Dean closed the trunk of the Impala with a slam, before joining Sam on the back porch of the shack. Dipper was talking animatedly with him, probably about some lore or myth. Wendy lounged in one of the rickety chairs, her booted feet up on a side table. It was early morning, and the tours weren't open yet. Stan hadn't even woke up.

"I think we'd better head out soon, Sammy. Bobby's called in with some new activity." Sam nodded, then shook Dipper's hand.

"It was good meeting you guys. Thanks for the help." Sam smiled a bit sadly.

"Take care of yourselves, okay? I'd hate to see you get too caught up in this kind of lifestyle."

"We can take care of ourselves, man." Dipper brushed it off. "But… thanks for the help. You did save our butts back there.

Wendy got languidly to her feet, shaking each of the brother's hands.

"Thanks for keeping an eye on these doofuses," she said then reached around to give Dipper a noogie.

Dean had a thought to try for another attempt at the girl, but her bemused expression shot him down before he could. They turned to leave with one last wave, but before they could even reach their car, Mabel burst out of the shack, camera and stand in hand.

"Wait! We have to take a picture first!"

Dean looked taken aback.

"What the hell do we need a picture for!?"

Mabel smiled cheekily.


With Dean's shot, a spurt of blood appeared on Mabel's chest and she collapsed to the floor. Dipper immediately dropped to her side, shouting her name. The gnomes went mad, running out of the clearing, trying to make a jump for Dean, or, in the case of Jeff, clutching his beard and screaming shrilly. Wendy began to beat them off with a bat, keeping them away from their group. Sam lunged at Dean, tearing the pistol out of his hands.

"What the HELL!?" Dean made to shout back, but was interrupted when Jeff's screaming reached a louder pitch, and he pointed a finger viciously at the murderer of his beloved.

"You will PAY for this! There is no where we will not be able to find you!" he said with a low yet dangerous volume, before disappearing off into the woods.

The rest of the gnomes gradually left, with some prompting from the bat wielding Wendy. Dean shrugged a bit.

"Huh. That worked out surprisingly well."

The only response he received was a full force punch from Sam, which sent him sprawling onto the pine needle covered floor. He gripped the jacket of his brother's shirt, yanking him up to his eye level.

"What the FUCK was that Dean?" Dean simply put his hands up in a surrendering position.

"Woah man it's not what it looks like."

Kneeling by his wounded sister's side, Dipper was surprised when her green eyes popped open, and she whispered out the side of her mouth.

"Are they gone?"

Dipper could only blink at her, dumbfounded, and she decided that that, for the moment, was a good enough answer. She sat up, perfectly fine, pulling at the soaking red fabric of her sweater.

"I hope this will wash out! I really like this sweater." She stood up and brushed off her skirt, much to the surprise of everyone still there, save for Dean. Sam loosed his grip on Dean's shirt enough for him to slip free. Mabel ran up to him, her hand held up for a high five, which he gladly accepted.

"It worked! They went away! They're going to leave us alone!" She did a little dance in place, while Dean received incredulous looks from the remaining group members.

"I know you'd like an explanation, but could we go back to the Shack first? These woods give me the creeps."

Dean and Mabel had taken it upon themselves to make their own plan, behind the backs of everyone else. Mabel had been sure that their plan of jumping in headfirst with no escape plan would likely fail, and thus enlisted the help of Dean. They'd schemed in the small moments they'd had alone, coming up with the fake murder. Mabel hid a packet of fake blood under her sweater, ready to burst at the touch of a button concealed in her sleeve, and Dean loaded a spare pistol with blanks.

Much of their plan had banked on the other's not knowing about it, so their genuine distress would further convince the gnomes that Mabel was, in fact, dead.

"I do admit, I don't know what I would do if someone actually tried to kill me." Mabel said this with a smile, a smile that Dipper was relieved still could shine in this world. In those few moments after the shot went off, all he could think was that his sister, his other half, was gone from the world. He'd gripped her in a tight hug, much to the surprise of his sister, who simply brushed off his worry. But then, she'd been in on the plan.

They'd walked back to the Mystery Shack, Mabel pretending to be dead again just in case there were any more gnomes watching from the trees. Once back at the shack, she'd run inside to try and save her sweater from being stained, and the Winchester's returned to their motel with a promise to stop by before they left town the next morning. Wendy left in her own truck, and Dipper fell exhausted into bed. Now, the Winchester's were leaving, going back to who-knows-what kind of life on the road.

Mabel ran down the steps and grabbed both of the brother's hands, dragging them up to the porch. She shoved them into place, then pushed her brother and Wendy into the picture. She ran back to the camera, fiddled with it a bit, before hurrying back to her place in the middle.

"Everyone say cheese!" The flash went off twice, and she returned to the camera. Two photos were slowly coming into clarity, and she smiled.


"Can we get going now? I hate all this sentimental stuff," Dean huffed, but before he could escape, she handed one of the photos to him. He gave her a questioning look, and she simply beamed at him.

"To remember us by!" He gave her a small smile, then turned to leave.

"Alright then." They got into the Impala, and then drove away. The three of them waved until they rounded the bend, and Dean's carefully composed face fell a bit. Sam, sitting in the passenger seat, gave him a questioning look.

"I just really hope those kids never get into this life Sammy," he said, eyes carefully trained on the road. Sam gave his own wistful nod.

"Me too Dean. Me too."

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