Title – Behind Closed Doors

Summary: Heather and Naya get locked in Naya's trailer overnight. Heather gets claustrophobic and Naya gets close.

Disclaimer: Not mine, never will be. Just enjoy writing. This is RPF.

A/N: I just want to say a HUGE thank you to all the lovely reviewers who have taken the time to leave comments. I can't express how much they mean to me. So thank you! I really do mean it. I'd hug each and every one of you if I could! Also Freakzilla your reviews on both my stories made me smile so much.


Naya's lips press together lightly as sunlight skims across her closed eyes, she's aware it wouldn't actually be 'sunlight'. Because she's in her trailer and it's not really known to let in much sun, but it's not as dark as before, the room is lighter. Or as far as she can tell with her eyes shut anyway.

Grunting, Naya peeps open one eye.

Blonde hair blurs her vision and she scrunches her nose at the strands that fall over her face, Heather's still under her. Seemingly comfortable under Naya's dead weight. Her arms are now loose around Naya's shoulders and her legs tangle with Naya's warmly. Covering Naya's bare feet with her own sock covered ones.

Propping her head up from Heather's neck and chest Naya stares down at the girl, Heather's hair covers half her face in a messy jumble. It's half out of her ponytail and Naya instantly brushes it back, revealing Heather's calm features. Pink lips are parted slightly and fair eyelashes spread across pale cheeks.

Heather's eyes squeeze tighter at Naya's touch, however she doesn't wake.

Smiling, Naya runs a light fingertip down Heather's jaw. Tracing down her neck and over her collarbone slowly. She's careful to keep her eyes on Heather's face, watching to see if the touches will wake her up. They don't.

Indulging further, Naya continues tickling her way towards Heather's chest. Her heart beats so hard she has to pause for a second to gather her breath and her courage.

Heather's skin is painfully soft, so soft Naya intentionally keeps her touch light. Not wanting to wake the dancer but also not wanting to touch pale skin with anything but the pressure of a fairy. She travels her touching lower, skimming across the swell of Heather's right breast and the fabric of her bra. Small goose bumps rise on Heather's skin at the touch and Naya smiles, tickling down across Heather's abs.

She's pretty sure she's never felt more excited in her life when it came to simply touching someone. Or in her case, tracing an invisible path down Heather's body at an unbearably slow speed. But if her racing heart and dry mouth are anything to go by then she's definitely excited.

Stopping her movements Naya flattens her palm against Heather's warm abdomen, just below her breasts.

Heather doesn't stir and the steady rhythm of her breathing has Naya relaxing.

With a still gentle touch, Naya slides her palm across well-defined abs and down to the waistband of Heather's track pants. Her breathing has picked up and she holds her breath at the fear of it waking Heather, it makes her lungs burn but she ignores the feeling and instead dances her fingertips over Heather's track pants. She's not sure what she is doing or even why she's so nervous, but when Heather stirs in her sleep and leans her head sideways Naya's hand flies away from the dancer so quickly it kind of hurts.

Heather's hair has fallen over her face again and Naya's careful to push it back, tucking the blonde strands behind Heather's ear.

Heather's eyes again squeeze tighter at the contact and Naya finds it weirdly endearing, testing to see if Heather responds a third time she sweeps her fingertips across her forehead. As expected Heather's eyes close tighter, although this time she actually stirs awake.

Naya's hand hangs suspended in the air as blue eyes look up.

"You had hair on your face." Naya explains.

Heather blinks a couple of times before licking her lips, "Okay." She says around a tired grunt.


"Did we fall asleep again?"

Naya looks around the trailer in response, it's lighter. Morning.

"Guess so," She mumbles in thought and Heather props herself up on her elbows. It brings their faces even closer together.

"You alright?"

Naya looks back to Heather, who is outright staring at the side of her face and nods firmly.

"Tired still, you're comfy and all…. But a pillow would have been nice."

