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Pairing: SoRoku (Sora x Roxas)
Summary: He was a photographer, and the other, his model.

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Chapter 1

Whenever the blue sky touches the horizon, most especially in the morning, all Sora Leonhart can ever think about is how magical they come together. As if azure swatches would come down and paint the land in subtle strokes, two different concepts would blend together to form a spectacle of a scene. Though it's already been a few years since he's started taking pictures of such sights, they have never failed to amaze him every time.

"A photograph can create a story."

His mother used to tell him every time they went out into his veranda to watch the stars. They'd taken to star-gazing those times when Sora was too awake to go to bed. Once, he had asked his mother why she always hung photos on all the walls in the house. The smile she gave him was really pretty, and he could only vaguely remember what she said in response. He became too preoccupied with the thought that her smile was the envy of moms around.

"Because, Sora…" she started, but when she saw him looking smug and proud, she chuckled at him. Sora raised a dark brow at his mother and pouted, not understanding why she would suddenly laugh at him. She wiped a nonexistent tear from her eye as she stopped laughing, and leaned down to whisper softly in his ear. He intently listened this time, and when he understood what she told him, his eyes sparkled.

Photographs are not objects, but memories.

Sora returns reluctantly from his reminiscing and the scene he has come to love a while ago catches his blue eyes. There are now white fluffs in the sky and the warm wind he was feeling before is now a little cooler. Though the clouds were starting to envelope the sky, the azure color imminently coming to a close, what was in front of him was still a breathtaking sight, and he couldn't help bringing up his camera and snapping up a photo of the scenery.

But while the pictures he could produce were amazing (a lot of people would often credit him, and it makes him flustered), Sora knew there was always something amiss in his photographs. His friends would ask him what the hell he would mean by 'something amiss' because they believed he was good enough to be a professional. Kairi and Riku would comment on how angled his camera was or how natural the effects of his photos were, and they would be disbelieving whenever he complained in exasperation about how something was lacking in his photos.

Something was always missing, but Sora couldn't pinpoint what it was.

A quiet buzz from his pocket tells him someone sent him a text, and as swift as he could manage, he gently tucks his digital SLR under his arm. He pulls out the offending device out of his jeans' pocket—stupid phone interrupted his photography time—and opens it in irritation.

"Hello?" he voices in an annoyed huff. He really wasn't in the mood to talk, and he felt that taking a break from openly gaping and admiring the scene laid out in front of him was nothing short of scandalous. Who dared to interrupt his sacred hobby?

"Sora!" Ah, of course, who else but Kairi? He starts massaging the bridge of his nose, what did the redhead want? Sora wasn't by any means disdainful or rude or anything near the like. He was actually quite the opposite. But if some person would try to intrude on his special time with his beloved camera, they would have a grumpy brunette ready to bark at them.

Apparently, his female friend forgot that one little important detail about him.

"Mmm. What can I do for you, Hayden?" he teases her, feeling a little wicked for the interruption. He knew how much she hated it when she was called by her last name. A little payback would be nice, his mind had suggested firsthand.

"Oh gee, thanks for asserting the friendship we have, Leonhart. Really touched." She grumbles in response. Sora lets out a silent snicker.

"Sorry, Kai. But what was I supposed to do?" he shrugs in mock innocence, even though he knew she couldn't see him.

"Maybe you can, oh I don't know, call me by my first name?" Kairi's tone drips with sarcasm.

"Yeah, I know. I was just messing with you." Sora confesses, laughing at how serious yet hilarious Kairi sounded. She didn't like being called by her last name, believing that friends should call each other by their first names. She was weird like that, but it was how she showed her thoughtfulness and appreciation. It was one of the silly things Sora liked about her.

"Really now?" he can tell she was puffing out her cheeks.

"Uhuh. You interrupted my 'special time', y'know?"

"So that's why! You and your camera." Kairi giggles at him, her peals of laughter suddenly taunting him and sending him into a fit of embarrassment. His cheeks redden at being teased, his mouth quirks into his infamous pout. While silently fussing over Kairi's teasing remark, Sora slips the phone on his shoulder as his hands smoothly grab the strap of his camera. He slings it effortlessly on his other shoulder as he takes back the phone in his hand. Onto walking now.

"…I'm gonna start calling you Hayden if you're just going to mock me." He could hear her gasp in horror over the device, and he smiles.

"You do that, Leonhart, and when you come back here, I'm snapping your precious camera in half!"

"Oh no! There it is! The appearance of the She-devil!" Sora jokes halfheartedly, quite afraid she might actually push through with her threat. He starts trudging the steps towards his university, feeling a little troubled by how he'll lose ten minutes of his morning free time just because he forgot to take his bike today. It takes him three seconds to walk before he's halted in shock by a screech on the other line.

