Hey everyone! Thank you so much for reading this! This is only my second fan fiction chapter, and I really hope that I'm doing well. Also, shout out to my friend Olivia for some name helping, you rock! Let the story begin...

I Don't Think We're in Kansas Anymore

Written by Harrison Tyler Bingham

Based off of The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

-Chapter Two: Learn to Move On-

"Scotty, beam me up" – Captain Kirk

[During the season of the Full Thunder Moon, The 73rd Year of the Grand Wizard. The WICKED Transportation Lab, Munchkin Land. High Noon]

When Dorothy finally regained consciousness, she was in a strange room.

"Where the hell am I?" she exclaimed, startled by the stark white walls and tile flooring. After getting accustomed to the bright light and cool floor, she noticed that she was stark naked, her clothes having been lost in the teleportation process. After trying to cover herself up, a large, double door was flung open.

"Welcome to Oz, my pretty. Thanks to you, our plans to invade your planet will work splendidly". Dorothy looked up, and was shocked to see that the body from which this shrill voiced emerged, was of the strangest hue. It was almost the shade of fresh cut grass, yet it seemed to have the slimy quality of a wet toad. It was strange yet beautiful, something unseen before to Dorothy. The Wicked Witch of the East, as Dorothy would later discover, was wearing a black robe, almost like a monk from a 14th century monetary. Around her viridescent neck lay a ruby red pendent, shimmering in the brilliant light.

"Hmm, her clothes appear to have been lost in the process. Shame" she scribbled on a note pad, seeming to examine Dorothy like a biology student would a fetal pig. "Their race appears to be hearty and physically capable. We will make adjustments based on this. Oh, they would be perfect for slave labor. What a splendid idea!" She shrieked, scribbling notes on a stainless steel backed pad. Inscribed in a strange, curled type near the top of its underside read: Property of the WICKED CORPORATION.

"Who, who are you? Where am I?" Dorothy squeaked timidly.

"I thought I had made it clear. Obviously you need more clarification. You have just been teleported from your planet, thanks to our new TWISTER transportation system, to the WICKED CORPORATION's Munchkin Land Transportation Lab. I am commonly referred to as the Wicked Witch of the East, a very harsh description if you ask me. My real name however, is of no importance to you", the last sentence passing through her lips with great loathing and displeasure.

"What? Please, help me! I just need some help!" Dorothy said, reaching out towards the Witch. "Won't you please help me…" Dorothy managed to put out before reaching the Witch. With a sense of horror, the Witch watched as Dorothy made contact. She had desperately tried to move out of the way, but she was too late.

As soon as Dorothy's hand made contact with the Witch's ankle, a loud scream escaped from the latter's mouth, resonating loudly throughout the facility. Soon after, a giant burst of light exploded from the Witch's pendant, blinding Dorothy. The extremity of the event caused Dorothy to pass out.

After the process had finished, several Munchkin researches ran into the room, only to discover not a Witch, but a naked girl, passed out on the floor. Surprisingly, a ruby red pendant had latched itself to the girl's neck.

[During the season of the Full Thunder Moon, The 73rd Year of the Grand Wizard. The WICKED Transportation Lab, Munchkin Land. Early Twilight]

Dorothy awoke on a cold steel table to hushed voices. Someone had clothed her in simple linen garb, a bit short, as she was in Munchkin Land. Then, she felt the subtle weight of a ruby red pendant upon her chest.

"What.. What am I doing here? Where am I?" Dorothy asked, still in a daze from the previous events of the day. "Why is no one giving me any answers!"

"I believe that I can answer that question" an unseen spectator said. After peering over the edge of the table, Dorothy saw them.

They were quite short, as if very young, yet had the facial features of the elderly. Frail and beautiful, this rare breed of humans was only found in a secluded region of OZ. Named after its sole inhabitants, Munchkin Land was a mystical land, where plants made of concentrated sugar sprung out of peaceful meadows. Snow melt from the mountains from the north, east, and west flowed into tributaries, which then meandered down the flowered flood plains into the placid south sea.

Because of the mountains, Munchkin land was separated from the rest of OZ, until the WICKED Corporation came. With their monstrous war machines, they came to harvest the sugar plants, as the rest of OZ could not keep up with rising demand. What they did not expect to find was the gem. After landing in a meteorite near the beginning of Munchkin Land history, it was passed down through the royal family for hundreds of generations. Transitioning from simple stones, into a beautiful ruby pendant, the stones brought misfortune to whoever wore them. In the middle of the night, wearers of the pendant would not be found the next morning, the pendant appearing on the neck of a new victim.

"I am Zelder. It appears that the witch was successful. Welcome to the land of OZ! A beautiful land with diverse peoples, the nations of man once stood proud in a union of peace. That is, until the bad witches came." The eldest of the Munchkins announced.

"The what? And I'm where?" Dorothy asked, confused.

"There is a time and place for everything, my dear" said Zelder, "As for now, it would be in your best interest to follow us. There is someone who we believe you should meet. Oh, and this facility is set to detonate in about… two minutes, so unless you wish to die, it would be wise to leave, now."

"But… I… I don't understand!" yelled Dorothy, attempting to catch up to the fleeing troupe.

"If you wish to survive, my dear, you must learn to move on. Great things are in store for you!" yelled Zelder. "Now run!"

[During the season of the Full Thunder Moon, The 73rd Year of the Grand Wizard. The WICKED Transportation Lab, Munchkin Land. Early Sundown]