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His friendship was the single most important person to her. He was her one confident, her best friend, her rock. He was the one she went to to rant off about the Dominion, or the Cardassians, or the Bajoran government or Starfleet or anything else that had gone wrong. He never would complain about these rants, or even try to stop her.

She was madly in love with her best friend, but wouldn't dare to tell him, for the fear of losing him was far too great.

She was his best friend, maybe his only true friend. He trusted her, confided in her, helped her. Without her, he would be completely lost.

He was completely in love with her. Had been for years, probably ever since that fateful day when he first met her, an angry young woman who had changed so much, making him fall for her more each time. He couldn't just tell her, though. Why embarrass himself by pouring out his heart, when he knew that she could never love him back. No, for now, he would be her friend, protect her, and never let anything ever hurt her