WARNING! This fanfic will contain explicit sex of an erotic fantasy reversible homosexual nature (USUK/UKUS). It will also have mild to sometimes graphic fantasy violence, swearing, other sexual aspects, animal features, and historical influences. You have been warned.


Chapter One

By Pixiedust291

This is dedicated to everyone who needs a little magic in their life


He thrashed on to top of the sheet, dreaming. It was always the same, every night when the moon was highest in the sky. He dreamed of smooth flesh moving under his palms, and the smoothest softest fur caressing over his body. He envisioned his fingers combing through short honey blonde hair. He felt arms close around him and a hot mouth press against his throat. A skilled tongue circled and brushed across his pulse just before he bit. "You are mine." A voice with a lilting accent whispered in his ear. Fire sparked and spilled downward, making his heart pound franticly in his chest. His blood called to him and seemed to grow hot in his veins. A round, charming face with high cheek bones looked at him from half-closed, emerald greed eyes under thick dark brows. "Do you want me?"

"God yes." Alfred heard himself gasping.

"It will cost you."

Cost? A shiver broke across his skin. "What do you want?"

The man's dark green gaze focused on him with feral heat. "I want your heart and soul." A mouth made for sin curved upward into a breathtakingly adorable smile. "Will you give them to me?" A clawed hand gently scraped down his pectoral, making sure to graze over his nipple. Alfred gasped. The man grinned "After all, they are already mine." He leaned up, his mouth just a breath away from Alfred's. "Kiss me." Lips covered his. A tongue plunged in to taste, to explore with velvet strokes. He moaned and moved to push the other man onto his back so that their naked bodies could press against one another.

Alfred snapped awake, his body bolting upright in the bed. The scream echoed in his ears. He gasped for breath, blinking in the darkness of his bedroom. He shoved the sheets away from his sweaty skin. Once again, as like all the other times, there were thin slits within the fabric. Alfred gulped, pretending to not see them. On top of his ruined bed sheets, thick smears of hot wetness were causing his boxers to stick to his groin. He groaned and made his way toward the shower, his cat followed hot on his heels. Naturally the feline assumed that since Alfred was up it must be meal time. Alfred made a quick glance over his shoulder at his alarm clock. It was way too early for this.

He stepped into the small, glassed-in shower stall and turned on the water. In minutes the bathroom was full of steam. He hung his head and let the hot splattering droplets cascade down his face. Why was it that every night he had the same wet dream? More importantly why was the person in his dreams someone he did not know? Whatever. He had asked himself these questions so many times before. He had even tried to seek out professional help, but no one was able to make the dreams stop or tell him why he was having them.

Alfred shut off the shower, after giving his body a quick wash, and stepped out. Yawning, he reached for the towel, glancing at his own reflection in the mirror. He froze. His dark blue eyes widened in horror as he let the towel fall to the floor and looked at himself in the mirror. A thin line of scarlet was running down his throat. Two finger-long lines and two tiny marks beneath them, clearly from upper and lower canine teeth, marred the side of his throat. Something had bitten him, and the distance between the marks was too great to be his own cat. "What the hell is this?" He pressed his finger against the wounds.

In the dream, he'd been bitten- right there.

But dreams didn't ever become real, did they? He wiped his hands down his face. "Why does all the weird shit happen to me?" He picked up a washrag, wet it, and dabbed at the blood.

Everything in his life had started turning weird around the time he had turned ten years old. He remembered the exact day it had happened to. What the hell had happened to him in the woods all those years ago. An image of sunlight through autumn leaves and a creature with silver fur dashing through the foliage flashed before his eyes. No, that couldn't be right. His mind was mixing the dream with what little memory he had. He'd been bitten by something with fangs. Someone with fangs. No, it had been an animal not a person. Why did he have to keep reminding himself of that?

Not caring about his nudity he padded down the hall and into the kitchen. His cat meowed hungrily. After feeding the adamant feline a can of tuna he opened up his fridge, grabbed a soda, then went to the cookie jar where he secretly hid all of his chocolate. He walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. He did not bother to turn on the light switch for the moonlight shining through the screen door illuminated everything just fine for him to see. He looked up at the wall just behind his television. Hanging high on the wall was a painting he had done his freshman year of high school. It had been the only artistic piece he had ever created. The painting was done in simple watercolors and showed the image of a golden fox resting amongst a meadow of spring flowers. He didn't know why he had chosen to pain the fox gold, but it had seemed natural to him. As if there was no other color in the world it could have been.

Sometimes he felt as if the painting was connected to the nightmares. He had tried to sell it or throw it out many times, but when it finally came down to it he always lost his nerve. Occasionally he would look up at the painting and he swore the fox's eyes, which he had painted closed, were open and staring at him. Watching him. A shiver ran down his spine. He hated scary things. However, he continued to stare up at the painting. In the darkness, it almost looked as if the fox's body was breathing.


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