Hey everyone, this is my first time writing fanfiction, so try to take it easy on me! Hope that my story is good! I'd love feedback and suggestions!

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore
Written by Harrison Tyler Bingham

Based off of The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

-Chapter One: Ordinary Girl-


"We have made the State of Kansas, and today she stands complete- first in freedom, first in wheat; and her future years will meet ripened hopes and richer stanzas." – Eugene F. Ware


[July 23, 2012. 60 miles northeast of Topeka, Kansas. 15:30 CST -6]

Dorothy was just like any other Midwest girl. Hair the color or harvest-ready wheat, blunt facial features, and golden tan skin. The things that did set Dorothy apart were her luminescent blue eyes and her charisma. Dorothy would make a wonderful politician; the world's leader would bow to her field-worn feet. Dorothy knew she could use her natural born talent of manipulation for power, but Dorothy had no interest in politics, in fact, she loathed politics. She was interested in change. She wanted to lead mighty protests that would shake the very foundations of the capital.

Just as normal as Dorothy, July 23rd epitomized a typical blustery summer day in Kansas. Majestic clouds flew over the rolling plains of wheat, the sun shone bright and unobstructed in the royal blue gaps. All seemed calm in the diminutive farming community, yet something WICKED was approaching, undetected on this beautiful day. Isn't it ironic? The worst things seem to happen on the best days.

[July 23, 2012. Dorothy's House. 16:00 CST -6]

"Hey Dad, I'm home! Dad? You there?" Thought so, Dorothy projected through the small, one story farmhouse. After realizing her father was not home, she walked through the den and into the kitchen (the true heart of this house) for a diet coke.

On the counter there was a legal pad with some random scribbles. Probably a grocery list, thought Dorothy without much consideration. With her backpack and diet coke in hand, Dorothy sprinted through the sliding door in the back into her father's large plot of farmland. The crop of choice? Wheat. Dorothy loved to go into the fields ever since her mother passed. The rich smells and cool breeze reminded her of her mom.

Three hours later, Dorothy had barely made a dent in her schoolwork. Why work when one can admire the stunning vista that was before them? Suddenly, Dorothy heard a large boom of thunder, followed swiftly by the whip-like crack of lightening. The pitter-patter of rain quickly fell over the field, and covered the plains in a dark, mystical atmosphere. Because she was underneath a thick tree, Dorothy was safe and dry. I'll wait for the storm to let up, she thought patiently. Two hours later, and done with her homework, the storm still hadn't passed. In fact, it had gotten worse. Dorothy was just about to return to the house, rain or not, when something seemed to explode out of the sky into the middle of the field.

Sprinting through the waist-high grain, Dorothy rushed to investigate this strange occurrence. Upon reaching the impact sight, Dorothy was surprised to see a tiny box at the bottom of a large crater. Like any other human, she slid down to the object and observed it. As if carved from a solid chunk of aluminum, this lightweight, metallic box seemed to have no lines, divots, or machine marks, except for a strange engraving on what seemed to be the top side.

"Close your eyes and tap your heels together three times. And think to yourself, there's no place like home", Dorothy read aloud. With a large blast of light, Dorothy passed out.

[July 23, 2012. Impact Point. 21:00 CST -6]

At the exact second she let the last syllables slip from her mouth, the clouds began to part above her. A large, swirling beam of light slowly dropped from the sky and swallowed the ordinary Kansas girl. What the world would discover, is that this girl was anything but ordinary.