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Glossary: Ryokan = is a type of traditional Japanese inn that originated in the Edo period (1603–1868), when such inns served travelers along Japan's highways. They typically feature tatami-matted rooms, communal baths, and other public areas where visitors may wear yukata and talk with the owner. (source: Wikipedia)

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Chapter 26: Beautiful Reality

Rukia knelt nervously on the tatami floor. She did not know what to do as she was in the luxurious guest room with traditional Japanese-style.

Yes, rather than bring her back to the Kuchiki Manor, Byakuya instead took her to a Ryokan located in Karakura town.

She did not know what his purpose was by taking her to this place. During the trip until they arrived, there was no single word coming out from his mouth. That's what made her wonder and worried why his demeanor had back to cold. It was very different from when they shared the kiss...

Rukia instantly flushed when the image of her and Byakuya exchanging a short but very passionate kisses flashed in her head.

She touched her lips and closed her eyes to feel the remnants of his delicate ones. Her heart covered with a warm sensation as she recalled the way Byakuya had kissed her. It was so intense, so passionate, but full of tenderness, making her heart beating uncontrolled.

However, that feeling did not last long.

She opened her eyes and stared at the entrance for a while. Since they arrived at this place, Byakuya immediately went to see the owner of the Ryokan, while she was taken away by a servant to replace her school uniform with a light blue yukata. It was a very comfortable and beautiful yukata. It had Sakura patterns embroidered on the entire sleeves and below the waist, with a pink obi to complete her performance.

Rukia sighed. Her fingers played with the edge of her sleeves, while her mind began to contemplate all the events that happened since this afternoon.

Yes, in spite of all the kisses and his words during their time in school today, Byakuya still did not give any explanation about the reason for his arrival. And, once again, he left her in confusion, making her worried and scared about uncertain things.

Was it all real? His words, his kisses, his touch and… his feelings? Or it was all just an illusion?

Rukia snapped out of her reverie when she heard the door slid open. Reflexively, she rose from her seat when she saw Byakuya entering the room.

"Nii..." she was about to say something, but her voice immediately dropped into a whisper as she took a closer look at his appearance.

He had changed his shirt with a simple, but elegant dark blue yukata that wrapped his body perfectly. His long black hair looked shiny, due to the light reflection in their room. His gray eyes never left hers as he walked towards her.

Rukia's heart skipped a beat and a tingle sensation spread through her body as he stopped just few inches from her. They stared in each other eyes for a moment.

She knew, looking into his eyes was not a good idea because it had a 'bad' effect for her heart, still, she could not resist it either. Then, slowly, before her brain could prevent it, her gaze dropped to his lips, the ones that had stolen her kisses for three times throughout the day, she wanted so badly for those lips to reward hers with even more.

Rukia cursed herself. With all her power, she attempted to focus her mind, although she knew it was almost impossible when he was so close to her.

"Umm… Actually… why are we…" She tried to ask his reason but before she finished it, Byakuya cut her remarks.

"Follow me,"

And for her surprise, Byakuya reached for her hand and held it. Then, before she could think what was the meaning of his action, her legs started to walk, following his direction to the door on the other side of the room. It seemed her body had its own thoughts.

Byakuya slid open the door, which lead to the garden. A feeling of admiration blew up in her as she saw the dazzling sight of the garden with traditional Japanese architecture. For a brief minute, her eyes swept every part of it that reminded her of the garden in the Kuchiki manor. Then, her eyes stopped on a Sakura tree located in the middle of it, her eyes widened slightly as she looked at the pink petals falling beautifully, dancing freely with the wind.

After a while, Byakuya pulled back her hand gently, leading her to enter the garden. Again, she felt hypnotize to follow his footsteps and put aside all her questions momentarily.

Step by step, she was amazed by the garden architecture. It's a uniquely beautiful garden. Traditional Japanese elements combined to create a peaceful place. There was a beautiful pond, bridge, reeds, lilies, and the sound of gently flowing water. This variety of textures, shapes, and patterns succeed to take her breath away. The atmosphere also gave the impression of comfort and tranquility, as if they were in another world.

They stopped right under the Sakura tree and what she saw there just made her more shocked. There was a small table with various dishes for dinner.

