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...Inanimate pt1

"Stop... Hidan! Stop!" Itachi choked, shaking his shoulders violently when Hidan pressing on them with one hand forced Itachi's arms above tying the fairly thin wrists on the bed post with the sheet... it would never hold a vampire but it might hold a starving aroused vampire... at least till the vampire couldn't bring himself to try and get free.

Getting on Itachi's side he smirked, he liked how his name sounded from that mouth, his hands laid on Itachi's pants pulling them all the way off, Itachi's shirt was ripped off next and when Hidan's violet eyes landed on the naked lean and pale body his erection throbbed painfully.

The vampire really was perfect... the skin smooth and flawless the forms neat and lean. Hidan was drooling as he spread Itachi's legs and kneeled between them.

Itachi was growling loudly and still struggling. Hidan's hands first laid on the delicate shoulders he stroked all the way down to the lower back enjoying the flawless skin then his hands moved to Itachi's sides stroking all the way up moving to the slender arms he had to lean forward and support his weight on the bed with one hand the other kept roaming the perfect body as he leaned down till his chest pressed against naked back, Hidan's hot tongue licked the pale shoulders and he moved the raven hair out of the way moving his tongue to the swan-like neck. The body under him shivered, he heard a growl from the vampire. His fingers entangled in the raven locks and he pulled Itachi's head up slightly till his lips brushed on the perfect ear.

"I know that's your line Itachi, but you simply look edible..." Hidan chuckled on the ear and kneeled up again hearing Itachi growl in his frustration. Itachi's head turned to the side with his flushed cheek flush on the sheets. And apparently the beautiful creature was now giving Hidan the silent treatment it made Hidan smirk evilly as his hands spanked the creamy ass and then squeezed the cheeks roughly.

"Ghh... fuck, stop!" Itachi pushed his face in the sheets groaning, Hidan didn't intend to stop any time soon and he was too busy trying to stop himself to simply pull down his jeans and pound in the creature, that ass felt way too good... he could only feel pity that he will get to enjoy it only once. He could only regret that he won't be able to feel how it feels when this perfect creature is willing... kissing him... licking him... sucking him... riding him.

The thoughts made Hidan growl in the back of his throat he wanted all those things but he knew that won't happen because it was nearly impossible to force someone to do it... further more... do it as if they would love it.

Oh well... take what you can... that was Hidan's motto and he decided to stick with it now as well as his hands kept kneading the now reddened ass cheeks he spanked again shivering when it earned him a yelp and another low groan, Itachi seemed to be in the process to end his eternal life by suffocating himself in the sheets. Good luck with that.

He parted the creamy flesh roughly observing the little pink hole with lusty eyes, it looked like Itachi haven't been fucked by anyone lately, that thought made him hiss, he grabbed on pale thighs spreading the slender legs wider, pressing on Itachi's lower back to keep the vampire in place as he leaned down, his other hand squeezing the fleshy globe. His tongue touched the wrinkled hole teasingly and he smirked hearing a yelp and feeling a shiver run trough Itachi's lithe body.

"D-don't... oh god... stop..." Itachi now sounded half defeated and shocked of course when Hidan pressed his tongue firmly on the wrinkled skin, slapping the delicious ass, he groaned when the opening twitched under his tongue it made him suck on it rather roughly... and even though none of them needed air to exist they both were breathless.

Hidan too far in his own excitement to smirk in a satisfied way pushed his tongue in the little hole, he felt his erection throb particularly hard in his jeans. The creature was tight and hot and responsive. Well, at least the vampire's body was responsive, Hidan liked the shivers he could feel and the low grunts coming from those plump lips as he kept thrusting his wet tongue in the twitching entrance with force. He liked the way Itachi's hips bucked towards his tongue, he was sure though the action wasn't voluntary. And he absolutely loved when he heard a strangled tiny moan coming from the vampire bastard as he pulled his tongue out and then sucked the pink hole nuzzling his face in the crack.