Heather smiles, "there was a couch right near you, you could have moved there anytime."

Naya's own smile reaches her mouth and she shakes her head, "you had me in a bear hug, I was lucky I made it through the night without being compressed into dark matter…or something." In truth she kind of liked Heather's embrace. It was secure, safe.

Heather laughs, "Whatever, you loved it."

"Mmmh," Naya smiles, "maybe."

"Oh come on y-"

Heather stops abruptly when the trailer door groans, like actually groans. It rattles a second later and Naya sits up. She eyes the door warily when it again rattles and then a voice is heard. It is muffled, although still easily understandable.

"It's not opening."

Both Heather and Naya tense at Dianna's light voice. Naya's not sure if she's thankful someone is finally around or nervous.

"Is it locked?" That's Lea's voice. She sounds distracted or maybe just tired, Naya's certain it's only early.

Dianna speaks again, "I don't think so. It shouldn't be. It's just not opening."

"Maybe she's not here yet." Lea says.

"I saw her car in the parking lot."

Shifting to her knees, Naya squints at the door. Her sleep addled brain makes things seem far more complicated than they are. For starters she's seriously confused about why Dianna's trying to get into her trailer in the first place; usually they meet on set or before make up.

Sparing a glance to a blank-faced Heather, Naya licks her lips wetting them.

"Di?" Her voice is raspy from sleep.

From the other side of the door Dianna replies, "Naya?"

"Yeah." She confirms.

Realizing she's still very much unclothed Naya stands with panic. Her heart is in her throat and she's terrified beyond simple thought. Heather stays sitting.

"Are you alright? You sound off…, can we come in?" Dianna inquires.

Naya claws Heather's shoes from the floor frantically before facing the door, "knock yourself out." She says loudly, almost sarcastically, before shoving Heather her shoes.

Heather fumbles with them.

"The door seems to be locked." Lea informs Naya needlessly.

"It's not locked." Naya states. She grabs a top from the ground and throws it at Heather, thankful to see the girl has her shoes on. "Get up, quick." She whispers.

Heather complies instantly and stands clumsily on her feet, it's only then that Naya remembers her ankle and gingerly she grabs Heather's elbow to steady her.

"You good?" She asks quietly.

Heather nods.

The door is pulled again and creeks lowly, although it still does not open. "It's locked, Naya." Dianna says.

Grabbing for the t-shirt that lying on the ground, Naya pulls it quickly over her head. She can see Heather doing the same from near her. Although she notes Heather is not half as panicked as she is. Is panicked the right word? Startled? Put-out? Nervy?

Either one really.

Breathing heavily Naya looks for her jeans, tossing her head back and forth rapidly. "It's not locked, trust me." She says to Dianna. She's a little busy trying to clothe herself to further explain however Heather, now fully dressed, makes her way over to the door.

She pushes on it with both hands at the same time Dianna is pulling and Naya turns away. She ends up on her hands and knees a moment later, scuffing her bare legs upon the ground in search of her apparently invisible jeans.

"Naya." Heather says loudly a second later, Naya doesn't look up. "NAYA! Would you help instead of doing…that?" Heather's watching her with a frown and Naya stands slowly, the dancer is still pushing against the door.

"Is that Heather?" Dianna inquires lightly, "Is Heather in there as well?"

"No, it's some unicorn that sounds like her Di, what do you think?" Naya bites sarcastically.

"Hello, Heather." Dianna greets, ignoring Naya easily.

Naya holds back on the eye roll, "Seriously?"

"Hi, did you bring coffee?" Heather answers and Naya looks to her incredulously.

"What the hell Heather? Coffee?"

Heather's shrug is light, "What? She always brings coffee in the morning."

"But you're asking this now?" Naya says blankly, before lowering her voice and whispering, "Where's my pants?"

Heather shrugs again, being completely unhelpful.

"I brought coffee." Dianna confirms.