Rukia instantly stopped. A memory flashed her mind as she stared at the view before her.

"Rukia?" he asked in wonder.

"What… is this?" she was shaking slightly.

Then, she turned to gaze at him, looking for an explanation. "What does all this mean?"

"I remember you wish to have dinner together under the Sakura trees once the flower's have bloom." Byakuya answered calmly.

Rukia blinked. For a moment, she just stared blankly at him because she never expected he would give an answer like that.

"Come," he said as he led her to sit under a tree.

Confused, she could just sit and stare at the dishes in front of her. This was not the reaction she expected from him. She wanted to get an explanation of all the questions in her mind.

"The food will lose the taste if it's cold." He said quietly.

Rukia averted her gaze on Byakuya. She wanted to ask and tell him about her anxiety, but immediately changed her mind when she saw he started to take his chopsticks. She let out a soft sigh, before following his steps, although she was not feeling hungry.

No one talk as they enjoyed their meal. In the west, the sky gradually changed its color, while the sun almost drowned, leaving a trail of orange on the horizon line. In the air, pink petals flew slowly, covering the ground as it fell. Its scent blew through the wind, comforting their sense every time they inhale the alluring fragrance.

The girl stared at the petals for a moment. If only these feelings were not as confused as it was, if only the entire situation was not such a mess, she would really enjoy this dinner. It was one of her wishes, to have a dinner while enjoying the beautiful scene of Sakura together with him. A hope that was wished not long ago, before everything had changed.

Rukia ventured to glance at Byakuya who sat beside her, and she was surprised because he had finished his meal and was staring at her.

"Did you enjoy your dinner?"

"Uh, oh… yes…" Rukia looked awkward. She put her chopsticks down, then grabbed her tea and took a sip to calm her feelings.

"It's good to hear that,"

She could not prevent herself anymore as she heard his words. Their gaze met, and her emotions start flowing unbearable after seeing the softness reflected in his eyes.

"Why…" her voice was like a whisper."Why do you like to play with my emotions?"

"Today, suddenly you came to the school and said you would take me to the place where I should be. It is Rukongai, isn't it?" she kept looking into his eyes, waiting for his reaction. And as she saw nothing, she continued to speak.

"I knew… I made an unforgivable mistake, and I'm really sorry for that. It's just, as I've prepared myself to leave your life, you suddenly kissed me, messing up my feelings." Rukia could feel her cheeks heating up when she mentioned the word 'kiss', nevertheless she brushed off the feeling for a moment and continued pouring everything out of her mind.

"Then, you did something strange, following Ichigo's game. What all those words mean? Do you like to play with my heart? You told I was lying, but suddenly you kiss me for the second time. Then, you ask my honest answer about my feelings, and before I could say anything, you kissed me again. And... and..." Rukia did not finish the sentence. She was breathless, and her face was flushed furiously due to the emotions mixed with shame as she had to talk about the events and the kiss incident between them.

"Why? Why did you bring me here? All your actions made my feelings go up and down. Sometimes, you're so warm, but then you're being so cold. Some of the times you approached me, but then you disappear again and left me alo..."

A soft touch on her lips stopped her to finish her sentence, but before she could discover what was actually happening, she found she had been taken away into another kiss.

Ever since he opened the door, he could nearly restrain his desire as he saw she was waiting for him in the middle of the room.

His desire grew even stronger from the moment he tasted the sweetness of her lips in that school, and it took all of his self-control to not claim her as soon as their gap was very close, where he could take her into his arms easily and kissed her endlessly, because all the kisses that happened before were still not enough for him.

Nonetheless, he managed to push all his desires a while, though he did not know for how long. He knew he had to clear all these misunderstandings, so she could stop blaming herself and run from him.

So, this is where they are now. In the middle of the garden, under the Sakura tree, surrounded by pink petals that fell beautifully.

Though only for a second, he never let his gaze away from her. The way she looked at him with a hint of confusion in her eyes, the way she talked about her frustration, the way her face flushed, the way she hid her embarrassment as she had to mention their kisses, making her look so attractive in his eyes.

He… liked it.


He loved it.

In one movement, he pulled her into his arms and gave her lips the answer that she needed.

