Isis had just finished taking her shower and dressing in the kimono and putting her shoulder length hair up in a blue crystal and mother of pearl hair clip. And then applied some soft pink rouge to her cheeks and a matching color of pink to her lips then stood back and looked at herself in the bathroom mirror.

Well... didn't she look, odd.

She was certainly no exotic beauty like her sister had been. Not with her mass of thick red hair and her turquoise eyes. But she looked passably pretty in her new kimono and makeup. Still...

Tilting her head to the side, she studied her reflection a bit more closely and was still doing so when she heard a noise outside of the bathroom and quickly turned her head to look at the door. It sounded like two people were moving around in her bedroom. Not Hun's people I hope, She thought in irritation as she just imagined the giant finding out about her trying on the kimono and using it to tease her or something. But then with the overly familiar way Hun had been acting with her, perhaps he might try to do a little more than merely tease her.

Shuddering at the prospect, she wrapped her arms around herself as if the simple motion could hold the thought at bay. Missing the door as it opened slowly and Leonardo peeked in and blinked.

Oh wow- He thought as he caught sight of Isis in the lovely white kimono with blue flowers on it and her hair styled up off of the nape of her neck with a few little trendles curling about her ears and cheeks. Dear god she was beautiful.

And this is the woman who will soon be my wife... He thought as he cleared his throat to gain her attention and jerked back a bit when she looked at him. Her expression, for a moment, terrified. And he was instantly at attention- his mind alert to any presence or threat that had caused her to look so frightened.

"Isis?" He said as he slowly entered the room and made his way over to her and grasped her slender shoulders in his large hands and turned her to face him, his expression concerned.

As she tipped her head back and blinked at him several times and then frowned as she asked, "L-Leo? What are you doing here? And why are you wearing such strange clothing? I kind of liked the mesh outfit better."

It was on the tip of his tongue to demand to know why she had been so scared a moment ago, but her curious questions followed by her comment about his mesh outfit threw him. This woman. Was that all she had to say to him? He wondered as she sort of took the collar of his ceremonial outfit between her slender fingers and tugged at it slightly as she asked again, "So what are you doing here and what's this?"

Sighing he placed his hand over her mouth to silence her for a moment, and didn't miss the sudden glare of displeasure that she gave him for quieting her as he asked in a dry tone, "Is that any way to speak to your soon-to-be-husband?"

Her eyes widened in shock and surprise as she lifted a hand to tap his wrist, indicating that he could remove his hand now. Likely before she tried to rip it off and shove it someplace uncomfortable, he mused as he dropped his hand back to his side only to be asked, "So you're father agreed to the terms of my sister's will?"

", actually he isn't listening to any form of reason as far as the will goes. And since he isn't acting in a reasonable capacity- with our clan in mind- then as the oldest son and heir, I have to act on behalf of my father and clan," Isis winched slightly and lifted a hand to rub at her nape as he continued, "Which is why, if you'll have me- my brother Donatello can act as a witness and we can be married tonight."