"But we didn't think you'd be here, Heather. So unfortunately there's only three." Lea adds.

"I'll just share with Naya."

Fake glaring, Naya pinches her lips together. She holds back her smile, "Bitch."

Heather doesn't miss a beat, "whore."


"Shut up, find your pants."

"Find whose pants?"

Blanching at Lea's question, Naya sends a warning look to Heather. "No one's!" She yells, "Go on, talk more loudly won't you?" She whispers to Heather. The dancer covers her mouth and smile simultaneously.

With a shrug that only moves one shoulder, Heather takes a step towards Naya. Just one. "She hears like a bat." She explains.

"It's true I do, I have very good hearing."

"Oh my God, seriously?" Naya's sure her heart can't take any of this. She looks to Heather purposefully before mouthing 'my pants?' She's not risking Lea overhearing her again.

Thankfully, Heather seems to be good at reading lips because she mouths back a silent 'I don't know.'

It's not the news Naya wants to hear, or really lip read. She's not exactly feeling very confident without her pants, and there'd be a whole lot of explaining to do if Dianna figures out how to get the door open and sees Naya scantily dressed. She doesn't think either one of them would recover from the embarrassment.

"Why are you in there Heather?" Dianna asks in a clear voice.

Heather looks confused before she's turning to face the door again, "I don't understand what you mean!" She screams. Naya cringes from the sheer volume.

"What she means is how come you are in Naya's trailer when you're not meant to be on set today?" Clarifies Lea.

Naya frowns, "she's allowed in my trailer anytime."

Heather's screaming over her, "We've been stuck in here all night!"

"Are you guys playing games right now? You're holding the door shut aren't you?" Dianna questions with amusement.

Naya's not sure if she's proud or offended at the fact Dianna thinks her and Heather would pull a prank so childish. Although in thinking that, she's also aware that Heather and her have pulled quite a few lame pranks. Fake flies in water, fake vomit. The old jump out of a closet one. But still. She's not about to lock herself in her trailer all night for a prank.

"We're serious." She declares. "We've been in here all night. The door isn't locked."

She hears Dianna laughing a second later, "Get out." She giggles with mirth.

"Would if we could." Heather mumbles.

Naya walks forward, closer to Heather. "Look you know the doors stuck, even the both of you can't open it. It's been like that all night. And my phones dead so I couldn't call for help."

Dianna calms her giggles, "Heather's?"

"I don't have it on me."

"You are actually stuck in there?!" Lea screams stridently.

Naya grimaces, "We can hear you fine, Lea. You don't have to scream." She states.

Lea screams back a moment later, "I'm sorry!"

"It's okay!" Heather yells and Naya rolls her eyes at the dancer, she's half annoyed at the fact Heather's also screaming, but also half amused. "Maybe if you called 911…?" Heather adds seriously.

"Do you think it's needed?" Dianna asks softly.

Naya's quick to move into Heather's personal space, and lightly she grabs her wrist. Squeezing it gently. "No. No it's not needed." She informs, ignoring Heather's pleading eyes. "HeMo's just claustrophobic."

"Heather's claustrophobic?" Questions Dianna, almost worriedly.

"Are you okay?!" Lea screams, Naya cringes.

"I'm not claustrophobic and I'm fine." At her words Heather tries to wriggle her wrist free.

Naya doesn't let go, in fact she tightens her hold. "She's lying." She states.

Lea responds, "About being fine?"

"No, about being scared of small spaces…" Naya simplifies.

"Oh, sweetie." That's Dianna.

Heather shakes her head, "No, it's fine. Seriously. Just pull the door and I'll push Dianna." She smacks her palms against the door forcefully, taking Naya's own arm with her.

Naya yanks Heather's arm back a second later, "calm down, would you?" She snaps. She almost apologizes at Heather's startled look but Lea screams over any words Naya might have said.

"I thought you said you were fine, Heather!"

