Chapter 1

"No Lauren! You were so close that time! Try again," Daniel roots for me as I try to catch a very stubborn rabbit who didn't want to get caught and eaten today; and I don't blame him.

The rabbit darts off over a log and speeds away, long gone.

I kick up dirt from the woodland ground of Daniel's backyard, making a brief small dust cloud around me, "Let's face it Daniel, I'm not cut out for this. I'm hungry." I look at him with my puppy eyes, "Can we just call it a day and give me some of that blood you have in your hand?" I glimpse down at the bag in his hand but turn my attention back to Daniel's doubtful face.

"Nice try," Daniel replies smugly at the fact he resisted my puppy eyes, "It's going to take a lot more than that for me to give in."

I walk over to him, trying to seduce him with my walk and eyes. Before I can take a seat on his lap, he lifts himself off of a tree trunk he used as a seat. I place my index finger on his chest and gently draw circles and say in my best sexy voice, "How about we take a break for awhile and take this training to the bedroom?" I lean in and whisper into his ear, "You can show me a few moves; I'm sure I haven't seen all of them yet." Before he says anything, I start nibbling on his earlobe knowing the fact that he likes it when I do that.

He moans softly, but he breaks the spell I put on him by gently pushing me away from me, "Dammit Lauren, you have to stop doing that."

I smile and giggle, proud of myself, knowing that Daniel was about to give in to my suggestion. I was starting to get better with my seduction. If only it was enough to get me out of this stupid 'lesson'. All these lessons would do for me was frustrate and bore me. It really wasn't a lesson, of course I knew how to hunt, and it was instinct. But Daniel insisted on doing this to get used to my vampire/werewolf body.

Someone clears their throat behind me, "Can you please not do that around me? It makes me want to gag." Rachel states in her teasing bitchy tone. "Are we continuing or what?"

I smirk, "Sorry," Daniel and I say in unison. I would have done more with Daniel if Rachel wasn't here. I was having moreā€¦ urges lately since I became a hybrid almost 3 weeks ago. I was thirsty for both Daniel and the blood. Maybe it was because Daniel sometimes distracted me from the blood cravings. I thought Daniel was exaggerating when he told me resisting blood was one of the hardest things he has ever done; it turns out he wasn't, that was an understatement. All I think about is blood; it was like a pregnant woman with food cravings just multiplied a million times.

"Yeah, I think we're done here," Daniel announces to Rachel as she walks up to us. Daniel wraps his arms my waist to pull me into him.

Rachel rolls her eyes at us, "Thank god it's over. Now I can leave you two alone while I enjoy a nice glass of blood." She smiles at me, "See you guys later!"

Daniel and I give her our good bye and when she's out of sight and I hear her car speed off onto the road, I ask, "So, are we going to have a lesson or what?"

I can see Daniel debating on the inside, and after a couple seconds he replies with, "I don't think so." He has a goofy grin on his face which makes me think he's lying, and he definitely was. What guy turns down sex?

"Come on. You know you want to, and I want to so I don't see a problem with this situation." When he just looks down at me saying nothing, I pout, "Please, I'm just trying to get rid of these urges and you're the only way of doing that."

He smirks, "You're just saying that to get into my pants."

"Maybe, but its working on you isn't it?" I get on my tippy toes and wrap my arms around his neck, "Plus, shouldn't you be proud of me? I'm trying to get rid of my blood cravings and this is the only way of doing it. I'm learning." I inch closer to his lips, to the point of almost touching.

"You are one of my best students; I have to admit," He whispers to me, "But don't tell Rachel that. So, I guess you should be rewarded for your actions."

"Oh really?" I smirk.

"Mhmm," he murmurs back just before we kiss each other's lips gently. His lips were soft and smooth against mine. This kiss was so sweet and felt so good and right that I needed more. I tease Daniel by sliding my tongue across his upper lip, and I knew then that I would get what I wanted. He never failed to resist that.

