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Chapter 5: Debbie and Andee Part 1

(Normal POV)

It has been almost a week after Finn and Bloodlust's duel in the Candy Kingdom. After the battle, Finn and the others, including Bloodlust, went back to the treehouse to heal Finn with the Cyclops tears Finn got on his adventure to heal his and Jake's wounds. Although his physical wounds on the outside of his body were healed, his internal wounds felt like he got run over by a train. Luckily Bloodlust used some healing powers to help Finn. After the healing, Finn had felt much better and stronger like he could take on 10 Bloodlusts. Well, if he was lucky. Anyways after that day, it had been a week,

Finn and Bloodlust are still trying to see who is the better warrior. It was not a difficult decision of who was better but they fought anyways. Today, the two rivals were dueling once again to see who is stronger. Fionna, Gary, Jake, Cake, and even Flame Princess were watching them as they were sitting down in front of the treehouse. A few days ago, Bloodlust discovered that one of Seraphina's friends was Finn and they had been dating. Finn also learned that Seraphina, though he still did not know her real name, and Bloodlust met and how they got to know each other. Both humans were shocked to find all of this out. And Flame Princess was still mad at Bloodlust for fighting Finn and almost killing him a week ago. He apologized numerous times but he always laughed whenever he did. Seraphina forgave him after the day the two rivals fought. As long as they were both still alive, she was fine with their rivalry.

(Finn's POV)

I struck towards Bloodlust's head but he ducked and tripped me. He tried to slice me in half while I was on the ground but I rolled out of the way. I jumped onto my feet and gave my opponent a roundhouse kick to the head. He drops to one knee and I took this as a chance to kick him in the face. But when I did he caught it with one hand, stood back up, and kneed me in my crotch. Everyone watching us went "ooh" when this happened. I groaned in pain as I laid in the grass. "Ah jeez, really? You can't hit another guy in the junk you perv... ouch." I said, clutching where my crotch was while I had my legs crossed, groaning.

"Finn! Are you ok?" Flame Princess asked, worrying about me again. She doesn't have to worry about me when I'm dueling with Bloodlust. Although he does go a little too far, in my opinion, during our battles, I know he won't kill me because of a few reasons. One is because he's not going to kill a 'worthy opponent' like he said. Two is that I trust him. Three is that he's my friend. Boy, never thought I'd consider him a friend since the first day I met him.

"Yeah I'm ok." I said softly while trying to get up. When I got to my feet, I tried to keep my balance from that cheapshot Bloodlust pulled. Bloodlust laughs and says,

"Sorry Finn but you have got to be prepare for the unexpected." He grinned slightly, acting all cool. Well according to Marshall and especially Marceline that he was. I didn't think so, except only his swordsmanship. I respected that.

I gave him a smirk and said, "Well then I bet your not prepared for this." I grabbed a small purple ball out of my pocket, that I got from Choose Goose, and threw it at my feet. It exploded and smoke dispersed around me. I took this opportunity to jump up and grab a branch that extended from the treehouse. I hung on top of it, waiting for the right moment to strike. When the smoked cleared, everyone was looking around for me. Bloodlust looked all over the place. I tightened my grip on my sword and I jumped from the trees when his back was turned. But somehow he ducked and kicked me in the back. Then when I rolled over, his sword was pointing right at my neck.

"I win." He said smirking at me now.

"Huh? How did you know I was going to attack you from behind like that?" I asked.

"It's quite simple really." He sheathed his sword back into his scabbard and helped me up. "I knew that you would be hiding somewhere close by like in the branches of the treehouse because well," Looks around to prove his point. "We're out in an open field. There wouldn't be anywhere to hide. Also I could hear the tree branch snap a bit. I have great hearing."

"Dang dude, I never thought about that." I said defeatedly. He was right. We are in an open field. And since we fought close to the treehouse, that would be the only place to hide in. We walked over to our friends, who were standing up. Flame Princess ran up and hugged me. Then she started kissing me on my cheeks and asked,

"Are you ok? Did he cut you up anywhere? Does anything-"

"Whoa whoa, relax FP! Take a deep breath." I instructed her so she could calm down. After she took a deep breath and let it out, I hugged her and kissed her on the lips. "I'm fine FP. You know Bloodlust won't kill me." I smiled at her to make her feel better.