"She is." Naya says back, however Heather starts smacking at the door again. Naya's arm is again jolted with the erratic action.

"Who's banging on the door?" Dianna asks calmly.

"It's me."

Naya pulls on Heather wrist again, "It's not helping though is it?"

"If you'd let me go it might." Heather says simply, before turning back to face the door. "Are you pulling Dianna?"

"She is not!" Lea notifies in another needless scream.

Naya shakes her head, "Again, Lea. We can hear you fine without you yelling." She pulls Heather's palm away from the door and Heather yanks it free from Naya's hold. Naya just stares at her, she's not sure if she's upset by Heather's quick action or regretting her own. But either way they both sort of just stare at one another for a long second.

Heather's eyes are hard to read, clouded by something Naya can't put her finger on. It's unsettling and her stomach tightens coldly.

"Okay, Heather?" Dianna calls, Naya hears movement from outside.

Heather looks away and stares at the door again, "Yeah?"

"On three you push and I'll pull, alright?"

"Perfect." Turning to face Naya, Heather whispers quickly. "Find your pants before this door opens."

Pushing the cold ball in her stomach out of her mind, Naya leans closer. "You're wearing my top." She points out in a whisper.

Heather ignores her, "Pants. Now."

Pursing her lips together Naya turns around, scanning the small trailer with squinting eyes. She hears Dianna speak up clearly.

"One, two…Three."

Heather pushes against the door strongly. Her palms dig into the hard surface so forcefully Naya bites her lip worriedly. She doesn't say anything though. She just keeps searching for her elusive jeans.

When nothing happens, Heather grunts. "Are you pulling?"

"Yes, it's not moving."

Naya glances up slowly, "See, I told you it's stuck."

"Unhelpful." Heather deadpans.

Naya's still not sure what the look in Heather's eyes is. But she's starting to think it's worry, or fear, or maybe panic. Either way she shouldn't be reacting so strongly to it. But She is. Heather's eyes are really expressive sometimes and it makes Naya feel restless knowing she doesn't know how to calm her friend.

"I'll help Dianna pull, Heather start pushing on my signal!" Lea shouts.

Heather looks away from Naya, "Okay."

It's then that Naya's jeans make their position known, the dark denim peeks out from under the couch and Naya snatches them up like they're gold. Or Tequila.

She hugs them to her chest tightly, "Got them," she notes to Heather's back, "they were under the couch. I don't know why I didn't see them before."

When Heather just nods, Naya quickly slips her pants on. It takes away some of her nervous energy just being fully dressed, even if she's wearing Heather's shirt and Heather is wearing hers. She's dressed. It's fine.

"Push, Heather!" Lea instructs.

Heather does. Just as forceful as before.

Nothing happens and after a few more seconds Heather rests her forehead against the door heavily, it knocks softly and she exhales roughly.

"Oh God, we're never getting out of here. Seriously call 911 or something, maybe the fire brigade?"

Naya deadpans her response, "Calm down."

She doesn't expect Heather to turn around like a whip with a flushed face, and it startles her into a frown.

"I can't breathe in here!"

Naya's speechless but Dianna speaks up.


Turning back to the door almost needily Heather rests her palms against it again, "Dianna, I can't breathe. Please just call for help." She manages to choke out.

The sound of Heather's voice snaps Naya out of her silence and she practically runs to Heather, her hands immediately find the blondes back and she rubs comfortingly.

"No, Dianna don't. She's fine." Naya states firmly before turning to look at the side of Heather's face, she pushes back her hair slowly. "You're fine, okay? Just stay calm."

Heather's chest is rising far too quickly and her breathing has become irregular.

Naya frowns, "And breathe, focus on breathing HeMo." She adds. "You're just panicking. Everything is fine though, alright?"

Heather doesn't even seem to be listening to her and it worries Naya how quickly Heather's panic has come about, although she thinks it started when she had begun pulling on the blonde's wrist. A sickening guilt has Naya swallowing bitterly and Heather bends over, her hands rest upon her knees for support.

