Hey guys! So this is my first ever Sailor Moon Fanfiction. Usually I only write Harry Potter but I've been having a sort of Sailor Moon obsession lately and I decided to give this a try. It's AU (particularly the part about the Sun Kingdom) but Makoto is my absolute favourite Senshi so I wanted to represent her. So please enjoy :)

The Reluctant Senshi

"Entering Queen Serenity and her daughter Princess Serenity!"

Around the Court, there is a shuffle of quiet movement as we all stand to honour the Queen and the Princess as they enter. You can tell that they are from the Moon Kingdom, for even in daylight, their bodies seem to glow. The Queen sits first, gesturing for the rest of us to follow. As I sit, I take in the people sitting at our table. They are all female and around my age, yet I do not recognise any of them.

"Good evening, Princess Ami of Mercury," says the Queen. Her voice is so magical, like music. Ami smiles shyly at the Queen. She is dressed in a blue gown and her cropped, blue hair is adorned with a headband of pearls.

"Princess Minako of Venus," the Queen moves on to girl sitting next to Ami. The blonde girl with a red bow in her hair nods and gives the Queen a pleasant smile.

"Princess Rei of Mars."

Rei, donning a fiery red gown, inclines her dark-haired head.

"Princess Makoto of Jupiter," the Queen addresses me. I am not used to addressing royalty and do not know the etiquette. So I simply bow my head.

"Princesses, I introduce my daughter, Princess Serenity."

The young girl sitting next to the Queen so closely resembles Serenity that there is no mistaking she is the Queen's daughter. She is beautiful, like her mother, with long blonde hair done up in the odango style and large, sapphire blue eyes that gaze around at all of us with uncertainty. I am not sure of her age, perhaps only a year younger than myself. But she is much more innocent than any of my fellows. Perhaps that is what makes her seem younger.

"Given the current state of danger the Moon Kingdom is facing, I have appointed all of you as Serenity's guardians."

The Queen pauses for a moment to let the information set in. I am astounded. Why do I have no knowledge of this request? She didn't even ask whether I wanted to guard the Princess. I suppose, as she is the Queen, she can make up my mind for me. I look around to gauge the reaction of my fellow guardians. None of them show any expression so I try to hide my astonishment and anger.

"So, where will we live if we have to be the Princess' guardians?" asks Ami meekly, blush rushing to her cheeks as she doesn't want to offend the Queen.

"You are to live here, on the Moon, and may only visit your home planets once a month. I have cleared this with your families."

Sudden anger at my parents fills me as I realise that they have had prior knowledge of this and yet are inclined to keep it from me. I feel electricity trembling in the tips of my fingers as I attempt to compose myself. It's not fair how the Queen is taking advantage of me. I'm just a child like the Princess. How does Serenity expect me to be a guardian?

"So, I'm only allowed to visit Mars twelve times a year?" asks Rei, colour forming in her cheeks. She looks a little put out. I don't blame her.

"Yes, that is correct. And none of you can visit at the same time. I need at least three Guardians protecting Serenity at all times. We are in danger of destruction."

"Why?" Minako asks boldly. "Is the Silver Alliance in danger?"

Queen Serenity sighs deeply and closes her eyes. We all wait patiently. From her reaction, I sense that there is something huge she is about to reveal to us.

"Princess Minako has put me in a troubling situation. What I am about to tell you I have kept secret from all the Kings and Queens of the Silver Alliance. It pains me to keep them in the dark but it is for their own benefit. However, I realise that I must explain the circumstance to you, if you are going to protect my daughter during these dark times."

She sighs again and there is a hint of sadness in her eyes. It is rare seeing Serenity look so miserable. Her usual contagious joy is all I am familiar with.

"Yet," she begins, drawing a deep breath. "I cannot be the one to tell you. Serenity," she turns to her daughter, "Please call for Setsuna. I need her."