"Maybe I will, maybe I won't." Bloodlust said from behind Flame Princess, snickering at me. Flame Princess gave him a death stare. He just chuckled again and said, "Aw that's so sweet that your copying me Little Red."

"I'm not, B.L.T." She smiled and laughed at him.

"Yeah don't call me that." He said in a low voice. Now he gave her a death stare but more sinister than her's. Her smile disappeared and looked kinda scared. "Hehe, don't pee your dress FP. I'm just kidding." He laughed.

"Whatever B.L." She smiled back and giggled. I'm glad that these two can get along.

Then the next voice I heard was Jake's. "Dude that's the fourth time this week that Bloodlust kicked your butt!" He said running up to me, chuckling.

"Shut up man! I don't need to hear it from you. I get enough of that from B.L. already." I said looking down on the ground.

"Don't call me B.L. Finn." Bloodlust said as he laid down in the grass.

"But Flame Princess can call you that."

"Because I like her. She's a good friend so only she can call me that. Well I'll let Marshall get away with it but I mainly let her and Marceline call me that any time." He said closing his eyes. I've notice that he talks a lot about Marceline from time to time. I wonder what that is about.

I shrugged it off as we all went inside the treehouse. Cake and Jake climbed upstairs and went into the living room to play Beemo. Then Bloodlust followed and sat right in between them. I could see the two slightly shaking in fear of Bloodlust. Well who could blame them? Flame Princess said that when she met him, she was slightly scared. Plus Jake and Cake are easily terrified of Marshall and Marceline whenever they go and scare the two animals. I sat down at the kitchen table with Fionna and Gary. As we sat down and talked, FP tended to my cuts and bruises with a bottle of Cyclops tears. After she was done I thanked her and she kissed me on the cheek. "Hey guys, we should go see Marshall and Marcy for a jam session."

"That would be sweet bro." Fionna said as she gave me a fist bump.

"Well let's go then." Gary said jumping out of his seat. Jake and Cake stopped playing Beemo and walked downstairs with Gary and Fionna. Bloodlust followed the others, as did I but I looked back at Beemo and said,

"You remember what to do when we're are gone right buddy?"

"Yes Finn. If anyone tries to rob the place, I will kill them." Beemo answered with a smile.

"Haha good. We'll be back soon." I said going down the stairs. "Bye Beemo!"

"Bye Finn!" I saw Beemo wave at me before I left the treehouse. When I walked out, I saw that Bloodlust turned into a werewolf.

"Hey Gary, FP! Want to have a race to see who can get to Marceline and Marshall's cave first?" Bloodlust asked the two.

"Heck yeah! I'll win for sure." Gary said before he went over to Fionna, kiss her, and then turn into a werewolf himself. Both Gary's and Bloodlust's werewolf forms practically look exactly alike. Except the color of the fur.

"Well that sounds like fun. I'll be sure not to burn either of you when your right behind me, losing." Flame Princess said confidently. Then her flames grew bigger as she transformed into her Flame Mode, ready to race the two werewolves. I ran up to her to give her a hug and a kiss goodbye.

"Make sure you'll be safe ok?" I just had to ask, to remind myself that she will.

"Of course Finn." She said at me smiling.

"We'll take the long way so we can race longer." Bloodlust told us. "Come on guys, we'll cut through the Dark Forest, then race through Red Rock Pass, and then that should lead us to Marshall and Marceline's house."

"Sweet. So what are we waiting for?" Gary said, getting ready to run towards the woods. Bloodlust and Flame Princess get ready as well. "Ready... set..." But before Gary could say "go", Bloodlust took off like a rocket. "Hey no fair!" Then Gary took off as well, then Flame Princess. She waved back at me and shouted,

"See ya soon Finn!"

"See ya Flame Princess! Meet you later!" I shouted and waved back. When they were out of our sights, Jake grabbed me and put me on his super-sized back. I looked over at Fionna who was on Cake. "You ready to go?" I asked the two. They nodded and took off. I laughed and we went after them to our vampire friends' place.

(Bloodlust's POV. Dark Forest) (Note: If you don't know what FP's Flame Mode is, you can look it up on and search for the Adventure Time info.)

Thanks to the head start that I made, Gary and Seraphina were way behind. Well when I've been trained to the fullest extent, even with my werewolf powers, I cannot be beat in anyway race or otherwise. But suddenly I could hear some rustling from behind me in the Dark Forest. Then Gary was running up beside me. I couldn't believe he caught up with me that fast. "Well that was quick." I said.

