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Narrator's POV.

Pain coursed through her body as she ran as fast as she could. Feet pounded after her as orders were shouted and shots were fired. 'Keep running, just keep running, he can't get you if you're faster than him.' The thought kept running through her head as she pumped her arms harder and continued to sprint.

His face kept flashing through her mind making her want to drop to the ground and give up. He took everything from her. Her family, her friends, her love and now he was planning on taking her life. "Fire!" The order was shouted.

Bullets and lasers whizzed by making her head pound and ring. She clenched her teeth together and kept running as the soldiers behind her kept trailing her. Her apartment wasn't far from here and maybe an innocent by standard would try an intervene giving her some more time.

The city streets were pretty at this time of night, buildings shimmered in a glamorous way as small lights twinkled off of them. Random street parties could be heard blocks away from the actual location and the pounding of the music's beat shook the ground like a point two earthquake.

The lower streets weren't as fortunate. Water pooled in small puddles and dips in the brick sidewalks as rats ran across the to get to the sewers. People hung around with small shops to sell things that were worthless to the higher power. These people were the forgotten rejects called defectives because of the scars they earned protecting the rights they believed in. Some died of infection from the open wounds they got working their asses off to please their leaders. It was all for nothing. What happened to the once thriving Empire?

Children born in this dark, run down part of the city saw the higher power people as enemies. In a sense they were, but what they'd never understand was how they could flip the power so easily. Or so some thought, in reality if they tried to do anything they'd think they were getting away with it for a while before being chased all the way back to the lower country and captured, killed or worse. This is why she was running; her plan failed her, HE failed her and she thought he actually cared. In truth she was only being used for anything he wished. She should've known.

All he ever wanted was to be with her, but for what? Nothing that's what. It was all a trick and she obliviously fell for it. Just like everyone else in her fucked up life, he betrayed her and through her to the wolves so to speak. He never cared and he never would.

This information willed her to run harder, faster and get back to her apartment before they got to her. She didn't care for the stares that followed her every movement; she only cared about the unstable ground in front of her.

Some ran and hide where they felt safe, others yelled profanities at the soldiers only to be struck down for them. It was all her fault. She was supposed to be helping these people and in truth she was only making things worse for the world.

She knew her plan would fail, she could feel it deep within her heart but that's exactly for what she planned. The tallest's offspring would be sent away before anything bad happened and that's exactly what she wanted. Revenge. They took her son's life then by god she was going to take theirs.

Tallest Red and Purple wouldn't even see it coming. With her being a wanted criminal she knew they'd send their kin away to random, safe locations only they knew about. Well she learned these places and her friend was already on his way to make things right.

"Stop in the name of the law!" A soldier shouted from inside the belly of a helicopter. A grin spread across her face as the bright white lights blinded her. They were so oblivious.

"Now!" She ordered and rocket launchers were fired into the tail of said helicopter. Screams and cries of pure terror filled the night sky as the flaming ball of metal and wire spun around swiftly out of the control of the pilot.

Fire lit up the darkened sky and caused her blood red eyes to glow with a new blood list no one had ever seen from such a harmless girl. You may ask what happened to her and if you wanted the truth then you'd be told the death of her family and friends around her drove her insane. If you wanted the lie then you'd be told that she was an insane bitch to being with just hiding behind her brother. That's the way she always did it and he protected her. Not for long anymore though. He was in war and she was in the war for her life. It was the dumbest time to launch an attack on the tallest, yet she chose the date carefully.

Pants escaped her lips as she rounded the last corner leading to her large apartment building. She knew this was it and the taste of blood in her mouth confirmed her fears of internal bleeding. She'd get it all over soon enough though. Just a few more minutes…

Ten light years away in space a ruby eyed man crept up slowly on the crib hidden deep within the cave housing the now dead rock people. A knife was being twirled around in his hands as blood dripped out of his leg where a single bullet hole lay. A hand was firmly placed against the aching wound to hopefully stop the bleeding but he didn't mind anyways. This is what he always wanted to do.

Much like his insane friend back on Irk he too lost everything because of the tallest. He was a joke to the empire, laughing stock of the Irken race. When word got to him about his new defective title he swore revenge on the ones who caused him to be driven into insanity.

Red's daughter was already finished off, only purples was left and he couldn't wait to see her little life slip away in his hands. As she died he planned on whispering in her antenna that he as actually helping her from the hell she was bred from. It would fill him with the sadistic pleasure he'd been aching for lately.

The thought of just kidnapping the child crossed his mind but once he thought of all the bloody outcomes that would come after he assumed it would just be easier to erase the child from history and get it over with.

