheek, another across her stomach, and another from her left collarbone to her right hip, as well as numerous small ones across her body, though these are faded and nearly invisible. The visible ones stand out against the tan of her skin. She also has a dimple in each cheek.

EVERYDAY CLOTHING:black and white aztec leggings or trackpants or skinny jeans (of any color); tank tops or a tight, black long sleeved top or cropped tops (depending on the weather, but most often she's in tanks or crops); sometimes hoodies or a black hooded leather jacket, which finishes at about her mid-rib; black combat boots, Ugg boots or white canvas shoes, heels at parties or events; maybe her grey scarf. Dresses come with parties and events as well.

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY):tight black leather pants, black combat boots, black tank top, black belt loosely around her hips with her weapons and such slung in it, black leather fingerless elbow gloves.

FORMAL CLOTHES:bodycon, mixi or mini dresses with heels and varying amounts of jewelry, depending on the color and make of the dress.

SLEEPING CLOTHES:majorly oversized, faded navy T-shirt, orange boxer-shorts. Sometimes her Uggs and/or fluffy socks, but she takes them off before bed.


MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT):thin, extremely sharp throwing knives. The blades and hilts are both a metallic white. Her next weapon in line after these is a uchigatana. She works best with lightweight weapons, and has great aim as well which is good for the throwing daggers, but can also be handy if she needs to use a bow and arrows.

WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE):heavy weapons, such as great-swords, battle-axes, maces, etc. She's not built or trained for that sort of stuff.


WEAKNESSES:heavy weapons, brawn, too-loud noises, too-bright colors/images/sights,

STRENGTHS:her stealth, speed, nimbleness, and aim. Also her heightened senses (though they can also be weaknesses), and skill with light weapons.

LIKES:boys, training, being lazy, sleeping, lounging around, sleeping, partying, sleeping, sleeping. She has this ability to fall asleep in the weirdest places and positions, although she's always wide awake during a fight. Once or twice she was found hiding out in one of the kitchen cupboards, fast asleep.

DISLIKES:dishonesty, stuck-ups,

SEXUALITY:straight, sometimes screws around with girls if she's drunk at parties or just feels like it, but she's not attracted to them

LOVE INTEREST:yes! But I don't know who. But romance is great! Thumbs-up for romance, yeah?


NAME:Cassandra Tyme

NICKNAME:Cass, Cassie




PERSONALITY:She likes to be around friends or alone. She tends to worry about people if they don't check in, she is very clever and tends to solve problems in a way no one thinks of, she is sarcastic and likes to joke around. Her worst flaw is that she doesn't listen to what people tell her to do she does her own hates it when people say she looks exactly like her mother.

NATIONALITY:French/ British

FAMILY:Mom, Alexandra Tyme, black hair and gold eyes. Father, Lucas, blonde hair and green eyes

BACKGROUND:she grew up in idris but her parents were having marital problems so the sent Cassandra away, but really she thinks her parents are getting a divorce, so then she is sent to the new york institute.



HAIR STYLE:mid-back curly



EVERYDAY CLOTHING:croped black leather jacket, a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY):her leather jacket, black shirt and black jeans

FORMAL CLOTHES:a lavender dress that has a sweet heart neckline that knee length and gold high heels



MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT):two knifes made by the iron sisters that she has on a belt at her waist



WEAKNESSES:friends, family and climbing

STRENGTHS:inteligence, swimming and fighting

LIKES:reading, watching supernatural and the color blue

DISLIKES:liars cheats and demons


LOVE INTEREST:a guy thats charming and charasmatic

MISC: pm if you need anything

NAME:Riley (short for Rilanńê) Belleloc





PERSONALITY:Riley is determined, clever, witty, independant, and has the type of smile that when you see her smile you smile back. She is pretty chill though and in arguments she gets all calm and reasonable because she had to train herself not to get angry when her siblings did/broke something, but she can make you feel ashamed by how forgiving she is (though believe her friends, she knows how to hold a grudge when she wants to). She is very firm in her beliefs but they can change when new details are added. She is bold and a peoples person, with nerves of steel and always ready to try new and is the type to get right to the point. She is a sweetheart though and is well mannered; saying please, thank you, and usually the one to say watch your language on the more extreme of dirty words. She has a habit of crossing the street when cars are slowing down saying "they'll stop if they don't want a sue." She is observant and notices details most would over look.


