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Shiroi Hyuuga- A Short Story

Shiroi Hyuuga liked to consider himself a dedicated person. With every task he was given, he gave it his 100%. So when he was branded with the Caged Bird seal he approached his duty differently than most of the branch family. Over the generations the Branch had grown spiteful towards the Main family.

For Shiroi this new duty was everything. Instead of growing bitter, he served with pride. Shiroi was never hailed as a genius, but as the most reverent of Branch members, he was always counted on for small tasks. Even as a child, Shiroi could be seen running to the market for forgotten purchases or helping to keep the grounds in mint condition.

Shiroi's time spent at the Hyuuga compound was lessened greatly after he began to attend the Academy. This never stopped him from spending all of his free time doing anything he could for the Main family. The thought of becoming a ninja had crossed Shiroi's mind more than once but he had never thought such an honor would be granted upon him.

Shiroi did not know the exact process involved in a Branch member becoming a ninja, but he did know that all the elders and the Head of the house himself had to agree to it. It was with great pride that he walked to school alone his first day, but even he was not immune to first day nerves.

By the time he was inside the big domed building his gaze travelled downward and his shoulders were so hunched that on first glance he appeared to be missing a neck. It was only with a quick glance towards the direction he was heading that Shiroi saw his older cousins when he turned the corner.

They too, were chosen to attend the school and they walked the hall with an arrogance befitting the Main branch. The sight gave him courage as he too raised his head in the air and made his way toward his classroom.

Upon entering the room, Shiroi was immediately able to recognize quite a few of his classmates. The Inuzuka heir, for example, was sitting in a corner of the room talking boisterously with the boy beside her who seemed to be huddled in his seat as far from her as possible.

He saw the Uchiha heir sitting quietly with his hands folded waiting patiently for the class to begin as the seats around him quickly filled with ogling girls. No other clan heirs were present, but there were quite a few clan children none the less.

The girl by the window had to be a Nara just as the eager looking girl in the front looked too similar to the Aburame to not be one. Shiroi's nerves once again began to settle at the familiar faces all around him. A loud clang brought his attention back to the door just in time to see a boy with messy black hair tumble right into the room.

He was soon followed by a boy with sandy brown hair and an uninterested expression. They looked familiar, but at the same time they did not. Civilians, he realized with a jolt. They belonged to no clan, they were civilians.

After being raised by such a prideful clan as the Hyuuga, Shiroi was unable to squash the indignant anger that filled him at the thought of civilians becoming ninja. They had no skill, no family prestige. How could they possibly come to this school and act as though they were equal to those who came from a clan.

His anger only grew, as did the amount of children he did not recognize. By the time class was to start, the civilians outnumbered the clan children! Shiroi stared at the teachers, hoping they would tell the civilians they were in the wrong room, but no such event occurred. Instead they were all welcomed to the place they would spend the next few years of their life attending.

It took over a week but Shiroi's anger slowly simmered down to an almost sadistic glee. Though they may act as equals, it was obvious how superior the clan children were. Soon they too would realize this fact and drop out of the school. Then it would only be those who deserved to attend the Academy left.

By the time the second month rolled around they were already down two students. The teachers seemed to be used to this. In fact, it was almost as if they encouraged the children to drop out. Not many of the children seemed to notice how often the teachers said the life of a ninja was not for them.

In fact, some of them were so thick headed that they just continued about life as usual. Shiroi had the unfortunate luck to come into contact with one of the thick ones. Even Shiroi had to admit that she was better than the other civilians. She was stronger and faster but this only ever spurned him forwards faster.

The day he ran past her during one of their classes Shiroi looked back, hoping to see a crushed look on the girls face. Instead she frowned with her eyebrows furrowed so close together, he thought they would merge into a uni-brow before her eyes practically glazed over. As if her mind was elsewhere. As if she couldn't care less that he had just beat her.

Shiroi's feet slipped out of rhythm before picking up again. He spent the rest of the class staring straight ahead feeling oddly defeated. A month later and Shiroi once again found himself running alongside the strange girl. She was faster than last time so he pushed himself to keep up.

A quick glance to the side told him she hadn't even registered his presence. Anger made him faster, determination clear in his eyes. Yet it all deflated when he saw her keeping up. She seemed completely oblivious to the race going on in his head. Upon noticing her blank expression his anger flashed again.

She looked so passive, even as sweat poured down Shiroi's face in the effort to stay at her side. She wasn't even trying! He screamed in his head. Tears of frustration, anger, and humiliation filled his eyes, and even his greatest effort could barely keep them in.

Not only was she a civilian that was inferior to him, a clan member, but she wasn't even trying. Where he had trained for so long, she seemed to breeze past him on some whimsical whim of fate. How could someone who never seemed to try hard be better than him?

Not wanting to feel such bitter disappointment again, Shiroi vowed to run far from the strange girl in the future. He almost had the chance to forget she existed. The day the results of their first big test was released Shiroi felt the same anger and frustration rise in his chest.

Uchiha was, as expected, top of the class. It was the second that provoked such a reaction in him. Suikazura Hagane took second place. The name had Shiroi drawing up blank until he saw the pleased look on the strange girls face. It was her. The girl, who never seemed to try, had taken second place.