His eyes wandered around the room until he saw the tiny green hands of the child in front of him. He stalked up to her crib silently not wanting to evoke the child causing a further delay, but this one was much different than the other little brat. She was silent as if to except her punishment of being born into this world from the wrong person.

He stood slowly towering over the small child's crib and held the knife up into the air. His mind told him to strike the child down and just get it over with but something deep in his heart told him to stop and just take a good look at her.

He shook the feeling away and raised the knife again right as the small child open her big eyes. It struck him in the heart to see her big blue eyes staring up into his innocently. However she stayed silent under his horrifying gaze and a small smile formed at the corners of her lips.

The knife stayed suspended in the air as he looked deep down into the child's small eyes. One of the child's hands reached up towards him when he caught a glimpse of the scars decorating her arm. Tallest purple must've saw her as a defect because she was the only Irken he had ever heard of having blue eyes. It was almost frightening.

He put the knife down slowly and hesitantly reached his hand down to hers. She gripped one of his fingers with her whole hand hardly being able to do even that. She lightly squeezed his finger making him smile, "You have quiet the grip." He whispered as she squeezed his finger again.

He dropped his knife completely as he stared at the baby that was now holding both her hands out to him demanding to be picked up. 'Kill her, just do it and get it over with!' he commanded himself but his muscles wouldn't listen to his order. All he wanted to do was pick the child up and tell her everything was going to be ok. But what would Holly say if he did just that. She'd probably call him a failure and kill the child herself before dumping him out in the streets cold and alone.

But none of that at the moment seemed to matter. The only thing that matter was this child, "Why can't I just kill you?" He sighed and covered his face with his hands. He felt two little hands on his wrist and when he removed his hands the small girl smiled at him.

"Daddy," She said and hugged his wrist as tight as she possibly could.

"Oh no I'm not your father," He said back to her only making her confused. But she refused to let go of his wrist. To her he felt safe and kind, if only she knew the truth behind that fact. Well at least he was better than her real father who hit her all the time and called her an accident, a mistake and worst of all a defective and no use to the empire.

The last time she saw her father he grabbed her wrist tightly, digging his claws into her skin making her cry and beg him to stop in her own way but he didn't. His claws dug deep into her skin and left two deep scratch marks that would never go away.

The man in front of her grudgingly pulled his wrist out of her grip and sighed. "I'm such a god damned softie." He scorned himself and looked at the small Irken in front of him. She raised her small box like antenna at him in surprise that he was once again paying attention to her. He raised his back and wiggled them making her giggle and do the same. He lightly laughed too and moved his antenna back down to flatten on his head again. She did the same and made a dramatic angry face, staring out into the wall before looking up at him with a heartwarming smile.

A small smile formed on the man's lips and he leaned his antenna down to the child and she did the same until she became unbalanced and fell forward onto her stomach. This made him softly laugh again and raise his antenna back up. She did the same again while trying to pick herself up and even though his brain screamed at him not to, he picked her up and held her up in the air.

He looked at the scars on her wrist and her antenna flattened down on her head when he reached over to gently grab her arm. She pulled away in fear and held her wrist while nervously looking at him. "I won't hurt you, sadly I can't anymore." He said slowly and showed her the scar over his left eye. She reached up and touched the scar on his face before frowning and looking at her own scars.

He reached over and inspected her scars to make sure they weren't fresh but sadly they were. A growl erupted from his throat scaring her and making her pull her wrist away again. Seeing his error he shut himself up and wiggled his antenna to tell her he wasn't out to hurt her. Even that was what he was sent there for.

He set her down again much to her distaste and ripped off a piece of his red and black striped bandanna. He gently grabbed her wrist and wrapped the torn piece of cloth around the room synching it up to make sure it was on snuggly to avoid infection.

"Oh I am so screwed for this." He mumbled to himself and picked the kid up again. "What am I even going to call you?" She pointed to a small toy car and he quirked and eye brow at her. "Car? I'm not going to call you car." He said and laughed gently. She shook her head and pointed to the car again then to a letter block with an I on it. "Cari?" He said kind of liking the ring of it. She wiggled her antenna and smiled making him smile back. "Ok, then I'll call you Cari. Come on before I get discovered taking you away." He sighed and lifted her up out of the crib.

He slowly walked out of the room passing the dead bodies of the rock people and covering Cari's eyes so she wouldn't see the horror in front of her. She didn't mind though, she knew she was safe now and that's all she ever wanted.

The man grabbed a communicator from his utility belt and sighed in annoyance, "Hello, Holly?" He said into it.