It did not need a long time for Rukia to be drowned into his kiss. She was surprised, of course, and questioned his sudden behavior. But, as soon as his lips moved, it instantly disappeared and was replaced by the desire to kiss him back.

She could feel his hand pulling her body closer, while keep kissing her softly. It made her crazy, every touch on her lips felt so inviting, and she wanted much more.

A satisfied moan came out of her as his tongue slipped into her mouth, searching for her own to deepen the kiss. Their tongues intertwined and started to move in a slow dance.

It was strange how she became so addicted to his kisses, but, it just feel so right to have his lips on hers, to taste them, savoring every inch of it.

Soon, their kiss turned into a hot, passionate dance and Rukia could feel Byakuya bringing her body down slowly, laying her to the ground, covering it with his own without breaking their kiss.

Finally, after the urge to get some air became unbearable, Byakuya released her lips. Both panting heavily, trying to compose themselves.

After a moment of silence, she reluctantly opened her eyes as she felt a gently stroke on her cheeks.

She could not help but flush furiously after she realized how close they were. She was lying on the ground while Byakuya leaned on one elbow, half lying on her side, his other hand caressed her cheeks and his eyes stared down at hers, sending a warm sensation throughout her body.

"Uh… Nii-sa…"

She fell silent immediately. Her eyes widened, and her cheeks heat up when Byakuya put his index finger on her lips.

"I think after the lot of things that happened this afternoon, especially a moment ago, addressing me as 'Nii-sama' is no longer appropriate."

She was blushing madly after hearing his words. Still, there were some questions that indeed needed answers and he did not miss it. He could see it all clearly reflected in her violet eyes.

"I know there are many questions within you that require explanation." Byakuya continued his remarks.

"So, I take you here, to clear all the misunderstandings before we could be back home."

"Misunderstandings?" she asked, confused.

"Yes, all this mess happened because I was jealous and angry when I heard you said you love Kurosaki Ichigo in your dream at the night after we came back from the festival."

Rukia looked at him, flabbergasted. "W-what? I'm not! I-I mean… I never said that! I…" Rukia fell became silent immediately as the dream flashed back in her mind.

No, it's impossible!

"You mean that dream? But… I'm not-"

"I know," Byakuya cut her remarks.

"I was so jealous at that time. I avoided you and jumped to the conclusion that you had feelings towards that boy."

"But… I'm not…" she tried to explain, but she stopped as questions crossed her mind. She looked at him in wonder. "Why did you not ask me before? And why did you kept silent all this time?"

Byakuya stared at Rukia for a moment before giving the answer. "I could not ask you because I was scared my guess was right."

Rukia could not hide her surprise as she heard his answer. "S-… scared?"

Byakuya nodded slightly. "Yes, but after a while I realized my mistake, so at that time, I decided to let you go to the living world." There was a pause before he continues his words. "Though, it was hard for me to let go of your hand, but as long as you could reach your happiness I would be fine because there is nothing more important in this world than to see you smile."

Rukia's eyes grew wider after hearing his words.

"However, I did not realize my actions only create another misunderstanding." A bitter smile graced his lips.

"I was so blind at that time. I jumped to that stupid conclusion and closed my eyes from the truth in front of me, creating the misunderstanding that made you suffer." His voice was full of remorse as he remembered all her words from that recorder.

"I've acted so foolish to let you go for what I thought was the best for you. I've made a mistake when I gift you with what I thought as freedom. But, it turned out I just hurt you with my decision."

Then he reached his hand to take Rukia into his arms. "I'm sorry," he whispered softly into her ear.

Her eyes grew even wider, and her mouth gaped slightly as she heard the apology from him.

Rukia lift her head, searching for his gaze, to make sure she was not mishearing.

Byakuya's face softened as he looked deeply into her eyes. "Rukia, I understand if you're still angry with me and won't forgive my past actions. But, I just want you to know, I'll never leave you again. I'll do anything to heal your pain, wash away your sadness, even if it takes the rest of my life, even if you reject me. You have to remember it. I'll always be here, by your side. Forever."

She almost could not believe what she had just heard and did not know how to react. The only thing she could do was just staring into his silver eyes. It was almost like a dream, all his acts, and his words. And she was scared she would wake up anytime soon and face the reality where he was not by her side and still cold as he was.

