Chapter 17: An Ultimate Rival Face-Off

Hello there, welcome back to…well u know how it goes. I don't really have an interesting or witty thing to say this week…well maybe I do, I'm just not gonna tell you it. Anyway, we all know why you are here so get reading!

*Daichi's POV*

"Wizardmon, are you sure about this?" Him and I were staring at each other intensely…it was freaky as hell. "Yes, I can feel it. A Digimon is crossing over to the Real World again. We have to warn the others." I can get his urgency, but I did not want to be the moron that sent out a false alarm. "How about we head down to where this thing is coming through and check it out for ourselves. If there is something there, we'll call the others. Deal?" He thought about it for a second then nodded his head.

*Thirty Minutes Later*

Ok…it's 9:47 P.M….and I just ran about 20 blocks to get to this place…we're farther into Konyu City now, meaning there are a lot more taller buildings. I really need to invest in a hover board at some point because running is just taking to much time and effort. "The signal is coming from over there!" Wizardmon said while pointing towards one of the buildings. I nodded and ran towards it with him beside me. I looked all around but couldn't spot any Digimon. "Wizardmon there better be at least a DemiMeramon here at the least considering we just ran like 20 blocks or else you'll be really sorry." He ignored me and ran off towards some little cat thing. Wait…that's not a cat!


Form: Rookie

Attribute: Virus

Type: Mammal

"A Mammal type Digimon from which big, sharp claws have grown on his hands and feet. Although he probably uses both his hind- and forefeet like legs, as soon as the claws on his forefeet begins to evolve, he'll start walking on his hind feet-an unusual trait amongst Mammal types. He's a small Digimon, but he's quite violent-tempered and never allows himself to be domesticated. When he attacks, the claws on his forefeet prove to be very valuable assets, but outside of battle, he digs holes with his forefeet and enjoys seeing other Digimon fall into the pits he digs mean fully. His special attack is "Paralyze Breath", where he spits out a gaseous poison breath."

"A Gazimon….really, that's the big emergency. We don't even need to call the others about this guy." I said. Weird, Wizardmon is really tense…I wonder why. "What's up with you?" I ask him. "There's something weird about this Digimon…it feels like when we battled that Dobermon and his Tamer. The air just doesn't feel right around here." The air; do Digimon even breathe? Never mind, I'll ask that later. The Gazimon hadn't spotted us yet, meaning we have the element of surprise. "Let's take him down with one shot!" I told Wizardmon proudly. He nodded and got himself ready.

"3…2…1…Fire!" I yelled. "Thunder Cloud!" The lightning sprang out of the storm cloud and hit Gazimon from behind. The little guy jumped from the attack and fell down on his back. It flipped itself off the ground and growled at us. "Still think we shouldn't call the others?" Wizardmon asked. I rolled my eyes and took out my D-Phone. "I'll call Kenta, but that's it for now." I dialed Kenta's number but he didn't pick up. "Paralyze Breath!" Gazimon released a toxic gas from his mouth that was heading straight for Wizardmon. "Digi-Modify! Brave Shield activate!" WarGreymon's Brave Shield appeared in front of Wizardmon, protecting him from the gas.

"Ok, maybe Daiki will pick up." I dialed his number and got no answer. "Maybe Rin, she's got to be pretty fired up after her battle today!" No answer again… "Come on…Sakura…" No Goddamn answer! "Kai, please pick up!" Guess what, no answer. "For God's sake does everyone go to bed before 10 o' clock?!" One last number to try… "Please pick up, please pick up!" I muttered. The battle wasn't going to well. Anytime Wizardmon would try to attack, Gazimon would push him back with his poisonous gas attack. Wait a second isn't this thing a Rookie level!? We should be able to take it no problem!

"Grrr…annoying pests!" the Gazimon yelled out. Suddenly all the lights and electronic billboards started to flicker on and off. A dark cloud formed around Gazimon as data poured into him. "Daichi, Daichi are you there?" Yumi asked. I hadn't even realized she picked up. "Yea Yumi, we might have a problem. Wizardmon and I, well…we're kind of fighting a Gazimon…and it's about to Digivolve." I heard her gasp on the other end of the line.

"Gazimon Dark Digivolve to…

The cloud twisted and turned around Gazimon as his eyes went blood red. He led out a scream of agony as the dark data ripped him apart and then tied him back together into a new creature. His old self disappeared as his true evil being arrived.



