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Flunk the date

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Eruka's P.O.V

Hearing foot steps coming, I tried to get out of the hug with Karou-kun but it was to late. She (AKA Ai) found us 'cuddling' as she would call it and I felt my cheeks heat up. I heard her run away yelling sorry and stuff.

Standing up, I took his hand and walked around. People (or should I say 'twinscest fan girls) cam around the corner. Tightening my grip on his hand I ran into the room next to us. He closed the door as we darted inside and I hit my nose on the wall, cause I couldn't stop in time.

"Ow!" I yelped taking both hands to cover my nose.

I went to ask him to get me paper towel, but he was smirking at the sight in front of us. I even felt my mouth turn into a small smile.

Tamaki and Haruhi were kissing.

"Now… this is something new huh Tamaki-san?" I called causing them to open there eyes and jump back.

"Yah M'lord I thought you thought Haruhi was your 'precious daughter'. a father wouldn't hold that kiss for that long" he replied eyes glinting with evil thoughts.

"…. Don't tell anyone! Karou! Eruka! Please! Nobody can find out!" he cried wailing his hands around.

"ok we wont. But you have to come on a date with me and Eruka-chan" he said pulling me close with a smile across his face "Or we tell" he added

"Twins with to much time on their hands are the devils…" he replied, but nodding yes.

"Hey! I never agreed to date 'chu!" I said cheeks red.

"yes you did. I promise it will be fun." he said looking at me with a hint of pink on his face.


I hate when I give in so easily…..


Somehow Haruhi got Aiko to go with Mori-sempi. Anyways we were sitting in my room getting ready. They said it was a fancy ball and it was held at the Twins house. I didn't move from under my covers. I don't want to meet their parents. They wouldn't let us date, cause I am poor and he's Richy Rich. Shivering, Ai uncovered me and the warmth of my blanket.

" Put it back over my head Aiko and Haruhi" I said face in my pink pillow.

"Oh come on. They will like you if you A) sing or B) do gymnastics. that's how you met them anyways" said Haruhi sitting on my bed.

'Fine" I said getting up and into the shower.

10 minutes later

The nicest dress I had was a coral pale blue dress that went to my knees, white leggings and my boots (I have them in blue and red also).

I put on my wig and out it in a side pony. I don't want to them to think I'm a freak with my white hair.

I put on pale lip gloss and some light blush.

"I am done. How about you guys?" I asked stepping out of the bathroom.

"Yah" was their reply.

Haruhi wore a dark purple dress that went to her feet almost, white flats and a beret in her hair. She had blush on too.

Aiko (surprisingly) wore a cherry red dress (like mine) white high heels and her hair curled. She wore light eye shadow.

"Lets go. Haruhi you ride on Ai's bike"

Hikaru's and Karou's house

Parking our rides, I took of my helmet and fixed my hair. I hid behind Ai as she knocked on the door.

"Welcome to Master Hitachiin's ball. May I ask your names?" asked a girl.. Or two twin girls.

"Haruhi, Aiko and Eruka" replied Haruhi.

"Ok thank-you. Please come in" they smiled and led us into the main room, which I awed at.

The twins left to deal with other guests. I found Hunny-sempi and walked to him.

" Yo Hunny-sempi!" I called and he tuned around. He was cute in his tux.

"Eru-chan! You guys came!" he smiled and jumped into Ai's arms causing her to stumble.

"Mmhmm" I nodded and looked around.

You could tell we were out of place. I felt nervous and hid my face.

'Eru-chan? Why are you wearing a wig?" asked the teen boy playing with her blonde wig.

"I don't want people to think I am weird. And I feel out of place. I want to go home!" I said

I felt arms wrap around me and dragged me away from our small group.

I yelped when we came to a sudden stop. I still hit my face.

"Karou! don't treat a lady like that!" I herd a voice call. I bet it was his dad

"Ok ok. Anyways Mom Dad, this is Eruka. My date. She is also from Ouran." he grabbed my shoulder's and spun me around. Yelling again I hide my face in his arm.

'Its ok sweetie. You don't have to be shy" smiled a lady I was guessing was his mom.

I took his arm away from my face and smiled shyly.

"Hello. Mr. and Ms. Hitachiin. Its nice to meet you. I am Eruka Rose Shuzen" and I bowed. I came back up to warm faces.

"Are you the Daughter of Shuzen Co?" ask his dad.

"Um about that… I am from America and I don't have such wealth like you guys. I only entered Ouran because of my skills in music and gymnastics." I said.

The mother held a warm face still but the dad. that's when I felt like I wanted to puke.

"May I speak to you Karou" his dad asked and he got taken away. I felt like I wanted to cry. I knew that would happen. I covered my face again and cried a bit.

"Oh dear, don't cry Eruka-chan. If worst comes to worst I will talk to my husband. I bet you will be together before you could score a another medal in gymnastics." she smiled and took my hands away and wiped my face with a napkin.

"I also herd from Tamaki you have white hair. Is this true?' she asked and I felt like I wanted to punch Tamaki.

"H-Hai.." I said and took off my wing, my white hair falling around my tear-stained face.

"don't cover up such lovely hair" she said and played with it. that's when they came back.

"See Karou! White Hair! No I am sorry" and he walked away. His mother took off after him and yelled at him.

"Eruka…" he said but I took off running.

I will text Ai when I get home. I am leaving. I don't want to stay here any longer.

I got on my scooter and rode home. Once I got there I trashed my helmet on the chair, locked the door, turned on the T.V and cried into the couch falling asleep soon after.

Worst date of my life. And with Karou-kun too.

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