"Being a werewolf helps." He said with a smirk. We both looked back to see Seraphina not that far behind because we saw a red light bdehind us. I looked forward and saw an arrow heading right for me.

"Look out!" I ducked and slowed down, stopping in a clearing. Gary stopped in the clearing as well and we looked around, back to back, to see where that arrow was shot from.

"Where did that come from?" He looked around, not letting his guard down.

"Stay calm. Just keep looking." I answered. We stood, looking around for our attacker, for what seemed like hours and hours until I noticed something out of the corner of my left eye. I saw another arrow get shot by the unknown archer. With my lightening fast reflexes, I pushed Gary out of the way and caught the arrow in my hands. I spun around once and flung the arrow back at the attacker. But the mysterious attacker jumped down from the tree and avoided the arrow. We both saw our attacker and he wore black robes with his hood covered most of his head. His mouth, with fangs protruding out, was the only thing seen along with his red menacing eyes. He had a black crossbow in his right hand and a quiver full of black arrows on his back as well as a black bow. I knew who this was. It was one of the Elite Shadow Guards of the Nightosphere. It seems that Hunson suspected that I came to Ooo. It took him longer than I expected. Or that his goons haven't found me until now.

The shadow guard archer hooked his crossbow onto something on his right side so it wouldn't fall off. Gary got back up and reverted back to his human form, as did I, and he grabbed his fight-o-sphere from his backpack. "Sword!" He activated his weapon by saying one of the keywords. I on the other hand did not grab either of my swords. I knew what the shadow guard's weakness was. And that was light. So I used my pyrokinesis to form a fireball in my hands. But before I could, Flame Princess ran into the clearing and stopped to see what was going on.

"Hey what's going on? Is this guy trying to kill you guys?" She grew angry with the guard and her flames grew bigger and brighter. This was obviously too much for the guard because he shrieked in both pain and terror. He wasn't even close to Seraphina but he did it anyways because of the intense light she eminated. The cry was nothing that the two have ever heard before based on their expressions. They looked horrified and cringed by what they heard. Eh, it didn't phase me. I've heard it many times back in the Nightosphere. The shadow guard fled further into the forest. Seraphina's flames died down and she ran over to us. "Are you guys ok?" She asked full of concern.

"Yeah we're fine. That creep didn't do anything serious to us. We didn't get hurt." Gary said smiling but it's gone when he looks back at where the shadow guard fled and asks to either FP or me, "What was that thing?" I easily knew the answer to that.

"An elite shadow guard." I answered. Flame Princess and Gary looked at me with confused yet intregued looks, as if they wanted to know more which they did. I started to explain what a shadow guard was. "A shadow guard, is a skilled warrior in both physical and magical techniques. An example of their magical powers is necromancy. The shadow guards can be found in one and one place only, the Nightosphere." Gary grew a stern, serious look on his face. He hated everything about the Nightosphere, he said so himself. I continued knowing that now one of my friends knew why that guard was here. "He must've been sent by Hunson Abadeer to make me come back." Then I realized the second I said that, Flame Princess would ask who he is, maybe. I didn't know if she knows that Hunson is the Lord of Evil or not since she knows who Marceline is. I honestly hope Marceline is ok. I mean she's one of my best friends.

"Hunson Abadeer?" Seraphina asked of course. "Who's that?

"He's the ruler of the Nightosphere and the Lord of Evil, remember?" Gary answered.

"What?! I didn't know that!" FP was extremely surprised to hear that. So obviously she didn't know who the Lord of Evil was, until now. She looks at me, still with her shocked look, and says, "So that's your master! That's the person who raised and 'trained' you your whole life!" She yelled this all out as she air-quoted "trained". Gary was surprised to hear this from Flame Princess. And so was I. I didn't expect her to overreact about this. I didn't think it mattered. I sighed and said,

"Yes he is. It's not a big deal Little Red." I should've just kept my mouth shut right after I said 'yes'.

"No big deal? NO BIG DEAL?! This is the same creep that hurt you! He's the same one who probably took you away from your parents!" Every time she spoke angrily, her flames got bigger.