"Sora Leonhart! You are so dead!"

He winces at the high-pitched claim and promptly sighs in worry. Did he really have to deal with her this early in the morning? He takes a quick glance at his watch and he realizes he still has thirty minutes to spare before his first class starts. Maybe he can pester Kairi for a while to keep himself entertained.

"Sure, Kairi. Whatever you say." He grins at her sudden lack of response. When the silence stretched out for far too long, Sora mulls over his reply. But then he heard her speak again before he could apologize for his joke.

"Mr. Strife wanted to talk to you, by the way." At the mention of his favorite teacher's name, his eyes shoot up in surprise. Still on the line, Sora could practically feel Kairi's sinister smile radiating over the phone. Evil woman, his rueful mind jabs at her. He coolly answers her back.


"And? That's it? That's your reaction?" she says, incredulous.

"What? Were you expecting something?" He quips, this time being the one throwing the tease. The brunette starts walking again, his steps getting firmer as he gets closer to his destination.

"Oh, nothing. Well anyway, Mr. Strife needs to see you during break. There was something he wanted to discuss with you."

"Yeah, alright. Thanks, Kai." Sora wonders, what would he want to talk about?

"No problem. Bye, Sor!"

He ends the call with a little reluctance, after having said his own goodbye to the redhead. There were many more things he wanted to ask regarding what Mr. Strife needed to talk to him about, but there was no time anymore and he only had ten minutes left before the first bell rings. Suddenly, a strong arm comes out from behind him. The sudden appearance of an arm takes him by surprise, and then the arm proceeded to grab him harshly around the neck.

Without realizing it, he's on the receiving end of a noogie, and when he tries to look up, all that greets him is long, silver hair. The silver-haired guy messing up his head slips out a low snicker, eventually ruffling Sora's spiky brown locks and letting him out of headlock a moment later. The brunette pouts at him in childish flair, peeved at getting a noogie out of nowhere and at how much more unruly his hair had become because of the ruffling. The perpetrator only smirks smugly.

"Morning, Sora." Riku tells him, his hand coming up and resting atop the smaller boy's head. Sora gives him one of his bright smiles.

"Morning." He answers in kind, immediately getting his legs to walk again as Riku followed him to the entrance of the university. The taller boy quickly decides to strike up some sort of conversation.

"So, what's up?"

"Myself, duh." Sora lazily answers, his thoughts wandering on whatever discussion he would be having later lunch with his Art teacher. Mr. Strife was Sora's favorite professor as well as his acclaimed mentor, having been the brunette's Art teacher for well over a year now and having taught him and trained him in various art techniques. Sora wouldn't admit it to himself or to others, but sometimes he felt like he was the blonde professor's favorite pupil. It was such an egotistic feeling, but he still felt that way anyways.

"Wow, didn't take you to be such a pun master." Riku snorts at him.

Oh right, his lame pun.

"Heh, sorry. I've got some things on my mind. But it's true, you know! The sky is up."

Sora points up to the blue vastness surrounding them, the luminous smile he shows never breaking its intensity. His blue eyes become a little glossy, as they turn their attention towards the beautiful sky above. He's happiest when he's staring at the sky, Riku can tell as he observes the brunette. He gently nudges him in the ribs, smirking at the way Sora scuttles back and narrows his eyes at him in slight annoyance.

"C'mon, Pun Master, run!" Riku ushers him inside the building to where their classroom was, the both of them only a minute from being called late.


"You want me to what?!" Sora exclaims in bewilderment, appalled by the news his teacher had just—had repeatedly told him.

"I told you already, geez! I want you to enter the next Photography Exhibit."

Mr. Strife's silky voice flits through his ears, piercing bluish-green eyes locking with his own. Sora gratefully takes in a deep, concealed breath, his heart speeding up a bit at the sight of his professor's cool, icy eyes. He has always found Mr. Cloud Strife awfully attractive, with his whopping mess of blonde spiky hair, his fair tan and those unmistakably clear blue mako eyes. His handsome features were blinding.

Destiny Twilight University's blonde Art professor was one piece of hot ass ogled daily by hordes of hormonally-charged college females, and a few of the homosexual males present in the school. And Sora had to admit that —while at best he believed himself to be bi-curious— Mr. Strife was a truly gorgeous specimen of man. Those mako eyes could seriously pierce through the soul of a person, and those lips looked plump and inviting. Sora fights off an incoming shiver and involuntarily shakes his head in an attempt to shoo off unwanted images of his professor in his mind. He stares right back at Mr. Strife.

"But I'm just an amateur!" he reasons, disbelief evident on his face.

"Your portfolio says otherwise." Cloud points out, feeling a little frazzled for bickering with his student. Picking up the black envelope lying on his table, he fingers the blue string attached to the button on the back before deciding against opening it. "Like that painting you did with oil and acrylic, most of your works are graded A+, and I've thought of submitting some of them to the MIMA."