Form: Champion

Attribute: Virus

Type: Undead

"An Undead Digimon whose body muscles are rotten and prone to falling off. Although its body is unstable, it tried to prolong its lifespan by mechanizing its body, but the constitution data couldn't handle it and began to collapse. However, rather than dying altogether, due to its partly mechanical body, it has remained alive albeit with a grotesque appearance. It has neither intelligence or attack power, and thus acts on its instincts. It emits a stench from its body that make In-Training Digimon run away, but those Digimon up to and above the Champion level can handle it."

"I'll be right there Daichi, I have Raremon's signal on my D-Phone! Hang tight!" Yumi then hanged up and left me and Wizardmon to fight against the living blob. "Alright Wizardmon…he can't be that powerful, right?" Wizardmon shrugged but got into a fighting stance anyway. "So what strategy do you have Daichi?" Strategy…what kind of strategy is there to fight a giant gray blob? "Uh…don't die. That's about it." Wow, my head really isn't in the game tonight. "Uh, right…Thunder Cloud!" The lightning hit Raremon but he didn't even flinch. "Well that's reassuring…" I muttered.

"Acid Sludge!" Raremon launched gray acid from its mouth that Wizardmon barely dodged. All of the sudden my nose wanted to throw up, if that was possible. "What the hell is that smell?!" I yelled out loud. "Raremon sends off a very er, disturbing stench that most humans cannot handle. It wasn't for me being a Champion I would've probably run away from now," Wizardmon answered. Great, so its both ugly looking and nasty smelling.

"Damn thing needs a bath. Digi-Modify! Shellmon Hydro Cannon activate!" Wizardmon's left arm turned into the cannon and he aimed it at Raremon. "Hydro Cannon!" The water stream hit Raremon dead on, turning him into a large grey puddle on the ground. "Nice job Wizardmon, you got him!" Guess I didn't need Yumi's help after all. "It's not over Daichi." Oh great…way to kill the moment Wizardmon. Of course right after he said that Raremon started to reform into his old ugly self.

"Ok Wizardmon, let's try this out. If water doesn't work we'll burn him. Digi-Modify! Greymon Nova Blast activate!" Wizardmon put his hands together and released the large fireball. It hit Raremon straight on but didn't hurt him even a little. "Got any more brilliant plans Daichi?" I think I detect a bit of sarcasm there. "Hey Wizardmon it's not like you've come up with any useful ideas!" I yelled back. "Acid Sludge!" The gray acid headed straight for Wizardmon, and there was no way he could dodge it this time!

"Meteor Wing!" A large fireball came down and destroyed the sludge before it hit its target. "Hey Daichi, sorry we're late!" I looked up to see Birdramon flying over us with Yumi on her back. "Better late then never I guess." Birdramon landed next to Wizardmon while Yumi jumped down and ran over to me. "So any weaknesses on this guy?" she asked. "Not that I've seen. Water and fire don't do anything against him. Lightning doesn't work either. I'm running out of ideas." I replied.

"Acid Sludge!" Raremon launched his acid once again, but Birdramon destroyed it with another Meteor Wing. "I have an idea that might just work. Here, take this." Yumi handed me a Battle Card that I've never seen before. "What's this for?" I asked. "Activate right after Birdramon attacks, ok?" I nodded in response. "Ok Birdramon, go for it!" she yelled.

"Fire Storm!" Birdramon was completely covered in flames and flew towards Raremon at mach speed. She ran right through Raremon, leaving a large hole in him, but he was already reforming. "Digi-Modify! Shock Magnet activate!" A small, round device with a lightning bolt symbol appeared inside Raremon. "Now I get it! Wizardmon, go!" I yelled. "Thunder Cloud!" The lightning hit Raremon again, but this time it was attracted to the Shock Magnet. Raremon lit up in a burst of electricity that traveled all over his body. The lightning kept circulating all over him until he finally turned into data. Wizardmon and Birdramon absorbed parts of the data, the rest flying off into the sky.

*Five Minutes Later*

"Thanks again for the help Yumi and Biyomon." I told them. "No problem Daichi, just next time make sure you ask for help. You and Wizardmon could've been badly hurt." I just nodded at her and started to walk away. "See you tomorrow." I told her. "See ya!" she yelled back. Wizardmon was running up next to me and I knew what he was going to say before it came out of his mouth. "What's wrong?" See, I told you. "It's nothing Wizardmon, don't worry about it." He crossed his arms and gave me a look. "Do you really think I'm going to accept that answer? Now tell me what's wrong." I sighed in defeat.