"I can't breathe. I can't breathe."

Heather's whispering quietly but Naya hears her easily and leans down, rubbing her hand across Heather's shoulders with more strength.

"Yes you can. You're fine." She comforts. Her own panic makes her heart jump weirdly.

It's really only when Heather sobs out Naya's name in a tiny whimper, does Naya take action.

She cups Heather's cheeks firmly and tries to force Heather to stand up straighter, Heather resists.

"Heather, you're fine."

Another dry sob, "I'm not."

"Yes, you are." Naya strongly confirms, "Come on stand up straighter." She tightens her grip on Heather's face and manages to get her to stand up properly. "Just breathe."

"Stop," Heather shakily exhales, attempting to pull away.

"Hey…, hey. HeMo, it's alright chica." Naya's heart is beating frantically but she manages to sound at least calm and even a little reassuring. And Heather stops moving. Naya smiles warmly.

"What's going on?!" Lea asks, screaming over Heather's heavy breathing.

"She's having a panic attack I think…" Naya explains, keeping her gaze on Heather. "It'll pass, I promise." She assures when Heather keeps breathing erratically. "You just have to calm down." Naya tries.

She isn't sure what she can do to help, Heather's cheeks are flushed yet at the same time she looks pale and her legs are shaky. And Naya doesn't know what will help. She doesn't know and it makes her feel sick.

"Is she sitting?" Lea gently inquires a moment later.

Naya shakes her head worriedly. "No."

"Sit her down, if she keeps breathing so heavily she might pass out."

"Sit down." Naya instructs. Heather does instantly and kneels on her knees so quickly that Naya supports most her weight on the way down. She's quick to crouch next to Heather. "You alright?"

Heather shakes her head and huffs out a broken exhale.

"Follow my lead okay? Just like this…" Naya takes in a deep breath, "can you do that?"

Heather again shakes her head and clumsily reaches for Naya's hand. It brings the butterflies back and Naya leans closer enclosing her fingers strongly around Heather's.

"Just try for me. One deep breath." She pushes.

When Heather still doesn't attempt to slow her breathing Naya squeezes her hand.

"Heather, please."

Finally Heather takes a shaky lungful of air, her breath hitches from the apparent strain and she blinks heavily. Naya almost deflates with relief as she smiles warmly.

"Good girl."

"Heather, you're going to be fine sweetie. I'm going to get someone else to help get this door open, okay? So just hang in there. I'll be right back. Lea's still here. She'll stay with you both." Dianna explains with concern.

"Just remember to breathe slowly." Lea adds.

Naya can hear Dianna moving, "I'll be real quick, I promise. Just listen to Naya. Keep following her breathing."

Naya looks away from Heather and too the door, "thanks Di!"

She hears more moving and then Dianna talks again, it's to Lea.

"Lea, hold the coffees."

"Keep her breathing slowly, Naya." Lea instructs pointedly.

Naya clenches her jaw, "I am." She says strongly. "I am, she's okay. Alright? I've got her." She combs her fingers through Heather's hair reassuringly and Heather leans into the touch. "Deep breaths. You alright?"

Heather nods.

"Okay." Naya says around another warm smile.

"My chest feels tight."

"I know it does."

Heather breathes out unevenly, "I like seriously couldn't breathe for a minute."

Smiling, Naya nods. "I know, you kinda scared me. Just keep calm, I'm right here with you. Okay? And Dianna will be back any minute with help and then we'll be free." She says with a grin.

"Freedom sounds nice." Heather smiles, it helps calm Naya's still very much alert state.

"Are you still gunna deny you have claustrophobia?" She runs her hand over Heather's back soothingly. "Because after what just went down, I'm pretty sure you're going to have a hard time explaining that away."

Heather smiles again, and squeezes Naya's hand. "Shhh, no speaking."


