Twilight-New Moon Remake

What do you think would of happened if Bella hadn't got hurt at her birthday party, and the Cullen's never left? Find out now. ( this might be a bit different from the real thing)


Chapter 1

Edward and I were waiting in the kitchen for my birthday party to begin. "why is he doing this to me?" I thought. " he knows I hate parties. Especially ones for me."

"what are you thinking, Bella?" Edward asked, redirecting my thoughts.

I smiled at him and answered as truthfully as I could. "well I wanna know what exactly is going down there." this answer slowly turned into a moan. Edward grinned at me "you'll find out soon enough" which basically told me I had no way out of this. I had to go along with it.

I still don't understand how this beautiful creature could want someone as normal and as accident prone as me. But before I could think about it again, Edward pulled me into a close hug and I smiled. This was my happy place. I could just stay here all night if I wanted to. Already in my happy place, I closed my eyes. And that was when I felt cool arms, pulling me away from my only love. "Come on Bella, it's time!" Alice squealed.

"God, Alice I'm coming, I'm coming" I heard Edward chuckle behind me as we walked down the stairs and into their huge living room. A gasp escaped my mouth when I saw all the trouble the Cullen's have made, just for my party. There were candles everywhere, and all the Cullen's were dressed up, even Edward. I had to promise Alice that I would where the dress she gave me to the party. And so I did. I blushed as everyone's eyes were on me. Emmet's booming laughter echoed around the room. "god Edward she's already blushing!" This made me blush all the more but before anyone could laugh again Alice was pulling me towards everyone. "Happy Birthday Bella" they all chorused, even Rosalie gave a slight smile.

We started with Carlisle and Esme's present. "We hope you like it" Esme said kindly. I was opened them I was shocked too see two plane tickets to Florida. "So you can see your mother" Esme explained

"Wow you guys, thanks so much!"

"No problem bella" Carlisle smiled. Rosalie was next. I wasn't of what I should expect from Rosalie.

" It's a necklace" she said bluntly. " Alice picked it out"

"wow thanks Rosalie" I said as kindly as I could. She gave a quick smile and stepped back. Lastly it was Emmet and Jasper. Emmet chucked me a box. I shook it and gave them a confused look. They both laughed out loud and Jasper answered " don't worry bella we already installed it in your truck.

"oh, ok" I laughed.

"ooooh Bella have you seen your cake?" Alice said excitedly.

"wait what cake?" I asked confused. I followed her gaze to where this enormous cake stood and let out a gasp. " whoa! You expect me to eat all that?"

"were sorry Bella we tried to reign Alice in but it's not the easiest thing to do" Esme laughed.