Bloody paradise

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At room 2-1

"Ohayo my dear students" narumi said as he entered the room while twirling. Upon hearing this, his students groaned because they know he is planning another thing. "What the hell, he's really gay," Mikan said wanting to puke out of disgust. "Ahem…ahem" narumi faked a cough. "As I was saying we have a new student". As narumi said this Mikan waltzed in the room with an emotionless face that seemed bored. The boys went wild but stopped went Mikan gave them a death glare. "Mikan-chan please introduce yourself" narumi said trying to break the tension in the air. "Mikan Sakura, 15 years old, nullification and sec and the heir of the sakura clan a royal clan of assassins" Mikan said with a very cold voice that would freak out the devil itself, almost all the students in the room shivered. "Minna-san please treat Mikan-chan with care" narumi said. "Tsk! Will you shut up im not gonna break you freaking asshole" Mikan stated obviously annoyed. As she stated this a few students seemed amused by this (a/n guess who?) "And one thing don't call me Mikan-chan" she said venom dripping her voice. "H-hai" narumi stuttered "free period class and Mikan-chan your partner is Natsume-kun… CIAO" he said as he dashed out of the room . A vein appeared on Mikan's head. "He's stupid," Mikan thought as she eyed everyone in the room. Mikan went to the back of the room and sat on the desk with Natsume Hyuuga on her side. Everyone was amazed that she already knew who Natsume is. "Hotaru is here," Mikan thought as she observed a girl with amethyst eyes and raven hair up to her shoulders. "Oi the one who's attempting to read my thoughts stop it, it's useless I have the nullification Alice," Mikan said. "wow you're amazing nobody can sense it when I read their minds only the cactus" a sandy haired boy with a grin on his face said, "im Kokoro Yome mind reading alice heir of the Yome clan , you can call me Koko . " yo! You can call me Mikan-chii," Mikan said with a smirk on her face as she bumped fist with koko. "We are gonna be great friends" Mikan said while smirking. "Oi Mikan let's talk for a while" the raven-haired girl said. Mikan nodded. "Outside" the raven continued. "Okay" Mikan said as she left the room and as she went out of the room everyone's jaw dropped.


"M… Mikan is that you" Hotaru asked. "No its Sherlock" Mikan deadpanned. "H...ho…ho-Hotaru I missed you" Mikan said teary eyed as she hugged Hotaru but was stopped when she got hold of her baka gun. "Mou Hotaru I wanna hug you!" Mikan exclaimed. Mikan being a very deadly assassin still loves Hotaru a lot even if she has blood thirst Hotaru still cares about Mikan. "Come here baka" Hotaru said as she flashed her with one of her rare smiles. Mikan hugged Hotaru tightly. "b-baka are you trying to kill me?" Hotaru managed to say. "Hehehe sorry" Mikan said while putting her hands behind her head. "Mikan why did you look so cold when you entered the room?" Hotaru asked. "im gonna see if I will find new trustworthy friends" mkan said. "ne, Hotaru" Mikan said with seriousness in her voice. "what" Hotaru replied in her usual stoic voice. "My clan was massacred 3 years ago" Mikan said with emotions in her voice but you can see anger, hatred and sorrow in her eyes. "what?!" Hotaru replied practically shocked "your clan was the most powerful clan in all and the only one that has abilities that can almost match up to them are the Hyuuga clan". "I know and we are already allies and auntie Kaoru cant betray mom they are bestfriends for heaven's sake" Mikan said. "does your nii-chan already know?" Hotaru asked. "nope not yet" Mikan said as her lips formed into a smirk. "Mikan you're still a troublemaker" Hotaru said as she sighed. "thank you I'll take that as a compliment" as she smiled a very small genuine smile. "baka lets go back" Hotaru said and Mikan nodded.