Serenity nods and glides from the room. A glum silence exists between us all as we await the return of the Princess. I am still in shock. It is one thing to be randomly summoned to the Moon Kingdom- a place I have never been before- but it is another to be appointed as one of Princess Serenity's personal guard. I am from Jupiter, war is in my blood, and yet I am worried. I have never had such a large responsibility before. Having the Moon Princess' life in my hands is a very daunting prospect. Suppose I fail? I shudder and try not to think about what Queen Serenity would do if I let anything happen to the Princess.

The Courtroom door creaks open and Serenity enters, accompanied by a tall, serene young woman in an elegant black gown. Her long, dark green hair trails out behind her. She contrasts strongly with Serenity, who is dressed in white.

"Setsuna," says the Queen, rising as Setsuna enters and bowing her head. "Thank you for coming. I know it burdens you to leave the Time Gate."

Setsuna shook her head. "It was not a problem, your majesty. My father is guarding the gate for now. I will take his place when I return."

There is something strange about the way Setsuna addresses the Queen. She speaks with absolutely no emotion but there is a wisdom in her voice and expression that makes me think she is older than she appears.

"Your generosity is most appreciated," says the Queen. "These are the newly appointed Senshi that will be guarding Serenity from now on." Setsuna's eyes linger over each of us. I stare unblinkingly back at her. "I was hoping you would inform them of the predicament we are currently facing and how it came to be."

"Of course, your majesty," replies Setsuna, her hand caressing the Garnet Orb atop her staff. She sits next to me, the only spare seat in the room. I am intimidated by her presence.

"In the beginning, the universe was ruled by Queen Aurora of the Sun Kingdom. The nine planets of Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were all under the Sun's rule. Times were peaceful, for Queen Aurora was a kind and gentle ruler. Each planet was ruled by a king or queen. King Hermes of Mercury. Queen Aphrodite of Venus. Queen Gaea of Earth. King Ares of Mars. King Zeus of Jupiter. Queen Persephone of Saturn. King Apollo of Uranus. King Poseidon of Neptune. And King Cronos of Pluto. For many centuries, the Universe existed harmoniously. Until, an evil force corrupted Earth. Queen Gaea wanted to overthrow Aurora and destroy the Sun Kingdom. Persephone, Apollo and Poseidon were against this idea; they were comfortable under Aurora's rule. But Gaea, full of this evil, convinced Hermes, Aphrodite and Ares to join her in overthrowing the Sun Kingdom. They succeeded and Earth became the dominant planet. However, the outer planets were not pleased with this turn of events and so there were endless wars between the inner planets and the outer planets. Zeus, being the leader of the planets under Aurora, created an asteroid belt which separated Mars from Jupiter. It was an attempt to stop access to other planets and civil wars. It was successful, until Apollo- still angry at Gaea, dislodged one of his moons and threw it over the belt towards Earth in an attempt to destroy the planet. His attempt was fruitless however, for the moon was not strong enough. It fell into Earth's orbit and became the Moon, where the last survivor of the Sun Kingdom; Princess Serenity, inhabited the moon. Under orders of Zeus, Persephone destroyed Earth with her Silence Glaive and the evil was vanquished. Princess Serenity, as the daughter of Aurora, founded the Moon Kingdom and the eight planets formed the Silver Alliance- sworn to be peaceful. Earth was eventually rebuilt by a new race free from evil. But all of a sudden, the darkness has crept into the universe again. As Guardian of Time, I have seen this coming. And therefore, Queen Serenity feels it necessary to take extra precautions and protect her daughter at all times, in case someone decides to overthrow the Moon Kingdom."

Everyone falls silent at the end of Setsuna's speech. I am a little surprised. I have never heard of the Sun Kingdom before. I suppose I should have seen it coming. But as I child I was never taught the legends. I was only taught how to fight. Wars are all I know.

"Thank you, Setsuna. You may return to the Time Gate and fulfil your duty."

"As you wish, your majesty," says Setsuna gravely, bowing low before her Queen and exiting through the door.

"Queen Serenity?" I begin, not knowing how to phrase what I am about to say.

"Yes, Princess Makoto?"

