A week has passed since my odd encounters with Jackson. Yes, I knew his name though I wish my conversation went a lot smoother…


I sat at my usual lunch table, alone. Taylor wanted Nathan to hang out with her friends today and I wanted to finally speak to him.

I saw him sitting at the courtyard reading a book. He seemed so engrossed by the book that it felt like a crime to break his trance. I let out a sigh and walked up to him slowly.

I placed a grin on my face and spoke up eagerly.

"Hi! My name is Melissa!"

His blue eyes peered from his book and looked at me with a neutral expression. I placed my hand out and watched him look at it.

"Jackson." He spoke stiffly and shook my hand briefly. I hoped my hand wasn't as sweaty as I felt. His large hand enveloped mine it felt calloused and strong.

He looked back down on his book and I felt my nerves grow and spoke up animatedly.

"So which school did you transfer from?"

He looked away and let out a sigh. "Just… just another school."

"Oh… Oh!" I realized it was a touchy subject and unfortunately my mouth wouldn't keep shut.

"Well, I could show you around! I know every inch of Hartwell, I've been here since Kindergarten…" I stopped realizing how far I went and spoke up lamely.

"Though you probably don't need to see the kindergarten area."

My eyebrow furrowed in embarrassment at my ramble. Oh god, he must have pitied me since he didn't laugh and looked away.

"Well what grade are you in - "

He smiled for a second and spoke. "I'm good thanks." With that he looked back into his book and my mouth and brain still didn't get the hint and spoke up once more. I started walking backwards and tripped, I was thankful that he didn't look up at my clumsiness. I spoke up warily. "Well if you need anything my name is – "

"Melissa. I got it." He confirmed with a smirk.

My heart skipped a beat when he said my name. I threw a smile in his direction and walked away timidly as I felt his gaze.

End Of Flashback

I cringed at how dorky and clumsy I acted. I found out Jackson was in my grade and a lot of people are spreading rumours or claiming they "heard stuff"... I still remember my argument I had with Nathan a couple days ago.


"Melissa all I'm saying is the guy comes from a sketchy area!"

"So? An area shouldn't justify the type of person one is!" I was infuriated at his how condescending he was acting.

"Mel you don't know what everyone is saying!"

I let out a groan in frustration. "Nathan! Those are just rumours! Did he say anything? No! People will make up anything because people like you, fall for it!"

A silence grew between us. I winced and looked at him and saw a hurt expression, and bowed my head down apologetically.

"Nathan, I didn't mean it like that. I'm sorry – "

Nathan shook his head. "No Mel, you're right. I'm sorry… you really care for the guy don't you?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "I just think there is more to him."

End Of Flashback

Nathan and I have known each other since we were kids. Arguments are a rarity between us, but I hope that will be our last one for a while! He's a great guy and always trying to help, but his constant badger of negativity about Jackson is something that could cause a falling out.

I had my hand resting against my cheek. My elbow was resting on the picnic table as I watched Jackson read his book at his usual spot under the tree. He looked so entranced by it and in peace. He's handled all the stares from people pretty well, if I do say so myself.

All of a sudden my view of Jackson was destroyed when Daley stepped in looking stiff at me.

"What are you thinking?"

I sat up properly and felt my eyes grow wide uneasily.

"Tell me the truth…" She spoke and walked up to me and sat next to me.

"Um, about – "

"Do you really think Nathan would be a better president than me?"

"Oh!" Relief coursed in my body that it had nothing to do with Jackson. As I took in what she said once more I tensed up again.

"Oh… don't ask me that." I said awkwardly. When it comes to the debate on such matter I didn't want to hurt her by expressing my loyalty.

A look of guilt passed on her face as she looked down. "You're right Mel, I'm sorry."

I waved it off and spoke up cheerily.

"So how are things at home?"

"Better thanks! It's interesting getting used to a new brother!"

I smiled recalling meeting her step brother at her house for a history project.

"Well, I think he's a cutie!"

I noticed the smile on Daley's face grow. "Lex is cool… he's like a super genius. Half the time I wish I knew what he was saying!"

I smiled and looked over her shoulder and saw Eric and James walking towards Jackson.

My face contoured into worry. No longer caring about Daley I spoke anxiously.

"Uh oh!" I stood up and smiled apologetically towards Daley.

I watched from afar as Eric looked as if he were taunting him.

Jackson's POV:

"So we heard some stuff… is it true?"

I looked up from my book annoyed and saw two of what I could tell was the school jackasses.

I decided to play along and spoke. "I don't know… what did you hear?"

The guy with the lame hat looked at his friend for a second and stared down at me scoffing.

"Oh I don't know… just that that you've been kicked out a bunch of schools and this is your last shot before you get thrown in Juvie!"

I bit the inside of my cheek and rolled my eyes at how shallow the kids acted here. Deciding to screw around with his head a bit more I stood up and moved my book in his direction.

"You know, for a second there I thought you actually knew about the bad stuff." I looked at him with a cold stare and smirked as he and his friend looked away baffled.

I looked at them once more and turned around walking away in the direction of the school's exit. This place holds nothing for me; I'm stuck with a whole bunch of air headed people who have the whole world given to them. Do they have to work at all? Nope, they just get their parents to make a "kind donation" or put in a good word and bam! They get the praise of a lifetime… guys like me have to work 10 times as hard to get to the top.

Melissa's POV:

I watched in pain as Jackson clearly told Eric and James off and walk off to the schools direction. The rumours weren't dying down and I felt bad for him, I've never been in such position but I always felt sympathy.

I walked angrily towards Eric and James who were laughing cockily. I pushed Eric slightly and watched him look at me confused.

"What's your problem Melissa?"

I let out an exasperated sigh and looked at them both, truly believing they were idiots.

"Who are you to say all that? You don't know him so why can't you just leave him alone?"

Eric laughed and threw his head back.

"Oh Melissa! Why so sensitive for this guy?"

I scoffed at him feeling my blood boil in frustration. "Because you guys are just pestering him and you don't know anything about him!"

"Oh and you do?"

I inhaled slowly and groaned in frustration.

"No I don't! But frankly, we shouldn't be rude to him! He deserves a fair chance!" I shouted at him reaching my boiling point.

Eric and James looked scared they stuttered quietly and ran off. I smirked having accomplished something.

"You know I didn't expect to see or hear all this when I realized I forgot my math textbook..."

My breath hitched and I slowly turned around and saw Jackson looking at me. Suddenly realizing why the idiots ran off, I waved my hand awkwardly and smiled widely.

"Um, well..." great, now I look like an idiot. I watched him walk over to the tree and grab his textbook that must have fell from his book bag.

He walked back to me and stood in front of me.

"Thanks for that... Melissa. But you don't have to do all of this."

Hearing him still say my name had me swooning slightly.

"Oh, well I meant what I said."

I watched him sigh and look away for a second.

"Yeah well, what if they were right?"

I looked at him confused. Was he trying to insinuate that some of the rumours were true? Question is which one?

Before I could speak he ran his fingers through his hair and spoke roughly.

"You know what, I'm just gonna go. But remember you don't have to do all that."

I opened my mouth and was disappointed when nothing came out. I watched him walk away once more, wrinkled my brows and look down, deflated at how badly it all turned out.

I turned around and walked towards the school hoping that wouldn't be our last conversation.

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