When his mouth left the little pucker Itachi whimpered in a rather helpless way. Yes, Hidan knew... it was hard to keep cool when you're so damn aroused and he was sure Itachi is aroused to say the least he could tell by the heavy breaths and the one crimson cheek he could see and the parted plump lips and the closed eyes... just closed... not squinted shut...

His hand sneaked under Itachi and wrapped around Itachi's length Hidan was proved right... Itachi was rock hard and leaking with pre-come, Hidan's hand on the hard organ earned him a rather loud and needy growl from the vampire, the pale slightly curved hips bucked down pushing the length in his hand, grinding against it...once more proving that they were nothing but beasts.

Hidan actually thought it's going to take longer to get Itachi all needy and not caring about why or what... but he was pleased. Removing his hand from Itachi's hard length he chuckled when he received another growl.

His palms connected with the tender ass cheeks hard, creating a loud smacking noise in the spacious dungeon room, Hidan was enjoying Itachi's soft moaning as he kneaded the abused flesh.

"Mm Itachi... moan louder for me." he husked out spreading the creamy ass cheeks roughly and watching the wet hole twitch he plunged his tongue in it deeply and started to thrust it hard wriggling it against the tight walls. Itachi most probably didn't realize that his hips were lifting up from the bed to get the wet hot muscle deeper and by all means Hidan would give it to the perfect creature he grabbed Itachi's hips pulling them on his face going as deep as he could wetting the hole and widening it for his needs.

"Nhh...ahhh...ah." came from Itachi, even though those were strangled sounds.

Hidan pulled back grinning when the perfect ass pushed back asking for more. He spanked it and his grin only grew when his rough treatment didn't make Itachi to pull his delicious backside away from him on the contrary the delicious ass pushed back some more, Hidan kneaded it gasping for air and ignoring his erection twitch reminding him what it wanted... or more like where it wanted to be.

"Mm you liked that Itachi didn't you? You're just a horny vampire bitch..." he murmured playfully giving another slap to the red backside his other hand sneaked below the puckered hole and he fondled the soft sacks gently making the pale body shiver and emit another moan this one louder and needier.

Hidan was pretty much going insane from all the reactions he was getting but didn't expect to get... this was so much better than he imagined it to be.

His strong hands bent Itachi's legs so the vampire supported his weight on his knees exposing his rear to Hidan in the midair... lovely. Itachi pulled on his bounds weakly and Hidan was sure it wasn't to get away but to simply push up on all fours... no, no... Hidan preferred this. When Itachi's cheek was still against the sheets and the perfect ass in the air in his mercy...

Sticking his own fingers in his mouth and sucking on them he smirked devilishly when the beautiful vampire looked over his shoulder... Itachi groaned looking at the wet digits thrusting in Hidan's mouth. Hidan couldn't help but chuckle on his slick fingers seeing Itachi's already red cheeks give a new meaning to the word 'red' and Itachi's crimson half lidded eyes slid on Hidan's chest, Itachi then groaned in a frustrated way and turned his head back facing the pillows again.

Pulling his fingers out of his mouth Hidan swallowed hard as he guided the very same fingers on the little reddened hole between the also red ass cheeks. He heard a gasp from the gorgeous vampire and the low moan when he started to move his fingers in circles pressing them on the pucker firmly. His other hand was switching between duties as if Hidan couldn't make up his mind he wanted to stroke each patch of the flawless skin to remember it so his hand squeezed the ass cheeks and then moved to Itachi's soft sides just to go back to the delicious ass.

The fact that Itachi was shivering and arching in his touches made it all so much better. And the fact that Itachi groaned displeased when Hidan just kept massaging the hole without pushing his fingers in made it perfect...

The same displeased groan urged him to push two of his fingers in at the same time, his sadistic smirk appeared when the vampire yelped and tried to pull his ass away from the rough digits. Hidan grabbed Itachi's hip keeping the beauty in place as he wriggled his fingers and then turned his wrist rotating the digits in the opening pushing them in to his knuckles.