Babette Bellelac, Mom, chocolate hair and emerald green eyes
Olivier Bellelac, Dad, black hair, grey eyes
Frédéric Bellelac, older brother (18), chocolate brown hair, emerald green eyes
Guy Bellelac, older brother (17), black hair, emerald green eyes

BACKGROUND:Riley grew up with her father in charge of the Versailles Institute in France with trips to Idris now and then. She was taught to be a shadowhunter there with the usual along with French sword techniques and loves it in France. She was raised with 6 other shadow hunters besides her brothers; Antoine, Victoire, Tristan, Yves, Louis, and Eloise. She's always had a want to see the world though it was impossible since she had rigerous militaristic like training. She arranged to live at the New York institute 6 months ago to "broaden her training" as she told her parents when it really was for new scenery.

-has the looks of an old Hollywood glamour star like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Viven Leigh


HAIR STYLE:Her hair is an inch or two past her shoulders and is ruler straight with bangs


HEIGHT:She's average

EVERYDAY CLOTHING:She wears a red plaid knee length tube dress, she wears a black barret, a black leather bikers jacket, black fingerless gloves, brown leather bikers sole ankle boots, a brown belt, white scarf

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY):black tank top, a fitted black leather turtleneck vest, black skinny trouser, black knee high high heel boots (there are daggers hidden in the heel), a purple belt that her throwing knife collection hangs on, her family ring

FORMAL CLOTHES:a red off the shoulder no backing floor length gown with a sweetheart neckline and a slit to her mid-thigh. (What can she say? She's French.)

SLEEPING CLOTHES:A camisole and shorts


MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT):She uses throwing knives as her weapon and has an impressive collection on her where ever she is (inside coat, on belt, inside shoes)

She hates to use archery equipment because it always takes a second longer than she can spare to shoot the arrow


WEAKNESSES:impulsive, her refusal to give secrets that are not here to tell, her pride

STRENGTHS:Her aim, flexibility, speed, awareness,

LIKES:playing harp, dancing (she's a great ballroom, latin, freestyle, and street dancer, does only a little ballet and folk dance), going to parties

DISLIKES:American fast food, dull people, the cold, waking up early, alarm clocks, monkeys


LOVE INTEREST:A guy that will be able to thrill her and be able to trust as well as be able to keep up with her in wit

MISC: Riley has a French accent, she likes to cook, whenever she's extremely frustrated, angry, or nervous she starts yelling/or babbling in rapid french

NAME:Jade Clavell

NICKNAME:Sometimes her best friend will call her J.C., and she will punch him for it.




PERSONALITY:She is quiet and remains mostly to herself and a few friends. Jade may be quiet, but no one even thinks about messing with her, because she has been known to pick fights with anyone that does. She is silent but deadly, and when she is around her friends, she is funny and dark, but sweet. Jade may be quiet, but her friends bring out the real her, and she only has a few select friends who she trusts with her life.


FAMILY:Jonothan- father, light blond hair and dark eyes, Penelope- mother, green eyes and strawberry blond hair. She had an older brother named Julius who died.

BACKGROUND: When she was seven, her older brother Julius died, and her family was so devestated, they moved from the Arizona Institute to the New York Institute, where they were staying. There she did most of her traning, and made her friends. When she was first born, she lived in Idiris, and then her family was moved to Arizona, and she never remembered anything about Idris, so she only knows Arizona and New York.


HAIR COLOUR:Bronze colored hair

HAIR STYLE:Long hair to mid back, and she hates having it down, when it's naturally wavey.



EVERYDAY CLOTHING:Black leather jacket, frayed and worn out jeans with cuffs, a long sleeved shirt, different color each day, and sneakers or boots. She always wears her family ring, a sword against a dagger, around her middle finger.

