By Pixiedust291


Alfred slowly opened his eyelids as the sun peeked in through the blinds and began to hurt his eyes. Grumbling to himself he turned over and came within inches of Arthur's sleeping face. The man's silver fox ears were folded flat against his head as he dreamed peacefully. Alfred grinned and moved forward, kissing him on the lips. He had intended to stop there but when Arthur began to stir and awaken Alfred took the opportunity to climb on top of him and begin to kiss down his neck.

Arthur groaned and chuckled as he awoke, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "Oh my," he joked "It seems I am being eaten alive."

"It's your fault for being so cute." Alfred replied as he nipped his mate's neck. "You know what day it is right?"

Arthur moaned "I know it's the month of July." He pushed Alfred off as he leaned up into a sitting position "Honestly, making an Englishman celebrate America's independence is just wrong."

"Oh come on." Alfred grinned "Just think of it as a birthday."

"The only reason you are excited is because this is the only time of the year I will willingly eat those grilled hamburgers of yours."

Alfred folded his arms across his chest "You used to eat them all the time during our first year together."

"Because I wanted to make you happy." Arthur retorted as he got out of bed "Now after nearly a century I'm fine with you being miserable." Alfred laughed and fell backward on the bed. "It's about time we get up anyway. We need to go shopping for that party of yours."

"I told you I did that yesterday. I got everything we needed."

"Did you get anything to make a salad?" Alfred frowned and Arthur raised a brow, knowing his mate all to well. "You just bought everything you would need to make those hamburgers didn't you?"

"No. I also got the stuff to make smores."

Arthur rolled his eyes and couldn't help but smile. "I'll do the shopping if you get the backyard ready." Alfred kicked off the covers and got out of bed, looking around on the floor for the jeans he had kicked off last night. "And don't spend all day playing games with Alice."

Alfred waved a hand, tugging on his jeans. Once his pants were on he went to the door and opened it "I'm going to go wake the kits and make breakfast." He called to Arthur as he saw the Englishman enter the bathroom. He walked down the hall to where the kids rooms were.

His house was not as big as Arthur's, but Alfred felt it made their living arrangements more cozy. Still, Arthur had insisted Alfred buy a two level home. He didn't know why but the man seemed to like stairs. At the end of the hall were two doors. One belonged to his son, Allan, and the other, with the My Little Pony stickers, belonged to his daughter, Alice. Opening his son's door first Alfred walked in and switched on the light "Come on kiddo it's time to wake up." He looked to the bed but found it empty. That could only mean one thing. The boy was already up and making breakfast.

Alfred smirked. Allen was very much like Arthur in his personality. In fact, the only part about him that resembled Alfred was his dark golden hair. He even had Arthur's eyebrows. The boy was very studious and rather quiet, preferring to read books or watch his father and his sister play video games. He hardly ever participated himself. Alfred, for a time, had been worried about the boy but Arthur had assured him it was normal. Leaving Allen's room Alfred then turned and opened the door to his daughter's room.

Alice was a different case entirely. She had long blond hair, the same color as Arthur's, but resembled Alfred more. She was always rambunctious and enjoyed eating hamburgers and playing video games just as much as her father did, much to Arthur's dismay. Alfred leaned over the bed and pulled back the cover. The little girl didn't even wake as he lifted her up and into his arms, being sure to not accidentally squish her small gold fox tail.

Cradling her against his chest he left the room and went down the stares. Sure enough when he rounded the corner Allen was just taking the scones out of the oven. The boy may have looked no older then the age of ten but Alfred knew he was mature beyond his years. "Morning." Alfred smiled as he walked over and placed a hand on Allen's shoulder "Looks great." He was happy the boy, though he had inheriting Arthur looks, and not inherited his horrible cooking.

"I made some biscuits for you." Allen offered, pointing to the table.

Alfred turned and noticed the small plate piled high with golden colored biscuits. A jar of jam and English clotted cream were also on the table. Alfred patted Allen's head, being mindful of his dark silver fox ears, and he then went to sit down. He pulled out a seat and gently set Alice down before sitting himself across from her. The young girl, who looked no more then five, yawned as she just began to wake up. She rubbed her eyes and then looked around. "Morn'n." she mumbled sleepily. Her green eyes then focused in on the biscuits. Without a word Alfred grabbed one, split it in half, added some clotted cream to each side, and then handed it to her.

He leaned back in his chair and watched both of them. He couldn't understand how two siblings could be so different. "Alfred!" Alfred turned his attention to Arthur as he came in. The Brit was fully dressed in his usual casual sweater vest and pants. He went immediately to Alice and began trying to brush his fingers through her long blond hair. He cast Alfred an annoyed look "I told you I think everyone should be dressed when they come to the table. That means you have to help her out of her pajamas and you," he pointed a finger "Have to have a shirt on."

Alfred was going to retort that Arthur had not minded him going shirtless last night, but that would be inappropriate in front of the kits. With an apologetic look he accepted the coffee cup Allen brought him and took a long sip.

He simply stared at the three of them. He had come a long way from the lonely man he had been in that apartment not to long ago. It was so strange how drastically life could change some times. He was just happy his had been for the better. He felt something brush against his legs. Leaning down and peering under the table he smiled down at his large fat cat. Behind him was Arthur's smaller Scottish fold cat.

"Has anyone fed the cats this morning?"

"I'll do it!" Alice cheered.

"No you won't. That can opener can be dangerous." Arthur picked her up "Now let's go get you dressed. You're coming with me to the store."

"Dad will I be helping you set up the Fourth of July decorations again?" Alfred nodded "Will everyone be coming over again?" he nodded again. Allen smiled "That's good to hear. I haven't seen Kaoru is such a long time." Kaoru was Kiku and Yao's son, and one of Allen's very close friends.

Alfred shook his head. It was going to be a rather busy day. He frowned. He had even invited Francis over, but that was more because the fox had stared dating his brother. Alfred still didn't know what serendipitous event had caused that to happen. And he wasn't altogether sure he liked it. He sighed and leaned back. It didn't matter. All in all life was good and he was deliriously happy.