Sure enough, Daniel caves in and enters his tongue into my mouth, letting me taste the sweet peppermint flavor of him. I moan against his lips, turning him on even more than he already was. It's his turn to tease me when he starts lightly gnawing on my bottom lip.

When it's my turn, Daniel finally lifts me up, lets me wrap my legs around his hips, and leads us inside his house. Our kiss has become so zealous that I bite a little too hard on Daniel's lip. But he doesn't wince or say anything; he continues kissing me even though I can taste his blood.

Daniel sets me down on the comfy leather couch and crawls on top of me without breaking our kiss. Until I mention something to him lightly, "You know, we should probably lock the doors to make sure no one interrupts us." Daniel's lips curve into a smile as he moves them down to my neck.

"Stop worrying," he murmurs against my neck, grazing his tongue teasingly, "We're secluded, no one ever shows up here."

I smirk and decide to change things up a bit. Using my strength, I turn both of us over so I would end up on top of him for a change; breaking Daniel's caress of my neck. With my legs on either side of Daniel's hips, I lean down slightly and rip his shirt open, "I hope you're right because we'll probably make a lot of noise."

Daniel of course doesn't protest and sits up a little bit, not enough to move me though. He caresses the side of my face with his hand rubbing his thumb tenderly on my cheek, when he tells me softly with a warm smile that matches his eyes, "You're crazy, but I love you. You know that right?"

I blush and nod, "I love you more though." And I truly did, despite everything we went through. Especially three weeks ago when I was turned by Daniel, he saved me from dying and I was grateful. But Daniel didn't feel the same way, he still felt guilty, thinking it was his fault this happened to me. It took him 2 weeks to touch me again after I first turned.

The only thing that concerns me now is the future of my kind. Well, not my kind but half of me, the vampire part. I was the only hybrid that Daniel and I knew at least. But there wouldn't be any more hybrids like me if the werewolves planned on making the vampires extinct, and that was up to me. I was the one destined to end this war, because of my father. I belonged to a great line of werewolves, but I didn't belong with them anymore, I belong with vampires now and my father needed to be stopped.

I didn't know about Daniel, but I was so scared for the future, of us. I knew we were going to fight sometime but we didn't know when, the thought of Daniel dying haunted my thoughts every night. It would be my entire fault if he did and I couldn't live with that guilt and anguish.

I shouldn't even be thinking about this now, not when I was with Daniel. I try pushing the thoughts away and I knew the only distraction would be doing this with Daniel, so I crush my lips to his. But I see him wince, "Be a little gentler next time."

I wince too, "Sorry." I forgot about how strong I was now, I was so used to being human with him but I wasn't anymore. Daniel said that I would get used to my new bodily strength and the blood lust in a year or less but that seemed so far away for me. I wanted to be around my mom without wanting to drink her blood. She was away at California for vacation, visiting the family. She was going to be gone for awhile, about a month. That should give me time to subside the cravings a little more.

I didn't want to think about the future; I wanted to focus on now, which was Daniel. I press my lips to his softer this time and he still caresses my face as he lies back down. I lean my body against his, deepening our now passionate kiss.

Just as I was about to further our embrace, there was a loud crash on the other side of the house. My head immediately shoots up looking around the room, "What was that?"

"I'm not sure," Daniel says with a furrow in his brow. I get off of him as he was about to rise too, "Stay here." He orders me, and then he darts off towards the source where the sound occurred.

At first I stand there waiting for Daniel to return but after a minute, he doesn't come back. So I walk over to the other side of the house, towards the bedroom. When I get there, I see Daniel, sitting on the bed staring down at something. Sure enough across from me I see the window shattered, exposing the bedroom to nature.

I frown at Daniel's back when he doesn't turn to me when I enter the room; I knew he would hear me. Something must be off, "What's wrong?" I inquire as I walk over to him. He doesn't answer; he didn't even glance my way. Whatever was in his hands, it must have been bad for us. When I look over his shoulder, my eyes widen and I gasp.