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Time Setting: Post-Thriller Bark, after Brook was enlisted in the crew.

A special thanks to fmdevil san, who was being such a sweetheart (There, I said it! Now I officially sweethearted everyone I know on this site.;p) and reminded me of the time-setting thing. I really miss the sweet old time when Nami had cute boyish haircut and Zoro had two functional eyes. So Post-Thriller Bark it is! (I know, irresponsible author is being irresponsible.- v -)

Couple: Zoro X Nami

Read on~!

Prologue: The Disappeared Navigator

"I don't know where she is."

The moment the words left Zoro's lips, Sanji's shoe sole came crashing towards his face.

"What do you mean you don't know where she is? You were with her YOU MORON!" the enraged cook snarled, after whose attack had been blocked halfway by his green haired friend's sheathed sword. "I seriously don't know what I was thinking letting you accompany my precious Nami san ashore you useless piece of crap!"

"You didn't let me, shit cook. She picked me." Zoro sniffed as he blocked with ease another attack launched by the angry cook.

"And then you abandoned her." Surprisingly it was Robin's voice that cut in.

The mature woman's statement made Zoro realize that he was in a rather adverse situation. Everyone onboard was gathered in the galley by now. Even without looking around he could feel his nakamas staring at him with disapproval in their eyes. They were judging him; as if he was this heartless jerk who had ditched his nakama at the danger-ridden port and had gone back to the ship alone and still felt okay about it—the swordsman realized in horror and took a step back. Snapping a sweaty palm on the forehead, he argued: "Look, I didn't abandon her, okay? We had an argument so I walked away a little to cool myself off. And then —"

"You got lost, didn't you?" Franky piped up.

"Shut up, cyborg." the swordsman's face reddened slightly in embarrassment. "If anything she's the one who ran off with that perverted skeleton!"

"What if she's got kidnapped?" Ussop mused. Under the dim light of kitchen's kerosene lamp his paled face looked quite the contrary of "brave warrior of the sea".

"Oh no~~~! We won't be able to pay the ransom because Nami has locked up all the money we have! Now she's gonna die~~~~!" Chopper cried out, his eyes teary, both of his front hooves holding his cheeks in a horrified manner.

"Breathe, Chopper." Sanji ordered. The reindeer's wild imagination surely wasn't helping. He looked over his shoulder to where Monkey. D. Luffy sat cross-legged: "What d'ya say, Captain?"

"I say—"the straw-hat boy grinned broadly. "I'm hungry. When's dinner?"

"Who asked you that you rubber idiot!" This time Sanji's shoe sole stomped forcefully into Luffy's face. "Aren't you worried about Nami san?"

The rubber boy bounced back in one second and grinned wider: "Nah. She should be okay. Brook's with her."

"He has a point." Zoro said, earning himself another dirty look from the ship's cook.

"Shut up marimo, you don't have a say in this. You are the one who put Nami san's chastity in jeopardy!"

"Excuse me?"His hand clenched around the hilt of Wado Ichimonji. He really hoped Sanji knew how close he was to draw out his sword and to poke a hole into the cook's skinny chest.

"Oh my poor Nami san…being stuck with that perverted skeleton…I can hardly imagine what a suffering it is!" Comical tears welled up in Sanji's visible eye as he took out a handkerchief (out of nowhere) and chewed it between his teeth.

"Yeah, cuz it's so different than being stuck with you." Zoro snorted.

The sarcasm made Sanji spit out his handkerchief and yell:" Are you trying to start something marimo?"

"Bring it cook—"

"Hey, hey, guys," Franky's bulky arms tore the two men apart before a serious scuffle could take place. "We don't need more drama than we already have, alright? Two of our nakamas went missing and you are still up for this? Grow up!"

"It's okay, Franky san. I'm sure both Cook san and Swordsman san were just worried about Nami san's safety. "Robin commented with a soothing smile.

Great, dark woman thinks she can read minds now. Letting out a low grunt, Zoro sank down in his chair, sulking with arms folded. No he didn't feel guilty. It wasn't his fault. Nor was he worried about that crazy witch's safety. Brook was more than capable of protecting her, maybe on the condition of a harmless request involving some panties-watching but still, he was certain Nami could handle it.

"No~! That crap skeleton isn't worthy of protecting my precious Nami swan~~!" Sanji was still whining. "He'd ask to see her panties!"

Zoro rolled his eyes. Well at least somebody could read mind.

Ignoring the sickeningly worried cook, he turned to his captain:" Uh…sorry?" If anyone here deserved an apology it was no other than Luffy. After all he did sort of "lose" his navigator.

"No problem~" The rubber boy grinned at his first mate in a carefree manner. "We just wait for Nami and Brook to return."

Zoro nodded. See? Nobody was really worried. That woman couldn't possibly run into any danger with Brook by her side…right?

For some inexplicable reason, his gut clenched at the assumption.

Author's Note: Well...what'd ya think? ( I know it's a little too early to ask, since I've only typed like 800 words. But still, how about some feedbacks, fellas?)

As I confessed in my profile, the idea is actually from my old OC story. And truth to be told, I abandoned that story halfway when the OC girl started to annoy me.(Yes, it happens. An author hates her own characters.)

Hopefully I won't abandon this one. Last time I checked, I still adore Zoro and Nami. AND BROOK. So anyone wants some Brook X Nami moments? I shall comply.