"Oh god... ahh..." the way it was whimpered sent electricity through Hidan, no matter how you put it those were moans. His fingers pushed deeper still threatening to push the knuckles in as well, his violet eyes were trained on the pink walls stretching around his digits, he loved the way Itachi's ass swallowed up his fingers greedily, he spanked the reddish cheeks hard Itachi tensed, the muscles pulling the fingers deeper. Still growling Hidan added the third finger stretching the pretty pink skin to new limits, Hidan was intently listening for any sounds Itachi made... for quite some while all he heard as he kept pushing his fingers in the hole slowly varying the pace and roughness of his thrusts, was low grunts and quite gasps till the first sound of 'nnn' got out of Itachi's parted plump lips and then the other sounds of pleasure followed soon even though Hidan could tell that Itachi is doing his best to swallow them back... failing miserably.

It was his cue to shove his fingers deep and fast, Itachi obviously didn't expect the sudden finger-fucking, the vampire screeched loudly pushing his beautiful perfect ass back on the digits.

"Ghh...ahh... fuck, w-when this is f-ghh... I'm gonna kill you!"

The threats made Hidan smirk and roughen up his treatment till he heard squishy sounds as his fingers disappeared in the now stretched hole and came back out almost all the way just to push back in brutally to his knuckles. Hidan's eyes were glued on the way Itachi squirmed and pulled on his bounds, he listened Itachi start moaning loudly and breathlessly... and he felt Itachi's walls squeeze on his fingers... every little thing drove him nearly insane and he could barely keep back from hyperventilating.

"Pretty sounds you're making Itachi... what pretty sounds!" he murmured crooking his fingers, his jaw clenching in effort to keep his orgasm at bay when the little defiled backside moved in circled fucking his fingers. Hidan was rather sure hearing the shocked scream, Tachi had wriggled the right way and now was enjoying the bliss of the prostate being stabbed repeatedly.

"Nhh ahhh... ahhh H-Hidan!"

He was so very surprised to hear the vampire scream out his name... ah, Hidan knew Itachi will 'die' of shame when this will be over but right now the vampire was lost in pleasure and Hidan absolutely loved it... he stopped his fingers simply because he was so needy... he couldn't watch the perfect ass clamp around his fingers anymore he wanted to watch that ass wriggle and constrict on his cock... he loosened the sheet/rope enough for Itachi to push on his hands.

He didn't know why and he wasn't all that sure he wanted to know why Itachi's moans worked on him so... because they really worked on him in an odd way... they asked for him to... Hidan shook his head... it was hard for him to even think about such things... those moans... and the perfect body... Itachi's neat and perfect face features... the silky raven coloured hair... those crimson eyes... everything made him weak...made him want to just wrap his strong muscled arms around the vampire and keep him away from harm and... forget the cruelty around and within him... and that was something Hidan really didn't want to think about right now... he felt no such thing and all he felt was his throbbing erection demanding to be in that perfect ass to the hilt.

The thought itself was silly, Itachi was a powerful creature, Hidan was ready to bet his balls on it... the only reason he was having his way with Itachi right now was because of the blood shortage.

His hands fiddled with his belt and maybe his fingers were shaking from the excitement and anticipation. he pulled his jeans and boxers down to his hips, his hard massive cock getting free from the fabric prison bounced happily, ready for its job...

He gave few strokes to his erection just to spread the pre-come over it, his violet eyes fell on Itachi's flushed face or as much as he could see... he loved the lidded eyes and he loved the way they were inviting him... and maybe the vampire realised what kind of look he is giving to Hidan because the crimson eyes closed and Itachi turned his head away.

Hidan's hands cupped the ass cheeks and his thumbs pushed into Itachi till their first knuckles he pulled them in opposite directions spreading the pink hole out, groaning he pushed his tip at the opening and removed his thumbs grabbing Itachi's curvy hips firmly. And when he felt the heat on his cock he, watching Itachi's ass, jerked his hips forward roughly burying all his length.

Itachi screeched under him, trying to crawl away but Hidan pulled the vampire right back on his cock.