"Fine, I'll tell you. I'm just a little upset that you and I couldn't defeat Raremon by ourselves. We were having trouble before it Digivolved, which is kind of sad. I mean, maybe we're not as powerful as I thought we were." I told him. "That's ridiculous Daichi, we are powerful. The Dark Evolution Digimon are on an entirely different level then any of us, not just you and me. Besides, we've certainly one our fair share of battles. You'll see, tomorrow we will win whatever match we're in against whatever person and Digimon." I was a bit surprised by Wizardmon's confidence, but he has inspired me.

"Yea, you're right! We'll dominate in our battle tomorrow! Let's hurry and get home so we're well rested! Thanks Wizardmon." I started to run back home. I heard Wizardmon whisper behind me, "You're welcome Daichi."

*Next Day – October 20th, 6:00 P.M.*

We're all in the waiting room again, and I'm itching to battle! "Good luck today Daichi," Kenta told me. It's awesome having a friend like him. "Thanks Kenta!" I replied. I guess Yumi hadn't told the others about Raremon since they weren't asking me questions or yelling at me for going alone. I'll have to thank her later in private. "Here are today's battles," the front screen said.

Each of the screens lit up with the battle schedules, and I desperately looked around for mine. Come on, Block B, Section 2 give me something good! Yes, found it: I'm up against someone named Emiko Arai….wait a minute. Emiko, as in the Emiko from school! Oh shit, wonder how Kenta's going to take this. "Uh hey Kenta, I'm fighting against Emiko…you cool with that?" I asked cautiously. "Yea sure, why would I have any problem with that?" he asked with a look of confusion. Huh…maybe his crush on Yumi has completely wiped out his feelings for Emiko. "No reason, just making sure. Let's go Wizardmon!"

*Five Minutes Later – Kenta's POV*

Man, Daichi ran away so fast that he didn't hear Sakura tell us that she's battling. "Good luck Sakura," I tell her as she walks away with Lalamon. "Thanks, oh and could you let Kudamon rest on your shoulder for a little while?" she asks. I nod and let her place Kudamon on me. "Good luck to you Sakura Kuroki and Lalamon." he tells them. They both nod, well Lalamon kind of moves her whole body forward, and they run off.

"Do you think they'll do well?" Agumon asks. "I'm not that worried about Sakura and Lalamon. Their combos that they've come up with should be useful and effective against their opponents. It's Daichi and Wizardmon I'm worried about." Agumon gave me a confused look, as did the others when they heard me. "Why are you worried about them?" Renamon asks. "I'm not worried about their skill, but more about how seriously Daichi will take the battle. He's not going up against some stranger who he may feel nervous about fighting; he's going up against a supposed sweet and innocent girl that he's known for almost a year now. It's an entirely different mind set."

"So, won't having known her mean that he knows her battle skills and such?" Biyomon asks. "That's the thing: he knows her, but he doesn't know her Digimon. Daichi will only be going on what he knows about Emiko without even giving her Digimon a second thought. She could be partnered with WarGreymon and I don't think it would change his mindset. Wizardmon will simply follow Daichi in whatever plan he comes up with, putting them both at a disadvantage." Everyone now shared worried looks on their faces. "The battles are starting!" Kai yelled out.

*Daichi's POV*

Wizardmon and I walked into the arena with full confidence in ourselves. Yesterday may not have gone so well against Raremon, but this is Emiko we're talking about; nice, sweet, innocent Emiko. She should be a piece of cake to beat. "You ready Daichi?" Wizardmon asks. I snicker in reply. "Trust me Wizardmon, I'm more then ready." He gives me a weird look but then heads into the battle arena. "Wow Daichi, I can't believe I'm battling you! Good luck!" Emiko yells over to me. "Hehe, I mean…yea thanks, good luck to you too!" I yell back.

I look around trying to find Emiko's cute little Digimon that she's going to be fighting with but I can't see it. "Hey Emiko, where's your Digimon?" I ask. She looks around and points up into the air. I look up and my eyes widen when I see what she's pointing at. A woman in a red robe and hat is riding on a broom above us. "This will be an awesome battle between Wizardmon and Witchmon, right Daichi?" Emiko asks. Witchmon…I've never heard of Witchmon before! Might as well Scan her.


Form: Champion

Attribute: Data

Type: Demon Man

"A witch Digimon that came from "Witchelny", a Digital World in another dimension, hot on the trail of its rival Wizardmon. In its home land of Witchelny, it was the mistress of Wind and Water magic (high-classed programming languages), and it aims to usurp Wizardmon, who entered the Digital World in order to train to become a great mage.

