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Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled late in the afternoon over the small town of Surrey, England on July 30th. This unexpected summer storm sent people scurrying for cover while shooting curious and unnerved glances at the sky. At number 4 Privet Drive, there stood a lone figure staring out a second story window with a look of dark amusement on his face as he watched residents frantically trying to rush inside before the ominous black rainclouds above released their torrential downpour.

As the slight young man turned at the sound of a cat-flap the light glanced off his glasses, illuminating the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. Harry Potter walked across his small room and picked up a bowl of thin soup and a meager serving of bread. He set aside the bread for Hedwig, his snowy white owl, and commenced to drink the barely luke warm soup.

Better than yesterday, he thought to himself, at least it's slightly warm this time.

Once he was done eating, he pushed the bowl back through the cat-flap and went back to staring out of the window. He soon became lost in thought while watching the first few raindrops slide down the glass.

As he fell deeper into thought, he began to trace seemingly random patterns on the glass with a skeletal like finger. In fact, he was barely recognizable. His face was so thin that his cheekbones looked razor sharp. His hands were skin and bone, and his spine was visible through his thin oversized t-shirt. It didn't help that Harry barely stood 165cm, making him one of the shortest people in his year, including the girls. Harry blamed his small size and stature on three people: his aunt, uncle, and cousin.

Ever since they had picked him up from the Hogwarts Express they had been deeply disturbed by his strong, dark aura as well as his complete and utter silence.

At first, Uncle Vernon tried to beat this new freakishness out of him, but Harry never screamed or made any other sounds. Then Vernon worked Harry till he could barely move, but still Harry didn't make a sound of complaint. Finally Vernon had had enough and locked Harry in Dudley's second bedroom like the summer before second year. Vernon also told Petunia to only feed the boy when she felt like it.

This led to Harry only being fed every other day, or if there were leftovers, which was rare.

A sudden surge of magical energy accompanied by a flash of lightning and the booming crash of thunder jolted Harry from his dazed state of reverie. Looking around blinking, Harry noticed that his window was glowing faintly. When he looked closer, he realized that the faint light was coming from sigils and runes that he had traced on the glass. Harry was transfixed by the unusual symbols, and didn't know why.

The faint screech of an owl was the only warning that Harry received before Hedwig came swooping into view followed by half a dozen dark shapes. Harry quickly threw open the window, the glowing sigils forgotten, and stepped aside to allow the small flock of owls entrance to his room. After they all found perches, Harry turned toward Hedwig with a smile of welcome, which turned to a silent chuckle of amusement when he saw the regal midnight black owl perched next to her shooting glares at all the other owls.

Shaking his head, Harry went about relieving the owls of their burdens, deciding to end with the majestic black one.

As he unburdened each owl of its letter or package, it hooted once in farewell and flew out of the still open and glowing window. All of them, that is, except the black one.

After Harry was done, he glanced at the clock to see the glowing numbers spelling out 11:45.

Only 15 more minutes till I'm 17, he thought.

With a shrug of his shoulders, Harry turned to opening the pile of birthday presents and cards.

Mrs. Weasley had sent Harry the usual assortment of baked goods along with a scarlet scarf with little golden snitches flying around on it. The scarf was set aside for later use, after it was checked for curses of course, but the cookies and cake went straight into the trash can after the smell of chocolate had reached his nose. Ever since the beginning of summer, he became nauseous at the slightest hint of sweets and sugar. That and he didn't trust the Weasleys to not spike the food that they sent him with potions.

Along with the package came a letter:

Hello Harry Dear,

We hope you are having a nice birthday and pleasant summer with your relatives. Arthur sends his regards, as does the rest of the family. And please respond to Ron and Hermione, it isn't polite to ignore your friends. They only want what is best for you, like the rest of us. See you at the Hogwarts Express Dear.

Molly Weasley

Rolling his eyes, Harry tossed the letter into the garbage after the sweets.

