Title - Behind Closed Doors

Summary: Heather and Naya get locked in Naya's trailer overnight. Heather gets claustrophobic and Naya gets close.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Also not real, this is fiction, it never happened. I don't profit from writing this.

A/N: Any and all mistakes are my own. This is meant as a light and I guess maybe fluffy fic. It's also rp (Real Person) If you hadn't figured that out already ;)


"I think the doors jammed," Heather says as she pushes on Naya's trailer door, she turns back to face Naya when her attempts at leaving fail. "Does it lock from the outside or something?" She mutters quietly. Naya chuckles.

"It's not some cage, Hemo." She shrugs and continues putting on her coat. It's late and the end of one very long day. After filming dance numbers all day Naya's pretty sure she's about to drop dead from exhaustion. That, or go into some sleep-coma.

Heather grunts and Naya's attention is on the tall dancer instantly, brown eyes warm and quick as she watches Heather push against the door.

"Wow," Heather sighs with annoyance. "It's seriously stuck, like, I can't even –" She pushes the door again, palms flat against the surface. "I can't even get it to shift."

Naya smiles with amusement before walking closer and placing her hand lightly on Heather's shoulder, "Move, let me." She instructs and Heather obliges easily. She moves sideways and Naya confidently grabs the door handle with a quick smirk.

When the door doesn't open after a silent struggle she pulls back like she's been burnt, she ignores Heather's smug smile and lazily gestures around the trailer.

"Yeah, it's jammed."

Heather literally squeaks in response, "What?" Naya goes to repeat but Heather basically shoves her backwards and starts knocking on the door in soft taps, "No, no…I think we just need to, like, um…push harder?"

Naya can't help the amused expression on her face as she looks Heather over, "That sounds so wrong."

"Nay," Heather practically whines, "Stop, just help me." She taps the door again, and Naya stops grinning as she takes in Heather's flushed cheeks.

"Wait, are you claustrophobic or something?" She jokes. It's when Heather turns away and faces the door almost hesitantly does Naya's eyes soften. She's behind the dancer in moments, and with a soft exhale she wraps her arms around Heather's waist comfortingly, effectively pulling herself flush against her co-stars back. It's an intimate move, but Naya's done it before. Heather laughs breathily.

"It's not that I'm claustrophobic, it's just, Naya…" She pauses and shrugs. Naya tightens her grip as a soft hum leaves her throat, and Heather leans into her more. "We're stuck. Like, stuck Naya, the door isn't opening. Does that not bother you?"

This time it's Naya's turn to shrug, "Someone will figure out we're missing." She explains calmly.

Heather shakes her head, "Everyone's gone home. We've finished filming for the day, I'm going to sound dramatic…but honey, no one's coming for us."

Naya rests her chin on Heather's shoulder and smiles at the term of endearment. Despite the joking tone, Heather sounds restless and reassuringly Naya presses closer.

"It bothers you doesn't it?" She asks lowly, tilting her head she looks at the side of Heather's face curiously, "being trapped?"

Heather tenses against Naya's body and lowers her hands from the door, "How are you not worried?" She questions. Easily evading Naya's inquiry, a nervous laugh leaves her mouth.

Naya hums again, light and warm. "Because I'm brave." She explains simply. Heather's cheeks pink at the answer and she turns around, the action forces Naya to let go and step back. "Tell me why it bothers you." She pushes.

"Trapped, Naya." Heather deadpans seriously and Naya chuckles.

"So it is a claustrophobic thing then?"


"See, I wouldn't have taken you for someone who is afraid of small spaces. My girls' got fears."

"It's not small spaces –"

Naya raises her hand in a stop sign, "I mean, yeah, you have a completely irrational fear of Twitter. But this is like gold compared to that."

Heather actually looks offended and with a small frown she crosses her arms loosely. "I feel like I should be insulted. Should I be?" She tilts her head and there's a slight grin playing at her lips.

Naya chuckles, "I didn't mean it to sound like it did."

"Kinda sounded like you're pleased I'm claustrophobic…" Heather states and her eyes twinkle under the soft glow of the trailers light.

Naya's quick to respond, "I'm just saying!"

"Saying what?"

"You totally just admitted that you, y'know, have a fear of being confined…you heard that right?"


"Cause I heard it." Naya grins teasingly and Heather's cheeks flush as she shakes her head.

"You're the one who is terrified of getting a paper cut –"


"– in your eye."


"How would you get a paper cut in your eye?" Heather asks, her arms unfolding and waving near her own eyes.

