It's probably not, right?

My current line of thinking is freaking me out, and I try very hard to hold myself together. Perhaps I am wrong. I must be. He can't be the City Hunter. How could he hide all that? How could he be so real and human and him, if he were hiding so much? It's too unbelievable. This conclusion gives me the steadiness of hand to finally unlock my door and step into my home.

I finally make it inside my apartment and my breath catches at the sight of him sleeping on my couch. His hair is falling across his face gently. He's wearing a black jacket that looks expensive; he's wearing all black, actually, just the City Hunter does. He looks exhausted.

I make dinner quickly, avoiding any line of thought relating to the City Hunter and concentrating on my actions. When I finish, I touch his hand to wake him. It should feel familiar, but all I feel is lost. I don't want to look more closely, but I do, and I use my hand to cover his face.

It's him. It has to be. Who else has eyes like that?

My heart begins to race as I realize the implications of this. Lee Yoon-sung, that irritating and silly and somehow adorable boy . . . he is someone else entirely.

I don't know him at all.

I wake him at last, and when he sits up, I see him holding himself carefully, as if he is bracing himself for pain. His right shoulder is held back.

Oh my god. It's him. It's him. It's him.

He is sitting across from me, looking at me, and I'm thinking about that moment, the haunting moment when I shot the City Hunter and saw the pain on his face and he tumbled off the roof, somehow surviving a forty foot fall. My hands shake. I don't know what to think about all this. I really don't know how to feel. All I know is that I'm horrified and captivated and stunned that I could have somehow missed this. This boy who I thought I knew, now it seems I know nothing.

Yoon-sung hasn't said a word since I woke him. I try to make conversation and he finally speaks. He tells me that his kiss was nothing. He looks terribly sad. He has never looked at me like this before. He says that it was all a game and he leaves and just like that, our relationship is over.

All those times. The morning he came out of Hwang Sun-hee's apartment after the shooting incident. His flinches when I threw him and hit his shoulder. The shooting range when he couldn't seem to bring himself to pull the trigger. His mysterious disappearances and appearances.

The day we played in the fountain with the kids, and his eyes were filled with laughter. The time he took me out for the day just to cheer me up. He took me to his home and he almost kissed me. I would have let him.

The sniper incident, the necklace he left behind. The day he was kidnapping Seo Yong-hak and I shot him. The moment I was about to fall from the balcony and he grabbed my hand, blood dripping from his shoulder from the gun wound I left him with.

And finally that kiss, just the other night. Yoon-sung seemed desperate. I certainly was. I will not believe that I mean nothing to him, because he kissed me like I meant everything to him. He's the City Hunter and he kissed me the day that I nearly fell to my death.

Now I'm shaking all over. I can't control my breathing––it's speeding up too fast and I need to calm down and think rationally, but I can't.

I might love him.

Pain erupts in my heart, radiating and spreading to my head, my fingertips, my toes. I sink to the floor, unable to keep myself standing. It aches terribly and I'm gasping and crying and I really can't stop.

Ah, Yoon-sung. Damnable man. He is always so hard to understand, hard to read. Saying things he doesn't mean, letting me believe things that aren't true. Insisting that he is a terrible player, a womanizer, a rich boy with no physical strength. We all believed him.

If Yoon-sung is the City Hunter, what is he doing right now? I recall the image of fallen security personnel lying the hallway and I shudder to think that he is capable of such violence. The fact that Yoon-sung is that strong frightens me. What kind of person is Yoon-sung if he can do that?

What kind of person is the Yoon-sung if he saved the person who shot him?

All those times that he didn't come home at night are suddenly frightening instead of irritating. If he is going to put himself in danger like that, how could he let me love him? How could he treat me like I was someone special?

What am I to Lee Yoon-sung?