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY):Leather pants and a long sleeved leather jacket with a black shirt under it. She wears a black belt with her weapons in it, and black boots.

FORMAL CLOTHES:Dark green drees with a green strap across her waist, and brown fabric flower on the strap.

SLEEPING CLOTHES:Shorts and a tank top


MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT):She is good with a lot of weapons, but she loves her small dagger with her family crest on the hilt, because it was her brother's.

WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE): Mace and whips. She always manages to get herself hurt with them.

OTHER -She likes to have a bow and arrow on her, and several daggers and seraph blades. Her motto is "I can't leave the house without a lot of weapons, because the demons are addicted to death by moi."

WEAKNESSES:Her impulsivness, fear of losing someone, keeping things to herself, and getting into to many battles with demons. Sometimes she doesn't realize they can still beat her.

STRENGTHS: Listening, figuring things out, ability to use many weapons, and finding things in between the lines that others don't, while also considering all possiblities.

LIKES:Music, reading, writing, training, battle, history

DISLIKES: Anyone who annoys her, stuck up brats, people who get away with anything, and stupid demons who think they can defeat her.


LOVE INTEREST:Yes. Someone that will know her like the back of his hand, and makes her feel like she isn't being controled, but gets jealous a bit.

MISC: Hates it when people flaunt their skills, or are too nice. Also, hates it when people make up nicknames. It's Jade. Just Jade.

NAME:Patrick MacDougall

NICKNAME:Irish Snake




PERSONALITY:Patrick has always been known not to take things too seriously. Most of his responses are sarcastic with usually something witty in them. He also always tries to lighten a situation up with a joke or some clever response involving the situation. But he is a pretty nice guy when he needs to be in order to make someone feel better.



BACKGROUND::Patrick was abandoned at the age of 3 by his father and grew up in a foster home till he turned 13 and ran away. The only way he could get food and money was pick pocketing and breaking into homes for cash. It wasn't till he got noticed by the leader of a group of thieves that allowed him to join their gang for his quick fingers, stealth and charm. The group of thieves stole from the rich and gave whatever they could to all the other people that were suffering on the streets. Till during one of his heist in a building he happened to meet a group of shadowerhunters



HAIR STYLE:short, almost like a buzz cut

EYE COLOUR:dark green


EVERYDAY CLOTHING:wears a pair of jeans with a white shirt and a black leather jacket with green stripes on the sleeves with a pairs of aviators and Golden 4 leaf clover necklace


FORMAL CLOTHES:Pure white tuxedo he stole from a rich family.

SLEEPING CLOTHES:Black pajama pants with no shirt



WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE):Great swords, Too heavy for him to use


WEAKNESSES:Not very strong and cant run long distances

STRENGTHS:Stealthy, quick cunning, quick and light on his feet.

LIKES:Money, girls, fame, pick pocketing

DISLIKES:Cops, demons, braggers


LOVE INTEREST:Anybody that can mingle well with patrick

MISC: Has an irish accent

NAME:Corbin Grayson





PERSONALITY:Corbin is the silent protector type. He prefers not to lead, but to just make sure that whoever his team is, especially his paraboti, doesn't mess things up or get hurt too badly. Generally when the adults need the truth they'll go to him as he has a very strong sense of right and wrong. There have only been two times he has purposfully lied, and they were both to make sure his partner didn't get in too much trouble. He acts like the older brother of the group, fixing arguments and getting everyone to work together. For the most part he's very calm and level headed, but if you are doin something wrong he turns vicious. He still remains level headed but will go crazy with his attacks. He is very awkward with flirting, it embaresses him, so avoids relationships as much as possible.

NATIONALITY:New York from birth

FAMILY:His mother and father were Paraboti, though both married to someone else. When they were on a mission somewhere else they ended up doing the dirty and she had Corbin. They tried to cover it up, but he looked exactly like his dad. So he was taken from them and raises in the NY Institute without them.

