I do not own Digimon, only any custom characters and location made for this story. If you have a character you would like in the story, tell me age, hair color, eye color, and height. Also say if you want them to be a normal Tamer or a DigiDestined. There will be eight DigiDestined, three more being boys and four more being girls. I have already picked the Partner Digimon for the DigiDestined. Enjoy the story.

Chapter 1: Enter: Digital World

This is the story of eight special children joined together for a special cause. The story takes place in Konyu City, Japan, and in a place called the Digital World. These eight children have a long journey ahead of them, but they'll have plenty of help along the way. Don't worry, I'm an adult and I'm going to be watching over them. I'm more then just a narrator you know. Well, actually you don't know but you will know soon enough. For right now picture me as some creepy hooded figure that gives cookies out to nice children.

Ok, so let's start with the leader of these special children. His name is….what was his name again? Oh yea, Kenta Hunata was his name. He's the ripe age of 13, and lives in Konyu City. Now a little something you should know about Konyu City is that it's pretty advanced, technologically speaking. The people could be a tiny bit smarter but hey I'm the creepy hooded pedophile/narrator. Anyway, Kenta Hunata lives here because his dad is a big executive in a company called Digital Empire. That big company just launched a new game called Digimon: RPG. That's pretty self-explanatory, but I'll explain it anyway.

Digimon have become a big hit over the last three years. Digital Empire released handheld devices known as D-Players that allowed kids to raise their own Digimon and then battle against each other. A big release that helped push Digimon forward was Battle Cards. With Battle Cards, Tamers could power up their Digimon in battle and trade with other players. Almost everyone has a D-Player these days, even the elderly. They've advanced a lot over the years, pretty much becoming a Digimon game and iPhone combined. Some people still call them D-Players, but most call them D-Phones now.

Now that I'm done explaining the rise of Digimon popularity, let's get to Digimon: RPG. See Digimon are high on the market right now, but people wanted more. Digital Empire got all of their smart little scientists together and came up with a cool game for all the little kiddies and adults to play. This game was going to be bigger then any other though, so they made a contract with NerveGames Enterprises to make it just that. NerveGames Enterprises is another big company that released Nerve Connectors, which allowed people to actually play a game as their avatars and not use a little controller with buttons and all that crap.

So, Digimon: RPG was pretty big on the media, and is just now being released today. Now I'm forgetting something and I just know it….oh yea, the kid. Ok so, Kenta Hunata is a Digimon Tamer like a lot of other people. There's uh…just one problem. He doesn't actually HAVE a Digimon in his D-Phone. See, when you purchase a D-Phone these days, you get a Digimon uploaded into it. It starts off as a Digi-Egg, and then hatches into whatever Digimon it will become. Mr. I'm An Idiot Hunata forgot to download a Digimon when he got his D-Phone. Bad news, you can't just go back and download a Digimon once you've left the store. I don't know why since it has something to do with the D-Phone's mechanics and the data and blah blah blah!

But with bad news, there is good news. A gaming center is located in Konyu City called Game Center. It's one of the biggest gaming stores in Japan, and it's where Digimon: RPG will be unveiled. Eventually people will be able to buy it to play at home, but for now it's only available to play at the shop. With today being its big grand opening, a special Digimon download is being held for people who make it to the gaming center by 3:00. If you don't make it by then, you get locked out and wait till everyone's done getting their special download.

So right now its 2:56 and Kenta Hunata is….20 minutes away from the shop. Let's go to the idiot himself to see how he's doing.

Kenta's running past a bunch of people, muttering "excuse me". He's screaming in his head that he's gotta move faster. He's been teased enough for not having a Digimon. It's not his fault the lazy sale's girl never told him to download a Digimon or how he could even do it. This is his last chance to get a Digimon other then trading in his D-Phone for some cheaper version, meaning a bad Digi-Egg. This special Digimon download could be just what he needs. He could probably beat anyone who made fun of him with a special Digimon!

Kenta's running even faster now. His watch says its 2:58, meaning he's only got two minutes to make it. Wait, Game Center is coming up! He's almost there. Run, Forrest, run! He's running, almost there, just about to make it, and slams into the doors as they close. Wow, those people are really persistent on time.

