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Zim's POV.

I yawned and stretched when I felt someone…or something poking my side. It was starting to annoy me so I had to wake up. I was going to destroy whatever it was for disturbing me from an actual peaceful rest for once.

I groaned and looked over to see Iris jabbing her elbow into my side unconsciously. Three cheers for tiny uncomfortable beds…! I smirked slightly until Iris jabbed her elbow into me again. She wasn't very good at resting without flailing and waking me up somehow.

"You know…usually I'm pleased to wake up and find an attractive woman in my bed, but you're pushing your limits," I teased quietly while running my hand over her cheek.

She surprisingly didn't wake up but no matter, it'd be all the more fun to mess with her if she was asleep. I stretched out as much as I could on the small cramped bed before sitting up and putting my hand on Iris's stomach. I knew what she thought I didn't know but I didn't want her any more stressed then she was.

My hand soothingly rubbed over the growing bump in Iris's stomach as I sighed and thought about it for a while, 'I wonder if it's going to be a boy or a girl…I kind of want a boy but I've already raised a girl so I know what to do with them…maybe it'd be better to have a girl.'

My train of thought stopped once Iris shifted under my hand. I looked back over to see that she was awake and giving me a curious look, "What?" I asked quietly. She eyed my hand for a second and I quickly removed it so I wouldn't stress her out.

We stared at each other awkwardly for a second before Iris finally spoke up, "What're you staring at?"

"My beautiful mate," I answered with a small smile, "What're you staring at?"

"My strange mate, but I can cope. I'm surprised you're up so early, did I wake you?" She asked calmly and sat up with a small struggle.

"No but your elbow sure did, if I didn't know any better I'd think that elbow of yours has it out to get me," I teased and ran my hand down her leg. She tensed up for a second before calming down and taking in a deep breath.

"Well on such a small bed it's kind of hard not to want to push you off."

"Well gee thanks," I scoffed and rolled my eyes, "Are you hungry? I can beg for food."

Iris laughed while pulling me into a hug, "No, Zim. And you are not going to beg for food, that's not like you."

"Well sure it's not like me but I'd do it if you needed or wanted food," I shrugged and wrapped my arms around her gently. I made sure to avoid the stomach area in hopes that she wouldn't freak out on me again.

"Well then you're in luck, because I desire no food thank you."

"Alright but if I hear your stomach growl even once then I'm on my knees pleading, understand?" I said with a hint of humor. I was serious though, I can't have her not eating, especially when she's carrying.

"Ok, Zim. Even though you know, Irken's stomachs can't growl until they're ready to die," Iris said and rolled her eyes as I gently started pushing her back down into the bed.

"Well if you're dying, I'd have to give you CPR."

"I'm not dying," Iris said bluntly making me laugh and crawl on top of her. I sat on her hips and straddled her waist while her eyes narrowed at me and she tensed up, "But you will by dying if you don't get off of me."

"Would you give me CPR if I was dying?" I asked with big puppy dog eyes. She looked at me for a minute before sighing and cursing under her breath.

"Yes, Zim. I'd give you CRP if you were dying."

"THEN I'M DYING!" I shouted dramatically. Iris laughed again and rolled her eyes at my stupidity.

"No you're not," Iris scoffed as I leaned down over her and put my hands on either side of her head.

"Hmmm…" I said while giving her a soft peck on the lips, "No…" Another peck, "No I'm pretty sure I'm dying." Iris laughed sarcastically as I leaned in to kiss her again just for longer. I smirked through the kiss and let my hands trail down her sides and onto her thighs.

"No, Zim…not happening," She said and broke away from me. I pouted and gave her the puppy eyes while applying small kisses to her neck.

"But…But Iris," I complained and stuck out my lower lip in a pout.

"No, we're being held captive on an enemy vessel and you want to mess around? Zim you're utterly insane," Iris shot back and crossed her arms over her chest to give me a serious look.

"Isn't that why I'm here in the first place?" I teased and slid off of her so she'd relax. She rolled her eyes and glanced down at her stomach before glancing back over at me.