It is a little bit cruel and shows a lot more pride, and it hates rules and regulations. Its special attacks are "Baluluna Gale", a sharp breeze tinged with magic, and "Aquary Pressure", a highly pressurized jet of water that can penetrate through steel."

So this thing has a personal dislike for Wizardmon, oh joy. "Wizardmon, get ready to be deleted!" Witchmon yelled out. "We shall see who is being deleted Witchmon! You shall not win!" Wizardmon yelled back. You could feel the tension running between these two. "Begin in 3…2…1….GO!" the giant floating flat screen said. "Baluluna Gale!" Witchmon released a massive wind strike that blew Wizardmon back and had him holding onto his hat. Even I was knocked back and had to dig in my heels just to not fall. "Alright Wizardmon, time for a counter attack," I said. He nodded in response.

"Thunder Cloud!" The lightning went straight at the flying Witchmon. "Aquary Pressure!" Witchmon countered with a huge tidal wave that conducted the electricity and hit Wizardmon, knocking him back again. "Man, this is going to be tougher then I thought. Alright Wizardmon, go for a surprise attack!" I yelled out. "Magic Game!" Wizardmon disappeared into thin air, leaving Witchmon trying to find him. "Where did you go, you little sneak?!" she yelled. "Thunder Cloud!" The lightning hit Witchmon from behind, knocking her off her broom and into the ground!

Now Wizardmon and Witchmon were squaring off against each other. Both readied their attacks at the same time and fired. "Poison Storm!" Witchmon yelled. "Terror Illusion!" Wizardmon yelled. Wizardmon was hit with an onslaught of poisonous gas while Witchmon was grabbing her head and crying out in fear. "Digi-Modify! Status Heal activate!" Emiko and I said at the same time. Both Digimon were healed from their problems and went back into a fighting stance.

"Baluluna Gale!" "Thunder Cloud!" The attacks knocked into each other and were defeated on impact. This cycle kept going as Witchmon launched her wind attack and Wizardmon used his storm cloud to shoot out more lightning. "Come on Wizardmon, you can break through!" I yelled out. I had a weird sensation going through me but I chose to ignore it. Emiko had a strange look on her face, as if she could feel it too. "Damn you Wizardmon, Baluluna Gale!" Witchmon yelled out once more. "Suffer my wrath Witchmon, Thunder Cloud!" The attacks hit dead on, but this time they weren't destroyed on impact. They were caught in a power struggle, both attacks trying to break through the other. "Damn it Wizardmon…just a little more…just a little more…" I said. "Come on Witchmon, you can do it!" Emiko said.

No Battle Card would change the outcome, no boost, nothing. Only Witchmon and Wizardmon's power and wills would change it. This was a personal fight between the two, meaning even with our power-ups, it wouldn't change the outcome. The weird sensation was still traveling through me, and I could feel it literally forming around me. "Wizardmon…we can do this, alright! We're in this together, just like we always are! You can beat Witchmon, I know you can!" The sensation suddenly burst and I could feel true power coursing through me. My D-Phone lit up and let out a burst of white light that wrapped itself around Wizardmon. I saw that Emiko's D-Phone was doing the same as Witchmon was wrapped in the same light.

Hyper Evolution recognized.

"Wizardmon Hyper Digivolve to…

The light changed Wizardmon's entire appearance and granted him new powers no amount of training would give him. His cloak became longer and wrapped around his entire body while his hat became a hood that hid his new face. His wand was transformed as well into a "Book". The light dimmed down and a new, taller, more powerful figure stood in Wizardmon's place.


"Witchmon Hyper Digivolve to…

Witchmon's entire body and clothing was changed as the white light took away her broom, but replaced it with greater power then she could ever dream of attaining. Her body was covered in gold jewelry, two tails springing from her back side. A purple veil wrapped itself around her face, and she grew powerful claws that could most likely rip through anything. The new elegant figure stepped forward out of the retreating light and roared with ferocity.