"Look we can talk about this later all right? We have to find that shadow guard so he doesn't try to harm anyone." I said trying to get everyone focused on the task at hand. Seraphina's flames dimmed down and they both nodded. Then Gary and I transformed into werewolves as Seraphina used her Flame Mode. Then we raced through the Dark Forest to find and defeat that shadow guard. "There must be more than one of them." I thought. "Hunson would never send only one of his cronies to try and stop me. But either way, I cannot be defeated by anyone."

(Fionna's POV)

We were almost at Marceline and Marshall's house thanks to Cake and Jake. They ran across the fields of the grasslands, having a little race of their own. We went through the Mountain Kingdom, which is where the vampires' home was in, and we then heard yelling and what sounded like battle cries. "Hey where's that coming?" I said looking around.

"I think it's coming from that way!" Finn pointed to the right of us. We rounded a giant boulder and we saw some rock golems fighting a female red-furred fox with enlarged yellow eyes that had white pupils and a girl who had pale skin with long brown hair and was as tall as me. She had a green and black jacket over a black tank-top, green shorts, and neon green sneakers. She also had a black backpack with green skulls on it. I looked over the girl more and saw that she was... wait, human? Another human!? I couldn't believe my eyes. "I wonder how many more humans are still alive." I wondered in my head. "I mean first Gary, then Bloodlust, and now this girl." I stopped thinking when Finn shook me by my shoulder. "Fionna! Did you hear me?" Finn whispered to me as we still saw the fight going on.

"Huh? No, what did you say?" I asked, whispering as well.

"I said that girl's a human! I can't believe there's another human here."

All four of us were speechless by what we saw. And we would be more speechless from what else could happen in the fight. The girl drew a strange glowing white sword while the fox held her fists up. "Thats a weird-looking sword." I thought. The human girl ran towards one of the rock golems and began lashing out attacks at it. When she was finished, the golem was broken into pieces. We all were surprised to see that she could easily cut that golem up. Then her fox friend put its hands together and slowly pulled them away from each other. There was a small ball of light forming in her hands. The fox aimed at one of the golems and shot the ball of light right at the golem. The ball hit the golem and disentegrated it. We were struck in awe from what we had just seen. How was that possible that these two can easily defeat these rock golems? These thoughts were interrupted when the fox jumped on the last golem's back, punched its back, and destroyed it. My eyes, as well as the others, were wide by the sight of this. No way that small fox could've destroyed that rock golem with just one punch. After their battle was over, we walked out from behind the big boulder and walked up to them.

"That was so amazing!" I shouted as loud as I could. I don't really know why I did that but I was, and still am, excited about the fight I witnessed. The human girl and the fox turned around fast and the girl held her sword up while the fox started forming a small ball of light in her hand. We all stopped moving and I said, "Wait wait! We're not here to hurt you!" I waved my hands in front of me so they could lower their weapons.

"How can we believe you? How do we know you won't attack us like these rock golems?" The red fox asked us, still forming the ball in her hands.

I grabbed my crystal sword, in it's small portable form, from my pocket and threw it one the ground in front of them. "That's why. We don't want to hurt you at all. We were just passing by when we overheard and saw your fight with those golems."

The human girl put her sword away and the fox stopped making the small ball. They both smiled and the human girl laughed. "Haha, we're just yanking your chains. We know you won't attack us. You don't even look like you would when we first got a look at you. At least, you wouldn't unprovoked." The girl said walking over to my sword, picked it up and handed it back to me. I grabbed it and put it back in my pocket.

"Yeah, we know who's good and who's evil." The fox said walking up to us as well. "My name's Andee by the way. And this is Debbie." The fox named Andee pointed to the human who was named Debbie.

"Hey it's nice to meet you guys. My name's Fionna. This is Jake." I pointed to my yellow dog friend who gave a peace sign and said, "Sup?" "This is Cake." I pointed to my feline friend who waved and said, "Hiya sugars." "And this is my brother Finn." I pointed to the hero of Ooo, who said, "Hey, how's it going?" I noticed as soon as I introduced him, Debbie looked all flustered and I could see that she was slightly blushing. "I wonder what that's about." I shrugged it off and we all started talking about each other, about who we were to the other. We didn't talk very much or for very long because I remembered the jam session with Marceline and Marshy. I opened my mouth to speak but Finn did all the talking, exactly what I would've said.