Next, Harry opened up Fred and George's gift, the latest prototypes from their joke shop, which were set aside for future use. Hermione's gift was a magical history book that was tossed to the side, and an unopened letter that was added to the pile of previously unread missives. With a sarcastic/sardonic smile, Harry opened Ron's gift which was a stack of Quidditch magazines. His attached letter was also added to the growing pile. Harry didn't even bother opening Ginny's present, already knowing that it held some sort of love spell or potion. He also shredded her letter directly into the trashcan causing Hedwig and her guest to hoot in amusement. Harry wasn't in the mood to read her obsessive confessions of undying love.

Now scowling, Harry turned to inspect the last of his 'gifts'. He promptly tossed the letter from Dumbledore into the trashcan before the compulsion spells could start to take affect. After that Harry opened Hagrid's package and with a sad smile placed it into the trashcan as well. His stomach really couldn't handle rockcakes either. Finally, only one letter remained, the one brought by the unknown owl.

Very carefully, Harry picked up the envelope of expensive parchment. On the front his name was written in an elegant cursive. Turning it over Harry took notice of the wax seal. He brought it closer and felt a jolt of recognition, even though he couldn't remember where he had ever seen it before.

With a shaking hand, Harry carefully removed the seal without breaking it. Setting the wax aside with one last confused look, Harry opened the envelope and withdrew the heavy parchment. As he unfolded the letter his clock beeped once signaling midnight. With his eyes still racing across the letter, Harry failed to notice the dark green, almost black, light that was emanating and pulsating around him. As he reached the end of the letter, he squeezed his eyes shut and shook his head not believing what he had just read.

Taking a deep breath, Harry started reading the letter again very slowly.

Dearest Harry,

I know that this may be a shock, especially since Erebus was the one to deliver this letter, but it is of the utmost importance. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the way that you have been treated in the past. I'm also sorry that no one believes you about your home-life. I should have been there for you but I wasn't and I regret every minute of my stupidity. It is also to my further regret to have to write this letter. If you are truly reading this then that means that your dormant heritage is coming to life after generations of inactivity. I regret that I have not named your true heritage in this letter, but I fear that someone might try to intercept it during these troubling times. But I promise that all will be revealed to you in due time. I must also warn you to be careful who you trust dear one. Follow your new instincts that have started developing, and beware of those with false intent and ill feeling.

All My Love…

Before Harry could finish reading the letter for the second time, an invisible force started pushing in on him. The sudden increase in pressure around his chest made Harry gasp in pain. The pressure kept increasing on him causing shortness of breath and for him to start seeing black spots. As Harry kept panting for breath the light started pulsating faster and faster. Just when he thought that he couldn't take it anymore, time seemed to freeze. Everything stood still until Erebus and Hedwig let out identical shrieks and flew to Harry's shoulders. As they landed, the rising pressure reached its peak. At the climax, Harry's body couldn't take the pressure anymore and he fainted. Right before he collapsed on the ground, there was a giant silent explosion of power. The waves that came rolling off of the explosion disintegrated all magical workings within a five mile radius. People started randomly appearing. Oddities to muggles, things they thought were myths, were suddenly wandering the streets like it was any other day. All of the spells and so called blood wards on the Dursley's house also disappeared.

Hundreds of miles away in Scotland, the warning bells from alarm spells work the aged professor Dumbledore from his restful sleep unceremoniously. Moving with purpose, Dumbledore quickly identified the source of the noise as being from Harry's relative's house. He swiftly moved to the fire place to floo call as many members from the Order of the Phoenix that he thought he could trust.

As he got ahold of each person he told them to meet him at Harry's house because there was an emergency. Finally Dumbledore flooed to Arabella Figg's house to join the rescue party he had assembled. This particular rescue party included Severus Snape, Minerva McGonagall, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Nymphodora Tonks, and Remus Lupin.

Remus and Severus were the first ones to reach the door after Dumbledore joined the group. After they blasted the door in, Severus followed Remus and his heightened sense of smell directly to Harry's bedroom.

When they got there they saw all of the locks on the door, like there was some sort of an animal being kept in the room instead of a teenage boy.

"Who would do something like this?", whispered Remus to himself, not knowing the worst was still yet to come.

Severus lifted his wand with a stony look on his face. With a whispered alohamora, he opened the door carefully, so as not to scare Harry…