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Title: Say It

Summary: Allen, who was so used in keeping his feelings tightly locked inside him, met a brutally prank and vulgar guy, Kanda Yuu. What are they going to teach to each other?




Take all of your wasted honor
Every little past frustration
Take all of your so-called problems
Better put 'em in quotations




"Are you going to keep this, Allen-san?"

"No. You can take it, if you want."

The young boy grinned as he secured the elegant-looking bracelet in his hands. "You better be not joking, Allen-san. I won't hand it to you again even if you beg me, I'm telling you."

Allen smiled. "I don't joke, Keita. You can have it. Really."

The boy's smile faltered. "I w-was just kidding, Allen-san."

"But I was not. I'm really sure you can have that thing."

"But it looks like an important thing to you."

Allen stopped. He put down the box he was carrying and looked at the boy who was helping him clear his storage room and smiled again. "It used to be," he said, "But it's not important to me anymore. You can have it." He picked the box again and resumed to his work.

Keita's eyes followed the 25-year-old white haired man and sighed. Allen Walker was a rich, but lonely, young man who inherited this big mansion from his grandfather who died a year ago. He was a kind and gentle person and people from the neighborhood instantly like him.

Keita liked him, too.

Allen frequently asked him to do some repairing jobs inside the mansion, like mending an old chair, or fixing a broken faucet and even though he particularly said he wasn't asking for anything in return, the young man would usually insist in offering him snacks in the afternoon and a few coins as a 'payment' for the things he had done for him.

It was kind of embarrassing at first, but since Allen was always insisting, Keita eventually gave in. Besides, Allen giving him some money wasn't so bad after all. As a matter of fact, he needed it. His father was down with cold these past few weeks and couldn't work for the meantime that was why he had to work to feed themselves.

His old brother wasn't here yet so he had to work to buy his father's medicines for the meantime. He thought that if not for Allen-san, he might have to take small jobs at the outskirt of the city and leave his father for a while.

And Keita didn't want that.

That was why he couldn't help but wondered if Allen-san knew about his family problems. And if he was only doing this to help him.

But he wasn't saying anything so Keita thought that he was just naturally helpful like that.


"800 yen."

Kanda growled

"What the fuck did you mean 800 yen?! It was only half a kilometer, you over-pricing coot!"

"So, you are not paying? I'll call the police if you don't pay me up!"

He was about to kick the hell out of the old taxi driver when his eyes caught something in the street.

A group of young men was circling a seemingly fear-stricken young man with a—

Kanda squinted. Was that a white hair he was seeing?

"Hey, you jerk! Where's your payment?! Pay me now or else I'll call the police! Kids these days… tch!"

Was it an old man, then?

"Hey! I said pay me now or else I'll—"

Kanda smacked the tobacco-smelling taxi driver and shoved a 500 yen on his face. He menacingly glared at him. "Shut the fuck up, old man… Now, be a good boy and never show your face to me again or else I'll kill you."

Kanda was sure he felt him trembled after that.

He grinned.

Now, let's see those punks bullying an old man in the street…

He was irritated and he needed some diversion.

"Perfect," he darkly muttered as he put his hands inside his pockets and walked towards them.


Allen didn't know what to do anymore.

He just went out to buy a cheesecake for Keita but a group of scary-looking teenagers blocked his way and one of them grabbed his hand.

He trembled as he tried to shake it away, but instead of letting go, he just gripped his hand tighter than before and laughed.

"Are you scared, missy?"

Despite the fear that was now coursing right through his body, he raised his eyebrows. "M-missy?" he weakly said, his big ashen eyes were widening.

"What a cute girl! Hahaha! If not for that those big eyes, I would have mistaken you for a boy! Nee, don't wear pants and shirts like this again, alright? Women should be wearing skirts! Nee, guys?" He asked his other friends and they all laughed again.

What a cute girl!

He reddened.

He was mistaken for a girl!

Allen wanted to die right then and there!

"I-I'm going h-home now… Please, l-let go of my hand."

"Heeey… Why hurry? Give me your name first. Then, while you are at it, give me your address, too, so I can, you know, court you properly… Hahahaha!"

Allen shivered. He couldn't really move… It was as if something heavy was clinging on his feet and he couldn't even walk away…

If only he could walk away…

"I am not a g—"

"You're scaring him, idiot. Well, I can't blame him though. Anyone would be scared if they saw your face."

Allen cringed when a tall shadow towered him. He looked up and all he could see was a very prominent nose a pair of scary glaring eyes.

He felt his knees buckled and before he could stop it, he was falling on his knees.

Allen's butt hit the ground before him, his vision spun, and he knew he was passing out.

Now, it's official:

He really wanted to die.




"Don't move him so much, aniki!"

"Yeah… Yeah… I am doing my best to gently put him on his bed, you ungrateful brat! Didn't you know that I carried him here from the shopping center! And he wasn't so light either!"

"But you made him faint! I'll bet that you scared him more than those thugs!"


There were familiar voices speaking but he couldn't open his eyes.

He was feeling so dizzy.

What happened?

"He's helping me and tousan, you know."


It was Keita, right?

Who was he talking to?

"I know. Dad told me."

"Allen-san is kind."

"And he's too fucking girly."


"Whaaat? I'm just telling the truth. Tell him he has to speak more if he doesn't want to be raped by some random guy on the street."

Allen gulped.

Was he already dead?

Why was he hearing that man's voice inside his dream?

"And please tell him when he woke up that he's not much of an actor. I could see his long eyelashes twitching from up here."

"What? What are you saying, Aniki?"

"Nothing. Now, get your ass moving and buy this medicines for Dad!"

Allen wasn't sure if he was dead but he sure didn't want to open his eyes while he knew that that man was still staring at him.

After a few seconds, he heard a movement inside the room. He didn't know if where he exactly was, but based on the softness of the bed, he was inside his room. When he heard a small click, indicating someone had closed the door; he slowly opened his eyes and got up from the bed.

He massaged his head for a while and sighed.

He cringed when something—someone—moved behind him.

Allen felt the hair on his neck stood.

"Good evening, Bocchan," said the deep and masculine voice that was clearly mocking him. "How's your sleep?"

His lips quivered in fright.

He gulped.

He just wanted to give Keita his favorite cheesecake. That was all… And yet… this had to happen.

"What? No thanks? At all? I carried you from up here, you know."

Why was he so unfortunate today? First, those teenage thugs, and then this.

Allen bit his lips.

He didn't want to face him.

He should have not gone to the shopping to center. He should have just stayed at his home.

He almost shrieked when the man grabbed his hand.

There was a small gash on his left hand.

It was bleeding.

"You fainted then you hurt yourself in the process? Hah. How pathetic was that?"

Allen gritted his teeth. He was afraid, yes, but he couldn't take this man's rude words anymore. He tried to yank his hand off but a menacing voice shut him up.

He felt himself getting smaller and smaller.

"Stay still. I'll treat it."

Allen watched the man's back as he rummaged his cabinet for any medicine and he couldn't help but notice how tall he was... and how long his midnight hair was...

It was the first time he saw a hair that long.

And somehow, though he wouldn't admit it, the man looked so beautiful in his eyes.

When he got what he was looking for and walked towards his bed, Allen felt his breath hitched.

He looked so devastatingly beautiful—

"What the fuck are you staring at, Moyashi?"

A total opposite of his rude and menacing behavior.

"Don't fall in love with me, idiot. I don't swing that way," he said, smirking.




Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say
Say what you need to say