"Ah cram! I almost forgot about the jam session!" Finn actually yelled it out clutching his hat's bear ears.

"Don't worry dude. We're taking the shortcut remember?" Jake said nonchalantly.

"Oh yeah, sweet." We were about to leave but Finn stopped and looked at the Debbie and Andee. "Hey do you two want to come hang with us?" Finn asked with a smile.

"Really? You want to us hang out with you? Two people that you barely just met?" Debbie asked. She slightly blushed again but it seemed like only I could see it.

"Yeah man. I mean wo-man haha. I think we know enough about you two to call you our friends." Finn said cheerfully. Finn walked up to the supersized Jake and got on his back. When I got on Cake's back, I saw that Finn held his hand out for Debbie to get on. She then blushed even more when he did this. Is she starting to have a crush on Finn? She grabbed his hand and got on. "To Marcy and Marshall's house!" Finn yelled as Jake and Cake took off through the Mountain Kingdom.

(Flame Princess(Seraphina). Red Rock Pass)

When we got to Red Rock Pass, I saw why it's called that name. The land around us was completely red and there were some mountainous terrain nearby, such as on the higher cliffs. I can kinda see why they lived out here. Marceline and Marshall would not take the chance to suck all of the red from here but it seems like they haven't. Maybe because it would taste all dusty or something. We walked through the gorge that divided two sides of the land. I looked up at both sides of the gorge and couldn't help but feel like we were being watched. We all stopped in our tracks when we heard rocks crumbling down from the left side of the pass, off of the cliff. We all stood back-to-back-to-back and stood ready to fight whatever came our way. We waited and saw a tiny lizard crawl out from behind a rock and looked down at us. I sighed and we continued walking on. We stopped only to see an arrow stuck in the ground in front of us. We looked up to the right and on top of the cliffs was that same shadow guard. Suddenly two other guards walked up next to him. Then three more walked up on the left side of the cliff. They all disapppeared and three of them floated down as shadows behind us while the other three landed in front of us. Each guard held a different weapon. One of the three in front of us had the crossbow of course, another had two swords in both hands, and the third guard held a long double-bladed spear in his hands. One of the other three behind us wielded a large battle-axe, another had a magic staff in his hands, and the sixth had a war hammer. We all stood back-to-back again.

"This is going to be a bit more tougher huh?" Gary asked as he held his sword up.

"Pretty much." Bloodlust answered, still in his werewolf form. "But they are easily weak against light. So while Flame Princess and I use our fire powers to weaken these guards, I need you to shred them apart immediately."

"Oh with pleasure. Sphere." Gary's sword transformed back into the fight-o-sphere and he put it away into his backpack. Then he transformed into a werewolf like Bloodlust.

The cloaked guard with the spear charged at Gary but he grabbed onto the spear, not on the ends of it, and he threw him towards the other side of the gorge at the rocky wall. The guard jumped off of the wall and landed on his feet but was hit in the face with a fireball by Bloodlust. The guard screeched in pain from the heat and light of the fire. Then Gary took the opportunity to claw at him several times. But Gary was about to get hit by the guard with the war hammer. I blasted a large enough fireball at the big brute and he stepped back rubbing his eyes. I was about to completely burn him but the dual swordsman ran at me. I stopped attacking and ducked before he could cut off my head.

"Flame Princess!" Bloodlust yelled as he stopped fightinging two of the guards and ran over to me. Suddenly he was hit in his right arm by an arrow fired from the archery guard. He didn't even flinched from it. He pulled it out and blood was gushing out of his arm.

"Bloodlust!" I yelled as I ran over to his side to see if he was all right. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine. You know that Little Red." He chuckled as he wrapped his wound with some cloth out of his backpack. I just smiled and helped him up. I looked over at Gary who was fending off two of the guards.

"Uh, I could use some help here." Gary said calmly as if nothing was wrong. We both ran to help him but three guards jumped on and held Bloodlust down. I grew angrier at the guards and thus my flames grew as well. The guards yelled in pain but ceased when the archery guard shot an arrow, with blue tape on it, right at me. But for some reason it was high above me head when he shot it and missed hitting a rock.. Suddenly the arrow exploded and water poured all over me.