Kenta sighs as he sits down, upset about losing his only chance to get a Digimon. He runs his hands through his spiky brown hair and pulls out his D-Phone. The time says 3:01, just one minute late. Now let's see what I, the magical hooded pedophile, can do for this sad little 13 year old, Digimon-less boy.

*My POV…even though we're already in my POV*

I walk up to Kenta, wearing a trench coat and a fedora. As cool as it is to look like some detective from an old black and white film, I gotta speed this up. "Hey kid, what are you so bummed about?" Kenta looks up at me confused. "Who are you?" Oh great, he's asking questions now. "Nobody, anyway why are you out here looking bummed?" He sighs before saying, "Because I missed my only chance of getting my own Digimon." Well that was easier to get out of him then expected. "Here kid, take this. It's a Digimon card download. I work with the people that came up with the special event and got a hold of one of the cards." I hold out the golden Battle Card to him.

He looks a little wary about taking it but grabs it anyway. "Are you sure?" I'm quickly walking away. I need to get to the others; I just hope that he swipes the card through his D-Phone. "Sure, it's fine, just make sure you use it. See ya around." A quick little mist shrouding to make sure I can teleport away without him seeing me. Alright people we're going to go to his POV now, won't that be fun! I'm going to go look for the other special children. Wish me luck! If you don't you get no cookie.

*Kenta's POV*

Wow, that guy was…weird to say the least. But if this card is what he said it was, I can actually get my Digimon! It could be some sort of weird virus but I'm desperate at this point. I take out my D-Phone again and swipe the card through. Weird, nothing happened. Maybe I did something…my D-Phone is lighting up! Weird, tiny little specs are appearing around the screen. Something's forming in the middle. My Digi-Egg must be coming! No wait; it's not a Digi-Egg….its a Digimon! I can't see what it is yet since its still coming together. The lights starting to fade away, I can finally see it! My awesome new Digimon is a…a….an Agumon?!

"What's so special about an Agumon?! They're like the most basic Digimon out there!" Then something really weird happens. My phone talks, "Hey, you're not so special yourself hotshot! Those goggles don't exactly scream date me!" I must have been hearing things. No wait, the Agumon just talked to me. "Did you just talk?" It doesn't do anything. I thought I was just imagining it when it says, "Well I didn't dance did I? Wow, I'm created for two seconds and I end up with a lousy Tamer."

Great….not only do I get an Agumon, I get a talking one that has attitude. "Look, I'm sorry. I'm really happy to have a partner Digimon now. Can we start over?" The Agumon thinks for a second, and then nods its head. "Sure thing kid. My name's Agumon, though you seem to already know that. What's your name?" Kid? Did it just call me kid? Aren't I technically older then it…him….dinosaur thing? "My name's Kenta Hunata." The Agumon nods again and cross its arms. "Not bad, though it could be a bit more creative. So, what exactly do we do now?" I turn and look at the Game Center, the doors finally opening up. I guess the special Digimon download event is over.

"Well let's get inside and start playing Digimon: RPG." I walk in, still holding the D-Phone in my hand. I don't need Agumon to yell at me for putting it in my pocket. I head up to the register. I guess anyone who got the download already registered for the game so there's no line. "Hello there, how may I help you?" the female receptionist asks me. "Hi, I'd like to register for Digimon: RPG." The lady nods annoyingly, clearly having heard that thousands of times today. "Ok, may I please have your D-Phone?" I hand over the D-Phone, praying that Agumon will stay quiet. Luckily the big lizard decides to keep his mouth shut. I've never heard of Digimon talking like he does, but then again I've never had a Digimon before.

The receptionist hooks my D-Phone up to her computer. The D-Phone contains all personal information and is usually used whenever you register for something. She's just typing away on the computer when she makes a weird face. "That's weird; it says that the Digimon is Unknown. May I ask what your Digimon is?" That is weird. Why would the computer say that? "He's just an Agumon." She looks down at my D-Phone where Agumon is looking back at her, still keeping his mouth shut. For a loud mouth he seems to be smart enough to know when not to talk. "Alright, must just be a glitch in the system. I'll manually put in the information." A few seconds later registration is all done and she hands back my D-Phone.