BACKGROUND:He has been living in the Institute his whole life, hearing about how shameful his parents were. He was always worried about becoming Paraboti with a girl who wouldn't be his wife, so he avoided girls, making him now awkward around them. His life hasn't had too terribly much excitment, asside from the usual Shadowhunter fun.



HAIR STYLE:Semi-long and shaggy with a bit of curl, like Sherlock Holmes ( I'll send you a pictute if you'd like).

EYE COLOUR:A deep blue.

HEIGHT:Average, but leaning towards tall.

EVERYDAY CLOTHING:Jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and his leather jacket on top of a grey hooded jacket.

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY):Thick jeans, steel toed boots, Cutoff tighter shirt and another leather jacket. Plus several belts for blades.

FORMAL CLOTHES:A suit... i'm bad with guys clothes haha.




WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE):Anything except blades.


WEAKNESSES:He hates fire. He can still fight while it's there, but his moves are slower as he's paying a lot of attention to it.

STRENGTHS:Strategizing and teamwork. He's also better at clever kills more then straight on attacks.

LIKES:When everyone can get along, quiet, efficency, just being with his friends.

DISLIKES:When plans get thrown out the window, fire, flirting.


LOVE INTEREST:Would be someone who doesn't flirt at first, and becomes close friends with him, then would start showing interest and flirting more.

MISC: His parabati should be almost the opposite of him. His partner will go for the head on attack while Corbin sneaks around behind to get the kill while the demon is distracted.

NAME:Demitri Rosanaugh (Roseanew)


AGE:looks 18, is really ... Erm don't want to do the math... From WW2ish.



PERSONALITY:Demitri is a very outgoing person. He enjoys flirting with pretty much everyone, guy or girl. Half the time he doesn't even realize he's doig it. But sometimes he does it to purposfully make someone uncomfortable. He generally likes to act like he isn't a Vampire. He frequents night clubs often. His sister means the world to him. He grately dislikes the ways of vampires and would rather not drink blood, so he puts it off for as much as possible. He's a great leader though, and none of the others suspect his dislike of drinking blood.

NATIONALITY:Russian, but he only has an accent when he gets mad.

FAMILY:Little sister, Darrian, is also a Vampire. She looks about 11. She is extremely sweet for a vampire, though doesn't have problems with munching on people, she just follows the accords. Extreme fear of Shadowhunters which comes out as hatred most times. The rest are dead.

BACKGROUND:A foreign man came to their house in Russia during WW2, he demanded that Demitri's father give up the plans he has for a missile so it can be used against Russia in the war. His dad refused, so the man took Darrian and bit her, of course they didn't understand what was wrong yet, but the vampire returned and helped Demitri turn her fully to a vampire, in return Demetri had to also turn into one and serve the man, which is what he wanted in the first place. After several hundred years though, he went to London and was one of the Vampires there, while never worjing directly with or against them, he knew up Will, Jem, and Tessa. He never had a human subjuget though. He moved to New York sometime after the Valentine fiasco. He has been slowly moving up in ranks, and is now high up (however high you want to make him). His sister has been dutifully following him. Demitri was intrigued by Simon and yearns to be able to enter the sun again, so he now helps out Shadowhunters in everyway he can.


HAIR COLOUR:Dark brown

HAIR STYLE:Cut short against his head with the front slightly longer and spiked up.

EYE COLOUR:Almost black, brown.

HEIGHT:Very tall

EVERYDAY CLOTHING:A buttoned up black jacket, jeans, black boots, and a white shirt underneath.


FORMAL CLOTHES:A nice tux. With a bow tie :)

SLEEPING CLOTHES:They don't sleep... Right?





WEAKNESSES:The sun, not being able to go in churches, not wanting to drink blood until he has to, his sister.

STRENGTHS:Vampire awesomeness, high rank, intelligence, excellent memory.

LIKES:The sun, outdoors, motorcycles, cold.

DISLIKES:Being a vampire, breaking the Accords, lies.

SEXUALITY:Straight, but sorta like Magnus in the sense that if the right person is a guy he won't care.

LOVE INTEREST:Someone who understands about him and is preferably immortal. Must be tough and able to handle themselves.