"What Zim I'm in the middle of something here?!" Holly yelled back.

"I know you're going to kill me for this but I didn't kill Tallest Purple's kid. I couldn't so umm I kind of took her…" He said awkwardly as his partner screamed 'what' at him through the communicator.

"I know, I know but something about her just wouldn't let me. I'm going to keep her and keep her away from Purple."

"You idiot! They'll kill you and hunt you down for the rest of your life! You rookie!" Holly screamed at him.

"I don't care, Purple hurt her and she seems to like me. I'm not leaving her to that mad man and that's final!" He yelled back.

"Zim you're such a dumb ass! Have fun dying on your own; I want nothing to do with this!" Holly yelled and hung up the communicator.

"Well so much for that." Zim mumbled and threw his communicator behind him.

"Daddy," Cari said and held her hands out to him again.

"I'm not your dad." He said back with a small smile. He moved his head down so she could hold onto his face and examine his scar. She put her tiny hand on the end of his scar and kissed his cheek.

"Daddy," She insisted and hugged his face before he slowly pulled her off.

"I can't win with you can I?" He sighed and looked down into her big blue orbs. She smiled at him in response making him sigh again. "Alright fine, but you need to stay hidden." He whispered to her and covered her up with his large bandanna.

She stayed still and quiet as Zim ran out of the rock peoples house and to his Voot Cruiser. Meanwhile back in the city Holly had reached her apartment and kicked down the door to her room.

Soldiers poured in after her and a tall red eyed Irken grabbed her when she was facing away from him, "You can't run from me." He said to her but she just smiled.

"I was just a distraction Red. While you obliviously chased me I sent an old friend to kill your spawn." Red's eyes widened as he stared at her.

"What, that's impossible. Who did you send!" Red yelled and grabbed her neck.

"You'll never know." She laughed evilly as he slapped her across the face.

"Who did you send!?"

"Goodbye sweetheart." She spat and bit down on something in her mouth. Red shook her as her mouth foamed and she fell limp in his grasp. Her red eyes dulled and rolled back in her head as her head lolled backwards. Cyanide...

"I-is she dead?" A soldier asked from behind his tallest. Red just stared at the dead Irken in front of him in utter horror and spun around to his guards.

"Go to the planet of the rock people and the planet of the Meekrobs NOW! Go check on my children!" He ordered viciously as he yelled at them.

"Yes Sir!" They all yelled in unison and saluted to him. They ran out of the room as a few others stayed to protect their tallest.

. . .

Zim flew over planet Irk staring down at its eerie pink glow as he held the small sleeping bundle in his arms. He felt her squirm and looked down to see her big blue eyes slowly flutter open and look up at him; she was a really pretty kid. "Daddy," She said and reached her hands out towards him. His eyes shined down at her as he gave her his wrist to hug with all her might.

"I'm going to protect you Cari, until the day I die." Zim said quietly as he looked at the scars on her wrist, "I promise."

She squeezed his wrist in response and looked out at the large planet in front of her. "Daddy," She said in a panic.

"Yes?" Zim asked curiously.

She shook her head at him and pointed out of the glass, "DADDY!" She said loudly and started shaking in fear. Zim looked out to see about twenty small Irken ships probably out searching for the kids to make sure they were ok. Zim's stomach tightened as his heart beat increased.

He saw Tallest purple standing in a large window at the front of the line looking mad as hell. Zim hid Cari again in his bandanna and grabbed the controls to avoid the large army of ships. He didn't go unnoticed but the tallest didn't give a damn about him because they didn't realize he was their daughter's killer, well Red's daughter anyways.

They just passed by Zim's small ship and towards the planet he just left with their daughter. In fear of being caught Zim made a U-turn and B lined for a different planet glancing back every few seconds to make sure he wasn't being followed.

Once he felt safe again he uncovered Cari and gently shook her awake. She looked up at him and with lightning quick reflexes, grabbed his finger. "Huh so you're fast to?" He teased and tickled the small figure sitting on his lap. She laughed loudly and squirmed making Zim smile down at her lovingly. He don't know what the hell this kid did to him but he loved her no matter who her father was. She was perfect.

Later that night, six months away from Irk a planet Zim knew well came into view. "This is your new home," He whispered into Cari's antenna. She was curled up asleep on his lap but her antenna twitched every time he'd say something to her. He thought it was cute so he'd talk to her every hour or so just to make sure she was still listening.

It was night time on Earth from what he could tell as he gently brought his Voot Cruiser down into the woods. It was a dense forest out in the middle of the country but Zim didn't want anyone finding out about his newly found responsibility or that he was here again. Not yet at least.

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