"I need to talk to you about something, Zim," Iris said through a deep intake of air. My antenna perked in curiosity and I opened my mouth to reply but nothing came out because I was thrown into a wall when the ship shook and lurched in an unhealthy state, "Zim! Are you alright?!" I heard Iris shout as my body collided with the floor.

"Ow…that was not fun, I'm alright, Iris. Any ideas as to what that might've been?" I called back.

"Well we've either landed on Irk, being hit by an asteroid belt…or we're under attack by pirates. I think I'd choose pirates if I had to choose but hey, I don't know." I gulped upon hearing this. I also noticed the door was broken off at the hinges and leaning awkwardly against its frame.

"Iris, I'm going to go check things out. You stay here ok?" I said calmly while eyeing the door suspiciously. It was rather quiet on the hall of the ship now and I could never be too careful about things so I didn't want my mate being in danger if pirates were here.

"What're you going to leave me here alone?" Iris asked with a hint of fear in her voice. It was unmistakable but if I knew her she'd argue it any day.

"Just for a minute, it'll be alright," I swore and stalked towards the door. I grabbed the heavy metal door and ripped it the rest of the way off its hinges before setting it down on the ground and peering around to see…nothing.

"You're not seriously considering leaving me here alone are you!?" Iris asked frantically while struggling out of the bed. I turned back to her and walked over to wrap my arms around her gently.

"Iris, I need to protect you, which means you need to stay somewhere safe, which would be in this room or the closet."

"I can defend myself, Zim!" Iris protested making me frown slightly.

"I know you can, but not while you're carrying my child. It's my turn to protect you until you give birth," Iris's eyes snapped wide open in shock as a blush spread across her face.

"How…did you know about that?"

"I'm not as dumb as I look, it became fairly obvious when you started getting paranoid around me and when you refused to tell me what was going on. But we'll talk about this later, for now stay here and hide." I said as quickly as possible before leaning in to kiss her quickly and rush out the door.

"Zim!" I heard her call but I ignored it. I needed to find out what was happening.

I slunk down the hall ways making sure to check down every hall way before entering it fully. I peered down the next hall way but quickly flung myself backwards upon seeing a few figures yelling about something towards the end of it.

The ship shook violently again making me stumble and grab onto the wall for support. I heard more shouting and something being slammed against a wall. This was probably the best time to run but my curiosity fueled my veins and instead of running, I crept closer towards where the action was.

I saw a coated figure slamming someone up against the wall and pointing a gun into their face. The coated figure looked to be Vortarian but he looked…strange. He was wearing a strange black hat and some kind of bandanna covering the lower half of his face so only his creepy looking yellow eyes were showing along with the scar that settled around the eye in a crescent moon shape.

"Where is the princess?!" The pirate shouted at the person he was pinning. It was now safe to say that it was Nina whom was getting pinned up against the wall but then where was Ben?

"Nowhere you'll ever find her," Nina spat back in his face. The man growled angrily and moved one of his hands over her throat where he grasped it tightly and squeezed.

"You have three seconds to tell me where she is or I'll kill you."

"I don't know where she is," Nina coughed back while struggling in the man's iron like grip.




"BEN, she's with, Ben!"

The Vortarian stopped counting down as his eyes seemed to brighten with glee. Damn Nina she's a freaking backstabbing cheat! Giving away my daughters location like that! "Good girl," he said before squeezing her neck again, "But now, I have no reason for you to live."

My eyes snapped wide open as I heard a sickening crack. Nina fell limp in the man's grasp and he dropped her to the floor like she was nothing but a piece of trash. He turned back towards his comrades and sighed, "Search the ship. Take anything that may be of some value. Find the princess and kill anyone who gets in your way."

"Yes captain!" His men shouted back and broke away from him down two different hallways to search for Cari.

'Iris…' I thought in horror. They'd find her and kill her or take her as their own personal slave…there was no way in hell I was about to let that happen.