MISC: Err, ask if I forgot something :)

NAME:Melody Jane Daniels





PERSONALITY:Like all Fey she has a love for mischeif and is grand at telling half-truths. However, she also believes greatly in the Shadowhunter cause and feels Fey should work better with them. She is very even tempered, never letting herself get to angry or excited or scared. She does actually have these feelings, she's just been trained to hide them.

NATIONALITY:errr, I'm not sure this applies.

FAMILY:She is the daughter of a Fey general.

BACKGROUND:Melody grew up near the Seelie Court as her father has been a high ranking official for some time. She was a small child, but she remembers when Jace and Clary were around. She was intrigued by the love they had for each other so she startes watching Shadowhunters more closely. Eventually she decided she wanted their kind of love and friendship for herself, leading her to become an ally of the New York Shadowhunters.


HAIR COLOUR:Bright strawberry-blonde

HAIR STYLE:Losely curled an down to the small of her back.

EYE COLOUR:dark blue

HEIGHT:just taller then average

EVERYDAY CLOTHING:Skinny jeans, heeled boots, a black v-neck, and a red jacket.


FORMAL CLOTHES:A dark green floor length dress, halter top that is open in the back and black heels.

SLEEPING CLOTHES:A tank top and pair of those girls boxers.





WEAKNESSES:Not being able to lie, not wanting to betray her people, an unwanted compassion for demons, her want/confusion of love, and not being able to fight.

STRENGTHS:Her magic, connections, ability to cause distractions, charm, and intelligence.

LIKES:Boys, romance, adventure, excitment, motorcycles.

DISLIKES:fighting, violence, lies, betrayl.


LOVE INTEREST:Someone who loves adventure, sticks to what he believes, trustworthy, an who will be there to save her (since she can't fight).

MISC: She's good at flirting, but doesn't really understand the meaningful parts of relationships.

NAME: Mamoru Kozuki

NICKNAME: Moru, sometimes. He doesn't like it, but it's better than "Sunshine"

AGE: 19



PERSONALITY: Mamoru's personality is a little hard to pinpoint - he keeps himself with an indifferent expression and doesn't like to share anything with anyone unless they're his parabatai or his family. He has been known to laugh at some of the most trivial things, such as mundanes' attempts to understand the world of magic and the fact that there's a man out there who thinks the Shadowhunters are all sick. He's more serious than jovial, and this shows when he takes the role of leader in group surveys on certain areas. This silent side to him is, according to George, just a cover for what he is really like, seeing as Mamoru is also quite shy (which would explain why he was so soft-spoken toward all of the NY Institute's residents upon meeting them. He shows a great understanding of what the word "manners" means, often apologising if he does something that makes someone raise an eyebrow in confusion. He's polite to the girls and awkward around the boys, as he's used to talking about manga and art instead of demons and training. Nevertheless, he has a mean poker face and knows how to use it, often using his good looks to manipulate people should the need arise. (A good friend of his, Natsu, had once told him, "With great beauty comes great responsibility." As soon as he'd said it, Mamoru and Natsu's brother, Aki, whacked him upside the head.)

When he opens up out of his shell (which won't happen until later on in his time with his new family) he becomes a guy that is easygoing and knows how to take a joke, often the one people go to for comfort or advice in times of depression or conflict. He always stands the neutral ground, refusing to take sides in arguments.


FAMILY: Mamoru's family had died when he was just three, and he doesn't remember who they were aside from his Aunt Renna, who was the one he saw last before her death. He has only known his mentor, Daichi, to be the closest thing to a father, and often calls him "Uncle".

BACKGROUND: Surprisingly, Mamoru was the only one of the Tokyo Institute residents to have not been born in Idris, much less raised there. He has spent his entire life within Tokyo, learning from his mentor and training with his friends. He lived there with quite a few other boys, as well as a half-Fey girl named Moira (15). The others he lived with were the twins (Chiyo and Hikaru, 17), the Hotori brothers (Haruko, 10, and Suzuki, 13), the dynamic duo (Natsu, 18, and Aki, 16), and the two "elders" of the bunch (Kenshin, 21, and Izanagi, 20).