"It's not a dream," he assured as he saw her expression. "So, would you accept my apology?"

Rukia's eyes glazed, her heart filled with warm. She looked at him for a moment before she shakes her head. "There is nothing to apology for," she took a deep breath before she continues her remarks.

"Because… since the beginning, it was not only your fault." Rukia said as she remembers the way she took care of this situation. If only she have handle it liked the way Yoruichi and Ichigo told her, if only she was honest with her feelings earlier and stopped denying it, perhaps both of them would not suffer because of this misunderstanding.

"I'm sorr-"

But, Byakuya cut her apology by pulling her closer. "It was not your fault either."

Rukia took the opportunity to bury her face against his chest. She closed her eyes for a minute to enjoy the proximity that she was yearning for so long. The closeness sending a sense of security to whole her body. Then she raised her head to ask him a question that kept popping up in her mind.

"Umm… so…" She bit her lips, trying to compose the words.

"That means you… you are not angry at me, are you?" her body was immediately filled with a nervous sensation as Byakuya's eyes looked down at her.

"I mean… Is it okay? Because… because… I-I have…" Rukia stammered to finish her words. But, she braced herself to say it. "I… I have feelings for you." She said sheepishly. Her face turned to crimson and heat started to crept up, burning her entire body.

Slight of amusement appeared on his face after he heard her question and saw how red she was now. This girl, did she not realize how cute she is now? And after seeing this, he was not sure he could prevent his desire anymore.

"Silly girl," Byakuya lifted up her body slightly, so their face was in line.

"With what just happened, did I seem angry to you?" he asked in a low, husky tone, sending a shiver down to her spine. "Did all my words and actions today not prove enough?" Rukia's heart skipped a beat as Byakuya leaned his face.

"Or…" His eyes never left hers, and from this closeness, she could see clearly what was reflected in it, and her body trembled slightly by a foreign excitement that suddenly appeared inside her.

"You want to be reassured again?" with the end of these words, he caught her lips and kissed her deeply.

Rukia could feel Byakuya's hand pushing her back, holding her body possessively without releasing her lips. Then, he lifted his hand to one side of her face, and moved slightly to stare into her eyes deeply.

"Now, do you believe me?"

Warm covered her heart as she nodded shyly. "Yes," she looked back at him. "It's really like a dream, because…"

Byakuya stopped her words by pressing his body to her, making Rukia moan unconsciously, before he kiss her lips fiercely, taking the opportunity from her parted lips to slip his tongue to explore her mouth.

Rukia reached out her hand to touch and caress his hair. Then, she moved her hand to bring his head down in order to deepen the kiss.

Soon, their kisses became more passionate and intense, tongue and lips moved widely. And then, between the kiss, in one motion, he lifted up her body and carried her in his breaking the kiss, he took Rukia back to their room.

Rukia felt a soft touch on her back when Byakuya gently laid her on the futon. She wanted to ask him about it, because she remembered it was not there when she first entered the room.

But, Byakuya did not give her a chance, his body pressed hers, and his tongue did not stop moving, it continued to explore every part of her mouth, pulling her tongue to dance with his. Finally, Rukia could only surrender and let herself sink back in his hot kiss.

After a few minutes passed, Byakuya finally released her lips. He rested his forehead on hers. He was breathing heavily, while his eyes filled with desire and passion.

"Once again, this is not a dream," his lips swept back her lips gently. "I'll prove it."

He reached for her cheek with his hand, moving her closer to his body. He began to kiss her with unbelievable tenderness. Then slowly he parted her lips and thrust his tongue in her mouth, making the kiss more intense and heated. The desire increasing in both of them, he could hardly control himself. He closed the distance between their bodies gaining a satisfied moan from Rukia. Her voice fueled him with an incredible desire. Byakuya slowly grind his hips, almost inpercible, but with their closeness, Rukia could feel the fullness of his arousal, heat creep on her face as she broke the kiss in surprise. Byakuya stared at her with tenderness, and said…

"If you do not want this, you should stop me now, because I'm not sure I can stop once I started it." He said as he kissed her forehead softly.

From her place, Rukia could see it, how he tried to prevent his desire, and how he put her feeling above him. His gentle behavior touched her. She lifted her face to give him a tender kiss.

