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Third Person POV

Cat Valentine shrieked as she ran into the water, followed by Robbie Shapiro. They were splashing each other with the cold, salty, water. Tori and Trina Vega lied in the sun, tanning their already tan bodies. Andre Harris was playing volleyball with a large group of teenagers who where also on break. While Beck Oliver stood at the boardwalk, by the beach, arguing with Jade West, his girlfriend.

"No, I refuse to go on the beach!"

"There aren't even any dolphins around though!"

"I don't care!"

"Please, it could be fun."

"Can I drown the Vegas?"


"Then it won't be fun."

"Give it a chance."




"Fine, I'll go swim with Tori." Beck said as he made his way down the beach, clad in black swim shorts. "Like hell you are!" Jade yelled, slipping out of her black dress, revealing a dark green bikini. Beck smirked to himself as the pale girl took his hand.

After about am hour in the sun, Trina stood up and made her way over to Beck, who was burying his girlfriend in the sand. Despite her protests. Jade opened her eyes and saw the older Vega making her way. "Leave" she hissed, once Trina was close enough to hear. Trina simply rolled her eyes and made her way behind Beck. Placing her hands on his shoulders she leaned in and whispered in his ear. "I don't know why you're still with this gank. Especially when you could be with someone as hot and talented as me." Jade was about to get up and attack Trina. However, she was stopped by Beck's calm hand on her shoulder. Beck turned around, facing Trina. "Look, I'm happy with Jade. Nothing you day or do can change that. Alright?" he said, his voice rather calm. Jade smirked at Trina who pouted and stomped towards the boardwalk.

Tori got up and went over to Andre. "Hey, can I join?" Andre looked up. "Sure thing, T." Tori came closer and Andre introduced her to the Northridge teens. Andre and Tori were placed on opposing teams and the score was dropped after Tori scored her twenty-third point. Needless to say, Tori's team creamed Andre's. After the volleyball game, they decided to go in the ocean to cool off and get the sand off. So, Andre threw Tori over his shoulder and ran into the ocean. Tori was laughing and kicking her legs. Once he put her down the started splashing each other and testing to see who could swim the farthest.

Cat and Robbie grew bored with the salty ocean, so they went in search of the perfect ice cream shop.

"Robbie, what's your favorite flavor of ice cream?"

"Vanilla. It goes best with most toppings. What about you?"

"I like cherry! Although, my brother took me to this place that had red velvet cake ice cream. That ice cream was perfect!"

"Maybe we can find red velvet cake ice cream."


It started to grow dark, so once everyone was back together they made their way back to the hotel. Except, Beck brought his RV, where both him and Jade were staying. Then, Andre and Robbie were in one room. While Cat, Tori, and Trina were in the other. They all made it back to where they were staying. They were in their rooms for about half an hour, before they all decided to go out to the hot tub. Jade was sitting on Beck's lap, Cat and Tori were sitting next to each other, with Andre beside Tori and Robbie beside Cat. Trina was in the spa, getting a mud bath.

"Ooh! Can we go water skiing tomorrow?" Cat asked. Everyone shrugged.

"I don't see why not." Tori said.

"It could be fun." Beck smiled.

After that was settled. They all began a game of truth or dare.

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