Jullianna Callaghan and Sam Braddock had ended their relationship because of the team. Well it wasn't a choice for Sam but he understood that they both wanted to be in the same team. Even though he already knew that he love her, they couldn't be together.

Sam never had felt this feeling with anyone except Jules, she was sweet, smart, and beautiful and everything Sam wanted in a girl. Even though he couldn't forget her, he was dating another girl. But at the end of the day the other girl was not Jules, his Jules.

Every day after 12hr. shift, team one would go home to their love ones, Sam to his girlfriend, Wordy to Shelly and the girls, Ed to Sophie and Clark. Lou would go to his family and his "mystery girlfriend" and Spike to his new love interest of the month. This month lucky lady was name Katherine. The boss would go to his lonely home after signing and finishing all the paper work for the day debriefing. And last Jules would go to an empty house. She doesn't have anyone waiting for her, and the only person she would like to be there with her is at home with another person. So she did what she always does. She cook herself something to eat and then went to bed and dream about the only man that she had ever love.

It was 5:30 am when Jules woke up missing the smell of Sam. Missing every touch and kisses he would give her. But most of all those beautiful baby blues that would look at her that she was a goddess that he can't stop worshiping.

"Oh, Jules," she though. I can't lie to myself; I know that he not here that he would never be here. I broke up with him, and broke his heart. But why those it feel like I am the one with the broken heart. That because I am, I hurting so much for someone that I thought it was just going to be something physical, but no, I had to go and fall for him. What a mess, and all I want to do is run away and don't see him ever again, but is not even possible, we on the same team. That main reason I broke up with him. Yeah I need to stop crying and keep thinking of what important, work come first, no some guy that I made love too, in this same bed or the bathroom floor, that made us late some many times for work. Oh thinking of work I am going to be late again, **. She got up from the bed and ran to the bathroom to change.

She was supposed to be at work at 7:00 am but she arrived at 7:06, which is not the bad, but every minute counts and it actually her first day back after getting shot.

"Late Ms Callaghan." said Ed


She ran to her locker room and changed into her workout uniform (a tank top and yoga pants) she puts her casual clothes back in her locker and closed it and rushed to the SRU gym for workout. She was surprised to see nobody had started.

"Whoa" she said
"Yup" said Winnie
"Where is everybody?" she asked.

"Taking off their makeup" said the Boss, from behind them as he walks to the gym. As the girls giggle, Jules notice the guys coming out the locker room, expect one. Sam. Where can he be she thought to herself.

"Enjoy you day" Winnie said as she left to the copy room to make some copies for team 3, leaving Jules to her thoughts. Everybody started on an exercise; it was silence for 5 min…until it had to be spike that broke the silence.

"Hey where's SAMTASTIC!"
"Spikey I thought you were the master-mind!" Jules said
"Hey! I am…. Jules" said Spike.
"So Spike let's make a bet of to where Sam is" Lou suggested.

They glance at Jules first, and she had the look that said "he's with a ** in bed'' look so they went by Winnie's desk to make the bet where Jules didn't hear them. As Spike and Lou moved closer to the desk Jules jumped on the treadmill. She was jealous of the bet because she knew where he was. The treadmill speed levels where 1-10 she had it on 4, and the more her thought went to Sam and the ** in bed the more she increase the speed. It was 8 min. after they started workout, that Spike and Lou joined the team back. They kept the bet a secret because even though everyone knew they were over they didn't want to upset Jules. They didn't know details but they know that it might be hard for her to see Sam with a new girlfriend. It was 2 min. after they heard the elevator, it was Sam he rushed to the men's locker room without saying a 'WORD'!.

"Ed, you know what to do, to make our bet work." Said Spike
"Copy that" he said.

Two minutes later Sam came out and said "gentlemen" at the same time Winnie came out of the copy room and she added to his greetings "and ladies."