"Fuck... so tight..." he choked out pushing his hips forward roughly, the screams didn't stop, combined with the eerie hisses...it gave Hidan a never experienced buzz as he forcefully pumped himself in the abused ass, cumming but never stopping, his seed covered the tight twitching walls, he kept pounding inside stretching and defiling till the screams turned into growls and lastly screams of pleasure.

Crazed by the fact that Itachi was now pushing his ass back on him and crazed by the fact that even that didn't help him to sheath all of himself in the amazing tightness and heat... He leaned down over Itachi's naked back feeling like he could simply come again... he managed to entangle his fingers in black soft hair, he wanted to do something to make the vampire relax because that tightness was killing him... squeezing around him sinfully, painfully.

His fingers moved to Itachi's neck and then Hidan kneeling up stroked his fingers all the way down on Itachi's spine, he loved the way the vampire arched into that touch like a cat would. He could actually feel the lean sweaty body relax.

Grabbing the creamy hips he snapped his hips forward roughly starting a deep fast pace, rough and hard he devoured the vampire under him.

Leaning down over the pale back and biting roughly on the delicate shoulders he pulled his cock out earning a grunt, the red opening winked bloodily at him setting Hidan's insides on fire.

"You're such a damn perfection Itachi..." Hidan said before he could stop himself, he kneeled up mewling when Itachi pushed his ass back rather hard connecting them anew. Hidan clutching on Itachi's ass cheeks started moving rougher watching his thick cock stretch the wet hole, gliding in and out of it with wet sounds, skin slapped on skin and moans erupted under him...deep and animalistic...uncontrolled.

"Ahh... nnnh...nngh..." the moans started to pour out of Itachi whether the creature wanted it or not as Hidan kneading the red ass cheeks and parting them brutally pounded in hard and fast. And those damn moans made him want to see Itachi's beautiful face so badly... he decided to ignore it and keep this as impersonal as possible because he already felt too affected by the gorgeous creature. He slammed in hard pulling Itachi's hips on himself roughly and his lips formed an ecstatic pleasured smile when Itachi screamed."H-Hidan...ahhh! Ah...ah!" Hidan could tell he hit the right spot... Itachi's back arched and Itachi's hands jerked on the bounds harshly.

His name... coming from those lips... it got intense from that moment he wasn't even keeping up a tempo anymore.

"That's right Itachi... scream for me..." he panted out getting breathless and feeling sweat slide down his spine, he didn't care he wanted to make this as long as possible, he wanted to bang into this ass forever. He kept hitting Itachi's sweet spot and he kept growling at Itachi's screams and loud moans and at the mewls too... every sound pushed him closer to his peak and he already knew that it would be an orgasm he wouldn't forget anytime soon... and damn him straight to hell he couldn't resist... he wanted to see that face as he abused.

He pulled out of the heat groaning and hearing Itachi whimper oddly, grabbing on Itachi's legs he flipped the vampire around and spread the slender legs placing them on his shoulders as he leaned down supporting his weight at Itachi's sides he pushed his cock back inside the welcoming wet hole and started a brutal pace feeling his balls slap against Itachi's ass with each thrust... and he had to admit that this was much better even though he couldn't watch his cock fucking the pretty ass ... he could watch the perfect face now... Itachi's cheeks crimson, the plump lips pared letting out loud moans and half screams, Itachi's alluring eyes half lidded and watching him as he fucked the creature... Hidan moaned loudly seeing Itachi drool down his cheek with the crimson eyes hazed over and the flushed face dazed... immortal as he was he would never forget the sight under him.

And just because of that sight he couldn't hold himself back any longer, he let the pale legs fall on the bed, they wrapped around his hips... he really didn't know when this turned from rape to a willing action for Itachi but he enjoyed it immensely... he felt the legs pull him in with each hard thrust and he saw Itachi's eyes locked on his face... no shame on Itachi's face, only pleasure... Hidan gasped when Itachi lifted his head up as best as he could because of the restrained arms, the pink tongue sneaked out and pressed a firm lick on his arm where the werewolf had clawed him... he really didn't know when this turned into this kind of thing and he didn't know what made Itachi do it...