I quickly spun around and sped down the hall way trying to remember how I'd made it to that point in the first place. Iris's room had to be around here somewhere! She can't just disappear!

I fled around a corner and sighed upon seeing the broken door I'd set on the ground. I sprinted into the room and frantically glanced around to see Iris trying to hide herself near the closet, "Iris it's just me, we've gotta go."

"What, why?" Iris asked back and poked her head out from where she was previously hiding. She took one glance at me before noticing my seriousness and getting up.

"Nina's dead."


"You were right, there are pirates on board. They're looking for, Cari. I have no idea where both, Ben and Cari are. I could care less about, Ben but we need to find out where, Cari is." I said quickly and hurried over to wrap an arm around her.

"Where the hell are we supposed to go!?"

"I don't know!" I said in a frustrated voice, "I just know that I need to get you out of here. There has to be some kind of escape pod on this ship right? Well that's where I'm going to get you."

"I am not leaving you here, Zim. If that's what you're hinting to it's not happening."

"You will do what needs to be done, even if it means leaving me behind."

"That's like leaving you to face death alone! If we're going to die we're going to die together!"

"No we are NOT because you are carrying my baby! If it was just us I'd say let's kick some ass, but it's not about us anymore, Iris!" She went silent when I snapped at her. I of course felt guilty for snapping but it didn't matter right now, I needed to get her out of here.

I helped her hurry out the door and took one last glance down the hall to make sure no one was coming before feeling the ship lurch again. Both Iris and I stumbled sideways but I pulled her back up to help her balance and we continued to rush down the hall. I could hear voices coming down from many different halls and I had no idea where to go so I was starting to get nervous, especially with Iris and Cari in harm's way.

I looked straight ahead while lifting my antenna on my head to catch sound frequencies better. Voices were coming from behind us, to the right of us and in front of us…that meant go left, "This way," I ushered Iris while grabbing her hand tightly and pulling her down the left hall way.

We took a few more corners before I stopped upon seeing a door open. I pushed Iris behind me and got ready to fight when I saw who emerged from the door, "Stay here princess, I'm going to prepare an escape pod." Ben…

"Ben!" I snapped making Ben jump and spin around to face me. His eyes were wide as he stared at both Iris and I, "Nina's dead, there're pirates around every corner and you are hiding my daughter in a plainly obvious room!"

"Well at least I'm trying to keep her safe, would you rather me give her to them?"

"No you're just a soulless rule follower. Get out of my way I need to see my daughter," I spat back and kept Iris close to me while shoving Ben aside and prying the door open. Cari was shaking and curled up inside the room with wide eyes. She was obviously scared.

"Dad!?" She said in disbelief.

I smiled gently at her before nodding and pulling Iris closer to myself so she was away from Ben, "Come on sweetie, we need to go."

"Ben go prepare the escape pods," Iris hissed while taking in deep breaths.

"Why should I help you?" Ben growled back.

"If you ever truly cared about me once then you will help me escape with my family," Iris hissed back making me snap my gaze over to Ben and glare. She was mine and only mine.

Ben and Iris glared at each other for a minute before Ben looked over at Cari then me then back at Iris. His expression softened and he sighed angrily to himself, "Fine, its three hall ways down to the left, meet me there in five minutes, hopefully none of us will die by that time."

"Thank you," Iris sighed and looked over at me as I continued to glare at Ben. She elbowed me making me look at her in jealousy. Pretty sad that I was jealous I know but they were together before I was with Iris so that means Ben got everything Iris can give before I got it, which didn't sit well in my stomach.

Ben nodded and ran down the hall way while pulling a pistol out of his leg strap, he then rounded the corner and disappeared from sight, "You're actually going to trust him?" I asked in an appalled voice.

"For once…yes, yes I am."

I growled inwardly before turning back to Cari whom was still shaking but now staring up at me and trying to stand. My eyes scanned her body and I saw that she was clutching something in her hand, "Cari what's wrong?"

She looked up again before removing her hand from where a small but deep cut was oozing out blood from the side of her neck, "They know I'm here," She said in a scared voice.