Around the time Mamoru was sixteen, Daichi had recieved word that a child from the New York Institute would be visiting them for a couple of years to learn more about the culture and fighting style the Japanese had to offer. At first Mamoru wasn't sure what to think of the kid, because he was bossy and charming at the same time, but when he finally opened up to him, Mamoru saw himself in the boy.

From that day on, George and Mamoru were the best of friends. Shortly after they started their friendship, George suggested becoming parabatai with Mamoru. They did so, and have been inseperable since. It is only recently that he has come back to the New York Institute with George, though.


HAIR COLOUR: Bleached blonde with a bit of red dyed into his fringe

HAIR STYLE: A little past his jawline and fluffed slightly, with a side fringe that covers one eye a little

EYE COLOUR: Dark brown


EVERYDAY CLOTHING: Anything comfortable; mainly hoodies and jeans, sometimes trousers and a button-down shirt.

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY): Dark jeans, black shirt, black leather jacket, combat boots

FORMAL CLOTHES: Black suit with a white shirt and dark tie.

SLEEPING CLOTHES: Sweatpants and a t-shirt


MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT): Bows and arrows, but always uses seraph blades when the target is close-range. If not that, he's quite skilled in martial arts - he'd be able to handle hand-to-hand combat easily, but couldn't do it forever.

WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE): Anything with a staff attached to it. He sees the only way to being able to use them is for him to be ambidexterous, which he is not.


WEAKNESSES: Fear of heights; can't stand the smell of burnt flesh, be it demon or human; he has a hard time trusting poeple he meets; doesn't speak much, so communication is practically lost there

STRENGTHS: Doesn't speak much, so no one knows what's going on in that poker-winning head of his... Mamoru also has much skill and promise in fighting, and would give even Amato a run for his money in hand-to-hand comabt, which is saying something; he has complete faith in his friends and knows they could survive anything (in other words, he doesn't baby people constantly)

LIKES: Manga, art, drawing, reading, wandering around aimlesly in a big house (first thing he does in the morning), stargazing, keeping his hands busy

DISLIKES: Having nothing to do, being alone, high up places, being ambushed (to be fair, who doesn't?), being forced out of his "shell" too quickly, being thrown randomly into conversation while he's doing something else (happened more times than he'd like).


LOVE INTEREST: Just someone that can read him and knows what he's about, and also someone that can bring out the best in him. He wouldn't mind who or what they were, just so long as he knew they loved him as much as he loved them.

MISC: Mamoru is the poker champion back at Tokyo Institute - he even won around 7,000 yen off of Daichi in one sitting, costing everyone a few days' worth of food (Daichi handles groceries and such, and needed that money to supply the fridge). Mamoru also has his own manga style, and has once or twice attempted to start his own manga; nowadays he just draws people he knows in anime form.

NAME: George Firestar

NICKNAME: Bastard/Bastardo, but only by Liz - her first impression of him sealed that nickname for life.

AGE: 19



PERSONALITY: At first, many people would think George is an arse. After getting to know him (and finding out he was much worse as a child), it is shown that he's just bossy and protective, even going so far as to scold someone older than him when they make a critical fumble. He keeps his friends close and his enemies closer, a good example being Liz and Mamoru in that statement - he's close with Mamoru, but closer to Liz so he can exact his revenge on her for kicking his shin and calling him a pig-headed bastard in Italian. That said, he holds grudges very well - especially since that event happened when they were barely even ten years old. George is also the kind of person that takes in details and mentally notes down certain points in order to assess something, much like the world's only consulting detective but hardly at Mr Holmes's level of mindset. George doesn't like to flaunt this skill, however, preferring to keep it underwraps until it becomes vital in finding out information that could probably save a few lives. George is also known to use charming methods when addressing people for the first time, hoping to win them over in the first impression. This was obviously learned from Adrian, whose father encouraged him to be charming and deadly for a dangerous combo.