Hidan's hand wrapped around Itachi's erection and when Itachi moaned loudly jerking his hips up harshly Hidan decided to risk with a bitten off tongue, he pressed his mouth on Itachi's parted one pushing his tongue in the hot cavern deeply tasting the sweet taste there... the war of tongues was sloppy at best but it didn't really matter. Hidan's hand started to pump the hard flesh and his hips slowed down making the thrusts deeper and harder.

Itachi parted from the kiss and tossed his head back arching his back till the pale chest met Hidan's muscled one.

"A-ahhh... H-Hidan... mmmh... ahhh!" Hidan feeling the hot liquid on his hand and stomach watched Itachi's parted mouth and closed eyes as the delicate body kept convulsing under him riding out its pleasure. Hidan was growling loudly feeling Itachi's tight walls clamp around his cock... jerking his hips forward roughly and jerking Itachi's body at the same time he let himself go deep inside, Itachi's name resounded on the murky dungeon walls growled out by him... His hips kept jerking while Itachi's muscles clamping were milking him dry and leaving him panting and satisfied... he parted from Itachi as soon as it was over... there was no need to try and see something that was not there.

Hidan crawled out of the bed and pulled his jeans back up.

Itachi was keeping his eyes shut and Hidan couldn't blame him for that. His violet eyes slid over the perfect body as if to say good bye to it... Itachi didn't move except for the arms... they jerked and Hidan was sure if Itachi wouldn't be bounded he would cover his face up with his hands.

There was nothing to say so Hidan simply walked out of the room...

It took him five minutes to find his bloodied clothes and his scythe and when he had them he felt good... he pulled his shirt over his head ignoring the dried blood and then pulled his leather coat on ignoring the same thing...

When he had fastened his weapon on his back comfortably he was on his way back for the room where the vampire was still lying used and humiliated...

The perfect body flinched when Hidan touched a pale flawless shoulder but the crimson eyes didn't open they squinted shut tightly.

"Just leave..." Itachi murmured shamefully, bitterly...

"I will..."

Itachi's eyes remained closed... maybe it was better that way...

This was not a regret...this was... something else.

He extracted his knife from his leather coat and cut his wrist putting the knife back getting on the bed on his knees on Itachi's side he kept quiet as he pressed with his fingers on Itachi's cheeks to forcefully part the perfect plump lips... Itachi's crimson eyes popped open and Hidan hated to see shame in them but there was no cure.

"Open your mouth!" he ordered when Itachi didn't obey he pressed his fingers roughly into the cheeks Itachi whimpered and his mouth parted, Hidan then pressed his bleeding wrist over Itachi's mouth, the crimson eyes went wide and locked with Hidan's violet ones.

Hidan didn't say anything ... what could he say...

He felt Itachi start to suck the blood out of him and he heard the vampire swallow and all the while the beautiful eyes were searching his as if asking 'why'.

With each gulp Hidan could see Itachi's eyes sparkle up with his vampire power it nearly made him smile... he wasn't all that sure he could defeat Itachi when he would be fully sated with enough blood. He pulled away his hand when he thought Itachi had had enough to stay alive for the following decade or so. Itachi though hissed at him and Hidan seriously disliked the eerie sound of it...

"I'm gonna leave you tied up... the bounds will be no problem when you have regained your strength..." he informed getting out of the bed and hating himself for wanting to repeat the one and only kiss they had shared, he looked back thinking on it... maybe he could? Better not... Itachi might actually rip his throat open or bite his face off... or something of the sort when the vampire mind was not affected by pleasure anymore...

When he was at the door he couldn't resist however he looked back over his shoulder just to find Itachi's crimson eyes on him...

He smirked... or maybe it was a smile...

"Eternity is a long time... maybe we shall meet again Itachi..."

With that said he walked out of the room he was sure he won't be able to forget...

He sighed deeply and squinted his eyes at the daylight when he walked out in the forest...

That was the problem ...

Good things simply didn't last...