Well, I'm like in love with this anime currently, as well as this pairing XD (and just so people know, I like CanaanxMaria as well, I just prefer AlphardxCanaan :P) So, I started thinking the other day for a story I could write for them, and I thought of a humorous one I suppose XD Though I do have an idea for a serious one, that could (at least I think it could) work. I will work on that one eventually in my life XD So, this fanfic is just going to be alternate versions of the various scenes from the anime that involve Alphard and Canaan together…Basically. But with humor (at least I think it's humorous…sometimes I'm just not sure if I have a good sense of humor or not XD haha…..) Well, I'm sure you can enjoy this even if you haven't seen all of the anime, but to get all of the jokes, you'd have to see it (or at least the scenes this fic is based on XD) This chapter is based on the restroom fight scene in episode 4 ;)

"I'm so grateful." the raven-haired woman said while looking at the other person in the room through the reflection of the mirror, "I'm so grateful that you came all this way just to see me." With that, the white-haired girl shot her gun, the other dodging easily, ripping part of her dress, pulling out a gun she had placed there ahead of time because she's BA. Canaan slid out of the stall she had been in, both pointing their guns at one another.

People out in the main room tunred their heads to the noise, one random person saying,

"Oh, gun shots. That's a sign to mind our own business." And so, no one went to investigate the noise.

"What's wrong?" Alphard asked, still pointing her gun and smirking, "Are you not happy to see me?" Canaan just glared, holding her gun steady. Alphard continued,

"You never did seem to understand my feelings. Even when I killed Siam to get your attention…" Cannan gasped, eyes turning red,

"That's a horrible way to get my attention!" She shot her gun, somehow missing what was right in front of her, causing Alphard to be all ninja and kick the gun out of her hand. The gun slid under the door of a stall, where the girl currently being owned could not possibly reach it again.

'Shit!' she thought, as she was hit here and there, eventually pushed up against the wall. Before she could catch her breath, the other slammed her arm against her neck. She struggled at first, but quickly surrendered.

"How does it feel?" Alphard asked.

"Un…comfortable…." Canaan murmured, still shaking a bit.

"Canaan, dear, it'll feel nice if you just stop fighting me." she continued without waiting for a response, "Oh, but I don't really mind. Doesn't this make it better with all the sexual tension where the more you struggle, the more you get pulled in?" she moved her head closer to the other's face. Canaan tensed up more,

'Oh, god no,' she thought, 'Get the hell away from me…' the dark-haired woman rested her head by the side of the other's.

"Well, now that we're in this situation," Alphard whispered in her ear, "Let's have some fun."

"Hell no." Canaan choked.

"You're cute when you resist." Alphard backed away, letting the other fall to her knees, coughing. She pointed her gun at her and shot a few times, purposely missing her, to make a point that she was better apparently. Then she shot something else, causing an alarm and an emergency shower on the cieling to go off. She slowly lowered her gun back down, pointing it at the other girl, who was now on the floor. Glaring, Canaan started ranting in her mind,

'Dammit! I came here to own her, and yet here we are in this position! Where exactly is she pointing her gun!? And how the HELL are there like 9 holes in the wall, when she only shot at me 4 times!?' Alphard held kept her eyes on the younger girl, while still holding her gun in place,

"And now both of our clothes are soaked. Doesn't this turn you on?" She moved her eyes to the side, hearing footsteps. Canaan took this as an oppurtunity to get away, saying in her head,

'Bitch, please. I'm outta here!' and whisked away to the side, exiting out of some opening that couldn't have possibly been the door. Two men rushed inside, surprised and confused to see Alphard just leaning against the sinks. She turned to them with a grin, and said "Thanks." in Chinese. Though in her head, she was thinking,

'Damn bastards let my little Canaan get away.'

…I wrote the majority of this like half a year ago XD *cough* Please review to let me know what you think :) I'm going to try and continue this, since I would only make it like 5 chapters or so XD (I'm just lazy when it comes to writing =.=)