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Birthday Surprise

Head resting on the couch on the Student Council Office, Ayuzawa Misaki recalls what happened to her an hour ago. Why is heaven playing with her and why it has to be on her birthday? "It doesn't mean anything, right?" she sighted as she convinced herself.


Misaki was walking towards the café latte she usually eats her lunch. But this time, she took her lunch at 3pm because of the paper works that have to be finished on that day. As she got closer, she noticed that the café was a little bit dim but the signage says "OPEN". So, she went inside. The moment she open the door, loud balloon explosion and dancing confetti greeted her. She was taken aback not because of the surprise greetings but of the yellow-haired guy standing in the middle holding a blueberry cheese cake while saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" She studied the place from wall to wall. It was well-decorated and well-prepared birthday surprise. She looked into the cake and her jaw dropped. "Will you marry me?" is what is written on the cake. She was speechless and very overwhelmed. "This guy is so sweet. I could've kissed him right now" as she mentally conversed with herself. Then the guy got closer, looking into her eyes. Everything is almost perfect except for…..

"I'm sorry Miss for the mistaken identity but this surprise party is intended for my girlfriend."

Usui Takumi's POV

I was preparing the birthday surprise of my soon-to-be-wife. This is the perfect moment to propose on her very special day in the place where we first met.

A girl from a distance is making her way to the café. "Luna is coming. Prepare guys!" I commanded the staff. They switched off the lights as I breathe deeply, dusted off my shirt and lighted the candle. "Here she comes bro. Just relax" Koko, the manager of the café patted my back trying to keep me calm.

The girl we are waiting opened the door. Lights on, balloon explosion and dancing confetti greeted her. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" we shouted in chorus. She was surprised. I looked into her eyes as I make my way closer, still holding the blueberry cheese cake.

"I'm sorry Miss for the mistaken identity but this surprise party is intended for my girlfriend."

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