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Chapter 3

As the sun started to rise over the horizon, the landscape started to come alive. The light started to creep along the ground towards the city nestled in the middle of the valley. Overlooking the splendid city from on top of a cliff in the center of the town was an imposing and magnificent palace. As the light started to glide over windowsills and into rooms all over the kingdom's capital, the city's workers and protectors started to rouse themselves from the depths of sleep. As the sun kept getting closer and closer to the palace and the mansions that surrounded it, yawns of exhaustion that usually signaled the end of the day started to spread like wildfire.

Buried deep inside the palace center was a room warded for protection, and guarded by the royal guard, meant only for the royalty that ruled this hidden city. Behind the intimidating beings, layers of magic strong enough to cause ripples, and heavy doors made from some unknown beautifully colored wood lay a bedroom that had been abandoned for years. This room was meant for a prince of the realm, but since that unfortunate event that had happened almost fifteen years ago, the room had not been used. The protections had been set up in loving memory of the missing grandchild, and heir, of the ruling couple.

But those wards had been disturbed on the one night a year that the Their Majesties were allowed to sleep. The change in the magic that surrounded the room caused them to jerk awake and rush to the one room in the castle that they never visited due to the sadness that surrounded it. When they reached the hallway that they were rushing for, the guards snapped to attention and bowed to the passing rulers as they moved towards the door and its wall of magick. With a quick chopping motion, the wards dropped like they had never existed, releasing the oppressive feeling that hung over the entire hallway.

Taking a deep breath and holding hands, the monarchs threw open the doors and stepped inside holding their breaths and expecting the worse.

With twin gasps of shock, they moved towards the bed that was occupied but someone who they thought could resemble their deceased child and their spouse.

Harry didn't know what was happening to him. He felt like he was floating in nothingness, but for some reason, he wasn't scared or worried.

Maybe this is what death is like…he thought to himself, confused about the phantom feelings that were coming across his system.

The feeling felt like phantom pain, but in a good way, like when something is healing, or you give your muscles a decent work out. With that realization, Harry figured that he must be dreaming or something. The twinges that were plaguing him felt almost like residual magick to his new enhanced senses that he had noticed developing this past summer. Harry could also tell that he was in a safe, warm, and very comfortable place, unlike anything that he was used to.

Harry could also sense that the sun was about to rise and knew that he needed to stay asleep so that he could be protected like he was supposed to be, like he was meant to be.

Suddenly sensing a presence to his side he attempted to turn towards it, like there was a magnet attached to him. He felt himself start to whimper because he couldn't move closer to the safety and serenity that was so close yet so far from him. Harry heard hurried footsteps and then a shushing sound and a hand on his sweating forehead. When he felt the contact, a sigh of relief went through him and he relaxed back into whatever he was laying on. After that, the blackness started to close in around him.

The unmistakable sound of an owl beak on a window is what woke up Severus Snape from his unsatisfying sleep. Grumbling to himself, Severus stumbled to the window and threw it open glaring death upon the ruddy bird.

Cursing to when he realized who the letter was from, Severus quickly called for his house-elf again, this time asking for the strongest cup of coffee possible.

This letter had been sent from the rulers of his hidden race stating that someone had appeared in the sealed bedroom, and had reacted positively to their touches. Being one of the heads of a noble family within the realm, he knew what this meant.

It meant that the lost heir had been found, and that he was probably Draco's mate due to the fact that Draco felt the awakening magick on the day the heir had appeared.

And Severus knew who it was…


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