"You can go play on any of the open terminals. Just plug in your D-Phone and whatever Battle Cards you have and get playing," she says. I walk away while saying, "Thank you." I look around for an open terminal, though there doesn't seem to be any. I look at all the occupied terminals while walking through the rows. Each terminal is set up the same. The Tamer wears a Nerve Helmet that lets them see as their avatar, along with gloves and boots. They hook up their D-Phone into their helmet while putting their Battle Cards into one of the gloves for quick drawing. Although the Tamer sees the game through their helmet, there's a medium-sized screen hooked up at each terminal so passing by players can see what the Tamer is doing.

I finally found an empty terminal and put on the Nerve Gear. I hooked up the D-Phone into my helmet and put my Battle Cards in the Nerve Gauntlet. The start screen came up and after hitting "Enter", I'm suddenly not in Game Center anymore. I'm standing in a giant grey lobby with a bunch of other people and Digimon around me. Agumon's standing next to me now too, stretching. "Man that took you long enough. It was getting really cramped in your phone."

I ignored him and walked through the lobby. There were three different stations. The first one was a Help station for Tamers with any questions. The second was a shop sector for buying any items or in-game cards. The third was a teleporter station for people to go into. There was only one teleporter, it leading to the West Sector. The Digital World is split up into five sectors, four of which are ruled by the Digimon Sovereigns.

The first sector a Tamer is allowed to go into is called the West Sector. Baihumon, one of the legendary Digimon Sovereigns, rules over this sector. I'm not entirely sure on how you travel to other Sectors once you're in the game but I'll find out eventually. Agumon and I walked towards the teleporter. Turns out the single teleporter can transport multiple people at one time with there D-Phones. I take mine out and see that a pop-up saying, "Teleport to File Island?" has come up. I hit yes and feel a surge of energy as Agumon and I teleport out of the lobby.

I open my eyes and see that now Agumon and I are standing in a small town. This must be the Town of Beginnings. The town was made for new people to come in to learn the basics of the game. It's a decent size town with tons of Tamers and Digimon walking all around it. "Hey, what exactly are we doing in this dump?" Agumon asks. I glare at him. I really want to have a good relationship with my partner Digimon but he's not making it easy. "This is where everyone starts the game off. Come on, let's look around." I turn around quickly and walk forward. It could've been my imagination, but I could've sworn Agumon looked confused when I said "game".

The town is pretty amazing. Everything looks so real for a game. Agumon doesn't seem as fascinated as I am though. He's just looking down at the ground with his arms crossed. Oh well I guess. As we walk further into town I notice a crowd of people all standing around in a circle. I speed up a little to see what's happening, Agumon yelling at me to slow down. We finally get into the circle and I see an Ogremon and a Tyrannomon fighting. "Finally, some action around here," Agumon says with a smile on his face. I guess it won't be an issue getting him to battle.

"Pay close attention to the fight, Agumon. You'll Digivolve into Tyrannomon once you're powerful enough, so you need to know what you'll be capable of." He nods his head, his attention on nothing but the fight. Ogremon swings his club at Tyrannomon, but he quickly dodges it and spits fire back at him. The Ogremon falls down in defeat, some of his data being absorbed by Tyrannomon. "That makes nineteen consecutive wins in a row. No one can stop the Ultimate Duo!" a blonde boy with sunglasses yells. He looks to be about my age and is smiling triumphantly.

"Anyone else want to try and take on the Master of Battle?" This guy seems a bit smug for someone who's only fought Champion and Rookie level Digimon. "We will." I hear from next to me. I'm wondering who's gonna fight next till I see that it's MY Agumon that volunteered. "Are you crazy? We only just got here! You haven't even battled before, you're only level 1!" Agumon looks up at me, a fire in his eyes. "Come on, don't be such a pussy! Look, you just use those Battle Cards of yours and we'll be fine, ok?" I'm a little shocked by his "wide" vocabulary, but nod my head.

We walk towards the blonde guy who's laughing his ass off. "R-Really….a newbie Tamer and his level 1 Agumon? This is just hilarious!" No one else seems to find it that funny. At least everyone else thinks he's a smug brat. "We're going to wipe that smug look off your face!" Agumon yells. I need to remember to buy a muzzle for him. "Loud mouth for a little dino, Agumon. "Let's see how you do against Tyrannomon!"