Naya looks at her with amusement before quirking an eyebrow, "It happens. It's a perfectly normal fear." She states and Heather actually giggles at her words, it's low and soft, and something in Naya's stomach twitches pleasantly.

"Keep telling yourself that." Heather smiles.

Naya steps closer, so close that it causes Heather to take a step back so that she hits the door. She looks momentarily confused and maybe even a little embarrassed, and Naya smirks at the reaction before moving even closer. Literally evading Heather's personal bubble for the second time.

"Jumpy." She rasps and watches when Heather looks away. A defence mechanism Naya had picked up on when she first met Heather, the dancer would either avoid eye contact or bite her nails. Both were a sign the girl was either nervous or unsure. Naya keeps her touch gentle when she pushes back Heather's hair, tucking it smoothly behind a pale ear. "What does it feel like?"

Heather glances back up quickly, blue eyes squint in confusion. "What?"

"Being claustrophobic." Naya explains warmly. "What does it feel like?"


"I want to know." Naya says, kind eyes move over Heather's jaw and across crimson cheeks, she smiles sincerely.

Heather swallows. "I don't know," She says with a nervous laugh. The sound makes Naya move closer, enticed by Heather's rare show of vulnerability. It wasn't often Heather got nervous, or more precisely, nervous around Naya.

Using the moment to her advantage, Naya places both hands on the door on either side of Heather's head. "Does this make you feel claustrophobic?" She asks, signalling their close proximity.

Heather shakes her head and slender fingers twitch by her side. Her arms are held so straight Naya thinks it's a conscious effort.

"No." Heather vocalizes.


"Because I'm not, I don't know…, trapped?" It comes out as a question and Naya raises an eyebrow curiously.

"What if I didn't move away?" She tests, her eyes search Heather's face carefully and the blonde meets her gaze.

"You would if I asked you too."

"Of course," Naya confirms, "but say I didn't, what would you feel?"

"But you would, so I wouldn't feel anything."

"Take away the trust then…I'm just some stranger cornering you –"

Heather laughs abruptly, breathily. "Never knew you were into roll playing."

"I'm not all vanilla,"

"What are you? A stranger or a milkshake?"


"I thought so too."

"Mmmh," Moving so that there's only a few centimetres between them, Naya looks thoughtful, dark eyes study blue raptly. "This seriously doesn't bother you?" She rasps.

She doesn't know why her heart flurries when Heather shakes her head. But it does. A lot.

"Should it?" Heather looks back just as thoughtfully and Naya shrugs.

"If I were a stranger it would, right?"

"That's an obvious yes, but you're not a stranger. So it's fine." She pauses and then looks between their bodies, Naya does the same. "Why are you trying to make me feel claustrophobic, Nay?"

That was a really good question, which Naya had no answer for.

Heather continues, "Because being trapped in the trailer is kind of bad enough." She smiles but Naya can see the hidden fear and pulls back slightly.

"We're not trapped, Heather." She soothes.

Heather scrunches her face up, "We can't get out, the doors stuck, you said it yourself."

Smirking Naya pulls back completely, Heather's eyes follow her and Naya reaches into her coats pocket, pulling out her iPhone. "Ta-da!" She hands the device to Heather, "We'll just call someone up and get them to come down and open the door from the outside."

Heather's handing the phone back a moment later, "It's dead."



"I charged it this morning!" Naya exclaims snatching her phone frantically, the screen is blank. "Shit!"

"Not so calm anymore,"

Naya sends a quick look to Heather before tossing the dead mobile onto the small couch nearby, it thumps against the cushions recklessly and she watches it warily. "What do we do now?"

Heather looks around the small trailer quickly, "You're asking me?"

"Where's your phone?"

"I don't have it on me…"

"Okay, okay." Naya breathes, "Then how loud can you scream?"

Heather deadpans her look, "Now's not the time for roll playing," She jokes.

Naya's taken a back for a second before she smirks, "Bite me, Morris."

Gnashing her teeth together Heather playfully winks, the action is flirty but still innocent enough and Naya feels her stomach tighten despite her neutral expression. Heather was naturally flirty with everyone. Naya knew that. Her erratically beating heart however, seemed not too.

"What I meant was if we yell loud enough, someone might hear us." Naya explains shortly. "It's either that or we stay in here all night…"

A moment later Heather's screaming at the top of her lungs and banging forcefully on the door. Somewhere along the lines Naya ends up stomping her feet on the ground and chanting out repeatedly 'Help, someone help' she doesn't miss the dramatics of her actions, but it's better than Heather's drawn out 'The air's getting thinner…'