It goes silent. Not a bad silent. Just silent. The kind that comes around when there's nothing else to say or too much to say. Naya's not sure what one it is for them, she's still put-out by Heather's abrupt panic attack. She's seen someone having a panic attack before, and she herself has experienced the frightening feeling of not being able to breathe or calm down. But to see Heather going through that is oddly more traumatizing than it should be.

She thinks it might be because Heather's such a strong willed person, always smiling, dancing, and doing incredibly difficult dance moves. It's a strange feeling when someone so strong starts to break, even if it's only a small crack in their exterior. It's sort of left Naya feeling on edge. Well not sort of it has. And she isn't sure if comforting Heather is going to help ease that ball of worry in her gut or make it worse, simply because Heather needs the comfort in the first place.

Either way she's gripping Heather's hand so tightly she's positive Heather's lost feeling in her fingers.

Although Heather isn't showing any discomfort, she's just watching Naya with this relaxed smile on her face and a sparkle in her eye. It's an emotion Naya can't place. But a good emotion. It's one she hasn't seen Heather direct her way before and it causes her chest to constrict in a way that's not completely uncomfortable.

"You've both gone quiet, are you okay?" Lea's voice breaks the silence and Naya shakes her head with friendly annoyance.

She doesn't look away from Heather when she speaks, "fine."

"And Heather?"

"I'm okay." Heather assures quietly.

"I honestly can't believe you two spent the night in there. Are you sure the door isn't locked somehow?"

Still keeping her gaze on Heather, Naya shuffles closer. "Trust me. We've tried everything to get out. It's not locked."

"Dianna should be back any minute, so we'll have you two out in no time. No time at all." Lea says brightly, Naya's a little thankful for the enthusiasm.

Although the thought of someone else finding out that Heather and herself got stuck in her trailer all night is a little humiliating.

"This is almost embarrassing." She laughs tightly.

Heather grins.

"Naya, no one is going to make fun of the fact you got stuck in your trailer."

With another laugh that's more a breath than anything Naya looks away from Heather and at the door, "you and I both know that's a lie." She directs at Lea.

She hears a small puff of air from the brunette that sounds like a chuckle, "A little one. But it is kind of a funny situation."

"When I'm old and grey I might be able to laugh about it." Naya states, she leans closer to Heather, capturing her attention. "You still okay?"

She's a little put off by Heather's silence. But she thinks it might be because Heather's embarrassed by her panic attack. Not that she needs to be.

When Heather nods, Naya smiles.

"Did you manage to get any sleep in there?" Lea muses in the form of a question.

Naya's smirk grows and she raises her eyebrows at Heather, "amongst other things."

Heather slaps her knee lightly a grin taking over her features.

There's some noise outside and then someone knocks on the door, quick and loudly.

"I'm back, I've got Jenna." Dianna informs, she sounds out of breath.

There's another knock, which Naya thinks might be Jenna and then said girl is speaking.

"I've been filled in on what's going on."

Dianna speaks directly after, "Heather, sweetie. Are you okay now?"

Naya looks at Heather with concern but Heather's now looking to the door.

"Peachy!" She answers.

There's another knock and Naya squints.

"Who's knocking?"

Dianna answers, "It's Jenna."


"I don't know much about doors, but I think it might be stuck." Jenna puts in.

Naya glances to Heather who shrugs.

"You think?" Naya says. Perhaps a bit too sarcastically.

Jenna ignores her and keeps talking, "I think it's broken actually."

Instantly Heather's eyebrows raise, "What?"

Naya's quick to follow with a mild, "Why?"

Jenna again ignores it, "If we somehow managed to lift the door up a few centimetres I think we could get it unstuck, the bottom of your door is closer to the ground than mine. So maybe it's been put out of place and when it's shut it has become wedged."

"Okay…?" Naya drawls. She's not even trying to hide her confusion.

More knocking fills the trailer.

"Knocking is not gunna open the door, Jenna." Naya adds.

