Naruto: Music of the Soul

by gorutovssageta

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"N-No way, so you're the beautiful woman that I met in the forest?" Naruto choked out, still unable to even fathom this.

"Well I was, until you did this to me!" Corticarte complained as she wrapped Naruto's blanket firmly around her body.

"Are you telling me it's my fault you're a little kid now?" Naruto shot back as he and Corticarte both growled at each other in unison.

"Calm down you two; what does Naruto have to do with transforming you into a child?" Sakura questioned as Corticarte sighed in response.

"Naruto is a Dantist, but hasn't played his Divine Song for me in some time now," Corticarte explained. "I, as a spirit, feed off this more or less. So when you don't feed something, what happens to it? It grows weaker, until it eventually die's. This was the road I was headed toward until idiot decided to finally play his instrument again."

"So when Naruto played his flute, he summoned you more or less?" Sakura asked, Corticarte nodding. "I think I get it now. So you and Naruto are in some type of contract?"

"Yes, one that I hope he will start abiding by," Corticarte remarked as she shot a dirty look at Naruto, who ignored it.

"Naruto… I should pummel you for what you put this girl through…" Sakura hissed as a bead of sweat rolled down a frightened Naruto's forehead. He had heard of the training Sakura was receiving while he was traveling with Jiraiya. Jiraiya had explained to him that by the time Tsunade was done with Sakura, she would be just as lethal as the Godaime herself. Jiraiya also showed him a bruise that he received when Tsunade caught him peeping at her at the hot spring, which was a mark that was going to be with the Sannin until the day he died.

Naruto went slightly white in the face as he tried to calm Sakura down, his throat cotton dry in an instant.

"S-Sakura-chan, I didn't mean too… I-I was just a kid, I had no idea it actually happened…" Naruto stammered, though it sounded like babbling from Sakura and Corticarte's point of view.

"And this is supposed to be my partner…" Corticarte sighed as she witnessed this.

"So, Naruto is now some sort of musician that summoned this little girl with a flute?" Tsunade questioned as she listened to Naruto and Sakura's story. Naruto, Sakura, and Corticarte were all gathered in the Godaime's office, (Corticarte dressed in Sakura's extra clothes from when she was younger) explaining the situation to the Godaime, who was currently looking at her apprentice and the village's number one hyperactive shinobi with a bewildered look on her face.

"First of all, he's not a musician, it's called a Dantist," Corticarte corrected in a rude manner.

"Hey, that's the Godaime, show some respect!" Sakura whispered to Corticarte, who looked away defiantly. "It's your funeral… Tsunade-sama gets angry very easily…"

"What did you say Sakura?" Tsunade snapped, Sakura silencing herself almost instantly.

"N-Nothing Tsunade-sama," Sakura stammered, Naruto and Corticarte both glancing at Sakura in unison.

"Since Sakura is backing your story, I'll believe you Naruto," Tsunade finally answered after the room remained silent for a moment while Tsunade absorbed all of the information. "So, I as the Godaime, declare you a citizen of the village of Konohagakure. But, since you're Naruto's partner, you'll most likely be accompanying him, am I right?" Corticarte nodded, Tsunade clearing her throat before continuing her speech.

"Then you will need to be evaluated to see if you're fit to enter the battlefield alongside Naruto for your own safety," Tsunade continued. "I'm ordering you to undergo an evaluation which shall be evaluated by one of our most seasoned veteran in the village…" With that, a cloud of smoke filled the room, a man appearing next to Tsunade's desk.

"Hatake Kakashi, known as the Mirror Ninja, as well as Naruto and Sakura's sensei," Tsunade finished.

"Yo," was all that Kakashi said, Naruto jumping up from his seat in excitement.

"Kakashi-sensei, it's been forever!" Naruto exclaimed as he pulled a small book out his back pocket. "I brought you a present, fresh from Ero-Sennin himself! It's his new book…"

"Makeout Tactics, signed by Jiraiya-sama himself…" Kakashi finished Naruto's sentence, his one visible eye staring at the book as if it was a bar of gold.

"Is he OK?" Corticarte whispered to Sakura, who nodded while giving Corticarte a reassuring smile.

"Yes, he just gets like this when he's excited…" Sakura explained in almost an apologetic way. "I don't know why over a dirty book, but I try not to judge…"

"Kakashi, I'd like you to take Corticarte, Naruto, and Sakura with you to the training field," Tsunade interrupted Kakashi's moment, Kakashi looking back at the Godaime in a businesslike manner. "I want a full report on each of them, understand?"

"Understood Hokage-sama," Kakashi answered reluctantly, not really wanting to all that paperwork.

"Dismissed!" Tsunade roared, all of the shinobi evacuating the room.

"So, looks like we're going to do a revised version of the bell test," Kakashi announced while his face was buried in his new book. "Since we have a new contestant, I've added one more bell, to make a total of three. So each of you will need to take a bell in order to pass this test."