NATIONALITY: American with a bit of Persian from his grandfather

FAMILY: Mirza Ferdosi, grandfather, passed away when George was five and was the man who raised him before Adrian did. Mother was Mina Firestar, who died in labor, and father was Albert Firestar, who was drained of blood by a group of very hungry vampires.

BACKGROUND: George has been living in the Institute for as long as he can remember, and left at the age of sixteen to broaden his horizons in Japan. In between those two events, he was raised by his grandfather until age five, when the man died of a heart failure at the young age of forty-nine. George was from then on raised by Adrian Lightwood, who taught him how to be charming and to win over a crowd with just his words. This didn't work in his favour when Lizabeth and her family moved in to manage the Institute, and at the time James Canterbury and Corbin Grayson both lived there with him. The moment George told Liz to ignore Corbin for being the son of disgraced Shadowhunters, he made his first enemy/rival in life. He also began the longest grudge he'd ever held, going on to nine years long now.

Around the time he was sixteen he requested to leave New York and learn about Institutes in other countries, and on a whim decided that the Tokyo Institute would be a good start. George was sent there, met his parabatai, and spent three more years living with the guys and only girl there. His return to the NY Institute hasn't sparked any good reactions from his old nemesis, unfortunately.


HAIR COLOUR: Rust-coloured

HAIR STYLE: Kind of shaggy and short, but no so short that it's right against his scalp and neck. He usually doesn't manage it and just leaves it. His fringe parts to the right slightly, and he constantly tries to move it aside. Sometimes uses a few hair clips to hold back his fringe when reading.

EYE COLOUR: Light/choclate brown (right eye is darker than the left, being the "chocolate-coloured" eye)


EVERYDAY CLOTHING: Dark shirt, baggy pants, sneakers, beanie and jacket when he goes outside. Sometimes has a wristband on, depending on the day

FIGHTING CLOTHES (SHADOWHUNTERS ONLY): Black long-sleeved shirt, leather trousers, leather vest with various weapons, combat boots

FORMAL CLOTHES: Dark three-piece with the jacket let undone

SLEEPING CLOTHES: Just whatever he's comfy in


MAIN/FAVOURED WEAPON (SHADOWHUNTERS UNLESS CHARACTER USES WEAPONS TO FIGHT): Any kind of sword or blade he can use. He seems to have no trouble using them, and usually has a few blades hidden on him when he goes out (hey, you never know).

WEAPONS THEY HATE TO USE (SAME AS ABOVE): Bow and arrows, staffs, scythes, sickles, anything that takes time to use and requires more than one hand. Like Mamoru, he sees the ability to use a staff-like object to go hand-in-hand with being ambidexterous, which he is not.


WEAKNESSES: He never lets go of the past; his anger can get the best of him sometimes; he tends to be an arse to people that aren't older than him (but that's probably just toward Liz); he can't fathom the thought of losing someone close to him, even if he sees them as a rival of sorts; has a fear of ducks (Anatidaephobia — fear that somewhere, somehow, a duck is watching you. He will always call it by the technical name. Always.)

STRENGTHS: He's quite protective; willing to take a bullet for someone who matters to him; always has a weapon on him; attentive to small details; knows what he wants when it comes to goals

LIKES: Cats, chocolate, running, thinking, going into his mind when he's bored, Italian food (much to his displeasure)

DISLIKES: Being misjudged, ducks, swimming, parks, greasy food (aside from pizza - he is the ultimate meatlovers adict)


LOVE INTEREST: Someone who clicks with him, most likely. Kind of has a side of him that wants a beautiful (he'll say "boobyful" when he's not thinking) girl that has smarts as well, that way he's not getting "a total bimbo or nerd". So far no one has shown interest in him.

MISC: He still hasn't exacted his revenge on Liz, and ordered her to not die until he thought of a good vendetta settler. (However, a few people - one of them being Amato - think Liz will try to fake her death just for kicks.) He also likes having stubble along his jawline, as it makes him feel manly; he hates shaving, but hates a full-on beard more. He speaks just a teensy bit of Persian, but can't remember most of it.