I hurried forward with Iris and wrapped an arm around Cari's waist, "That's why we need to go, here," I said while ripping a piece of my over shirt off and folding it before handing it to her and helping her apply it to her wound, "Put pressure on it to stop the bleeding and stay next to me at all times."

Cari nodded and grabbed my free hand as we exited the room and hurried down the hall that Ben had recently slipped down. I tried to remember what Ben said about where the escape pods would be when I felt Iris tug on my hand, "What?"

"There's people, get down," She whispered back. I pulled both of them down next to me and crouched behind the wall as two people walked obliviously around the corner. I was praying that they wouldn't turn around and notice us seeing as they were rather large men and very heavily armed. I didn't stand a chance against them at the moment.

I took in a shaky breath of relief when they continued down the hall and started searching rooms, grabbing anything that might have some value, "Alright come on," I whispered and pulled both Cari and Iris up before continuing around the corner and into a large room.

Ben was already there furiously typing in coordinates when he turned his head to look/glare at us, "We've got two minutes to pile into the escape pods. Only problem is if the pirates come in they can deactivate the launch and kill us, we'll have to wait until there's nearly no time left, then the last person can jump in and we should be safe."

Iris stiffened up next to me and cast a worried glance over to me. I evenly met her look and sighed before nodding and walking Iris over to the open pod, "What're you doing?" Iris asked as I lifted her up bridal style and set her in the pod.

I didn't answer her right away as I started buckling her in, "Do you have anything soft?" I asked Ben in a calm voice. I had to stay calm, besides there was only a minute fifteen seconds left before we can launch. We'll be fine.

"Emergency blankets and a backpack why?" Ben answered.

"I need them to help cushion, Iris." I responded and walked over to grab the items he pointed out before walking back over and helping Cari into the pod. Only 45 seconds left to go.

"Zim what the hell are you doing?" Iris growled when I folded the blanket and put it over her stomach before wrapping the chest seat belt around it and tightening it as much as I could, "Zim answer me."

"I'm keeping you safe, Cari here's a blanket," I told Iris before throwing the last blanket to Cari so she could wrap up in it.


"It'll be alright," I said softly even though I didn't feel that way. Twenty seconds left, "Ben come on," I called even though I despised him greatly; he'd be able to help protect Cari and Iris so I needed him alive.

Ben gave me a questioning look and opened his mouth to say something when the door burst open and two very angry looking pirates came in. My eyes snapped open in shock as our eyes locked. Worried to blood thirsty.

"Zim get in the pod!" Iris said in a worried shout as the pirates grinned at us. I looked over at Ben whom was pulling his pistol back out and aiming it at them.

Ten seconds left, "Well well well, nice to see you all gathered in the same room so we didn't have to work TOO hard to find you." I glared at the pirates and clenched my fists.

"Zim it's too late, get in the pod and let's go!" Iris snapped. I looked back over at her and quickly turned around to grab her jaw and kiss her passionately.

"It's not too late…it'll never be too late. Stay safe," I whispered as the pirates rushed forward towards us.

"ZIM!" Iris shouted upon realizing what I was about to do.

I spun around ignoring her pleas and slammed my fist into the side of an approaching pirates face, "Get in, Ben!" I shouted as the countdown started chanting five…four.

"Are you kidding me, and miss this action? In your dreams pretty boy." I growled angrily, I didn't have time for this.

"Take care of my mate," I spat while turning and shoving him into the pod as the countdown struck one, "TAKE CARE OF HER!" I shouted when Iris started shouting for me.

I turned back around to get punched in the gut and slammed back into the dash board. However it was ok because the pod was preceding its launch, nothing could stop it now, "You'll never get her," I spat at the pirates as they angrily started shouting orders to each other.

The yellow eyed Vortarian walked into the room as someone grabbed my throat and pinned me down onto the dash board. Two others came over and pinned my wrists so I was completely helpless and at the mercy of a blood thirsty pirate.

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