"Does that mean that what happened to the Sun Kingdom will happen to the Moon Kingdom?"

Serenity doesn't answer immediately. She sits in her chair and closes her eyes again. I notice that she does this whenever she is about to tell something she shouldn't.

"I cannot know for sure, Princess Makoto. But I wish to take every precaution. That is why I have appointed you. I wish to train you up so that you will be the greatest royal guard in the universe- better than my own, in fact. To become part of the Senshi, you must swear an Oath of Allegiance in the presence of witnesses."

The Queen looks to each one of us, eyeing us firmly.

"I swear, on behalf of Mars, I will protect Serenity until the day I die!" says Rei fiercely, her eyes shining with something I can't quite place.

"And I, on behalf of Mercury!" says Ami, joining in.

"On behalf of Venus!" adds Minako.

"Jupiter will never fail you, Princess," I say, nodding my head at her.

The Queen gives a nod of approval. "Serenity and I bear witness to your oaths of allegiance. Away to bed, Princesses. Tomorrow the training begins."

I rise with the rest of the Senshi and follow the Princess down the hall and to the right. It is brightly lit, as all the rooms and corridors are on the Moon. Our journey finds us facing a set of five doors. Each has a silver plaque imbedded in the wood and the writing glitters brightly under the glow of the lights. The first one we come to is Princess Serenity's. The Princess pauses outside her own room and faces us. There is no doubting the delight in her eyes at having a guard around her own age.

"All your rooms are from here down," she says happily. "Makoto, yours is the closest because you are the Leader of the Senshi. The rest follow in order of the planets."

I am momentarily speechless. Me? Leader of the Senshi? This has to be some sort of joke. I know how to fight but that doesn't mean I can lead people in battle. Surely, Rei would be a better Leader as her relation to the God of War would enable her to understand war strategies. Though a good fighter, my approach is the more let's-just-fight type rather than the plan-a-strategy type.

"Well, goodnight," says the Princess and she quickly embraces each of us before disappearing behind her bedroom door. I sigh and go to open my door.

"Going to bed so early, Makoto?" asks Minako.

"I'm just following the Queen's orders," I reply.

"Oh, come on, Mako!" Rei laughs, punching my arm affectionately. "There's heaps more exciting things to do that sit around."

"Yes," agreed Ami, "I have never been to the Moon before but I have heard they have an excellent library. I would love to check it out."

Both Rei and Minako stare at Ami as though she had spoken in another language. I laugh at their expressions.

"I don't think they were meaning to go to the library," I say sweetly to Ami, giving her a friendly smile. She looks slightly disappointed at the prospect of missing out on seeing the famous Moon Kingdom Library.

"Who wants to look at books when there are a bunch of cute Moon guards to talk to?" giggles Minako, winking at Rei.

"Well, guards I'm not so keen on, but I would love to explore the Palace," she says. "You coming?" she asks me and Ami.

"Sure, why not," I shrug and link my arms through Ami's as we follow Mina and Rei down the hall and to the left. Eventually, we make our way outside into the Palace courtyard. It is the most beautiful sight I have ever laid eyes on. A large, ornate fountain resides in the middle of the courtyard, in a statue of Queen Aurora. Water erupts from the tips of her upraised hands and flows into the rounded basin at her feet. Surrounding the fountain are countless Willow trees, their branches and leaves drooping slightly. As we stand on the balcony, I can clearly see Earth, a blue and green orb in the sky, positioned coincidently between Aurora's hands. It is unfamiliar to me, seeing other planets so close up. Saturn is merely a shining dot in the sky on Jupiter- that is if you can actually see the sky. Storms rage constantly on Jupiter, particularly in Io, but the crash of thunder and the flash of lightening are familiar to me. Here, the clarity of the atmosphere on the Moon is slightly unnerving.

"This whether is surreal, is it not?" says Minako, twirling around with her arms in the air. Her golden gown swishes elegantly around her ankles.