"I ... I do not want you to stop," she said shyly. Her cheeks turned red after she spoke her mind, but her embarrassment was short-lived when once again, she felt his lips on hers.

They returned to share a very passionate kiss. But, this time, there was no doubt anymore between them and their feelings. He knew what he wanted, and so do her.

Byakuya crushed her lips endlessly. He just could not get enough of tasting her sweet delicious lips. Then, his kisses slowly moved down to her chin, and kept moving until he reached her neck.

Her head slumped backwards in order to provide greater access to Byakuya. He sucked her neck softly, and he could not hide his excitement when he heard a sigh of satisfaction out of her lips. He wanted her to feel more, so he gently bite her skin, and was immediately rewarded with another moan.

Rukia held out her hand to draw Byakuya back, so she could kiss him. This time, he gave her opportunity to dominate, while his hand started playing with her hair, feeling its softness fell between his fingers. Her lips pressed his lips firmly while her warm tongue sneaked into his mouth. At first, her touch felt shy, but as her desire took her, she became bolder to explore his mouth and play with his tongue.

His hand left her hair to touch the skin of her neck, before moving down, sweeping her breast slightly, making Rukia moaned between the kiss. She broke the kiss and panted heavily. Her eyes darken with lust.

Meanwhile, Byakuya did not stop his ministration. He moved his lips back down to her neck, hungry to taste her delicate skin, while his hand continued to move down and stop just below her belly. He slipped his hand inside her yukata to stroke her thigh, making her gasped. A small moan came out of her mouth, and without realizing it, her hips began to move under him.

It's so strange…

She did not know what actually happened to her mind, her body and her reactions. These whole new sensations felt so strange to her, so confusing and raised a slight of fear inside her about what will happen next. Yet, she did not want to stop either. Her mind was hazed to many coherent thoughts, and deep inside, a foreign desire started to build, making her body wanted more from him.

Byakuya smiled slightly among his touches. He loved her reactions, and he wanted to get more. His lips moved downwards, while his hand moved up to look for her obi, and in one motion, he managed to untie it.

Embarrassment took over her as she felt Byakuya started to part her yukata. Instinctively, she tried to close her fabric, but he held her movements. He pulled her to sit on the futon and stared deep into her eyes.

"It's alright," he leaned down to kiss her lips softly, to calm her nervousness.

Rukia stared at his eyes, all her feelings reflected in it. After a moment, she nodded and released her hand, though, still unsure about it. It was the first time she lets someone to see her body. It felt so uncomfortable, and she was a bit scared and extremely nervous. However, she tried to calm herself because she knew he will never do anything bad to her.

Byakuya parted her Yukata slowly. He kept his eyes on hers and looked at her tenderly. He did not want her to get scared because of his action.

Rukia turned her face to the right when her Yukata was on the side of the futon. Her cheeks heat up, especially as she felt Byakuya's eyes roamed over her naked body.

Why he was staring at her like that? Did… did… he feel disappointed with what he has seen?

Shame washed over her as she thought about it, and she felt her confidence began to crumble because he still was not saying anything to her.

Byakuya reached out to touch her cheek until their eyes met. "Do not feel ashamed." He said, as if he knew what was in her mind before gave a kiss at the corner of her eye.

"B-but… my body…" she said, still unsure.

"You are beautiful, Rukia." He landed a soft kiss on her lips as his hand moved to stroke her back to calm her feelings. After he felt she was relaxed, he trailed his kiss down to taste her bare skin. He gave some attention on her sensitive neck, then to her shoulders before moving further down.

Byakuya kisses finally fell on her right breast, making Rukia gasped and dropped her head back. Pleasurable moans came out of her mouth when the tip of his tongue played with her nipple, making it harden just after a few licks, while one of his hands cupped and squeezed her left breast.

Rukia did not know what just happen to her. Her body felt so hot, and she could not stop moaning. And she increasingly drowned into this pleasure when Byakuya took all her nipple into his mouth. He sucked it softly and gave several bites, making her moans got out of control.

Suffocated by this unknown desire, Rukia moved her hands, directing him to her left breast which was thirst to feel his touches.

