WARNING: Spoilers for the Season 2 finale! Read at your own risk. Starts immediately after the episode finished.

Here is a little taste of the new fic I have in the development stages. I want to do a Season 3 fic and this is what I wrote after I finished watching the finale of Season 2. I've thrown a few ideas in to give you a taste of what could come, but I'd really like to know whether it's worth continuing or not.

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Takes place immediately after the conclusion of Season 2. Hal's a sleeper agent, Anne's pregnant and the Second Mass just witnessed a new wave of aliens descend upon the planet. What do they want? And more importantly, whose side are they on?



Tom stared into the black, soulless eyes of the alien standing before them. The rain continued to pour down, battering their bodies with continuous pellets of the cold water. He held his weapon tightly, pointing it at the alien. He could feel the tension radiating off those around him, all of them wondering the same thing.

What the hell was it? And why had it arrived now?

Shifting his position slightly, Tom continued to stare at the alien. It was covered in heavy-duty armour, the strange bat-like things sticking up from its back making it a very formidable looking adversary.

It was a stale-mate. The alien wasn't moving. It was just staring at them with those small, beady eyes. And as long as the alien made no movement, those gathered weren't going to move either. Looking out of the corner of his eye, Tom caught Weaver's gaze.

Tom nodded slightly as he saw the look in the captain's eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, only to freeze as the alien's eyes narrowed dangerously. Seconds later, the alien's hand shot out and a vibrant blue and white light shot from a contraption on its wrist, hurtling straight towards them.

"No-" he started to yell out, attempt to dissuade the alien from whatever it was doing. It was futile. The bolt of energy raced towards them. It passed right by Tom and while Tom tried to comprehend what had just happened, a heart-wrenching scream ripped through the stormy sky.


Tom whipped around, only to stop short, his mouth dropping open in horror.

The bolt of lightning type energy had wrapped around Ben like a rope; starting at the base of his neck and curling around his body tightly until it stopped just below his hips. The vibrant blue rope pulsated with energy, white sparks shooting through the length of it like lightning.

Ben screamed again, his voice hitching at the end. His eyes were screwed shut in pain as the electricity raced through his system. He'd dropped his gun and it was now lying on the ground, useless. Ben's chest was heaving as another bolt shot through him. His eyes opened wide and he gasped for breath as the pain seemed to abate a little.

Turning away from seeing his son in agony, Tom glared at the alien.

"Stop it!" he yelled over the thunder booming and Ben's screams. "Let him go!"

His words did nothing. The alien ignored him. Tom could only watch on in terror as the alien held out its hand and another lightning rope appeared, shooting straight for the incapacitated Ben. The rope latched on to his son's writhing body before the alien yanked his hand back and the crackling rope started to shorten, dragging his son towards the red-skinned alien.

Ben was on the verge of unconsciousness. His head fell forward, lolling to the sides before his chin came to rest onto the right side of his collar bone. His eyes were closed and it was only seconds before his legs buckled and he hit the ground.


The alien continued to drag the unconscious teen towards itself, paying no heed to the multitude of guns now trained on it.

"Let… Him… Go…" Tom grit out as his finger tightened on the trigger of his gun.

He is the enemy. He must die.

Tom flinched at the voice inside his head. What the hell? He looked around at everyone else gathered to see if any of them had heard anything.

"What the hell do you want!?" he called out, eyes darting to the inert form of his son lying on the wet ground.

He is the enemy. He must die.

"What the?" Weaver muttered. Tom looked to the captain and saw the normally stoic man's eyes widening. "Did anyone else hear that?" Several other murmurs of agreement spread through the crowd. So this new breed of alien could communicate through their minds? Was this what it had been like with Ben and the Skitters?

"Who is the enemy? Who must die?" Tom asked even though in the back of his mind he knew exactly what the answer would be.

He is the enemy and he MUST die. The alien lifted a finger and pointed to the unconscious Ben.

"My son is not the enemy!"

He possesses the harness. He is the enemy.

It hit him like a ton of bricks. Tom gasped as he realised. This alien was the enemy of the Skitters… They were the enemy of the plague that had decimated their world.

The old saying came to mind… The enemy of our enemy is our friend…

Did that make this alien their ally?

Staring at his unconscious son lying on the ground near the alien's feet, Tom didn't know what to think.

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