DISCLAIMER: The characters in this story are property of Marvel Comics.
"Crimson's End"
by Psyknife

It was a cold, rainy night in London. The evening fog was starting to set
in on the city, and there was an overwhelming feeling of emptiness
surrounding the distant group of people in the cemetary. They are a group
of mutants who have chosen to seclude themselves from those they love in
order to solve one major mission that is causing them to put their lives
in danger. They have already lost one on this mission. They are known as
the X-Men. Their names are Storm, Bishop, Neal, Rogue, and Sage. They
are mourning the loss of one of their team members, and friend, on this
cold night. They are not near the gravesite; instead they say their
goodbye's from a distance, under a lone weeping willow tree. They look on
at all of this brave mutant's famliy and friend's from home. England is
home for the mutant known as Elizabeth Braddock, also known as Psylocke.
Her famliy cannot believe that she is gone. She was always an adventurer
with a certain zest for life. She fought like a warrior and loved like a
goddess. She touched everyone that surrounded her.
Neal Sharra, also known as Thunderbird III, stands farther away than the
rest of the X-Men. He has the unfortunate short coming of being in love
with Betsy, and their time together was very short lived. He has nothing
to say in this moment. All he can do is try to hold back the tears and
remember the way that her cheeks dimpled everytime she smiled at him.
Under the tree, Sage sits leaning against the trunk in silence. She never
really knew Betsy as well as everyone else, so she doesn't spend too much
time crying. Instead, she thinks back on those that she has lost during
her time on this tormented earth. She fears what still may come on this,
what seems like a never-ending, mission.
The mutant known as Rogue, who has had a number of her own troubles
lately, stands; cradled in the arms of Storm. Her tears flow more easily
now than ever. She has known Betsy since she first joined the X-Men, and
she can't believe that she's gone. She knew that this mission may bring
death from the start. That is why she kept the love of her life, Remy
LeBeau, from coming along. Though she knows he can't be here in this
moment, she longs for his arms to hold her now more than anything, in her
time of sorrow.
Storm does her best to comfort Rogue, but she knows that nothing can help
right now. Death is not something that people can deal with easily. She
tries her best to keep her composure under the cicumstances. Tears well
in her eyes, but she needs to stay strong to keep the group together. She
loved Betsy dearly, but she also knows that Betsy would want them to move
on and follow their dreams.
The mutant known as Bishop leans silently against the tree. He is not one
to cry, but that doesn't mean that he can't feel sorrow. He wishes that
he had gotten to know Betsy better, because he did not learn much about
her in his childhood in the future. He can't conceive why this woman, who
gave her life to save another, would not be mentioned in the history
books; while the rookie, Thunderbird III, was mentioned.
Storm slowly takes her arms from around Rogue and makes a gesture to the
rest of the team. Sage rises to join everyone as they walk over to Neal.
Storm puts her arm around Neal and leads him in the direction of the gate.
Silently, they exit, knowing that they are not finished by any means.
Now, more than ever, they know that their mission must be completed. They
can't afford to lose another friend.
In the meantime, Betsy will always be with them. Guiding them. Watching
over them. She may not be in sight, but always in mind.
Behind them a sudden breeze catches the braches of the weeping willow, and
it dances in the wind almost as if it was saying goodbye.