Jenna's voice comes across more distant when she speaks, "Actually that's Lea now."

"Why are you all knocking?"

"I'm seeing if there's a weak spot." Lea states.

Heather frowns in thought, "That makes no sense." She mumbles and Naya kind of has to agree.

She looks around the room unconsciously, draping her eyes over the couch and floor and then back to Heather. Heather's shoe laces can be seen even though she's kneeling and Naya notes they must be untied. She also realizes she hasn't got her boots on and with another quick glance around the room she nudges Heather.

"Where are my shoes?" She whispers.

Heather doesn't even need time to think, "Right behind you." She answers.

Naya's quick to reach for them, letting go of Heather's hand to grab the brown shoes. She stands once she has them and clumsily tugs her left boot on. Heather stays kneeling.

"Okay, can you both try and get a grip on the door and lift? Lea, Dianna and I will do the same this side. Trust me on this, it'll work."

Listening to Jenna carefully, Naya stomps her other boot on before looking down at Heather.

"Um…Okay?" She replies. She shrugs a beat later and Heather crawls over to the door, sliding her fingers under the crack easily and waiting for Naya.

Hesitant, Naya walks over to the door. She grabs the handle in one hand and places her free hand, palm side down, upon the surface of the door. She keeps her eyes on Heather, who is adjusting her grip under the door.

"Okay, we're ready. I think." Naya notifies.

Heather speaks to the door, "So we're pulling up?"

"Yes!" That's Lea.

Dianna's voice soon follows, "Okay, everyone lift!"

They do, and Naya's sure she's about to strain something when finally the door shifts and clicks loudly. She lets go of the handle and pulls back.

"Shit, what was that?"

"Keep lifting I think it's working." Jenna answers.

Naya doesn't comply, "But did you hear the sound?"

It's Heather who answers her, "Naya, honey, we all heard. Now help us lift."

"I'm just sayin'. It's like legit broken…. I don't even know how that could have happened."

Heather lightly pokes the side of Naya's knee, "Stop mourning for the door." She says around a grin.

Naya smirks, before grabbing the handle again and lifting the best she can. Which isn't much. She's sure Heather and the others are doing all the work. But she still groans as though she's putting in the effort.

The door cracks a moment later and shifts again before it literally just pops open. It seems easier than Naya thinks it should have been, but she's not complaining and neither is Heather. Who very quickly stands, pushing Naya out the way as she heaves the door open completely.

The first person Naya sees is Jenna, and behind her stands a worried Dianna and a pleased looking Lea.

"Oh, sweet freedom." Heather mutters quickly, flying down the few steps that lead up to the trailer and past the others.

Jenna smiles, "It worked!" She breathes and Dianna steps next to her.

"Are you okay?" She asks, to both of them. But Heather's too busy running her hands through her messy hair and inhaling the cool morning breeze, so Naya answers.

"Yeah, fine. Thanks for helping." She smiles at Dianna and then directs her attention to Heather. "Am I really that bad company?" She asks.

Heather grins back. "I think you know you're not."

"I'm having my doubts." Naya jokes, enjoying the wide smile Heather gives her. It's only when Lea is standing in her view that Naya sees the bemused look on the singers face.

"Um…." Lea starts. She's holding the coffees Dianna brought. "Are you wearing Heather's top?"

Naya looks down quickly, blushing. Shit. "What? No." She looks to Heather swiftly and sees the dancer crossing her arms slowly, trying to hide the shirt she's wearing.

"Then why is Heather wearing yours?" Dianna asks carefully.

Heather looks so embarrassed that Naya wants to shield her.

"Oh my God." Heather breathes under her breath.

Naya manages a louder, "what?" And regrets it immediately when Lea pipes up.

"You are both wearing each other's shirts."

Naya side-eyes a very red Heather, "I tried to tell you." She says simply.

Heather looks offended, "I was kind of panicking." She deadpans.