Form: Ultimate

Attribute: Data

Type: Demon Man

"An entirely mysterious Digimon who can appear anywhere in time and space via its "Book". Utilizing the "Book" as some sort of spiritual vessel, it transforms itself into any shape and appears to the specific location in time and space the "Book" has connected to, but its true form is said to reside in another dimension entirely. There have been rumors amongst researchers that Wisemon is of the same type and kin as the Demon Man Piedmon. It holds in his hands the "Space-time Stones", which can record and playback a section of space, as well as store all the events and physical phenomena of the Digital World's space-time continuum. Its special attacks are "Pandora Dialogue", which repeatedly records the opponent's attacks directed at it within time and space before playing them back at high speeds at the opponent, and "Eternal Nirvana", which traps the enemy in the "Space-time Stones" for all eternity."


Form: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus

Type: Beast Man

"A Beast Man type Digimon said to be modeled after the Goddess of Cats. It is able to entice the enemy through the sexy personality it possess, and with its dazzling, shining pupils and demon jewelry decorated on its body, it is able to manipulate the opponent through its heart's desire. It mostly becomes a prisoner under Persiamon's charm and is soon eviscerated. Its outer form is powerful, and as well as being perfect in agility via its delicate movements, it can use the extremely sharp talons on both hands to tear through rock. It is said to be the mortal rival of the Goddess of Light, Nefertimon. Its special attacks are "Vampire Dance", which entices the enemy with a belly dance before sucking their blood, and "Helter Skelter", which physically manipulates its opponents' bodies through a curse whilst dancing."

"Whoa…now that's what I'm talking about!"

*Kenta's POV*

"Kudamon…what exactly just happened?" The battle was going pretty well seeing how Witchmon and Wizardmon were evenly matched and then they just suddenly Evolved. "It seems that Daichi and Emiko have unleashed the next form of Soul Evolution, known as Hyper Evolution. It pushes the Digimon forward from Champion to Ultimate through the mixture of their Wills, basically the same concept needed for the rest of you to Digivolve to Ultimate."

"In the heat of the moment, Emiko and Daichi connected with their Digimon's emotions and gave them the power of their Wills. This pushed the Digimon forward to their Ultimate levels. It will be an interesting battle to watch." Huh, what is he talking about now? "What do you mean by that?" Agumon asks.

"Wizardmon and Witchmon are perfect rivals because they are evenly matched. They can counter one attack with another, constantly going back and forth until they tire each other out. That is not the case with Wisemon and Persiamon. They have progressed past their original forms and no longer need to have similar abilities to the other. Wisemon's attacks are based on using the opponent's power against them, while Persiamon's attacks are based on seducing her opponent and stealing their energy." We all gave him a confused look.

"Yes I know that the D-Phone referred to it as blood, but Digimon don't have blood. Basically it's the same concept except that instead of stealing blood, Persiamon steals data, hence forth taking away a Digimon's energy." We all went "oh" after Kudamon explained. "How exactly can Wisemon use Persiamon's powers against her? It's not like he can make her seduce herself." Rin stated. "Yes, but Wisemon has another technique, we just have to see how willing he is to use it," Kudamon replied. On that odd note we turned our attention back to the battle.

*Daichi's POV*

Wizardmon just Digivolved to his Ultimate level….this is great! Now all we have to do is defeat Persiamon…oh yea she Digivolved too. This may still be a problem. "Go Persiamon, use your power and defeat Wisemon! Digi-Modify! Speed, activate!" Emiko yelled out. I went to grab one of my Battle Cards but Wisemon put his hand out. "No need Daichi, I can handle this." His voice was different now; deep and mysterious, but filled with power. It sent a chill through me.

"Let's see how you deal with me now Wisemon!" Persiamon charged at Wisemon with claws ready to strike. As soon as she got to Wisemon he disappeared and reappeared behind her. "Running away are you? That is just like you to do that!" She charged at him again but he was gone before she was a foot near him. "I see that in your Evolution you gave into your bestial side, letting go of any knowledge you had with your power and simply using your seduction. I'm very disappointed." Wisemon said.

"What are you talking about? Stop lecturing me you fool! I'll delete you right now!" Of course as soon as she got near Wisemon he disappeared. "I may not have brute force, but my knowledge has granted me much power and insight. I can easily defeat you now, especially since you took a route that has already condemned you to failure." Persiamon was ready to tear off Wisemon's head at this point. "How dare you, you son of a bitch! I'll delete you right here and right now! Helter Skelter!"

Persiamon started to dance in a very…seductive manner. I have to admit I wanted to run over to her and give her anything she ever wanted, but something held me back. I knew that that something was Wisemon. "Very clever of you, but your attack will not work on me. I'm afraid I have to end this now." Wisemon floated off of his giant "Book" he was using to teleport away with and was about 10 feet away from Persiamon. He took out two stones from each of his hands. "Wisemon, you wouldn't!" Persiamon yelled out. Wait…is he using the Eternal Nirvana attack?