"It's perfect," agrees Rei. "Mars is just hot and dry. But this," she gestures vaguely. "It is perfect. It is not too hot, nor too cold, or cloudy or humid or dry!"

I merely shrug. "It's not too bad," I say. "But I prefer the storms of Jupiter compared to this clear night sky. It's unnatural."

I know the others disagree with me, but they keep their opinions to themselves.

"Why don't we get to know each other?" suggests Ami, reclining on a bench overlooking the courtyard. "Since we are going to be working with each other from now on, it would be nice to all be friends."

"Sure," says Mina enthusiastically as she sits next to Ami and crosses her legs. Her personality reminds me of the Princess. They are both exceedingly cheerful and annoyingly optimistic about everything. Not to mention completely boy-crazy.

"Well, I'm Minako Aino and I'm from Venus. My mother is the granddaughter of Aphrodite, the first Queen of Venus. I love drawing, playing Volleyball, being around people and I'm absolutely not shy!"

"We can see that," says Rei sarcastically, chuckling slightly. I admire Mina's openness at telling strangers everything about herself.

"What's Venus like?" asks Ami, pulling out a tiny, square device and punching in numbers.

"It's beautiful! Very humid, so we almost never wear full-length dresses like this. It's very tropical, with lots of rainforests and bubbling springs."

"Wow," says Rei. "To think how different Mars is and we are only separated by Earth. Mars is a desert. It is hot and dry, with absolutely no water at all unless you go underground. The only plants that grow are cactuses. But we mine a lot of metals and things."

"Rei! You have to talk about yourself!" requests Mina eagerly, her blue eyes wide.

"Is it really necessary?"

Mina nods.

"Fine," Rei sighs. "My name is Rei Hino and I'm the Princess of Mars. I enjoy archery, martial arts and fortune telling. I think that's all. Mina, this is starting to sound ridiculous."

"No, it's good!" insists Mina. "Ami, you next!"

"Okay. I'm Ami Mizuno. I'm from Mercury. I enjoy reading, playing chess and swimming. Mercury is a hot planet as it is really close to the sun, so most of the time we spend around water."

"Nice, I'd like to go there," said Mina. "So, Mako, it's your turn."

I have been regretting this since Mina first suggested it. "There's nothing interesting about me."

"Yes there is!"

"If I had to do it, you have to," says Rei.

"Well, I'm Makoto Kino. I like most sports, particularly martial arts, cooking, ballet and gardening. At home, I spend most of my time outside, even during the storms. It always storms of Jupiter. And that's about it."

"See," says Mina kindly. "That wasn't so hard, was it?"

"Good evening, Princesses," said a voice behind us. We all turn and blush as an extremely handsome guard stands in front of us, bowing in respect. "Isn't it a bit late for such lovely young girls such as yourselves?"

"We were just admiring the scenery," says Mina, flashing the guard a flirty smile.

"Why don't you go back inside? It's starting to get cold."

"It's not cold," argues Rei at once, but Mina nods her head and slightly elbows Rei in the stomach. "Of course, sir. We wouldn't want to be a bother."

We follow Mina's lead back inside.

"He was so cute!" giggles Mina as we head back to our respective bedrooms.

"If you say so," I say, slightly bored with the topic of conversation. "Well, goodnight."

"Good night," the girls reply as I enter my bedroom. I do a double-take. It is so similar to my bedroom back in Io that at first, it seems that I have been teleported back there. But I haven't for the window reveals the clear night sky. Back home, if I was to look out the window, I would no doubt see a storm raging. I gently strip out of my emerald gown; the finest gown I own, and sit at my dresser. Carefully, I pull out my blue-beaded hair tie and let my curly brown hair cascade down my back. My green eyes look tired. It was a long journey to the moon. I yawn and stretch my arms before slipping to the newly made bed. It is soft and comfortable and my eyes close instantly when my head touches the pillow. But I cannot sleep. The eerie silence of the moon is too unfamiliar. I miss the sound of thunder; my own personal lullaby. Sighing, I try to imagine I am back home and after a few hours, I finally drift off to sleep.

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