"You never told me that!" Sora whispers in a harsh tone, not liking where this was going.

He had been expecting some sort of mundane news about a project of his or if there was something Mr. Strife needed him to revise or redo when it came to his works. Instead, he was unceremoniously thrown into an offer to be the university's representative for the next National Photography Exhibit, which, if he remembered correctly, would be in a months' time.

A freaking month's time.

Fuck this!

"No, just no." Sora declines with an unnaturally straight face. The frown that subsequently mars Cloud's face still partially blinded the brunette. Gods, why was he so handsome? On the other hand, Cloud mutters quietly about 'stubbornness' and 'similar little brothers', making Sora arch a confused brow at his professor.

The blonde teacher furrows his eyebrows, contemplating on how to persuade the brunette to enter the competition. The kid had the most potential out of all the students he had had in the past, and he, as a teacher, was extremely proud of him. The school may have also just gotten the perfect chance to grab gold this year for the competition, so Cloud felt that pushing through with entering Sora for the exhibit was an absolute necessity.

All honorable tactics be damned.

"You enter this competition and win first place, I'll automatically pass you with flying colors for next semester. And all your other grades will increase."

Sora's poker face falters to an extent, shining blue eyes widening exponentially. The offer was tempting…but what about if he didn't win? Would he—wait, why was he thinking of winning when he wanted no part in this? He mentally pounds himself and cursed at the smirk Cloud shot at him, realizing he gave the blonde an opportunity to goad him into entering.

He was about to refuse the offer once more when Cloud continued, "If you don't win first place but enter the competition and receive an award, I'll still increase your grade and allow you to pass any form of art work using any medium, regardless of our topic for this semester. And that D you have in Chemistry will be catapulted to B+." the smirk widens even more at the sight of Sora noticeably blanching.

One more persuasion wouldn't hurt.

"If you don't enter, I'll fail you this sem." That last one was a clincher, as he noted the poor boy almost crumbling to dust at the threat.

Grabbing his portfolio from his teacher's hands, Sora shoots Cloud a dirty look before haphazardly turning around and heading for the door. A smile graces the older man's lips, a chuckle forming at the back of his throat at how horrific the situation must seem to the brunette. He suddenly remembers one very essential aspect for the exhibit and calls out to his student before said student completely exits his office.

"There's no particular theme, but a human model is necessary before you sign up!" The room suddenly became deathly quiet, until the door was slammed closed.

And Cloud's chuckle leaves his lips.


Sora counts on his fingers, "Riku, Kairi, Naminé, Selphie, Tidus, Wakka, Yuna…" and he went on and on.

None of the people he knew and were close to were good enough to be his model for the exhibit. Riku would never be caught dead as a model for a big event like an exhibit. Kairi was a little too showy (but she was pretty, Sora had to give her that). Kairi's sister, Naminé, was a tad bit too shy and introverted as opposed to her sociable elder twin sister. Selphie, Tidus and Wakka were out of the roster, simply because none of them could hold onto a serious façade for long and their faces would only break into silly smiles for the camera over time. Yuna and the others were too busy, so neither of them could be his model.

But then, who?

His tanned hand smoothly runs through dark spiky locks, and Sora could only muster a small sigh despite having so many expectations on his shoulders. The competition was in one month, and he needed to find a model fast if he wanted to start early and finish in time. Damned Strife and his unreasonable tactics, Sora mentally accuses.

But then again, hearing his professor praise him and even tell him that he had been thinking of entering his works in the Midgar Institute of Media and Arts was quite flattering, and the blonde's offers were tempting, so maybe his tactics weren't all unreasonable. Sora mentally facepalms and he rolls his eyes for letting himself be led around. He was so gullible.

Whatever, screw it all.

He ponders on what themes to use, and quickly decides to use just anything since he was given the freedom to choose. That was one problem solved, but the real problem lies in finding a potential model. No, scratch that, he had to find the perfect model to fit all kinds of themes. And that was one task impossible to do in his current state of mind. Sora distances himself a little from his surroundings and takes in everything around him in stride. He was on his way home, and he desperately needed a place to think over all these things. All of a sudden, a light bulb goes off in his head.

Miss Aerith's garden.

That's it! That's where he needs to be right now! Miss Aerith's garden wasn't so much a garden, but more of a sanctum for flowers of all kinds. White lilies, blue and white violets, peonies and primroses, there were sunflowers and all colors of tulips, some bluebells, camellias, and red, white and pink carnations. There were few hibiscuses, some daffodils and daisies present, three shrubs of irises, and a patch of well-cared for narcissus. But the most prominent of the flowers were the roses. All kinds of colors artfully dotted the rose garden that Miss Aerith had. It was practically a haven for horticulture enthusiasts and for art maniacs like Sora.

