Bae Man-duk and I have just escaped from our holding cell in Kim Jong-shik's house. We're running down a hallway, past a staircase, and one of the kidnappers is blocking out way. I'm about to take a swing at him when a figure comes flying off the staircase and kicks over the kidnapper.

"Kim Na-na, what are you doing here?" he asks and I see suddenly that it's Lee Yoon-sung. I'm shocked, frankly, that he is here, and now he's talking as if he knows Bae Man-duk, calling him "Adjussi" and addressing him informally. Not that he was ever all that careful about titles and honorifics, as far as I could tell, but maybe he is just that way around me.

As we are leaving he takes down three more men in as many seconds without much effort at all.

Ok, so he had been faking. I already knew this, but damn, he is amazing in a fight. I still can't believe he let me waste so much energy trying to teach him judo when he was already something like a tenth degree black belt. So annoying.

We escape the house quickly after that, but Yoon-sung wants to go back. I'd prefer it if we stuck together, but I can see already that that isn't going to happen. He walks away from me and I have a bad feeling.

Half an hour later I'm peeking through a crack in a wall and seeing the boy I'm probably in love with drugged up and getting beaten to a pulp. It's no thought at all when I dive in to help. I'd rather be stuck there with him than do nothing.

The fight improves and we're going to win and then––someone pulls out a gun. They aim right at Yoon-sung's face and if I don't do something right this second, I'll lose him forever.

It's no thought at all when I dive in front of him.

The shot screams out and I'm hit. It's more painful than anything I ever imagined. I don't mind. Yoon-sung is safe.

I can barely keep my eyes open. Odd, how quickly I feel myself faint. The moment before I lose consciousness, I feel a wave of disappointment. I was hoping to stare into his eyes for just a few moments longer.

I come to in the car for a minute and I'm relieved to find that Yoon-sung is alright, to find myself in his arms once more. He doesn't hate me.

He hasn't noticed that I've awoken, as he's staring out the window. I'm free to stare at him as much as I like. There's blood splattered on his face, my blood, probably. I lift my hand to his cheek to wipe it off, but he catches my hand.

"Kim Na-na."

"There's blood on your face."

He doesn't respond, he only stares at me and kisses my wrist. His eyes are terrified.

I'm tired again, and I close my eyes for a moment.