Shiroi knew he was no genius, he was never expecting to get a high marking, but he also hadn't expected to be outdone by a civilian. Perhaps she had cheated, he thought to himself in a desperate attempt to rationalize her high marking. Beginners luck, it was just a fluke, she couldn't possibly do that well ever again.

But again, Shiroi was proven wrong. She held her place as second firmly. The day Shiroi discovered her weakness was a happy one. Though he could not use his family techniques in the spars he had still been trained in standard form. She, on the other hand, had not.

Not only was she sloppy, but she flinched when she was hit as well as when she struck out. She seemed almost incapable of ever doing her opponent harm. She was like a bird that couldn't fly. A venomous snake left without its poison. Shiroi watched giddily as every opponent she faced knocked her flat on her backside.

The only downside was her face. She never got angry, she never cried, she never gave up, she always stood and tried again. Every one of her attempts yielded the same result: failure. And she didn't even notice. She never paid any attention when the class began to refer to her as the 'Dead Last'.

This nickname was only enforced when the class witnessed her complete lack of chakra control. Perhaps that was what bothered Shiroi the most. She laughed with them. In fact she seemed to find the whole situation even more amusing than the ones laughing at her.

She always smiled with that infuriating grin; the one that made her look like she was enjoying a private joke. Shiroi ignored these thoughts. For the first time since the school year began, he felt himself again. He convinced himself that she would quit after being so humiliatingly put back into her place.

She never left. He ignored her as best he could; determined to close that chapter of his life. He didn't want to dwell on her any longer. With the end of his first year came his first summer. That time was spent training as well as helping with his usual duties. By the time his second year was to begin, Shiroi had forgotten all about the pesky Hagane.

She stayed far from his mind as all of his efforts were put toward his studies and his friends. Shiroi's year passed quickly, barely sparing the girl a thought. A shadow of his anger would always pass over him when she was given second place, but he was content to ignore it. It was her only strength after all.

A few months into the year the Uchiha heir was predictably moved to the graduating class leaving the top spot open for Hagane. It took quite the effort to continue ignoring her, but in the end Shiroi prevailed.

He had been expecting his third year to go much like his second. And it had, at first. Hagane seemed to have finally mastered leaf sticking almost two years after she should have. He was expecting to see similar results in the class spars as well.

Excitement filled Shiroi when it was announced that he was to be her opponent. A long forgotten desire for revenge emerged as he faced against her. A crack appeared in Shiroi's determination at the look on her face.

It was almost unidentifiable, just a glimmer of determination, and the smallest of upturns on her lips. He shook the strange feeling off as he fell into the familiar Jyuuken pose. Shiroi had never been one to wait for his opponent, but this time he did. He was curious to see how she would react.

She had always come off as nonaggressive in their previous years, which was why her sudden advance had startled him. It was reckless and she only barely managed to dodge Shiroi's counter attack. That was when she disappeared. For one moment he could not spot her. Then his world was spun out of control as a shoulder rammed into his chest causing him to be thoroughly winded.

That was when he lost it. She wasn't supposed to fight like that. She was supposed to be awkward and timid. His humiliation and anger had his face burning red as he swiped at her again and again. It was only luck that he had been able to strike her in the arm.

Her hiss of pain egged him on further. Finally a reaction, Shiroi thought to himself as he continued to aim at her. He was even more desperate for a hit than last time. She was infuriating. She wasn't even using her hands, seeing as her uninjured one was holding her useless arm.

After that she just ran. She would spring from one end of the practice area to the other dodging him all the while. It was only after he was tiring that he got his lucky break. She ran right towards him and in a last desperate attempt Shiroi struck her leg with a strong blow successfully cutting off her chakra.

He was winning; he was going to beat her. So why was she laughing? Why did she look like she was having the time of her life? Why did her eyes seem more alive than he had ever seen them? It wasn't fair. Even as Shiroi dealt the winning hit right into her stomach, she still laughed.

She lay on the ground before him clutching at her stomach as though afraid it may crack open. Not because of the pain, but because of her laughter. No feeling of victory filled Shiroi's bones as he had believed it would. Instead all he felt was empty, hollow. He had won the fight, but he hadn't won.

Her pride wasn't crushed, she didn't admit defeat, she didn't even cry. The echo of her lively laughter haunted him the whole way home that night. The next day he watched numbly as she fought the Inuzuka and every fight after in much the same way she had fought him.

Whether she won or lost, she always approached her fights with the same attitude. It was then that Shiroi realized that she was growing. She was learning to be a ninja; she was taking her lessons and using them. And what of him? How had he grown?

When no answer readily popped to mind he felt ashamed of himself. No wonder she had never seen him. She was looking toward the future while his gaze was stuck on her back. That was the first time Shiroi swallowed his pride. It was the first time he ever admitted that a civilian was his better.

It was the first time he had something solid to strive for. Though he never particularly liked her, and though she never saw him as a rival or even a challenge, it was enough that he had a goal. It was enough that he now had a focus for the determination he so liked to brag about. And that was enough for now.

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