The Tyrannomon runs forward a little and gets into a battle stance. I take out my D-Phone and Scan Tyrannomon.


Level: Champion

Attribute: Data

Type: Dinosaur

Level: 14

"A Digimon that resembles an ancient dinosaur that existed in the prehistoric world. He has gained the ability to beat everything down with his huge tail. As he is intelligent and quiet, you are able to tame him very easily. Therefore, he is useful for beginning Tamers to rear, and he is often carefully raised. It may be said that he is a typical example of the most basic Digimon evolution. His special attack is "Fire Breath", which discharges crimson flames that are the same color as his body."

Now that I think about it, I never Scanned Agumon.


Level: Rookie

Attribute: Vaccine

Type: Reptile

Level: 20

"A Reptile Digimon that has grown up into a being that can walk on two feet. It has a ferocious personality, but is also very brave and reliable. Although it is fearless, because its body is still in the middle of growing up, it bears a weak amount of power. It is the representation of a typical Rookie-leveled Digimon, and so many individual varieties of it exist that various subspecies of this Digimon have been confirmed."

What the hell?! How is Agumon level 20? That guy did say he was special…maybe he's been trained before. Oh well, who am I to argue getting a lucky break. "Alright Agumon, let's do this!" Agumon runs towards Tyrannomon yelling, "Pepper Breath!" The fire bounces of Tyrannomon harmlessly. The blonde Tamer is just laughing again. Man I really want to wipe that smirk off his face. "Tyrannomon, finish this quickly with one big Fire Breath." blonde-Tamer yells. Tyrannomon starts to charge up his "Fire Breath". No way are we going down that easily.

I quickly take out a Battle Card and I'm happy to see it's one of my rare cards. Even though I haven't had a Digimon I've loaded up on Battle Cards and have quite a few rare ones in my deck. "Digi-Modify! Alias activate!" Multiple Agumon clones suddenly appear, the original one being unknown. The crowd is surprised by my card. "Alias" is a powerful card and is very rare. Only a handful of Tamers are lucky enough to stumble upon it, me being one of them. The Tyrannomon looks around trying to determine which Agumon is real.

The Agumon army makes it harder for him as they all run around in different directions. "Just fire it!" blonde-Tamer yells. Tyrannomon fires and hits….a clone. Now, it's time for some payback "Digi-Modify! Power-Up activate!" The 7 remaining Agumon each fire a "Pepper Breath" at Tyrannomon and effectively knock him down. "Why you little…we're not done just yet! You're not the only punk with rare Battle Cards. Digi-Modify! Hypersonic Activate!" Hypersonic, oh man that is a rare card. It's one of the best speed Battle Cards ever made! Some people say that the Digimon simply looks like a flicker after using that card.

Tyrannomon gets back up and is suddenly standing behind the now 6 Agumon clones. Damn, he must have taken one out! "Agumon, stay hidden in the clones!" I need another Battle Card. I pull out one and see that it's Hyper-Wing. Phew, another rare card in the nick of time. The only problem is if I use Hyper-Wing, only the original Agumon will gain the energy wings. I need to wait till the clones are knocked out or else Tyrannomon will be able to easily take Agumon down.

Guess I don't have to wait that long; five, four, three, only two Agumon remaining. I guess it's now or never. "Digi-Modify! Hyper-Wing Activate!" The blonde-guy smirks and yells, "Digi-Modify! Battle Deletion activate!" The wings that had just formed on Agumon quickly disappear. "Damn, he deleted the wings, and now Tyrannomon knows where Agumon is. Agumon look out!" It's too late, since the last clone is destroyed and now Agumon's being held down by Tyrannomon's claw. "Hahahahaha! It's all over newbie. This will make twenty consecutive wins in a row!" No, Agumon…there has to be something I can do!

"Will Agumon get out of this desperate situation and defeat Tyrannomon? Will Kenta find out the secrets of Agumon's power before it's too late? Will I ever stop dressing up like a creepy pedophile? Find out on the next Digimon: Evolution!"