From near Naya Jenna frowns, "I'm confused."

"I'm not." Dianna softly states with a knowing little smile. Naya's heart dips and then flutters and then dips again and she isn't sure if Dianna knows something, or if she's misinterpreting the actresses smile. But it makes her skin prickle with adrenaline.

She points at Dianna strongly, not threateningly. "No, okay. Just be quiet Agron. Heather, I'm driving you home." She ends by pointing at a still blushing Heather and Lea frowns.

"You have to be in make up in thirty minutes, Naya."

Naya already moving towards Heather, "Call it a sick day, Heather, car. Now."

Dianna again smiles, "Already bossing her around, huh?"

Naya couldn't be more embarrassed right about now.

"I don't boss her around. I've been trapped in my trailer all night, I'm tired and annoyed and I just want to sleep."

Lea forces the coffees in Naya's face, causing her to stop in her attempts to reach Heather.

"I can have a talk to Ryan if you'd like?" She says modestly. It's the last thing Naya expected to hear and a grateful smile curves her lips up.


"I'm still confused, why are you wearing Heather's top and why is it inside out?" Inquires Jenna with frown.

"We're going. Naya?" Heather squeaks out. She's uncomfortable, Naya can tell.

So with a casual, "Coming," Naya steps past Lea. Grabbing Heather's upper arm securely and tugging her into a walk. She turns back to look at Dianna directly, "Not a word." She warns lightly.

Dianna zips her lips.

"And thanks again you guys, seriously. I mean it." She adds. She feels like she should be saying more in the way of thanks, but she's too embarrassed by Dianna calling her out to think coherently. That, and Heather looks beat-red.

Lea's waves her free hand absently, "Go home, get some sleep. I'll talk with Ryan." She says nicely. She seems clueless to Dianna's realisation.

"Call me later!" Dianna quickly yells, she's smiling again and Naya's heart picks up pace.

Playing it casual Naya shakes her head, "Not on your life!" She says with a quick grin.

She pulls Heather into a lame jog and faintly hears Jenna's voice as she and Heather make their way to her car.

"I'm missing something aren't I?"


"Well that was completely mortifying." Naya groans as she drops into her car, her body feels heavy.

Heather's getting in the passenger's side a moment later, her hair is still messy. Naya thinks they must look a right sight, with her wearing Heather's shirt inside out and Heather still blushing horribly. She's glad no one's around to see them. Her car offers some privacy at least.

"My face feels like a hot plate." Heather states. Running her palms over her cheeks slowly, "I think my face gave away everything." She adds lowly.

Naya can't help the smile that pulls at her lips, and she places her hands on the steering wheel.

"You were like an emergency beckon." She says around a soft chuckle, Heather buries her face in her hands. "But it was only Dianna."


Naya keeps her eyes on Heather as she clarifies, "It was only Di who seemed to suspect anything, Lea and Jenna were clueless."

Heather nods and finally looks up from her hands. She's not as red anymore. Instead a light pink covers her cheeks and neck. It has Naya staring.

"You know Dianna will fill them in though, right?"

"Bad thing?" Naya quickly asks. "Or good thing?"

Heather smiles gently and shrugs, "bit of both?"

Naya can't tell if Heather's nervous or worried about the situation, but the glint of panic in her eyes isn't there so she thinks it's probably a good sign. Plus Heather's smiling. She wouldn't be smiling if she was uncomfortable, unless it was a fake smile, but Naya knows what Heather's fake smile looks like and the one she's getting now isn't it. She grins back in reply to Heather and squeezes the steering wheel lightly.

"I'm okay if you're okay?" She hushes.

Heather's quick to breathe a laugh, "I'm okay."

"Then so am I."



"You love it."




A/N: If I get enough interest I may start a sequel, (a more in-depth look into their developing relationship) thanks for reading! I've had so much fun writing this. Please let me know your thoughts on a sequel :)