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Text in Italics are thoughts
xTBBTx means at least a day has passed.

It was night as the tall, and lanky physicist, was deep in thought in his room. The moonlight shined through the closed window, creating shadows of anything its light fell upon. The bed was made, the digital clock reading '11:42PM' but the physicist, defying his seemingly unchangeable routine, was awake and sitting on the edge of his bed. His hand rubbing his chin, soothing his thoughts. His sadness at realizing his friends had betrayed him, and his embarrassment over being ridiculed for giving the now-false data, were only challenged by an emotion not unfamiliar to him.

Revenge. He even had a list for those he loathed the most but the combined actions of those in the list, dare he say, was dwarfed by the big blow delivered to him by his so-called friends. He had trusted them and they abused his trust, this was not something Sheldon Cooper would tolerate. Years of being bullying had taught him that revenge is a dish best served cold and quietly. Being bullied did not bother him much, as it was understandable that those nethanderals would obviously feel threatened by the sheer raw intellect of Sheldon, let alone his other qualities. Having your life's work sabotaged, though, was another thing entirely and up to this point, he always made those who dared to even try to destroy his work suffer.

This time, his so-called friends and self-proclaimed best friend attempted to disrupt his work for their own pleasure and that was not, as the modern saying goes, something that Sheldon would stand for.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts, he soon realized he was standing in the kitchen with a glass of milk on the counter in front of him. Taking a sip from it, he let himself be relaxed by the soothing effects of the warm milk. One glass of milk later and a somewhat better feeling, he walked back to his bedroom, nestling his blanket around himself, forming a cocoon before letting sleep take him over.


Yawning and tying his robe tighter, Leonard went to the kitchen, saying a brief good morning to Sheldon who was seated at the couch, eating his cereal and watching Doctor Who. Readying coffee and pouring some in his cup, the experimental physicist sat on the chair near the couch. A minute later, Leonard noticed Sheldon had said nothing, not even a good morning.

"Still mad about the Arctic?" asked Leonard, glancing him from his cup as he took another sip. Sheldon sighed and threw a quick glare at Leonard before shifting his gaze back to the TV. "C'mon, we apologized. It is no big deal!" gasped Leonard, surprised that Sheldon was still upset over the Arctic business. He should be glad we didn't tie him to those dog sleds! he thought with a frown on his face.

Putting his cereal on the coffee table in front of him, Sheldon turned his head to face Leonard, fixing him with another glare before shaking his head, smiling at him with his koala smile, hoping he wouldn't notice. "Yes, of course, Leonard. Apology accepted. Now please be quiet, so that I can watch Doctor Who without being distracted by idle chit-chat." said Sheldon, before watching the TV again. Leonard's mouth fell open before he coughed and went back to drinking his coffee. Doctor Whack-a-doodle indeed. thought Leonard bitterly, shrugging off Sheldon's unusual change of mood for another of his idiosyncrasies.

Only an hour later did Leonard feel something was fishy about Sheldon's behavior during breakfast, and given Sheldon's evil genius reputation, he was certainly not comfortable with even the possibility of Sheldon planning a prank.


The equations he wrote on his whiteboard were staring at him, if such a thing was possible, whilst he examined the written equations with one hand holding his marker and one hand rubbing his chin as he stood in his office. At least two hours had passed since he came to work but time no longer mattered to him, at least not when he was at work. Minutes, or hours, they didn't make any difference to him, so long as he was making progress in his work.

His credibility was damaged after the Arctic Expedition and he wasn't interested in further damaging it by slacking off during his work. As if I ever slack during work. thought Sheldon, before letting out a gaspy laugh, which anybody who did not know him would think he was having an asthma attack. Two knocks drew him back to reality as he overheard somebody entering his office. The person's footsteps were familar...

"Good morning, Raj. Come in." said Sheldon, with his back still facing the door. Behind him, Raj slightly gaped as he wondered in silent amazement how Sheldon even noticed it was him. Deciding he looked like an idiot with his mouth wide open and staring at Sheldon, he closed his mouth and decided to speak out loud.

"Yeah, morning dude. How did you see- Nevermind, it is another Vulcan characteristic you have, I guess." shrugged Raj before taking a seat behind the huge desk he 'magically' brought in the office. Sheldon spared him a glance as he muttered something, and Raj was pretty sure Sheldon said something about fascinating and self-answered questions. Minutes passed, with Sheldon still staring at his whiteboard and Raj playing with a pen in front of him. Eventually, Raj became uncomfortable with the silence in the office. "So, Sheldon, been on something good with the Dark Matter? Need some good advise? Need my help at all?" asked Raj, still playing with the pen as he waited for Sheldon's response.

Sighing once again, he put his marker on his white board and turned to face Raj. "Less idle chatter, and more doing work on the assignments I gave to you." said Sheldon in a bossy voice before turning back to his board. Raj mumbled a quiet sorry, leaning forward and resting his elbows on the desk top, staring at the board like Sheldon.

As always, hours passed but they did almost nothing, although their lack of progress was ignored by both the physicist and the astrophysicist.


Everything required planning for a smooth execution and planning in advance was an ability that Sheldon had honed since he was a six years old boy. And hence, the three whiteboards were put in his room, with each facing the other. He became somewhat more confident about his master plan this time, and he was sure that in less than six days, he would strike back and get his revenge for the prank that was played on him.

He had only two hours, before he had to join the other guys, for it was Thai Food night. Picking up a marker, he wrote a big "The Hofstader Counteraction Procedure" at the top of a white board before beginning to scribble furiously on the board. Words were written and erased, perfected and destroyed, and after a while, he finally reached conclusion he wanted.

"Luminous lonely Leonard." muttered Sheldon with a nod, pausing to debate whether to let out a manical laugh or not, but deciding against it at the last moment. He was still uncertain about including Raj as a target for his 'project', and so he began to work on a plan to, metaphorically, take out his valued acquaintance, Howard.

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