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Please read what started it all first! Everything here will make much more sense.


Rain fell.

Abe no Mei-Kou, a powerful young Sealmaster of the Mei clan, lay nearly still in a slowly cooling puddle of his own blood and mud. The mixture of his blood and the water was soaking into his once-brilliant robes as he sat propped up against a great oak tree. All around him, a thousand corpses soaked in the mud, the aftermath of his small company's first encounter with Noxians. His friends, all so eager to fight the craven enemy, were slaughtered to a man by the battle-hardened Noxians. Still his magic flowed, forming a barrier around him that was supposed to protect him, for all the f*cking good it did now. Yet even now, the blue glow from his inscriptions was starting to flicker and fade. He coughed up some more blood.

He was a fool.

Like the other young men of his age, he was far too eager to rush out to do battle against the invading Noxians. Like the other young men of his age, he thought he was some level of invincible. And soon like the other young men of his village, all close friends or family, he would be dead in this muck. The worst part of it all was that his life, his own f*cking, worthless skin was still worth more than the rest of his entire village's combined, and he had brashly thrown it away like it was nothing more than the skin off a fruit.

He coughed again, and this time, he felt a knife of ice cut into his stomach. He would be gone soon.

To Grand Sealmaster Mejai… his glorious ancestor… Mei-Kou apologized deeply, again and again in his heart, for he had completely and utterly failed.

For his blood, his d*mn hide, was heir to the Key of Phoenix; only the direct male bloodline from his clan could ever break the seal placed by Grandmaster Mejai on the Phoenix Sun… which was the ultimate weapon of magic, and one of two of the necessary keys to destroy the ultimate evil.

Yet, he, the last of his family, the last of his name, would die. He had no bloodline, and he would be left rotting in the ground, leaving the Phoenix Sun to be lost forever. Sh*t. He should have asked out that Nurse's daughter before he left, maybe made a couple of sons. What was that girl's name, even? Something that started with an A. Ahri? Hell. He couldn't even manage to remember that beautiful girl's name. He would have wept bitterly if he had the strength. But the Sealmaster could only lie back, and close his eyes in defeat.

"Kon?" Something chirped.

Mei-Kou opened his eyes. A beautiful white fox had happened upon his almost-corpse. The fox seemed to be drawn by the blue light of his barrier. The creature was curiously sniffing at Mei-Kou's limp, clammy hand.

Mei-Kou tried to lift his hand to pet the beast, but he had not the strength anymore. He gave the fox a ghost of a smile, to perhaps comfort the poor creature in such a field of death.

The fox seemed to get bored, and was starting to move away. Mei-Kou felt that sadness and darkness overwhelm him once more.

But then… in his greatest despair… he had an idea.

W….wait! Mei-Kou thought desperately. He reached out with his mind to tag the fox, and incredibly, the fox drew back to Mei-Kou.

Please work!

He willed his magic to overtake the fox. Invisibly, his magical signature, and the honor of being of the Bloodline of the Grand Sealmaster Mejai overwhelmed and fused with but an ordinary fox. Confused, the white fox chirped again, and whined a bit, rolling about. She was beginning to change. Mei-Kou felt a spurt of triumph even as his life slipped away into the darkness. The color of the world was growing dim and gray. His insides felt as if they were doused in ice. He could feel death creep up his body, and he could feel the flow of blood from his puncture wound in his side start to slow, as there was no more blood to bleed.

You will carry on my bloodline... forgive me...

He thought that would be the end, yet as he died, he saw the form of a beautiful woman take shape. He could only see her silhouette as he finally left the world, but an insane, ridiculous last thought intruded on his fading mind.

She looks like the nurse's dau…g…h

A shout-out to Killing Edge in this Prologue. I really think his Ahri's origin story is great, so I made my prologue fit in with his. Check out "Merciless" for more.

Cover art done by Deviant Art member Chezoo, and clumsily edited by me. Chezoo graciously let me use his image as base for my cover of this FF, and I'm paying back the favor by telling you all to f***ing go check out his profile page now! He has some amazing digitally reworked art of our favorite League Champions, and you should go search his name. Now.