Well this is a fic I wrote a looong time ago and never typed up. I got inspired to finish it because of Xdemon-alchemistX's fic, We're All Going on a Host Club Holiday. Anyway, I hope you like this! Please review!

I was grinning like an idiot.

The school festival was coming to a close, and the seven of us were standing together, watching the fireworks light up the sky. I felt Tamaki-sempai's arm slide around my waist.

Tonight had been amazing. We had returned, Tamaki and I still soaking wet. We didn't care though, just laughing it off as we rode back to the school. All the decorations had turned out to be beautiful, making the academy look even more elegant than ever. I had taken turns dancing with everyone, and it was surprisingly fun. Each of the club members seemed to have their own style. We had danced with other girls too, of course. I even think I caught Hikaru and Kaoru dancing together once, though if it was an act or not remained questionable to me.

"They're so pretty," I said, looking up at the colorful display. I had been to firework shows before when I was a little girl, but nothing as spectacular as this.

"Yeah," Tamaki commented beside me. I turned to face him, not expecting anyone to actually answer my spoken-aloud thought. "They are." He suddenly pulled me closer to him, and I blinked, surprised. I felt his hand come up to cup my chin, and I though Dear mother in heaven, this isn't happening. But it was, and I closed my eyes as his lips met with mine.

The kiss was brief, and when we pulled apart, Tamaki was smiling. I just stared, transfixed with what had just happened. It was my first kiss, and it felt exactly like what I thought it would feel like. Although not taking my eyes off Senpai, I could feel everyone in the crowd watching us. I heard girls scream and yell and squeal, and it seemed like all the emotions in the world were in the crowd tonight.

Jeez, with the way these girls were acting, you'd think the twins were putting on another brotherly love act.

Regaining my senses, I felt the heat rise to my face and I looked anywhere but at Tamaki. At Mori-senpai and Kyouya-senpai, standing side by side, smiling. At Huni on Mori's shoulders, yelling "Yay, Haru-chan and Tama-chan kissed! Tama-chan kissed Haru-chan!" At Hikaru and Kaoru standing next to them, Hikaru looking shocked and Kaoru with a look of what I can only describe as sympathy on his face. What's that about….?

I looked back at Tamaki to see him looking at me with that same smile fixed on his face. Wanting to hide my face, I wrapped my arms around him and buried my head in the crook of his neck.

"See?" I heard him say. "I told you it wouldn't be long until you fell for me." I felt his hand come up to stroke the side of my face, and I looked up at him. "Yeah," I said softly. "You were right."

This time, it was me who pulled us closer, making our lips touch again.

The fireworks ended as we pulled apart, and everyone started applauding them except for Tamaki and me. We were too busy being lost in each other's eyes.