Pairing: John Cena/AJ Lee

Prompt: Power

Rating: M

Warning: Humiliation and sexual hintings. Don't like, don't read. It's that easy.

Disclaimer: I don't own these Characters, I'm not making any money off of them, and this ISN'T true. It's made believe.

"Actually CM Punk is wrong, they're not losers, they're both winners. Which is why CM Punk will defend his WWE Championship at Summer Slam against….The Big Show….aaaannndddd John Cena. In a Triple Threat match."

AJ's words sent a cheer up from the crowd and for the camera's John smiled and played it up that it was a good idea. In his mind however he was calling AJ every name in the book. Granted he might be able to overcome the odds and squeak out a win; in fact he'd done that so many times before that it was ridiculous. However since the WrestleMania match against the Rock it was rare that he came out of a major match a winner. In fact it had been over a year since he'd held a title and deep down he was certain that he wasn't going to come out the winner this time either. He'd done something to anger the higherup's and this was their way of punishing him; he was certain of it.

The sound of the cameras ringside clicking off and the fact that Paul Wight was standing and rubbing his head to clear the cobwebs let John know that it was ok to move. He sat up and ran his hands over his hair before exiting the ring and making his way back to the back. He could still hear Phil screaming at AJ; the deep tenor of his anger ringing through the hallways and echoing even over the bustle of the crew starting to tear down the pieces that weren't needed any longer and hauling them away to the trucks.

John moved down the hall to stand outside of the door; determined to have his own one on one meeting with AJ after Phil was done with her.

"You're crazy AJ, why would you even put me in that sort of a match?"

"Because I'm the GM and the match as already been approved by the Board of Directors. Now I suggest that you go and start putting together a good plan of action. You have Paul and John to defeat."

The door was jerked open and Phil came storming out, snarling at John before he disappeared down the hall. John took a moment to take a deep breath before he entered the room and shut the door, clearing his throat to announce his presence. AJ had been in the middle of removing her blazer jacket and she looked up; smiling at him as she draped it over the back of her chair and then took a seat behind the large desk, her hands folded on the top primly.

"John Cena, one of the last men I thought I'd see in my office. Take a seat and tell me how I can help you."

John pulled out one of the leather wingback chairs that had been placed in the room and sat, rubbing his hands on his jean shorts as he looked AJ straight in the eyes.

"I'm just questioning the intelligence of setting up a triple threat match for SummerSlam, that's all."

AJ arched an eyebrow as she stood and moved around to the front of the desk to lean against it, her arms crossed over her chest as she looked at John. He faltered under her gaze and looked down, his eyes catching on the flowing fabric of her suit pants where it brushed the tops of her feet and then traveling back up to her waist where her white linen shirt was clenched around her tiny waist by it.

"I would think that you John would like to be put back in the title hunt. After all it's been while hasn't it? Since you've held it? I would think that you would do anything I ask for the chance to have this opportunity."

"It's not that I'm not grateful AJ.."

"Ms. Lee."

"Excuse me?"

"You heard me John. My name is Ms. Lee, GM of RAW." AJ stood straight and moved around the side of her desk, standing with her back towards John with her hands clasped behind her. "Still, if you don't want this chance John let me know and I'll pull you from the match."

AJ's words had been more than white noise; John's eyes had centered on how the fabric of the pants had caressed and hugged her backside to perfection.


He pulled his eyes away just in time as AJ turned, her head tilted to the side as she looked at him. A smile spread slowly over her face as she moved over and leaned over; her face only a few inches from John's. She tilted her head the other way, her hair falling gracefully over her shoulder and brushing past his face as she tapped a finger to his jaw.

"You didn't hear a word I said did you John?"

"I-I-I did and I think it's a great idea!" He stuttered as he tried to look anywhere but at the open V of her shirt and the hint of the cleavage it exposed.

AJ stood back straight and laughed as she moved away again and took a seat behind the desk; leaning back in her chair with her legs crossed.

"Is that so? So you want to be pulled out of the match John?" She picked up her phone and flipped it open, smirking as she scrolled through her contacts.

"What?! No, that's a bad idea, a very bad idea. I need this A—Ms. Lee, I need this chance."

"But you just said it was a good idea John." She sits the phone down and looks at John; her eyes glittering as she taps her knee. "You do need this chance don't you John." A smirk ghosts across her face as she wets her lips. "How bad do you need this chance John?"


"I said John, how bad do you need this chance? Are you willing to do anything for it?"

John bit his lip as he looked away; he'd seen enough adult films to know where this was going but he couldn't help the way his blood started to heat up at the thought, he'd heard of other superstars paying 'lip service' to other GM's in the past and in retrospect; at least AJ was a woman. He let his eyes settle on AJ for only a second before he looked at the desktop, his voice rather strained sounding as he spoke.

"I guess that depends on you want you're implying."

"I think you know what I'm implying John. I want you on your knees…begging me for this chance John."

"What?" John shook his head as blinked at AJ in confusion.

AJ leaned in close, her lips mere inches from John's ear as she toyed with the dogtags around his neck; her breath warm and moist as it puffed against his ear.

"On your knees Johnny and beg me for your spot in the match before I call the Board of Directors and tell them that you want out of the match."

AJ gave one last tug on the tags before straightening up and crossing her arms over her chest as she leveled John with one of her smiling stares. Fire crawled up his face as he slipped from the chair to land on his knees; his eyes focused on AJ's shoes as he wet his lips. He opened his mouth to speak and nothing came out; the words stuck in his throat where his pride held them in a strangle hold. John swallowed again; his voice hoarse as he forced the words from his throat.


"Excuse me?"

"I-I-I mean, Ms. Lee, please don't take this away from me. I need this right now; this chance means everything to me. Please don't take me out. I'll do anything for this chance."

He looked up through his lowered lashes and watched as she tapped her chin in thought. The smile never wavered and when she looked down the glint was still in her eye. She reached down and tilted John's head up a bit more, tapping his cheek.

"Lick my shoe."


"You heard me John. Lick. My. Shoe."

"I refuse."

"Then you can count yourself out of the Triple Threat match."

John growled; he was caught between a rock and a hard place, if it were anyone else he'd have already taken a chance and physically shown them what he thought of their offer. Bending down with his hands on the floor he looked at the high polished shoe; his nose wrinkled as he drug his tongue across the tip before jerking back up and making a face. AJ laughed and patted John's head like a faithful dog before going back and sitting back down behind her desk.

"Good boy, and if you continue being a Good Boy there is no telling what all you will earn from me. Now go, I have work to do Johnny boy, make sure you close the door on the way out."

John scrambled to his feet and scowled as he slammed out of the room feeling as if he had gotten himself into something that he wasn't sure he could out of easily and wondering what all AJ was going to have to him do before it was all said and done.