He dashes towards the modest English teacher's house with a speed that could parry lightning. Sora had a goal in mind and that was to think of the perfect model for his photo compilation. Miss Aerith's garden was just the place he was looking for and he—the brunette stops dead in his tracks when he arrives at the outside of his professor's personalized home garden.

Though it was only the outside, the outer garden was a magical sight, extending far into the woods near his teacher's house. There were fewer bushes of flowers outside, but definitely still a sight to behold. Miss Aerith's garden was a special attraction among the city folks. She was allowed by the mayor to have her own botanical garden for researching new plants and flowers, as well as to incorporate her own garden. It grew in size and diversity until it became what it is now, and people from other places and cities would sometimes come and enjoy the view. An unauthorized person wouldn't be allowed in without a pass card though.

Sora was glad he was close to his teacher, and that she was very fond of him. Aerith had given him a personal card in case he would want to visit the inner garden anytime. He brings out the golden card, swipes it on the security lock, and the gates open. Sora hurriedly takes back his card and goes in while closing the door. What greets him inside completely freezes him in awe.

The inner garden never ceases to overwhelm him.

A million different colors embrace his sight, he was almost blinded by the beauty of it all. The inner garden looked like the creation story for colors, pigments coming from all angles that you could be enveloped in rainbows. The brunette takes a tentative step towards the flowers, basking in multiple scents that made his head spin a little. But here, this place here, is where he should be thinking. This was the perfect place for conceptualization.

Carefully placing his feet in the sea of flowers, Sora was cautious not to accidentally step on any of the plants because then Aerith would scold him. She was scary when mad. His thoughts take a turn and delve towards the offer Mr. Strife gave him not too long ago. A human model was necessary for the photo book, but where in the world would he find that person? For all he knew, that person could be—


The brunette's senses are attacked by the fragrance of flowers, and he finds himself face-to-face with the infamous patch of narcissus on the ground. He had dived into it the moment his leg had caught itself up with something else. Sora props himself on his elbows, then brushes his hand against his face and checks for any injuries. Thankfully there were none, and he quickly moved aside to get up.

He suddenly becomes entangled with another body, and his hands find themselves on either side of a head. Sora's breath hitches in his throat as his whole body becomes rigid, bright blue eyes scanning over the figure.

Smooth, porcelain skin sweeps over the Art student's eyes, and he finds them widening at their own accord. The pale skin was topped off with a halo of golden blonde hair, attractive spikes leaning more to right side of the head. The blonde hair encased a heart-shaped face and a healthy blush sported the person's cheeks, long blonde eyelashes set down as the person's eyes were shut close. Here in front of him, was a beautiful person.

Sora didn't know if the person was a boy or a girl, but either way he couldn't stop himself from gaping at them. His eyes wander down to the expanse of a lean chest and he hadn't the will to stop himself from lightly stroking it with his fingers. Even with the shirt on, he could feel the smoothness of the skin beneath the surface, and abruptly he wonders what it would be like to actually touch it without the clothes. His eyes glaze a little in thought and his fingers press firmer on the clothed chest of the blonde.

The brunette feels the body inhale a deep breath and panic quickly sets in, until the blonde lets out the smallest of sighs and visibly relaxes at his touch. Sora sighs in relief and inwardly shivers at the thought that he had incited such a response from the attractive blond. He mentally slaps himself and thinks that maybe he's a closet pervert for wanting to do it again. If that sigh meant that the person felt good, what would a whimper or a moan mean? Sora colors red and immediately banishes the thoughts away.

On the other hand, he realizes that the blonde underneath him is actually a boy. He looked too much like a girl, but he was handsome nonetheless. Even too attractive for his own good. Sora carefully disentangles himself from the blonde and stumbles back quietly. He gets up on wobbly legs and pats the dust off his jeans. Then all of a sudden, he finds himself staring wide-eyed at the blonde boy, the scene before him a picture ready to be taken.

There, in the middle of the sea of colorful flowers, was the sleeping blonde boy. His face was the epitome of serenity and calmness, a fitting image for the bed of colors on which he sleeps upon. The boy looked like a willing sacrifice for a god, prepared for his doom, yet at the same time, his glory.

Picture-perfect? Most definitely.

Sora doesn't register his hands searching for his digital SLR, and when he does, his camera is aimed, ready to capture and store the beautiful moment. He angles his camera for that perfect shot, holding steady the base, and the wonderful click resounds in his ears. At the sound of a click, the blonde boy's eyes slowly open, and Sora's bright blue eyes hold crystal blue ones. The blonde boy blinks innocently at him, and his soulful blues mystify the other.

The brunette's heart skips a beat, his eyes turn large and his throat goes bone-dry.

Sora Leonhart has found his model.

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