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you are the love of my life
know that i will never leave your sight
-– the gambler, fun.


Her wedding day.

So wonderful, she is so happy, as anyone would be. People frowned upon Loki, but she saw behind the tricks and the mayhem that was around him. She looked past all his faults and saw the gentler side to her love, and she fell in love. It was so easy too, those gentle touches, and the way he found himself (accidental, apparently) near her; never let me go, whispers at candlelight.

This white dress didn't match her, she was happy that she'd be changing into something more substantial later. The green dress that Loki chose for her, able to be danced in (and he specifically chose something that was easy to take off). She smooths it out still, laughing as Loki presses a kiss to her cheek, wrapping his arm around her waist, and pulling her close to him. They walked down the aisle, it was so perfect, they were thrown confetti; Sigyn didn't have a problem with this. So domestic, but beautiful at the same time.

The reception. They dance. This endless dance, and they'll never stop, really. Marriage is its own dance, and they'll always dance entwined. No one can break their true love, really. They love each other too much to stop this.

The disapproving looks and the mutters of why don't they just stop? will certainly make them cringe, but, in the end, who cares what they think? This is their time, they'll be forever young, whoever thinks that they won't make it can face Loki's mischief and Sigyn's fist (that's surprisingly leaves quite a mark, as the god of mischief himself accidentally tested one day in spring).

The evening ends quite quickly (as she knows, all good things will come to an end at a surprisingly fast pace) and they retire to their room.

It's not exactly surprising that they don't get much sleep that night.


He's gone.

Was it all for nothing? That long time they spent together, utterly in love and clutching onto each other for support like there was no tomorrow? Those chaste kisses, and the more intense ones ending in no one seeing them for days? People actually brightening up to the idea of the royal couple, and actually swooning over them, telling Sigyn whenever they could that they wish Loki would never do something to hurt her. Obviously not. He's gone now, and there's nothing she can do.

Breathe, Sigyn, breathe, is what echoes through her head daily, but she just can't. She's so broken, and there's nothing and nobody that can stop that. The harp rests unplayed, she almost never leaves the bed. She longs for that harp to play, to let her know that he's back, but he's not going to come back, isn't he? He's gone now, probably dead, and what in heaven's name is going to happen to her?

They've stopped dancing. Now they have to face the aftermath. Obviously, this ball was going to end one day. They were stupid to think it wouldn't. Every song ends eventually.

Those disapproving looks and the mutters of why don't they just stop? seem so normal to Sigyn now, so right. They were right all along, why didn't she see that? She's so helpless now, when they mutter, she doesn't care. Why should she? She's a broken record, her life is just going around and around and around her head, the memories, joy, pain. Enough to make a girl cry.

The time they spent together wasn't that short, she believes. But all good things must come to an end.

People say he was a monster. Even now, Sigyn just can't agree. Loki was a lover, and there must have been more than the lies her in-laws told her that made him become what he was last.

She doesn't attend the party. She doesn't see why she should be celebrating.

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