"Yes I would, and I am. Eternal Nirvana!" The stones lit up in a brilliant mixture of red and yellow. Persiamon was being pulled towards the stones but she resisted. However, data started to flow out of her and entered the stones. She was soon no longer Persiamon, but instead Witchmon. Not even a minute later she Degenerated to a female Impmon, then to her In-Training level Yaamon. Wisemon stoped his attack and returned his stones to his cloak.

"Winner, Daichi and Wisemon!" the flat screen rang out. Yes, we won! "Nice job Wisemon, we won!" I looked up to see Wisemon was lighting up in a strange blue light. "Yes, thank you very much Daichi. It was your Will that gave me the strength needed to defeat Witchmon. I'm afraid however that I am out of power now. I must recharge my energy in a lower form." His entire body was covered in the blue light, his form slowly growing smaller. At the end he was changed into DemiMeramon, the same form he was when I originally got him.


Form: In-Training

Attribute: Data

Type: Flame

"The evolved form of Mokumon, his small body is continuously burning because his Digi-Core violently burns. The violently-burning Digi-Core gives him a rough nature amongst small Digimon, but even though his attack power is still low and he has an aggressive nature, he is unable to fight straight away. Moreover, he immediately runs away when water-based and Icy Snow type Digimon appear, because they can very easily delete him. By the way, it's still unknown what connects DemiMeramon and Meramon together. He spits out a small flame bullet at the opponent when it approaches him despite his weak power; this is translated as his "Fireball" attack."


Form: In-Training

Attribute: Data

Type: Lesser

"An In-Training Digimon that evolves from Kiimon. This Digimon has grown devil-like horns and has a mean personality."

"Thank you for the awesome battle Daichi, and good luck in the tournament." Emiko said to me as she walked out of the arena. DemiMeramon and Yaamon were glaring at each other as they walked away. Something tells me that there'll be a rematch sometime soon.

*Five Minutes Later*

I was greeted with hugs and cheers as we walked back over to the others. "Nice job out there Daichi that was incredible!" Kenta told me. "Yea, you have got to show us how you summoned your Will like that." Daiki said. Huh, I hadn't really thought about how I did it until now. "I don't really now how I did it, it just came to me in the moment." DemiMeramon was floating around talking to the other Digimon. He was so different then the wise and powerful Ultimate level that I had been battling with out there, but I know that he's still the same Digimon that I've been partners with.

"Hey guys, come over here quick!" Rin yelled out. She was standing in front of one of the monitors watching whatever battle was going on intensely. "What's going on?" I asked Kai. "Sakura is battling someone right now!" he told me. WHAT?! I didn't know she was battling. The shocked look on my face must've given Agumon a clue. "Well you and Wizardmon ran away so quickly she never got the chance to tell you, dumbass." I glared at him before running over to the monitor, desperate to see how Sakura and Lalamon were doing.

*Sakura's POV – 30 Minutes Ago*

Damn that Daichi, he ran off before I could wish him luck OR tell him that I'm battling too. What a pain in the ass. "Good luck Sakura, though you won't need it." Yumi says. I give her a quick hug and head off with Lalamon to the battle arena. "You ready to kick some ass Lalamon?" I ask her while making a fist. "You bet Sakura! Let's do this!" We run through the hall and are in awe of standing in the arena. It looks even cooler then when you're watching the battles on the monitors.

"Hey you, get over here now! I want to kick your ass already!" I looked over to see a woman with short black hair, creepy green eyes, and a very muscular physique yelling at me. She was in a boxing outfit, and her partner was Togemon. Well I guess that makes sense. Lalamon and I walked over to the arena, ready to fight. "My names is Sandra Wilson you little wall flower, and you're going to get your ass kicked by your truly" she yelled out. For someone who likes kicking asses she's a real pain in mine.


Form: Champion

Attribute: Data

Type: Plant

"A Plant type Digimon which took on the form of a huge cactus. She's able to preserve nutrient data within her body, and she's also able to live for long periods in arid areas without eating or drinking. She is often ditzy and absent-minded throughout the day, judging from her constant facial expression. But if you make Togemon angry, she will express differently and run wild, unable to calm down. Her special attack is "Needle Spray", which erects the prickles on her arms and hits the enemy hard."