Byakuya gave her what she wanted. Deep inside, he really wanted to take her badly, to make her his soon. But, he did not want to ruin this moment. With all his self-control, he tried to push his desire for a while. He did not want to rush it. Moreover, it was not that bad to enjoy this togetherness. He would have plenty of time to satisfy his own desires. Now it was her time, so he wanted her to enjoy and drown into the pleasure she had never felt before.

Byakuya lie Rukia back down on the futon, and positioned himself between her legs, before returning to provide a gentle kiss on her lips. Meanwhile, his right hand began to move down on her inner thigh. His fingers keep moving until he found her sweet core already wet. He rubbed her entire center before he pressed his long finger into her, making Rukia startled and gasped unwittingly. Her hands clasped the edge of the futon tightly when his finger start moving in and out of her private area where no one has ever touched.

Rukia was panting heavily as Byakuya's mouth begin moving back down to squash her breasts, before trailing further down, giving some licks and kisses on her flat stomach, while his tantalizing fingers kept working in her core sending a foreign sensation through her body, making her moans more frenzied.

Byakuya stopped his movements and pulled out his fingers as his lips were right below her stomach. He shifted his gaze to look at Rukia for a moment. A tender smile appeared on his lips as he saw her expression. He wanted to do more, to satisfy her. Only her.

Rukia raised her head slightly to look at the cause. She was curious, as why he suddenly stopped, and her cheeks instantly flare up as she noticed Byakuya staring at her with a hint of lust reflected in his gray eyes.

What is he going to do?

Her eyes widened, and she could not hide her shock when she saw Byakuya's head moving down to kiss her private area.

W-wait, he isn't going to that, is he?

She gasped and fell back on the futon as his tongue reached out to taste her sweetness which was floating from the inside of her hot core. Deep moans came out of her lips as she felt his tongue began to circle her entire clit, while his fingers parted her lips.

"Byakuya!" she screamed loudly as Byakuya slip his velvet tongue deep inside her. Her body trembled violently as the result of the foreign pleasure as his tongue move in and out, drinking her delicious liquid.

She never knew this kind of sensuous delight, so deep, so dark. It was his warm lips, his velvet tongue, and his delicate touches that tell her about this hidden secret, which she never imagined. And it made her mind, her body and her soul was screaming to release, but she was still unsure what the exact meaning of that was.

A smile graced his lips when he heard Rukia cried out his name with full satisfaction. He continued his action to give her pleasure like never before. Within him, he took pride knowing he could make the woman he loved in Heaven. Yes, there was nothing in his mind except the desire to please her. How he wanted to atone to his mistake, and showed her how much he loves her.

Her moans and her breath became shorter. She was close, he could feel it. He parted her thighs widely and used his lips to cover her entire clit, while his tongue kept moving to drink her sweetness. Then he could feel her body tense, and after several licks she came hard into his mouth, while crying out his name in pleasure.

Byakuya continued to drink her until she calmed down from her orgasm. Then he felt her hand touching his hair. He looked up and gave her a soft smile before he approached and gave her a gentle kiss on her lips.

Rukia felt her body started to heat up again as she tasted herself in his tongue. It was so strange. This foreign sensation was so unfamiliar to her. But, she could not stop and for her surprise, her body demanded more.

Slowly, Rukia held her hand to touch his chest. She ran her fingers on it, first with shyly touches. Actually, she was not sure about her act. But, by touching him, it simply evoked a desire inside her to satisfy him. She wanted to give him the same pleasure he had gave her, but uncertain how to make it. Nonetheless, after she heard his groans she became bolder to explore every part of his body.

Byakuya felt her small hands moving down on his body, trying to find his obi. He wanted to help her, but after a moment he decided to savor the sense of her hands on his skin. He buried his head on her neck, inhaling her alluring scent while enjoying her touches. Her hands moved shyly, raising his desires, making him want her right now. So, as her hand managed to find his obi, and untied it, he immediately opened his yukata and put it beside her own, before returning to trap her within his body.

Rukia's face heat up after she felt Byakuya's skin clung to hers. His body is so perfect, she could not stop staring at him with admiration as he removed his yukata before he covered her with his perfect body. Her face reddened as she remembered what he had done before. It was still hard to believe that the most desirable man in Soul Society has done something unbelievable to her body, the thing that all the women in SWA was desperate to get it.