"Ahhh! It hurts!" I screamed in unbelievable pain as I clutched my stomach and dropped to my knees. One of the guards got off of Bloodlust and walked over to me. The axe wielding shadow guard lifted his weapon high above his head, ready to chop me in half. I couldn't be able to fight back because of the water that splashed on me. As I looked into his red menacing eyes, I knew this would be the end for me. I thought about my life and then one special person who helped me and saw different of me, Finn. Unlike others, excluding the ones I met now, he was the only one who didn't see me as an evil person. He always said I was passionate, bright, and so wonderful. But now I'm going to lose him because I'm about to be killed. "I'm sorry Finn." I thought as a tear ran down my face and sizzled on the ground.

Suddenly I looked up to see a giant fireball engulf the big shadow guard. He was howling in pain and then disintegrated. All of us, including the guards, watched this and looked around for the attacker. It couldn't have been Gary for obvious reasons and neither could've Bloodlust because he was pinned down. Then another fireball was shot off from the uptop the cliff on the left. The fireball hit the archer guard and he burned within seconds. The others looked up to see someone, a human boy who had brown hair, wearing black jeans, a red and orange jacket with a flame design over a yellow shirt, and he wore chest armor plating with a flame design as well. "Where have I seen that armor?" I thought about it for a minute and suddenly realized something. "I know that armor. But... it can't be." Then before I could speak, the guard with the staff fired ice at the boy but it was burned down by the stranger using a lighter to melt the ice attack. the fire reached the staff-wielding guard and another one and burned them as well. The boy jumped down from the cliff and ran super fast, not as fast as Bloodlust, while grabbing a pocket knife and cut both of the remaining guards. When they were weakened, he burned them as well with his lighter that created a tremendous flaming tornado around the guards. When everything was calm, I walked up to him and was about to thank him but he jumped a few rocks like a staircase and hopped onto the top of the cliff. He looked back and I stared into his green eyes. I knew exactly who the boy was. I just couldn't believe it. He then walked away as Gary and Bloodlust got back up. They brushed themselves off and walked toward me.

"Who was that?" Gary asked rubbing the top of his head, looking as though he got hit there maybe.

"I'm not sure." I said without looking at the two and continued to stare at the spot where the boy stood. "I know exactly who he is." I thought knowing full-well about the person. "But how is he here? I thought he was still back in the Fire Kingdom." My thoughts were interrupted when Bloodlust spoke.

"Well we should get going. We don't want to be late and have everyone wonder where we are." I looked at him and nodded with Gary. The two then morphed into werewolves, I transformed into my Flame Mode, and we ran off towards the vampires' house. I couldn't help but get side-tracked and think about that boy who saved us.

(Hunson's POV)

"GAH! How hard is it to capture an 18 year old boy?!" I shouted as I was pacing again in my living room after hearing the news from one of my top spies that all six of my elite shadow guards have failed. What surprised me the most was that all six were killed boy a young human boy who used the powers of fire to kill them. When I heard the words "young boy" I had thought it was that Gary kid. But as soon as I heard that this kid used fire, my mind was stumped. I didn't know, or figured, anyone who had fire powers that would save them. "Probably just nothing." I thought. I then yelled and threw a wooden chair against a wall and watched it break apart. "Rahhhh! Who do I have to send in order to get my apprentice back here?!"

"Calm yourself old friend." A deep voice spoke. I looked around and saw a dark gray skinned minotaur walked out from the shadows. He had on golden heavy chest armor and had many weapons equipped with him. He had practically every known weapon imaginable. His horns were large and black and looked like a bulls horns. He also had no armor plating on his arms except for gold gauntlets and had his legs cladded in heavy armor just as much as his chest plate. He had yellow eyes and he had sharp-looking claws. I then smiled and said,

"It's good to see you Archibald 'Thunderfoot' Nepherius, my greatest general." I greeted him with a handshake and asked him, "So do you think you can bring back my apprentice?"

"Do you really have to ask? I helped you train that boy since he was a toddler. I think I can still handle him. After all, I taught him MOST of what I know." He answered grinning evilly.

"Then my friend, find him and bring him back ALIVE." I said the word "alive" distinctively so that he won't kill him.

"Yes my lord." He saluted and went through the portal that leads to Ooo. Now that Archibald is going to help, there was no way Bloodlust can defend himself and he will be forced to stay here forever. It was for his own good. "After all," I thought. "I still made a promise to a friend. And I intend to keep it."

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