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Jade walked off mumbling a few curses about her boyfriend but suddenly went silent. She was walking around the island, looking for an animal to kill. However, she was utterly shocked by what she saw. There was a civilization! People. Houses. How had she not noticed this before?! She dropped the spear and ran off, back to Beck.




"I'm right here."


Beck looked down at his girlfriend, weirdly. She was tugging at his arm, unable to say much else other then his name. She seemed really excited. So, he grabbed her shoulders and looked her in the eyes.

"Uhhh. Babe? Is everything okay?"

She took a deep breath. "I was looking for some stupid animal to kill when I came across this...this place! It's a civilization! With people! We could actually have a chance at getting out of here!"

He looked at her weirdly but followed her.


"There's nothing there..."

It's true. Beck didn't see anything. But, Jade saw the civilization. Or, she thought she did.

"No. It's right there. Look."

"This isn't funny Jade."

"I'm not trying to be funny! I'm serious."

Beck simply shook his head. Jade had gone insane. She was seeing things. That's for sure. So, he wrapped his arms around Jade's waist and whispered rather calmly. "Babe... There's nothing there. I'm honest. You're just seeing things..." That's when Jade West broke. She started crying and Beck comforted her as best as he could. She honestly thought that they had a chance of getting out of here. But, her hopes were crushed. She felt so stupid for crying, but she couldn't help it. She just made herself look like a total idiot and now they could be trapped on this island for God knows how long.

Once Jade finally pulled herself together, she looked at Beck then grabbed her make-shift spear. Beck got the idea and both of them began hunting for some food, together.

Cat was sitting on Robbie's lap, looking at the sky. She was looking at the clouds while everyone else was looking for anything like a plane, or something. Tori saw an airplane and she started eagerly hitting Andre's shoulder. "Andre! It's a plane! Maybe they'll see the fire! They might send for help!" The brunette shouted, eagerly. Andre smiled and nodded, looking up at the plane with hope. Robbie saw the plane too and smiled. Trina was sleeping and Cat was looking at the clouds, neither of them noticed the plane.

The plane was gone, now though. However, the gang turned to see Jade and Beck emerging from the woods. They had some fish speared on a stick.

"Beck! You caught these?" Cat asked.

"No. I caught them. Beck just watched." Jade said.

"I doubt you caught them." Tori replied.

"Watch it, Vega. Or these fish won't be the only thing speared tonight." Jade hissed.

"How about we just cook the fish over the fire. And not fight." Robbie said, quietly.

Everyone agreed and the fish were cooked. Everyone ate the fish and Trina took the bones to try to make something. Tori looked over at Jade and couldn't help but notice that the goth's eyes were a little puffy.

"Were you crying...?" Tori asked.

" I don't cry." Jade said.

"But.. You're eyes-"

"I don't cry!"

Tori decided not to push the subject. Instead she made her way over to Andre and sat down beside him.

"Do you think we'll make it out of here, alive?" she asked him.

He shrugged. "Hopefully."

Tori sighed. "Maybe that plane saw us."

"We did have the fire going."

"True. It was still smoking a lot, from all the leaves and stuff."

Andre look at Tori. "Tori.. I have something to tell you."

"Hmm? What is it?"

"Well... You see.. I ju-"

Andre was cut off by Cat squealing, loudly. "Guys! Trina just had the best idea! We can spell something out with sticks and make it look huge! Then the planes can see it! And the Care Bears!"

Jade looked at Cat, confused. "Care Bears?"

"Yeah! They live in the clouds! They could help us."

Beck laughed at Cat's Care Bear's idea. However, everyone started gathering sticks, except Trina. She was busy turning the fish bones into weapons. About an hour later, all the sticks were gathered and everyone started arranging them so that is spelled 'Help'. It was rather big and everyone agreed the someone would have to see it from an airplane.

Everyone was sitting around the fire, Jade leaning against Beck. Cat in Robbie's lap. Trina on her stomach, drawing in the sand. Tori sat down beside Andre again.

"What was it you were about to say?"

"Well.. I was going to say... That if we don't make it out of this island. I kinda wanted you to know that I think I'm in love with you..." Andre said, quietly.

Tori looked at Andre, thoroughly shocked. Then, she threw her arms around him and kissed him. "I feel the same way. I was just so nervous that you wouldn't feel that way. Then, I got scared that if I told you it would ruin our friendship. But, it won't." she said, smiling. Andre smiled too and kissed her, lightly.

Cat was looking up at the sky. "Do you think the Care Bears will save us?"

Robbie shrugged. "I don't know."

"I hope they do."

Robbie didn't get to respond. Since, it started raining. Cat shrieked and Robbie took her into the woods. They hid under some trees. Trina followed Andre and Tori to a small cave. Jade watched the others run and laughed at them. "Pansys" she said. Both her and Beck were perfectly content with staying in the rain. For, it was their favorite kind of weather.

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