And she couldn't stop getting redder because she knew what was going to happen to her when she saw he started to position himself between her thighs. She closed her eyes, waiting for him to complete her.

However, between all the excitement and desires that enveloped her, she did not deny, deep inside, she was scared about it too. It was her first time, and from what she heard, it will hurt a lot.

What if… what if she made a mistake? What if she could not handle it and disappointed him? What if she just screwed up this important moment?

Rukia took a deep breath, trying to calm her mind. Her body stiffened. Her eyes still close, waiting for him. But, after a few minutes she fluttery opened them, and widened slightly as she found he was staring straight into her.

"Byakuya?" she asked, confused, because he kept staring at her without saying anything.

Did…did he know what she was thinking? Did… did he found she not attractive and want to stop now?

Fear crept inside her rapidly. She did not dare to move or say anything. What she could only do was keep staring at him, waiting for him to say something. Do something.

Byakuya could feel how tense she was now, but he did not blame her. He knew exactly the reason of her fear. And he could not help but be filled with warmth while staring at her vulnerable eyes where he could read all the emotions in them. Her worry, her doubt and… her longing.

"I want you to know," he broke the stillness between them.

I will never hurt you. Never again.

"There is nothing that could make me happier besides the fact that you're here, with me, and that I can hold you in my arms again, Rukia." He said honestly. His eyes filled with softness and warmth as he looked at her.

The heat began to gather in the corner of her eyes after hearing his words. The words that washed all her fears and doubts away.

She reached her hand to touch his cheeks. "I feel the same. I've never been as happy as this for my entire life. It's all because of you." She put a gentle kiss on his lips. "Thank you for coming and taking me back to the place where I belong."

Byakuya leaned down and kissed her eyes. "I know you're scared now, but I want you to trust me," his gaze locked her own deeply.

"I… trust you…" she said as she pulled Byakuya down and started to kiss him again passionately. Yes, despite all her fears, she really wanted to become one with him. Only him.

And then, in a slow pace, he entered her. He could feel her body tensed while he slid inside her, so he stopped his ministration waiting for her to adjust. She was so precious, and he did not want to hurt her.

Rukia closed her eyes, trying to hold the pain. She knew it will hurt, but she never thought it would be so painful like this. She tried to breathe while hoping this soreness will disappear. But, though it hurt so much, she did not blame him. She believed him. He will never hurt her. And finally, after few minutes she lifted her head slightly to touch his lips, as a sign for him to continue.

Byakuya began to move, still in a slow pace. No one knew, deep inside, he was fighting hard to resist his own desire to not hurt her. It was so difficult because being inside her was the most pleasurable experience he had ever felt. But, after a moment, he managed to control himself and started to roll his hips.

Rukia gasped in pleasure as he started to move. Sure, it hurt at first. But, it seemed her body had its own knowledge to handle this kind of situation. After she has adapted and relaxed with him inside her, the pain immediately subsided and turned into unbearable pleasure.

Soon, their bodies found the rhythm. Their movements were very natural, complementing each other as they became one. Gasps and moans filled the room as their desire took over them.

As they got closer to their climax, Byakuya leaned slightly to whisper into her ear. "I love you, Rukia."

Rukia could feel a single tear fell down her cheek as she heard his words. She moved to catch his lips. "I love you too, Byakuya."

With the ending of those precious words, he held her body tightly to deepen his thrusts, increasing his speed, taking them to never ending pleasure.

Rukia trembled and arched her body as her muscles tightened around him. She cried out Byakuya's name as she reached her climax.

Byakuya kept moving. It was the first time he felt the passion so thorough. Sure, he knew what it's like to be part of someone else, but with Rukia it was so different. He felt a lot of emotions while he was with her. He felt alive as their body and soul fused into one. He was her, and she was his, completely.

He pulled her into his body while his lips searching for hers. With body and lips consolidate, they move together. And finally, after some thrusts, he whispered Rukia's name through the air while filled her with his release.

Exhausted, she leaned against his chest, feeling his arms enveloped her body as he lies her down on the futon. The last thing she remembered was the sound of his heart beat and the warmth of his body that enveloped her along that night. And, for the first time, a smile adorned her lips as the drowsiness took her away.


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