"Make sure you take this bitch down, alright Lalamon?" I got a nod in return but I could see the fire growing in Lalamon's eyes. This bitch was going down hard! "Ready…3…2…1…GO!" Lalamon charged into the arena and began the attack. "Nuts Shoot!" Lalamon released a barrage of nuts from her mouth that Togemon just ignored. "Hahahaha, is that the best you got wallflower? Now it's our turn! Show them true power Togemon!" Sandra yelled. "Needle Spray!" Togemon started to spin around quickly, launching needles out at Lalamon who barely dodged them.

"Whoa, that was close. Hey Sakura, I know Kenta said that it was only for emergencies but…" I knew what she meant. "Yea sure, let her rip!"

Bio Evolution recognized.

"Lalamon Bio Digivolve to…Sunflowmon!"

The looks on Sandra and Togemon's faces were priceless! I keeled over laughing it was so funny! "Alright…*cough*…time to get serious! Sunflowmon, show them what you're made of!" She nodded and readied herself to attack. "Sunshine Beam!" Her face lit up in a yellow light and she launched her energy beam at Togemon, who jumped out of the way as the attack hit the ground she was standing on. "Nice try, but watch as we show you how to really attack!" Togemon yelled.

She ran towards Togemon and readied her fists. "Mach Jab!" Togemon was hitting Sunflowmon with her fists so fast you could hardly see it. Sunflowmon fell down in, grabbing her stomach in pain. "Damn it, are you alright Sunflowmon?" I ask. She slowly gets back up, only to be knocked back down by Togemon. "Damn you! Digi-Modify, Power Heal activate!" I yelled. There, not only is Sunflowmon being healed but her stats are being raised.

"Cactus Tail!" Sunflowmon brought her tail around and hit Togemon right at the side of her head, knocking her down to the ground while Sunflowmon flipped herself back up. "Nice shot Sunflowmon!" I tell her. Sandra looks like she's fuming over there. Wait a minute…she's literally smoking…black smoke. Oh my God, this is not good! "That's it you little bitch, it's time for you to face our true power! Go, Dark Evolution!" The black aura appeared around Togemon, the Digivolution starting.

Dark Evolution initiated.

"Togemon Dark Digivolve to…

Togemon was wrapped up in the dark aura as it changed into a flower. From that flower bloomed and evil weed that looked like the average Lilymon, but was colored black in appearance. Her evil smile spread fear into the hearts of her victims.



Form: Ultimate

Attribute: Virus

Type: Fairy

"A Lilymon that was corrupted through Dark Evolution, she loves to watch her enemies squeal and cry in pain from her attacks. She stops at nothing to achieve victory, even it means hurting her allies in the process. Her special attack is "Weed Blaster", which fires a dark energy blast from the blaster formed by her hands."

"Yes, kill them DevilLilymon, destroy them now!" Sandra yelled out. Her eyes were black now along with her aura, making me feel really freaked out. "Sunflowmon, stay on your toes. We're battling a Dark Tamer. Damn it, of course that would be our luck!" I yell. Sunflowmon nods and readies her attack again. "Sunshine Beam!" The yellow beam heads towards DevilLilymon. "Weed Blaster!" DevilLilymon releases a dark energy blast from a flower-shaped cannon formed by her hands. The attacks intercept each other and enter into a power struggle.

"Come on, come on! Digi-Modify, Power Type B activate!" Sunflowmon was filled with a surge of power, allowing her to take over the power struggle. "Not so fast wallflower! Digi-Modify, Burst of Darkness activate!" DevilLilymon was also given a surge of power, allowing her to retake the power struggle in her favor. "Damn it, what do I do?!" I muttered to myself. The Weed Blaster broke through and hit Sunflowmon, knocking her down. She was able to get back up but had Degenerated to Lalamon.

"Now do you see wallflower, you cannot win. You and your DigiDestined friends will die, but first we shall destroy your partner. Digi-Modify! Prison of Weeds activate!" Black weeds sprang up out of the ground and wrapped themselves around Lalamon. "Oh no, Lalamon!" Damn it, no card I have will break her out of those weeds! "Finish her DevilLilymon, now!" DeviLilymon stepped forward, a wicked smile on her face. She put her hands together and formed the Weed Blaster.

"Damn it…no…" I can't just let Lalamon die. She was the one who turned my life around for the better. My parents had been complete pains in my ass, but then Lalamon came along. She was the light in my life that helped me out of the darkness, and I can't just let her die! She was my light when I needed her, so now I need to be her light! "Lalamon, I'm coming!" I ran onto the battle arena, not caring if I get disqualified for it. All that mattered was Lalamon was saved.