"But Corticarte is not used to this, what if she's not able to get a bell?" Sakura asked, Kakashi glancing up from his book as the comment was made.

"If she's not, then she'll fail the test," Kakashi answered seriously. "If she fail's, she'll have to be sent to the Academy to receive proper training to accompany us in the battlefield. We can't have an inexperienced fighter on the battlefield; it will make us as a unit more vulnerable. And since she's your partner Naruto, she's your responsibility. Meaning, Team Seven will be on the bench until this is resolved."

"No way, that's not fair Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto exclaimed, Kakashi shrugging in response, returning to his book.

"Don't worry, I know how to fight," Corticarte reassured Naruto as she shot Kakashi a determined smile. "Let's begin…" Naruto smiled as he, Sakura, and Corticarte all got in attack position. Kakashi remained in his own position; his face remained buried in his book.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Naruto screamed, approximately thirty Naruto clone's surfacing on the field. They all took off full speed running at Kakashi, who did not move an inch. Each clone tried to grab the Mirror Ninja, but he dodged them as they reached out to grab him. Kakashi ducked as one of the clones' lashed out at his face with a kick, using his free hand to push the clone away. Another clone tried to grab his leg, Kakashi leaping up into the sky, his face still buried in the book this entire time. The real Naruto remained hidden behind a tree gathering a Rasengan with a clone.

"What's that?" Corticarte asked curiously as she witnessed the Rasengan being made.

"It's my special move, the Rasengan," Naruto answered as he watched Kakashi's movement with a satisfied grin. "He's probably expecting it knowing him, but I'm going to add a bit of a twist this time!" Naruto watched as the clone that helped him gather his Rasengan ran out onto the battlefield, helping another clone gather chakra for a Rasengan. The clone ran in at Kakashi when finished, Naruto emerging from the forest as Kakashi dodged the clone's incoming Rasengan. Kakashi's eye drifted from the book as he witnessed the real Naruto at his side, a Rasengan homing in on the side of his torso. Kakashi closed his book, placing it inside his back pocket. He used his other hand to grab Naruto's wrist, preventing Naruto from pressing the Rasengan into his torso. But as he added a bit of pressure on Naruto's arm, he disappeared in a cloud of white smoke, indicating that this was a fake Naruto as well. Kakashi landed on the ground, being intercepted by twenty five Naruto clones as his feet touched the ground. Kakashi punched and kicked each clone out of existence as they entered his radius, swaying from each attack that was thrown in his direction. As the last three Naruto clones attacked, Kakashi jumped back, preparing to use a jutsu. As he did, two hands grasped both of his ankles from underground, trying to pull him underneath. The three Naruto clones each pulled out several shuriken, showering Kakashi from three different directions with them. Kakashi did not try to avoid the attack, though when the shuriken made impact, Kakashi was replaced with a large, wooden log. Naruto came up from underneath the earth, scanning the area for where Kakashi had relocated. Kakashi looked down at Naruto from a tree, contemplating which attack would be best suited to take down the number one hyperactive shinobi. As he pondered this, he was attacked by Corticarte, who leapt onto the branch Kakashi was standing on, performing a quick kick from behind, which Kakashi managed to sense as it entered his radius. He swayed, doing a backflip to readjust himself. Corticarte ran at him, gracefully leaping from the branch, trying to land an aerial punch aimed at Kakashi's face. Kakashi used his left hand to stop the punch in mid-air, grasping Corticarte's fist. With her free hand, Corticarte gathered a red energy ball in her palm, Kakashi's visible eye widening as the ball was shoved into his chest, an explosion being heard from almost a mile away as smoke covered the area where Corticarte and Kakashi were located. Naruto looked up in that directions, running full speed toward that area to see what had occurred. He saw a smiling Corticarte standing on top of a smoking tree branch, waving as she jumped down to greet Naruto.

"What happen to Kakashi-sensei?" Naruto asked as Corticarte shrugged, pointing to where Kakashi should have landed after being hit with the energy ball.

"I think he landed over there, I only gave him a half power energy attack, so he should be fine," Corticarte answered in a "this is probably true" manner, Naruto glancing over in the area Corticarte was pointing at. In that area, all that was there was a large… log.

"Corticarte, get out the area!" Naruto shouted as Corticarte was pulled into the ground by Kakashi instantaneously, Naruto looking down at Corticarte, her head the only part of her body that showed. Kakashi appeared on top of a tree branch that overlooked Naruto and Corticarte on the ground, looking down at them with an eye smile.

"You've grown Naruto, but I'm afraid your partner is just as klutzy as you formerly were," Kakashi remarked, unaware of an aerial Sakura approaching him from behind with her fist wrenched back. As she entered his radius, Kakashi glanced back, spotting the approaching Sakura in the nick of time, but it was still too late. Sakura's fist connected to Kakashi's back, Kakashi able to slightly shrug off a bit of the attack, but still received a good amount of damage. Kakashi went flying off the branch, his face rubbing against the dirt as he slid across the training field. As his body stopped, Kakashi looked up from the dirt, a look of apparent shock on his face as Sakura, Naruto, and Corticarte stood in front of him, each wearing a confident grin on their faces.