At the room

Mikan walked to her desk with an emotionless façade. "ne Hotaru" Mikan said through telepathy. "I didn't know you can use telepathy baka" Hotaru said in a surprised voice but hid it quickly. "Hotaru have you forgot I have the sec , right?"Mikan replied. "what will you ask?" Hotaru said. "Hotaru I think other clans have cooperated in murdering my clan. "tsk! That's troublesome, ne Mikan do you still have your blood-thirst?" Hotaru said. "yup" Mikan said in a proud tone. "baka, you don't need to proud of it" Hotaru said. When Mikan was about to reply a teacher with a toad entered the room. "bye" Mikan said to Hotaru through telepathy. When the teacher looked at everyone he saw Mikan and was shocked. The other students was also surprised because they never saw him surprised, NEVER. "sa-sakura-san?" the teacher asked. "no its Sherlock Jinno-sensei" Mikan said. The students went flabbergasted when she said this no one EVER talked back to Jinno-sensei. "you haven't changed sakura-san" Jinno said. " I'll take that as a compliment sensei" Mikan replied with amusement as she glanced at the other students who looked pale because of their conversation. "sakura-san are you a special star?" Jinno-sensei asked. " I don't know" Mikan said. "you are a platinum star Sakura-san starting today" Jinno said. "ohh, okay" Mikan replied bored. "free period" Jinno said as he walked out of the room. "you are awesome! Mikan-chii!" Koko exclaimed. "why?" Mikan asked. Hotaru fired her baka gun at Mikan , Mikan catch it and smirked "it improved Hotaru" mikan said happily. "baka there are only two persons whohold that rank and the other one is you" Hotaru said. "hn" Mikan said practically bored. "who is the other one?" Mikan asked with a hint of curiosity in her voice. Suddenly a girl with green hair that has perms interrupted "my Natsume of course" she said. "ahh! You mean that manga boy!" Mikan said as he pointed ger thumb at the boy. "how dare you insult my Natsume-kun as the leader of the Natsume and Ruka fanclub I Shoda Sumire cannot allow that I challenge you to a duel" Sumire shrieked. "fine by me" Mikan said bored. Sumire changed into her cat dog formed and attempted to tackle Mikan but Mikan just dodged and out of nowhere vines started to grow and it took hold of Sumire who was now upside-down. "I thought you were better than that" Mikan said as she yawned. "you must be better than that if you really want to be an assassin!" Mikan continued to say. She went back to her seat and got her I-phone and said "don't worry the effect will wore off for about 4 hours but I change my mind it will only last 5 minutes". "oi Hyuuga" Mikan said. "hn" Natsume said. "Your alice is fire right?" Mikan asked or more like stated. "yeah, so?" Natsume asked. "I already copied it" I said as I lit a fireball on my hand. "tsk!" he said. "ne what will I call you?" Mikan asked. "hn" he replied. "okay, hn do you know auntie Kaoru?" Mikan asked. "call me Natsume, you idiot" Natsume said. Mikan puffed her cheeks "im not an idiot you bastard" she said. "how did you know my mom?" he asked curiosity present in his voice. "she's your mom?!" she asked. "no she's not my mom she's my dad" Natsume said with sarcasm. "shut up you -and-mighty" Mikan said will giving him a death glare and was interrupted by two girls. "hi my name is Anna Umenomiya lets be friends you can call me Anna, Sakura-san!" said a girl with bluish hair and was followed by a girl with pink hair "hi my name is Nonoko Umenomiya lets be friends you can call me Nonoko Sakura-san". "sure and you can also call me Mikan" Mikan said while smiling her trademark smile. "she's interesting" Natsume thought.

A boy with yellowish hair with glasses approached Mikan "he-hello Sakura-san my name is Tobita Yuu but they call me inchou nice to meet you Sakura-san" he said while bowing. "no need to be so formal Yuu-chii you can call me Mikan" Mikan said as she giggled. Then after he introduced a boy with blond hair and sapphire blue eyes approached her "h-h-h-hello Sakura-san my name is Ruka Nogi you can call me Ruka" Ruka said while blushing a bit. "nice to meet you Ruka-pyon" Mikan said as she smiled brightly which caused Ruka to blush even redder. "oi Natsume introduce ourself formally too" Ruka said to Natsume. "hn…. Natsume Hyuuga 15 years old, platinum star fire alice and she just copied it" Natsume said as he shrugged. "hehehe arigato ne Natsume-chii" she said as she smile a VERY CUTE smile that made THE CUTE KURO NEKO BLUSH. "Ruka let's go he said as he covered his blush with his bangs. "this is gonna be fun" Mikan thought. "now I've new friends" Mikan said as she giggled.

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