I was running towards Lalamon when DevilLilymon launched her attack. No, I won't make it to her before the blast does! Come on Sakura, move your ass just a little more! Please, let me save her! The blast is almost there, I can't make it! Damn it! "Lalamon!" My D-Phone suddenly lit up in a pink light that sent a spiral of data towards Lalamon.

Matrix Evolution recognized.

"Lalamon Matrix Digivolve to…

The data wrapped around Lalamon and instantly changed her into Sunflowmon. Then, it started to reconstruct her, breaking down her data and then reshaping her form. Her dinosaur like features were lost, but a beautiful new flower bloomed. She danced around in the data as it finished her new, elegant form that would make anyone who saw her happy.



Form: Ultimate

Attribute: Data

Type: Fairy

"A Fairy Digimon that looks like a lilac, a flower loved by all people. It is pure and innocent, and despite its beautiful appearance, it is said that it governs life and rebirth. Its leaves are poisonous, and it strangles its enemies to death. Its special move is "Lila Shower", in which it shoots countless slender beams from its leaf-like fingers, and "Beauty Slap", which is where it slaps the enemy multiple times with its expandable hands. Furthermore, an enemy that is hit by this attack falls in love with Lilamon. It also has "Un Deux Pollen", in which it dances gracefully and dazzles the enemy with a wonderful-smelling pollen."

Lilamon broke free of the black weeds and flew out of the way of the blast. It hit the wall behind letting out a miniature explosion. "Lila Shower!" Now Lilamon released her own blast, but this one was a white colored blast that knocked DevilLilymon down. "Why you little bitch! Weed Blaster!" The dark blast was released from the flower-shaped cannon once more. "Lila Shower!" The two attacks collided, being caught in another power struggle.

Neither was backing off, both attacks going hard and fierce. "Come on Lilamon, I know you can do it!" I yelled. I hadn't noticed it before since I thought it was just adrenaline, but I have this weird tingly feeling going throughout my body. I also hadn't noticed that I was covered in an aura similar to Sandra's, but pink instead of black. Lilamon was covered in the same pink aura now, and her attack gained a power boost. It broke through the Weed Blaster and went straight through DevilLilymon. The dark data disappeared as it made contact with the air, and a small Tanemon was left in DevilLilymon's place.

Sandra's dark aura disappeared and her eyes returned to their normal color. I let out a sigh of relief, happy that the battle was over. "The Winners are…Sakura and Lilamon!" Wow, I'm surprised I wasn't disqualified for running out onto the battle field. Maybe they didn't see me or something…oh well. I was about to call Lilamon over when I looked up and saw her covered in a strange blue light. "Thank you for lending me your power Sakura. You were the light I needed to escape the darkness." Her form suddenly grew smaller and smaller, only stopping when she became Budmon.


Form: In-Training

Attribute: None

Type: Lesser

"A Plant Digimon with a bud-like figure who is composed of blended data from various poisonous plants. It normally travels by catching drifts and floating in mid-air, and it won't attack anything unless it has to. Its special attack is "Dokutogetoge", which is painful to touch. It fires thorns when she feels angry."


Form: In-Training

Attribute: Data

Type: Bulb

"A Bulb type Digimon from which a vegetable sprout has germinated from her head. She is the result of Yuramon's completion of her goal to find the most suitable environment to evolve, floating down to the ground as she did so. When this very timid person senses nearby foreign enemies, she digs a hole with her four feet and buries her body into the ground. As soon as she dives into the ground, the sprout on her head makes her look like a growing vegetable, and thus protects her from foreign enemies. But, she also acts as a beacon for herbivorous Digimon!"

"Nice job out their Budmon," I tell her as I scoop her up. She's fast asleep, the battle having tired her out. I could go for a nap myself right now. I look over at Sandra to see her scratching her head in confusion, picking up Tanemon, and leaving. She must've not remembered using the Dark Evolution. Man, my body is aching all over right now. When I get back, Kudamon's gonna have a lot of explaining to do.

Now that's the story in a nut shell. By the way the author felt bad for not posting in two weeks so he decided to spice this chapter up with three battles instead of the usual one or two and he even added in new Digivolutions AND the first, well technically second, Dark Tamer to appear in the tournament. So sorry for not posting, which is from him, bla bla bla…I'm bored now. Anyway, if you want more action and adventure like this then you better come back for the next Digimon: Evolution.