"So, I'm going to have to get a bit serious to really test how far they've gotten," Kakashi thought as he reached for the bottom of his headband that was draped across his left eye. He pulled it up, revealing his left eye, which differed from his right eye. For one, this one was red, with a strange insignia in the middle where the pupil was supposed to be.

"The Sharingan…" Naruto murmured as he witnessed the Uchiha's pride. "Sasuke-teme…"

"Who's that?" Corticarte asked as she heard the name be spoken with such sadness.

"Not now, we need to focus," Sakura interrupted as Naruto opened his mouth to respond to Corticarte. "We need to work together to face Kakashi-sensei, especially now that he's using the Sharingan. Corticarte, do you have any special abilities that we should know about?"

"I can use energy attacks, plus if Naruto played our Divine Song, I would be able to use my true power," Corticarte answered.

"You mean that song I was playing when we first met?" Naruto asked as Corticarte nodded in response. "I do have my flute with me; I grabbed it to show Baa-chan earlier. We do need to show Kakashi-sensei that Corticarte can handle herself, so I got a plan." Sakura looked over at Naruto with a smile, thinking of how much the knucklehead had grown up since she last saw him.

"Sakura, I need you to distract Kakashi-sensei while Corticarte and I get ready, alright?" Naruto continued, Sakura nodding. "Corticarte, are you sure your full strength will be able to handle Kakashi-sensei when he's serious?"

"Yes, I'm completely confident," Corticarte answered, Naruto nodding as she replied to him.

"Alright then, let's do this Sakura… Corti," Naruto said with a grin, Corticarte blushing at the nickname Naruto gave her. "I'm ready Sakura, you're up!" Sakura ran full speed at Kakashi, who was standing in the same position, awaiting one of them to attack. Sakura pulled back her arm, letting out a battle cry as she swung with all her might at Kakashi's chest, Kakashi jumping back to avoid the blow. Sakura continued to swing even after missing the first attack, running up for the second attack with her left hand cocked to attack now. Kakashi swayed from that blow, pushing off a tree branch with his left foot to give himself enough momentum to leap into a tree above Sakura. Kakashi landed in the tree, a lightning like attack forming in his left hand. Sakura's eyes widened as she recognized the attack almost instantly as Kakashi's famous Lightning Blade, an attack that was fast and lethal.

Meanwhile, Naruto was beginning to play his flute, the music flowing in his heart as he began to play. Corti closed her eyes as a smile crossed her face, wings beginning to form on her back as Naruto continued to play. She began to glow a red light, the red light covering her entire body. A red aura surfaced around her, her body seeming to grow as the light grew stronger. As the light began to slightly dim, a full grown Corticarte stood where the young Corticarte once stood, looking the same as the night Naruto first met her. With each of their hearts in sync, Naruto continued to play as Corticarte flew into battle. Kakashi was not paying no mind to this, preparing to attack Sakura with the Lightning Blade. As Kakashi appeared in front of Sakura with the Lightning Blade in his palm, he was intercepted by a red energy ball, which he managed to dodge by rolling to the side. As he looked up to see who threw it, he was met by Corticarte, who stood directly in front of him, not even three inches away. Kakashi could not even move as even he was dazzled by her beauty, Corticarte smiling as she gathered a large energy ball in her hand, holding it out in front of Kakashi's face. A bead of sweat went down the side of Kakashi's forehead, Sakura using this opportunity to take the three bells off of Kakashi's belt loop. Naruto opened his eyes when he heard the celebratory cheers from Corticarte and Sakura.

That night

Kakashi sat at Ichiraku's ramen shop alongside Naruto, Sakura, and a headband wielding Corticarte as they all celebrated their graduation.

"You all should be proud of your victory, you made me proud today," Kakashi commented as Naruto chugged the broth of his miso ramen. Corticarte watched him do this, taking a taste of the broth that sat in front of her.

"Hey, can spirits even eat?" Sakura wondered out loud, Corticarte looking back at her with a tick on her forehead.

"Yes, we can eat, we just don't need to!" Corticarte answered as she drank the broth, which she actually began to like.

"Yeah, now that's the way to do it!" Naruto cheered Corticarte on as she finished her broth as well. "You're picking up quick on how to be a Konohagakure shinobi!"

"Shut up Naruto…" Sakura moaned as everyone laughed, Corticarte blushing softly as she sat back with what was now her team. But in the back of her mind, she knew dangerous people, even creatures would soon most likely come for her, she knew this peace would not last forever. But as she glanced at her partner, who seemed so content, she just smiled, allowing herself to forget about that for the moment. Tomorrow was another day…

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